aboutHello there!

Sylphalchemist is the name, blogging is my game! …not really lol.
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little site. As you may notice, the poor thing is a little dusty. I’ve recently graduated and am now enjoying adult life. Who knew being an adult would be so consuming in the hours??? Can I go back in time please and go through college again?
(with my adult brain though so that’ll make the classes easier :P)

I try to update when I can because 1.) I enjoy sharing what I’ve read and 2.) I like blogging ~ But please be patient with me as I don’t have the time I used to ;____;

A little info on me. I’m a lover of shojo manga, especially cute fluff :3 (my favorite shojo manga usually come from Margaret (Ore Monogatari, Hibi Chouchou, Honey, Nijiiro Days, etc.) , with BetsuFure/Dessert close behind (Kurosaki-Kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai, Kimi ga Kirai na Koi no Hanashi, Mikami-Sensei no Aishikata, etc.). From time to time I like to dabble into the shounen genre (ex. Seraph of the End, Blue Exorcist, D.Gray-Man, and recently Hunter x Hunter). I’m a big fan of light novels ~ Super love thrown at Yen On, Jnovel club, and others for giving light novels a chance :3

Outside of manga and light novels, I like video games (PS3 ~), reading, and doodling/DIY crafts (I have to have some “socially normal” skills to blend in with the masses :P)

I’ll end with a little history on Spoils. I created this site a long time ago to help motivate me to study Japanese. It was originally going to have posts from the magazine Sylph but over the years, it’s evolved to encompass other mags, summaries, and random stuff ~ Even though Sylph is no longer published (it’s still going on digital!), I’m still continuing on the tradition and blogging my heart out :J

And that’s me and Spoils! Thankie ~

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    • OMG another Rhapsody fan! We’re so rare and few, I sometimes think we don’t exist at all! XD

      I love SHL too! It’s taking a while to get scanalated but hey, at least it’s getting released =D. I have some of the RAWS of SHL but they occur later in the chapters – so I have no idea what happened up until that point lol


  1. Sweet! I’m totally bookmarking that site! Yeah! I’m not alone! ^o^

    The SHL raws come from some of the magazines I got from Amazon.jp – so they’re not on my computer (sorries ;_;). I can give you a rough summary based on the pictures though! (In the future I can do better when my skills at translating improve. I’m still working at Nakayoshi level…but it’s somewhere to be I suppose ^_^:)


      • I can grab at some kanji when I got no furigana go to on (except if it’s some random obscure word like ‘centrifuge’ or ‘rabies’ – words I wouldn’t encounter in a daily setting.)

        But hey, if we both keep trying, we’ll both succeed someday! *says this into a random sunset, sparkles flying in the wind* ^_^


  2. hi! sorry to bother but i see that you bought the S.L.H books, and i have a favor could you please put summaries for the first chapters too, since i live in Georgia the don’t sell any manga here and on the internet websites there aren’t any chapters except for room1, 2 and 3. so PLEASE i beg you put the summaries on this website!!! sorry again if it too much!


    • (In case you checked this reply or the one on my other post)
      Hello there :3
      To answer your question, I actually do plan on summarizing the earlier chapters. The reason for the later chapters being summarized first was because those were the only chapters I had of Stray Love Hearts at the time. I pulled those chapters from the magazine they were currently being summarized in – Comic Sylph. Now that my bound volumes (finally) arrived, I can start working on the older chapters. I’m just going to finish with Room #16 and I’ll probably start on Room #5 (because I think the scanlation group is probably going to have Room #4 out here soon so no point in summarizing that :3)
      Hope that answered your question. ^_^
      Thanks for the comment (and you were of no bother haha)


  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to summarize/translate SLH! Love the manga and the bishies. My favorite is Kuga, so I love all the pictures of him, especially those where he is shirtless! There needs to be more love for Kuga :)

    Btw, noticed that your avi on the character status looks like a Gaian?


    • Yes! Another Kuga fan ^^
      I come back on vacation to find so many fans!
      We might actually rival the Cain ones!

