Okita Arc, Part I (Hakuouki)

Here’s the next chapter of the Hakuouki Jurenka omnibus
The dreaded OKITA ARC!!!!!!
This is the arc that made me go w.t.f. o___O
It’s pretty to look at but my goodness! Is Okita supposed to be this homicidal!?
I remember his as a goofy player
(but I’ve only seen the first episode…man I’m so bad when it comes to watching series on my computer >_<;)

Title: Hakuouki Jurenka (薄桜鬼 巡恋華), Okita Arc, Part I
Manga-ka: Shinohara Hana (篠原花那)
Source: Manga

This happening is never a good sign…

First page shows Okita hacking up blood because he drank that potion thingie (like Hijikata did back in the Hijikata Arc). Chizuru is sitting in the background thinking sucks to be you Okita.

[My father developed a horrible medicine]

The scene flips back to episode #1 of the anime / the prologue part of this manga. Except instead of being creepy and standing up, the white hair dudes are being creepy while crawling around on the floor. The whole “give me your blood” line happens here. I find it weird the guy says this then coughs up blood >_>;

You know what’s sad? This guy gets more shots than all the other Hakuouki guys…just keep reading…

[It – the Ochimizu – grants the user amazing abilities but….in exchange, that person turns into a crazed monster that desires blood]

Chizuru is naturally peeing herself at this scene (probably thinking how many times in this manga can I relive this moment?). A sword comes and slashes white hair dude.

[Amidst a sea of splattered blood…]

The scene switches to a pair of sandals walking into blood puddles (ew) before stopping in front of Chizuru. Since this is the Okita arc, Saitou and Hijikata are at Starbucks getting the gang some victory mochas, so it’s only Okita alone; thus he gets the honor of scaring the crap outta Chizuru. Posing nicely, he wonders out loud if he should let her live (real cool Okita =_=; couldn’t you think of a better pick up line than that?)

[I met him]

Dwah, I’m sure that’ll be a lovely story to tell the grandkids ^__^

The next page shows Chizuru all chipper, like the pages before never happened. So now we’ve jumped into the present I guess. Okita lightly scolds Chizuru for being too happy and to stay close. They’re here on patrol and he can’t have her wandering off. Apologizing, Chizuru decides to spend the time monologue-ing to us readers. After meeting with Okita that night, we learn she was allowed to live (obviously Chizuru or you wouldn’t be here now ^^;). She now hangs with the Shinsengumi because they are looking for her father (and also because of what she witnessed that night – the creepy white hair guys doing the worm in puddles of blood). For convenience, she’s dressed as a boy instead of a girl. While clutching her boobs (don’t ask), she laments how she hasn’t gotten used to acting like a proper guy.

Chizuru comes out of her monologue to see Okita leaning over her, his face right next to hers. He asks what is she doing (;¯‿¯) (squeezing her hooters in public and all). Chizuru says its nothing. I guess Okita isn’t happy about not getting an answer because he goes to say Chizuru’s dad sucks too (so by saying “too,” he also means she sucks? >_>;). He says Chizuru’s dad abandoned his precious projects and disappeared. The fact Chizuru knows nothing about the situation yet her being with the Shinsengumi will bring disaster on them (Okita probably got this knowledge from reading the end of the Hijikata Arc).

Before Okita can finish, he starts having a coughing fit (karma’s a bitch, ain’t it Okita?). Chizuru, forgetting that Okita called her dad a wiener and her a disaster, rushes over concerned. He grabs a hold of her outstretched hand before she can touch him (naturally Chizuru blushes ^w^). He tells her he’s fine. They should just continue looking for Chizuru’s dad. Like all the guys in Hakuouki, Okita decides to ruin the moment and reminds Chizuru if she runs away, he’ll kill her =__= (way to be romantic there Okita…).

From this “awwww” scene to:

Not even one panel later he’s talking about killing her o_O:

Chizuru starts to monologue about how before, she used to be so scared of Okita. Even though he threatens to chop her up or kill her, he’s always so calm and mysterious (I don’t care if he dances naked to Lady Gaga, that doesn’t excuse the death threats!). Just something about him makes you curious…

(;¯‿¯) …

While asking around town about her old man, someone says he has seen someone fitting his description over at the shop “Masuya.” Elated, Chizuru bounds off into the direction indicated. Okita flips and yells at her to come back but is interrupted when a random fight happens. This fight somehow leads all the pedestrians to realize OMG it’s the wolves of Mibu! F*cking run for your life!  So the masses (somehow there are masses when in the previous panels there were like 4 people walking around) start flipping out and running hysterically. Chizuru gets caught in the wave. A hand reaches out to pull her out. The man tells Chizuru she can hide out in his shop – Masuya!


Just as Chizuru is about to go in, some monkey-human hybrid goes, OMG! That kid was with crazy Okita!

