Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 2


Chapter 2: The Liar Butterfly

Chapter 2 starts with Yuuji in his room, staring at a piece of paper. He pauses, lets out a sigh, then chucks the paper in the garbage. Or at least he tries. The crumpled paper bounces off the trashcan and rolls on the floor, like fuck you buddy, you get your sweet cheeks over here and send me off gently. Yuuji must be a man that can’t stand a mess because he actually does get up and put the offending paper in the trash receptacle as intended. Returning to his desk, the jar holding Masaki’s cigarette catches his eye.

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Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 1

Been awhile since my last attempt at writing summaries. Not sure how this will go but hey, we’re already buckled in and the car is about to enter the highway so too late to turn back now! 8D

IMG_5111 copy

Kono Koi ni Mirai wa Nai or There is No Future for This Love is a bit different than the usual Sylph title. Well, actually…shit, now that I think about it, lots of the new stuff in Sylph has been different – 15 year old widows, pseudo-daddy lovers, institutionalized bishies, people in their 20’s going back to high school…

Yeah, things have definitely changed lol, but I’m not complaining ~ Makes this interesting :p

My first thought of There is No Future for This Love was this must be gender bender. Why else is there someone who dressed like a dude now wearing a dress. But then I was like, wait, is the main character a woman dressing as a guy or a guy dressing as a girl? Then I actually sat down and read each issue of Sylph to get a better understanding of what the plot was. My question was answered reading chapter 1 lol – but now another question arose: why did everyone want this one guy’s D. Even Sylph advertises the manga as one with supreme drama, all surrounded around one man’s penis:

this love

Me: welp, now I gotta read this.

Join me as I try to figure out what magical properties this man’s sperm shooter carries.

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Sylph 02.2016


Yesh my friend, be amazed. A Sylph post! Even though we’re 9 months into the new year (where did the time go???), I’m still holding on to my resolution – to write a post about each of the Sylphs released in 2016. Sure I’m only on the February issue, but it’s the actions that count!

In this issue, we saw farewell to 3LDK no Ou-sama. While I liked Sugar Girl, Sugar Doll, I never did get interested in 3LDK no Ou-sama ^^; Well, if anyone is interested, it ends happy (with marriage and kisses).

With every good-bye, there’s a hello waiting behind it. In this case, a new series starts…well, it’s the comic version of a light novel that ran in Sylph – Ayanashi no Kimi! :) I’m super stoked because I’ve always wanted to see what this series was about (I might even grab the light novel to see if maybe my Japanese is decent enough to follow what’s going on now that I have the manga to guide me ^^)

In this issue, I’ll be providing full summaries for the following:

  • Ayanashi no Kimi
  • Bokura no Himitsu
  • Mahou Shoujo wa Mou Inai
  • Shiro Ari

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Sylph October 2015

Been forever since I did a Sylph post D: Man, the me who started this blog years ago would have beaten my ass with a flat tire for this blasphemy!


October’s cover is a gorgeous one, even if four out of the five boys look like they want to be anywhere else instead of posing in cosplay (the 5th one has already mentally checked out).

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Sylph April 2015 (Driblet)


Sorry for the cruddy pictures you all are about to experience. My camera needed charging and it’s already been 2 months for this issue so I made the executive decision to use my camera phone (and very small picture size :P)

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Sylph March 2015 (Driplet)

[edit – not sure what I did to piss off wordpress but it made this post disappear o__o well, ha wordpress cuz I saved this elsewhere!]

Meant to write this when I updated with Ane-Lala. Just a week late :P
Anyway, a little heads up here, folks. Recently, the blogging application I use has been acting wonky, in that it won’t update its layout to match my blog’s. In other words, this blogging program is supposed to mimic what my blog looks like to all of you. This way I can format things before I publish them so I can say I tried to make the post look somewhat decent :P Right now, everything looks generic and ugly on my end, which is kinda annoying.
In frustration, I decided to write this post in wordpress. However, about halfway through, I forgot to save and when I put my computer into sleep mode, Windows decided sleep = turn off computer for an update :D (you sick bastard, Windows). Thus I lost a good chunk.K
Needless to say, I went back to using my blog program, ugliness be damned. I can handle it if it means keeping my stuff (this program will save a backup in case something similar happens – Windows tends to do the “you meant restart not sleep right?” maneuver a lot :/). However, I’m still bitter about the deleted data so I didn’t even bother trying to continue where I last saved. Thus you’ll notice things go from excessive wordy to blunt and done haha.

DSC_0296 - Copy

With that, here’s the Sylph post! (two issues late!)

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Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 16 (Tid-Bits)


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Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 15 (Tid-Bits)

Oh look, I did a thing!


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Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 14 (Tid-Bits)

mekakushiRestarting Tid-Bits with a title I first started with 3 years ago…Zeele Sacrifice! At the time, I was extremely disappointed by the ending so I kicked the title to the darkest regions of my closet. However, now that I’m older and more mature (pssft), I have finally calmed down enough to finish what I started. If you’ve never read Zeele Sacrifice, I’m sure a few of the scans are still around to peek at. Don’t give up too early with the series if Yuiko’s pathetic-ness is what’s bothering you. While she doesn’t get ripped and defeats evil with her bare abs and muscular thighs, she does grow a spine as the series continues. Hell, she slaps a demon. Sure he almost breaks her hand five seconds later but hey, she tried!

All I ask is you don’t look at my earlier summaries for this series. You can tell I was new to the whole blogging game hurrrrr (.__.;)

Alright kids! Strap your butt cheeks in! The ride is about to start ~


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Sylph Jan 2014 Issue

iconSup peeps! Don’t think I forgot about Sylph ~ I just happened to buy Lala first before I got an email telling me my Sylph had come in :D As you can see, on the cover we have Hakase Ga! Even though Hanase is there, we have Apricot (and the Professor…kinda) so yay ~ The color pages inside advertise the usual – BroCon, Kamigami no Asobi, Durarara, Uta no Prince-sama, Valvrave, Dear Girl Stories, etc. No freebies with this issue. Sylph is still doing its BroCon mail-in whoring. I don’t think I ever posted about it but one issue you’d get a necklace with a replica of Natsume’s house key. Another issue had a replica of Azusa’s glasses. Another ‘nother issue had a pretty decent sized Julie plushie. This issue you can get a little keychain plushie fashioned like one of the stuffed animals in the pedo-bro-doctor’s coat pockets (I actually have no idea who this brother is. Think he’s probably a pediatrician or something not pedo-y. My mind just turned him into a pedo because adult man x plushies and candy in his pockets = pedophile).

(Note that you have to pay money to get these mail-in goodies so…yeah.)


On to the manga!!

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