      Or not ^^; (so many Cain fans…so little Kuga fans)

      Glad I could help supply you with your daily dose of Kuga (esp the shirtless variety <3)

      And to your question, yup. That is my current avi for Gaia. My friend from school learned I had a Gaia account I didn't use much and was all OMG YOU GET YOUR BUTT ON THAT THING SO WE CAN ZOMG!!!! WE NEED TO BEAT THE LAWN GNOMES INTO SUBMISSION!!!!! xD
      I'm not on much except when she's on but hopefully we can meet on ZOMG and do battle together ^_^
      I'm Redd_Rabbit if you're interested

      Thanks for the comment :3


      • We definitely need more Kuga love :)

        I haven’t been in zOMG since the golden egg event, but definitely need to get back into playing :)


  4. Hear hear to that :D

    We must crew together 8D
    When I’m on, I’m usually doing Papa Saw runs (I’m trying to earn money for my hair that I’m interested in. I play Papa Saw because I’m too simple to play on the market place – that and I have like no money to use haha).
    Hope we get to meet on Gaia!


  5. I just noticed on ur fav manga, u like most of the same Manga i do! Zombie Loan(Even though I’m not a great fan of zombies, Great fear of zombies here!) Heart No kuni No Alice, And Shuga Chara! shugo chara is like my favorite Manga! Here in Yakima, The Borders here actually has Manga, I’m on book 9!


    • :D you like Zombie Loan!?
      I L-O-V-E Zombie Loan (and likewise, I’m not a zombie fan either xO but for these cuties, I’ll make an exception ;D)
      (haha my friend has the same fear too. When I told her about this manga, she looked at me like just I ate a live puppy in front of her, tail and all xD)
      Shugo Chara was the reason I migrated over to Zombie Loan. I really like Peach-Pit’s works. One day I hope to try Rozen Maiden :3
      Heart no Kuni no Alice is love because of the cute bishies. And it’s Alice in Wonderland 8D
      AND IT HAS BORIS AND JULIUS ~ *fangirls*


  6. Hello!

    Well…I’m from an spanish scanlation team and I would love to ask if you have the RAWs of Hakuouki Jurenka manga…I’m really interested on scanlating this manga and I’m searching like crazy for them xD. Of course, If you have them and if you let me use them you’ll be credited! :3

    Thank you so much!^^


    • Hello there,
      I’m sorry but I don’t do RAWs. I only do summaries. I’m not sure if she still has them but I would check with kissmygeass. On her LJ she had some RAWs of Hakuouki Jurenaka.
      I hope that helps :3


  7. Oh I am SO bookmarking this site. Your summaries for SLH are just pure awesome (and freakin funny XD). I had been dying to read the chapters 16-20.

    On a side note, I’m kinda intrigued by the background picture of the site (the guy with a mask) and the picture of that “nanny or death god?”. Mind sharing where you got these pics? Or better yet, the manga which they’re from? I’m always on the look out for mangas with nice drawing style *teehee*


    • :D I’m glad you liked them ~

      The BG picture I got from zerochan.net
      I’m not absolutely positive but I believe the tag said this picture came from the series, Book Girl or Bungaku Shojo :)

      As for the Nanny or Death God sticky picture, that came from the cover of the April 2011 Sylph Issue :)
      The Nanny refers to Sora Kara! My Nanny and the Death God refers to Shinigami Doggy.
      Sora Kara! My Nanny is a good comedy if you don’t mind Mary Poppins parodies x3 (I love this title)
      Shinigami Doggy is also a comedic title but it has its serious moments ~ (this one is also good for lols ~ esp in the recent chapters which is a fujoshi parody)

      Hope that helpeed 8D


  8. Hi, Sylph Alchemist! :) I don’t recall visiting your blog before – it looks great!

    haha That’s a cute foxy avatar you have! ^_^

    I also like your wonderful header with that falling girl illustration :)

    It looks like you are quite a productive translator. Good luck in your studies and have fun blogging :)


    • 8D hello there!
      I’m glad you like my blog – it’s just a little thing I mess with to keep me from going too crazy with college xD
      The girl in that header is from a Video Game I’m playing called Final Fantasy XIII – I stumbled on the picture while looking for fan artwork for the series and thought, damn that’s pretty! Thus, I made it into my header xD

      I’m still newb but every bit I practice puts me one step closer to getting better!
      Thank you so much for your comment ^__^
      I found your blog via the Tag Surfer option. I look forward to seeing what else you’ll blog about (those Gibli strips were so cute <3)

      Good luck to you as well with your studies (if you have them; if not, then with whatever you're doing, be it work or something else)! ^__^


    • xD Thanks – being myself took awhile though. I was really nervous about turning people off so I played all nice-nicey but then I thought, screw it – be myself and I’ll meet others who like me for myself :)

      Oh my, I never thought my blog would get fans! I am shocked and greatly honored :) Thank you <3 *hugs*


  9. Potty mouthed SOB?

    I like you already.