Proof people! What the heck happened to his face D:

The shop owner freaks and pushes Chizuru away. Just as Chizuru is about to fall onto the ground, Okita comes and grabs her.

“You…really aren’t too lucky, eh?”
“That said, neither are they.”
“Or me for that matter.”

Pulling out his sword, Okita gets a creeper face before charging at the guys. From the way Chizuru is shitting herself and the murderous look on Okita’s face, you’d think Okita is going bat shit crazy on these guys and hacking them apart but in actuality, the speech bubbles say Okita is telling these guys if they want to live, then to give up and surrender.

It’s evening time and the Shinsengumi are getting ready to storm some place where their enemies go to have evil-meetings. Something about conspiracies to light the capital of Kyoto on fire to get the emperor and the Shinsengumi putting a stop to that. Blah blah.

Bandana guy (I’m too lazy to remember his name ^^;) remarks about the massacre Okita did earlier that morning.

Okay I lied. Turned out Okita did go bat shit crazy on those guys and did hack them apart o_O:

Bandana guy wonders if it had anything to do with Chizuru ;D Hmm, Okita? You like her? You like her don’t you. Chizuru and Okita, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G ~ (would be epic had that really happened).

Okita says it just happened. He let her out of his sight and things got crazy. He was only doing his duty. His words make Chizuru feel like crap. Bandana guy won’t give it up. He says Okita just wanted to show off. Okita: =_=; just drop it

Izumi (yeah, I was like, when did you get here?) pats Chizuru on the shoulder and tells her sorry they brought her out here to act as a runner/messenger. He asks her to stay outside for a while. The boys get their murder faces on and storm the building. Chizuru has a one page meltdown as she tries to block her memories from when the manga started (about the crazy white hair dudes and Okita saying I’m gonna shank you whore!).

I haven’t seen much of the anime but does Chizuru really lose it like this?

Hearing someone scream out Okita’s name breaks her out of her meltdown. Guess the Shinsengumi are getting their butts are getting kicked. So Chizuru decides to go inside >_>;

The first thing that greets her is seeing a bloodied chopped up body fly past her (holy shit this arc is violent O_O <- so shocked I can’t even use proper grammar ^^;). Littered all over the floor are bodies. Chizuru is freaking out (only natural!). Someone cries out again for Okita to answer him. Chizuru remembers Okita’s words from earlier.

[All I’ve done is cause problems!]

Chizuru: IT’S GO TIME!!! *cue heavy rock music*

Determined to be of use, she runs up a set of stairs to find Okita. Following the sound of sword clashes, she finds Okita battling…Patrick/Chikage(?)! Hey Patrick :D So this is where you were when you weren’t in the Hijikata arc. Man…you need to get laid xD

Both are too focused on one another to notice Chizuru. So Chizuru takes this moment to grab a rice bowl and chuck it at Patrick. Patrick easily slaps it away. In fact, one can say his facial expression conveyed haughtiness at the thought of a rice bowl being his downfall. Okita is just staring like a boy when he sees his first set of boobs instead of taking the opportunity to whoop Patrick (since his back is to Okita). But Patrick doesn’t care :D He instead kicks Okita in the chest which was super effective. Okita is down on the floor barfing gallons of blood.

Patrick…your pose right here…looks so fruity xDDDDD

Chizuru screams out Okita’s name and runs over to him ( ;¯‿¯). Patrick doesn’t like being ignored so he’s about to slice some respect into Chizuru (wait, I thought Patrick wanted Chizuru to have his babies? >_> I guess you don’t need arms to have a baby…). Okita, though on death’s door, intervenes.

“…I’m your opponent, right? Could you kindly not get this kid involved?”

Chizuru tells him to stop. His body is already on its last leg. A whistle echoes through the room. The reinforcements are here. Patrick says eff this and leaves (he’s probably thinking, first that damn fire, now this! When will I ever get to kick some face >:U). Rather than thank his lucky stars, Okita yells he can still fight.

Chizuru asks why he protected her. Especially since all he ever says to her is he’s going to kill her. Okita says, I really say that? Huh, wonder why (no lie). He starts saying something else but falls over and collapses.

The chapter ends with Chizuru screaming Okita’s name.

O_O …

Told you all the Okita Arc sucks. It’s going to continue its downhill fall in #2 ~ Until then xD
Oh, and here’s a little teaser of what Part II looks like x3

Also, a little heads up. Aksys Games is doing a survey about Otome games. Hakuouki is one of the games mentioned. If you’re interested in getting this game localized to the US, take the survey and let your voice be heard :3

The survey can be found here

13 thoughts on “Okita Arc, Part I (Hakuouki)

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  2. “Patrick…your pose right here…looks so fruity xDDDDD”

    Pat is fierce~

    Poor Okita though. No one desreves to be turned into the chick from the exorist/a vampire thingies and than end up deadish.