    Haha, not only for that, but because I really like your blog as well. Your summaries and your rants are great, too! (i.e. a fan here) I could always do with an anime/manga fan with a sense of humour like yours, to fangirl with~


    • Haha, usually a lot of people would be turned off by that xD Whenever I find those that can tolerate my mouth, I become a happy polar bear :3
      And I’m like:

      Ah ~ <3 8D Lol, I think you're the only one who likes anything on this blog xD
      Since what I talk about is so unknown (and so am I), I only get a few people visiting regularly :3 But I kind of like it this way because I can interact more with those who are interested/comment in this blog (and so I can have peeps to fangirl with xD) (and if they have a blog or Twitter, I can stalk them back xDDD) ~


  10. Hi, I noticed you had bought one of the 鳥籠荘の今日も眠たい住人たち books and I was just wondering if you could help me with something. I’m really interested in buying the series and I glanced at bakaupdates which told me that there is a total of 3 vols, but when I went on this website bk1.jp, 10 search results came up and they pretty much all had different cover pictures and names. So now I’m confused. Is there actually more than 3 vols or do that just have a bunch of different covers? Please please help me because I really do love this series and right now all I can rely on is my google chrome translater and that’s probably not a smart thing to do.

    Belows a link of the search results I get:


  11. OMG!!! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME!!! CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON THEM!! And I’m sorry for the late reply, have been trying to get ready for school sadly… -_-” And, I’ve been reading some of your reviews and I just wanted to say they are HILARIOUS!!! :) Will definitely be coming here often!


    • Not a problem :) Glad I could help! Hope you enjoy the series! (I’m really behind myself. I have the 1st volume but I never got around to reading it xD Oops!).

      School is definitely a time sucker. I too am dealing with school stuff as well (that’s why this blog is on partial hiatus :3 I’ve got a graduating paper and internship to finish haha). Good luck to your studies!

      Glad you like them :) I hope to work on more summaries in the future but for now, I’m stuck with school work xD I can only hope all this studying pays off in the end! (in the form of a very nice paycheck and fun career path)

      Thanks for you comment 8D


  12. Hey Sylph!!
    I’m Ame from Mad Hatter, I wanted to ask you if Shinigami Doggy is ongoing because I so want to continue it and wasn’t sure of the status. :X
    I never got to meet you directly but I’ve heard about you from Chungky ^^


    • Hello there :)

      Shinigami Doggy is still ongoing but the last chapter released was back in the December Issue of Sylph (Nov 2011). On Sylph’s website, it mentions the manga-ka hasn’t been drawing chapters due to her health :< I tried checking her blog and Twitter but neither has been updated in a while, so unfortunately I'm not sure the status of her or the manga…

      8D Small world! That's awesome that you know Chungky! She's a great person ~ I'm a bit sad she's not OL too much anymore but hopefully that means she's got lots of crazy fun happening in RL ~ xD Did you happen to work in her scan group Ame? :3 Or were you a follower on her blog?
      Also, I want to thank your group for picking up Hiiro no Ouji 8D I'm always ecstatic when a Sylph title gets more love.


      • Aw, I hope the author gets better soon. >_< I really fell in love with the series.

        I used to help chungky out with scanlations, I'm the one who tossed her the Shirube no michi series and such.
        Hiiro no Ouji, we're loving our moe vampire so faaaaaaaaaaar. <3
        And we're also planning to pick up DADADADAN. Haha, I had no clue there was a sylph magazine spoiler blog. I'm pretty happy about it. I think we really like sylph titles. x3


      • Indeed. Lots of fans exist for the series :< I'm hoping when the manga-ka does come back, she won't just leave Shinigami Doggy hanging and work on a new series (I've seen that happen ;___; it sucks).

        Ah 8D I see! Now it's making sense. You were the other group she sometimes worked with! Shiro Nabi?
        Hiiro no Ouji is definitely fun ~ I love Okamoto's brother (though he doesn't show up until the end). He's such a goof xD Okamoto is a cutie too <3 My only gripe was the ending but otherwise, Hiiro no Ouji is good stuff ~

        I love DADADADAN! Definitely good lols all over with that series! Glad to see someone picked it up 8D I hope others will like DADADADAN too!

        I started this blog because of Comic Sylph – I was using the magazine as my first stepping stone towards learning Japanese. Unfortunately, grad school took over so I wasn't able to post as much as I'd of liked ^^: So now I just post what I can haha!

        More Sylph fans are always appreciated 8D The more love Sylph gets, the better! (bc that means more popularity and more money for them ~ which means more stuff for us ;D)


  13. Oh yeah.. The ending of Hiiro. D: I was like, LET’S JUST DROP THIS SERIES NOW WHILE WE STILL CAN. But of course we won’t. xD
    Okamoto is so moe <3 Everyone in our staff loves him. So adorable~~

    Yesss, we are so excited about the new series we're going to do! We're try to shovel through all our projects at the moment fast as we can so we can get started on them (we try not to take in too many projects at once, because that slows down everything).

    I swear if Shinigami Doggy goes on a hiatus or something ima start flipping tables. -3- T_T I really really enjoy that series and I want MOAAAR.~ Wee, starting to sound like a crazy fan girl.
    And we are extremely happy with Dadadadan, especially Zippy. (:
    We've ordered the first volume already!

    Now if I want to know more about sylph stuff, I can just leap into your blog. xDD


    • xD I’m not sure why the manga-ka decided to leave the ending so open.It makes me wonder if Scarlet Prince was axed early? Or maybe she wanted to give hope to those fans who were hoping the tsundere BFF might have a chance at getting with the main character? Ah, well. The main focus of the story is on the moe-ness that is Okamoto 8D And the cute fairy/succubus guy ~

      Ah I understand :D If you take on too many projects, it gets kind of crazy (and don’t forget the fans – they’ll be like, wtf!? It’s been a week! Where’s the next chapter D8 MY SOUL IS NOT COMPLETE WITH OUT A NEW CHAPTER! щ(゚ロ゚щ)).

      Ah, I noticed on your site you plan on releasing Shinigami Doggy. I’m not sure if the group who had been previously working on the series informed you but they’re still working on Shinigami Doggy (I stalk them on Twitter xD). From what I understand, they’re going to release a bunch of chapters as a batch. The only real hold up is one of their staff members is away at the moment :3 Just letting you know in case you two wanted to work together on the project or something ~

      How did you all find out about DADADADAN? 8D I’m curious to see if there are other sites out there who cover Sylph manga too!
      I’ll try to keep my blog updated on the latest Sylph stuff xD I can’t guarantee anything due to RL circumstances happening at the moment ^^; (as you can see, I’m like…almost a year behind haha xD)


  14. We’re anticipating the reaction we’ll get when we finish Hiiro Ouji, I have a feeling there will be murderous rage… D: We shall prepare our defenses. Chapter 1 should be out soon and I’m already typesetting the second one, PUMP OUT CHAPTERS, YEAHHH.

    I found Dadadadan on MU just by coincidence while looking for new series to work on, the title was interesting and the description was cute so I showed it to Zippy and now she’s crazy about it. Sadly the first volume is still pending. T_T Though I already have the second one.

    OTL contacted me, it appears only one person is active. ): They agreed to join me in releasing it. ^^ So excited! We might re-release chapter 1&2 in HQ though, I have already bought the raws. We at Hatter aren’t too crazy about magazine raws, especially Zippy, though personally I don’t mind it as long as it doesn’t look tooooo terrible.


    • Haha, as long as you release the chapters, they shouldn’t go too ape shit crazy on you ^^; I know Scarlet Prince was really popular when Nevermore Scans was working on the series. May this title bring popularity to your group as well!

      (I think the older fans will be happy – and much more understanding. After all, they’ve been waiting over a year for the next chapter to be released :) You’d think with another group willing to pick up the title, the readers will be more thankful to that group than demanding…but then again… ^^; )

      8D Success! Before things got really busy on my end, I had been working on translating summaries for certain Sylph titles – DADADADAN being one of them – in hopes of catching people’s eyes ~ I’m glad to see the plan worked ~ (though a part of me was hoping there was another Sylph blog out there ^^).