    • I really feel for the poor guy
      I mean, crap! Look at this chapter. It’s just him dying! D:
      Who finds enjoyment in this!?
      I was kind of hoping the manga ver of Okita’s route would incorporate some of the HAPPY scenes that happened, not just the angsty, depressing stuff!


  3. damn! If i didn’t know better I would of thought I was looking at Higurashi!

    whyyyyy Okita?! your my fav character!!! and you were really cool in the anime!

    I’m starting to approve the whole Chizuru’s bro and Okita love interest. ( I truly think that would be hilarious!)

    “I haven’t seen much of the anime but does Chizuru really lose it like this?”

    ya she cries more then she smiles >__>;;


    • Good point. Blood. Blood. And more blood. x3
      Plus everyone has such “KILL KILL KILL” expressions on :O

      I’m thinking Okita didn’t get the shit stick in the anime like he does in the manga :(
      Poor guy

      I would lol at that
      “By the way…I’m a BOY!”
      Okita: D: “Now I’m glad I have a terminal illness so I can’t see the repercussions of this relationship” xD
      Chizuru’s dad pops up out of no where: “CHIZURU!!!!! LOVE ME!!!!”

      “ya she cries more then she smiles >__>;;”

      Well, if that anime is as…dark as the manga, I can see why…
      Heck, even Hijikata was letting some waterworks out back in his arc
      Hijikata: “MY LIFE HAS NO MEANING!!!!” *eats some Haagen-Daz ice cream*


      • poor Okita…
        But sadly season 2 has just started so there’s still the possibility there ;–;

        The epiciness of that relationship would go far xD

        Also the coloring the eyes make it look like she about to cry any sec.
        (but then again, I can’t blame her >.>;;)


      • Poor Okita indeed
        *pats the crazy on the shoulder in sympathy*

        Too bad that didn’t happen xD
        Just to see the expression on his face when he learns the truth would be priceless!!!!!
        (and the other boys too: 8U)

        Hakuouki is so dark
        I thought it was going to be a cute romp but I was wrong!
        I’m surprised Chizuru hasn’t gone suicidal from all the stress! o__o;


  4. hehehe thanks for posting this. I clicked the link outta interest and this manga absolutely caught my eye. I’m starting to watch the anime now hahaha :) thanks heaps for posting this article, if you hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have known about this fantastic manga/anime! :D


    • I’m glad you like Hakuouki :3
      I did this manga because of the hawt guys xD
      I didn’t realize how messed up Jurenka is though o__O; the game is WAY better! (I can’t say for the anime though since I haven’t watched the whole thing yet)
      This is, I guess, a “sequel” of sorts(?). Each “arc” focuses on a certain male character in Hakuouki and his interactions with Chizuru. However, the manga is really lacking in romance. And each arc ends horribly (except for one boy so far) <– that's why for each arc, I try to put a link to the summarized post of that boy's route in the game (so you can see how dramatically different they are – and that the game is far better)

      I'm hoping the game one day gets localized here
      I would be a happy fan girl x3


  5. I lol’d. A Lot. xD
    I love your summaries. :]

    “Proof people! What the heck happened to his face D:”

    I thought that too. o.o Looks like his mother threw him out of the window when he was born e___e. -can’t blame her for that-

    I don’t like Souji’s route in the manga at all. ;__; the anime is stupid either, cause it seems to follow hijikata’s route… I don’t like him. :3

    I’m looking forward for more hilarious posts. ‘-‘


    • Haha, I just use the material I’m given with. Jurenka is definitely…special ^^;
      Thanks :3

      LOL! That’s a good one :D
      I saw his face and like, did the zoo report a gorilla breaking loose? o___O; Then thought, was your mother even of the human species? xD

      I feel so bad for Okita/Souji
      He didn’t even get a DECENT arc! It’s just him dying and being homicidal! Like, come on! Give the boy a bone here! No one is going to like this except those who don’t like Okita (which I’m sure are few in #’s bc he seems to get a lot of love on forums)
      ;__; the anime is going to follow Hijikata’s route? His is so dark! Dang, I was hoping they’d do something never before done. Sadness for the other boys…for Hijikata’s route does NOT like them…

      ^__^ Thanks for the comment. Hope I don’t disappoint!


  6. I-I’m sorry for raeping this post, but… /SOB

    This summary made me happy. Is there any place I can access the RAWs for this? ;A; So far I’ve only been able to find part II anywhere.

    I’m really sorry! Desperation (fangirl whims) cause me to do stupid things.


    • Lol, you didn’t raep this post haha

      I’m not sure where the beginning RAWs are but you might want to check kissmygeass’s LJ. I know she had the RAWs for a couple of later chapters :3

      Hope that helped! :D


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