      I’m curious: Does your group have a preference for what types of titles you’ll work on? I noticed lots of Clover no Kuni no Alice stuff 8D (love me some *** no Kuni no Alice stuff!) And an Aria title ~

      8D Ah, glad to see a partnership has arisen! Everyone wins in this situation – the only problem is wondering when the series will make its return ^^;

      Ah, yeah, Sylph isn’t the worst but it’s not the best in terms of paper quality. The actual bound volumes are beautiful though ~ :) (plus with the magazine, things may be changed – I know of a couple of series in Sylph where the magazine varied from what was in the bound version).


      • Haha, too be honest it’s not in our plans to make it big in scanlations, :P It was originally suppose to be a small humble scan group just doing a few Alice series but somehow… we ended up with quite a few staff members and series. ^-^””

        And as for preference… basically I find projects and share it with Zippy and if she thinks it looks interesting too, we toss it at the rest of the staff. We’ve been mainly focusing on shoujo lately (though we’re not the biggest fans of shoujo, we’re all masochists!) but we have a shounen title coming up in the summer (hopefully). Main reason we started Alice titles is because our translator Tori is a big fan of the otome game. We work on whatever series we find interesting, though I have to hold back Zippy from picking up all the lame MAGIC FANTASY SUPER SHOUJO GIRL TRANSFORMING FOR THE POWER OF LOVE AND JUSTICE kind of series.
        We also try to avoid the ‘school life’ genre because we know we’ll be face palming and flipping tables while working on it. “GAHH, STUPID GIRL Y U GO OUT WITH BOY B WHEN BOY A LOVES YOU!?!?!?!” Oh the angst~

        Lol, I saw your Engage Knight or whatever it’s called post and I loled. THANK GOODNESS WE DIDN’T PICK THAT UP! I would’ve shot myself in the eyes out if we did….
        And that hana something soushi or whatever.. We just call it BOY FALLING WITH FLOWER PETALS is put on hold due to lack of interest and disgust. I KNOW WHERE IT’S GOING, AND I PROBABLY WON’T LIKE IT. -3- Though after clearing a few more projects, we might get back to it.

        Ah, I just can’t wait to start on Shinigami Doggy <3
        More Shin goodness. I swear he's the gayest straight guy in the manga.

        If you have any project suggestions, feel free to late me know. (:


      • Ah ~ I see :) I like shojo as well but sometimes it gets to be a little too much ^^; My RL friend and I love to joke around about shojos we’ve read ~ from the parents being either conveniently away or dead via some sort of automobile accident to the forever in the friendzone male friend of the main girl who would be the more logical choice to choose as a love interest but rarely ever does get picked… (gotta love the flowers and sparkles popping out of nowhere too 8D).

        >///> I won’t lie…I like me some magic fantasy super shojo girl transforming series…I think it’s due to my love of Sailor Moon as a kid? Fighting evil in a mini-skirt doesn’t make any sense but I can roll with it xD All I ask is the main love interest be cute ;D (and not worthless like anime Tuxedo Mask whose only moves were throwing a rose before spouting some encouraging words, and using a very suggestive extending rod xDDDD)
        Dude, Engage Knights is great for unintentional lols but that’s it xD It’s like so corny it’s entertaining ~ I’ll be shocked if anyone actually scans the series though, unless they are fans of the manga-kas.

        Poor Hana-Ori Soushi xD It’s not for everyone but I love it <3 I like that the series focuses on multiple characters rather than on the main two ~ I love me some backstory 8D The last chapter is going to be in the May issue of Sylph so I’m kind of nervous about how it’ll end. If I get another fail ending like Zeele Sacrifice, I’m going to cry ;___;

        Lololol xD “He’s the gayest straight guy in the manga” 8D HE IS!
        Ever since the 2nd / 3rd chapter – where Shin hugged Ken – I keep seeing Shin as a father figure to Ken…a father who is just very metrosexual and has S tendencies xD Now that I think about it, I wonder if Shin ever got some lovin’? He’s always bending over backwards for the ladies…I wonder if it’s because he’s desperate to get laid? xD Lol, my mind sometimes!

        Anything I suggest would probably be too lame xD Thus I’m looking forward to the series you all are going to scan / already scanning 8D They all look like good stuff!


  15. Hello! I am Mizuouji from AQUA Scans, my scanlation picked up Arcana Famiglia, but we’re working from the chinese scanlations… =3=U

    Sometimes is a problem because we can’t figure out the names of some stuff… especially because it has lots of italian terms… I am sorry to bother you, but would you please lend us a hand as Advisor? We’ll be only bothering you with words here and there. You don’t even have to translate. Just type the katakana and I’ll be doing the rest…

    If you don’t have the time or just don’t want to, I’ll understand. Thank you for reading and have a good day!


    • I have tumblr which allows you to ask questions. I also have a yahoo email (it’s the one I leave when I post comments on your blog :3). DM also works as well on Twitter.

      Sorry, I’m not too connected with the internet ^^;


  16. Hello, I’m looking for Vol. 2 and 4 of comic SYLPH which led me to your blog. I was wondering if you have these 2 volumes by any chance? There’s a 2-part story that ran in these 2 volumes that I really want to see. I was hoping to buy them off Amazon marketplace or Yahoo auctions but it seems that they are no longer available anywhere.


  17. woot chocolate and ice cream~! *q*
    I’m slowly~ learning Japanese too so I can read more manga and light novel. XD
    I hope you don’t mind if i follow you and add you to my blogroll. :)


  18. Hey there! :D
    Because your blog needs more love I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award! Here’s the link to my nomination post: http://pantasticpanda.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/liebster-award-nomination/

    (I apologize if I posted this in a bad area >_<;; )

    Info about the Liebster Award: http://wordingwell.com/the-liebster-award-the-official-rules-my-first-blog-award-and-a-few-personal-secrets-revealed/

    I hope you can pay it forward, too. <3


  19. Hi Sylphie!! Saw that you followed me back thanks for that! I’m just here to say that you actually know me longer than today :p
    I used to be called “Mangafanatic” and recently decided to start again with blogging! Anyways I’m still enjoying your posts and just passed by to say this ^^


    • Why hello there, mangafanatic :D I didn’t know you got a new blog! Love the new name ~
      I’m happy folks still like the silly things I post on this blog ^^ Makes me happy I stuck around with it haha
      I look forward to reading your new blog! Here’s to many fun posts ahead of us both!

      Liked by 1 person

      • haha thanks! well I recently started again with B-chan from Bikachama (aeeons is her name now)
        haha silly is good!! I recently read your resume of Kuranoa since no one was scanning it and I got to love your humour, like a LOT!!
        haha thanks, it’ll probably be the same as my old one though xD


        • It’s sad that no one finished Kuranoa (I get sad whenever any Sylph title isn’t finished to completion ^^).
          I would like to play the game to see just how much the manga was missing (an old blogging friend of mine had played the game/read the books and she said there was a lot left out in the manga adaptation. To the point where you feel bad for the twin sister instead of hoping she just floats off and goes away haha).

          Haha, hey all that matters is you get out there and have fun blogging :D

          Liked by 1 person

          • haha yeah i get that feeling. Oh I didn’t know Kuranoa was a game :o in the end I did feel bad for the twin sister that didn’t survive, but in the middle she sure was an ass xD
            haha thanks!! you too! let’s keep going on and on xD


      • I’m not sure why the sister went so cray tho.
        And I want to know what she did to the one love interest that he freaked out whenever he saw the main girl. Did she physically abuse him or did she tie him to a chair and played yaoi for him? xD
        Dude: Minori…so this is your dark secret
        Twin: here’s a doujinshi I drew of you and your friend :D


  20. Hello ^.^ I’m Avelys, and I’m co-admin of this scans group called ShoujoHearts. I was wondering if you were interested in joining our family? You can translate works which you’re interested in, and the schedule is reaaaally relaxed. We have another translator on board, so maybe consulting about difficult kanji will be easier. We’d love to work with you. You sound like a really amazing person. Love your summaries. My website: http://shoujohearts.com


    • Hello there :J

      Sorry for the late reply!
      At the current time I don’t think I’d have time to translate. I’m currently employed full time (adult life!) and I barely have time to work on this little blog, as you can see from the scarce amount of posts I do haha.
      Also, I’m still learning Japanese so I’m not quite comfortable enough with my skills to translate.
      But maybe someday in the future!

      Thanks again for your offer tho! :J


  21. Nice to meet you and I LOVE YOUR BORIS ICON <3333
    I'm learning Japanese too and I've gotten pretty far but my weaknesses are definitely reading and listening :P If you have any recommendations, such as what made a significant impact in your learning, I'd love to hear ^^

    Hope to see you again :)


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