Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 15 (Tid-Bits)

Oh look, I did a thing!


KyousougigaThe chapter starts with a flashback of Yuiko, grandpa, and Chikage. The trip back in time shows us readers how much Yuiko treasures the two (which is kind of a no duh elsewise she’d have snatched her shards back like those asshole kids the minute they see Lucky and his Lucky Charms cereal (Lucky: just ask your parents to buy you some Lucky Charms! The only reason I eat this diabetes precursor is because my job pays me shit! D:). After the scene, we’re brought to the present. Yuiko is currently at a hospital. In front of her is grandpa, alive but pretty much at death’s door. No way to sugarcoat it, folks. Seeing her grandpa ass deep in his grave brings Yuiko to tears.

“How long do you plan on keeping this up?”

Never one to know tact, we see Diamu in the next frame, sporting his usual arms crossed leaning against the wall thinking he’s a badass pose. He repeats what he said in the previous chapter – grandpa is fucked so they need to grab his soul before he croaks. And just like with the previous chapter, Yuiko refuses. If her soul shards are what’s keeping both grandpa and Chikage alive, then she won’t take them back. This pisses Diamu off because resistance. Before, Yuiko just rolled over like the Holiday Inn doormat that she was. Now that she’s getting more of her soul back, his attitude ain’t welcomed.

Diamu is broken out of his thoughts when Yuiko speaks:

“These feelings in my heart…is there nothing I can do to make you understand them?”

Her questions causes a jolt of surprise to run through him.

”For us, parents, family, friends…they are all precious people who can’t be replaced.”


Love that when Diamu thinks of things precious to him, he thinks of his parents and…himself xD (and yes, that is “wtf” written next to his younger self)

Diamu thinks of his past. He then tells Yuiko that yeah mom was super precious to my dad. That’s why he ate her /:<

Yuiko: well my dad ate my mom too you know…they are adults

Diamu: I’m talking as in ingesting her…

Yuiko: yes…same here

Diamu: and pooping her out

Yuiko: …ahhhhh, you meant that kind of eat. Gotcha. Damn your dad must have really been into it to literally eat her.

Diamu: what?

Yuiko: what? (◉◞౪◟◉

Diamu: ಠ_ಠ) …

(stupid Urban Dictionary xD)

Anyway, Diamu continues: his parents ate each other because they’re Oni. They ain’t no weak pussy human. HMPH! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノroar!

Sometimes the shortest sentence can leave the longest lasting impact. After silently sitting through Diamu’s Onis rulez talk, Yuiko asks the lad this question:

“Do you not have anyone precious to you?”  (enough to eat, wink wink)

Sick of these shojo games, Diamu leaves.

“We don’t have anything like that.”

Yuiko watches him leave before rubbing her eyes.

We follow Diamu.

Now currently he’s getting angry and telling us how he needs to take control of the situation again but…I can’t guys. I can’t get into the seriousness. I mean…look. Look at this motherfucker:


He looks like he’s driving an imaginary car. No, it looks like he’s road-raging in his imaginary car. His face screams “I’m going to speed up and see who this fucking shitstain is. Cut me off will you? You crossed the wrong Oni today, buddy!”


It’s not just once, but twice! Twice, guys! And this one looks super roadrage-y. Like he’s committed to cutting off the person who cut HIM off! xD

( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

Ahem, whatever he’s doing in his little Ford, he gets a random thought: Where the f is Chikage?

If you mean crazy eyes, he’s currently jumping on top of moving vehicles :D

Let’s go back in time a bit to explain where this desire to hop on top of metal wagons came from. We roll over to Kikuichi. He’s in a car talking to his…manservant dude (?) about swords and shit. They’re talking cryptically about stuff. Upon reaching the Fujiwara Pad, we see Chikage standing at the door. No idea how long he’d been standing there but apparently long enough for the sun to fry what little brain he had. We flip the page. The car throws on its breaks just as Chikage jumps on it. Defying momentum and other physics, he stands tall on the hood of Kikuichi’s car, sword drawn from its carrying case. (I’m confused as to why the car took so long to put on its breaks. Were they planning on driving through the front door? :Y )

Kikuichi is staring up in shock, mouth literally open (which is understandable given Chikage’s batshit crazy action). The FUCK!?щ(゚д゚щ) is painted clearly on his face.


Kikuichi’s face: U:

Chikage tells Kikuichi he wants this right? We know it’s his sword Chikage is talking about but the panels could have been done better. For all I know, Chikage is holding his dick in his hand while asking the question :/

Kikuichi realizes Chikage sniffed out the thing he was going to do (don’t look at me folks. Nothing is clear right now. I’m still lost on the car going through the front door thing). Then they begin talking about shit and I don’t really get what’s going on but it involves swords, a ceremony, and killing off the Oni. When asked what does Chikage want in exchange for the sword, Chikage says he wants to be the acting chief. And then proceeds to rant with his crazy eyes nearly popping out of their crazy sockets. Kikuichi wants his sword because it can cut the shit out of Oni and it’s right in front of him but instead of being in his hands, it’s in the hands of a 16 year old punk who is waving it around like it’s a glow stick (…dur? Not sure what’s stopping Kikuichi from just punching Chikage in the nose and taking the sword. I mean…really. Plus didn’t Kikuichi have the opportunity to do so when Chikage was taken out of commission in vol #2? Guess had he not done that we wouldn’t have a car jumping scene like we do now :P).


Show me them crazy eyes, boy ~ Whoa, ok tone the level down this isn’t a competition

Kikuichi tells Chikage to calm his raging tits. He’ll be the chief one day. Chikage tells Kikuichi he doesn’t have time to pacify the fire in his nipples. When asked why? Chikage replies by stepping down from the car and saying he needs the power to wipe out all the Oni. Not sure what changed in the last page since Chikage was still basically saying let’s kill the Oni but Kikuichi is like, ok you can be chief. But in exchange, Chikage gets sacrificed?

/:Y it has something to do with that ceremony thing. Again, no clue what’s going on. Just some Japanese dudes being vague about important things.

Chikage accepts the terms. Hell, he’s going to die anyway. Might as well take a race of people with him :J

As the two continue to talk, we see the manservant guy talk about how crazy shit has gotten.

(seriously, who is this guy?)

That randomness done, we go back to the hospital. Maya enters the room and tells Yuiko she should go home and get some rest. Hospitals have doctors and nurses for a reason. Yuiko retorts that they’ll try and grab gramp’s shard while she’s out.

Maya: ಠ_ಠ well fuck you too bitch see if I show you any more compassion

Yuiko apologizes for her words (Maya: ಠ_ಠ your apology can go suck a dick). Grandpa wakes up at the sound someone saying dick sucking.


Yuiko: “That’s mom’s name!”

ಠ_ಠ …wow that just made the dick sucking joke take a weird turn

“I wanted to care for Yuiko for a bit longer…I’m sorry.”

Yuiko calls out to her grandpa who mumbles her name. Apparently either meds or death is making his memory a bit cray cray. Yuiko starts to cry. She doesn’t want to live in a world without gramps. Gramps tells Yuiko not to fuck up the life her mom gave hers up to protect. Lol wth gramps. He explains that after the accident, Yuiko’s mom “gave” Yuiko the Lotus/Souma/Sun/poke’ball which saved Yuiko from meeting the same fate as her parents. The take home message is that mom and dad gave their lives to her (lol love that dad was added in as a side comment). He then talks about how it’s now time to take selfies with Buddha and that Chikage got her here on earth right? Tears are falling down Yuiko’s eyes as she pleads with her grandpa not to die but he’s already like, peace!

“I can finally see Aiko…”

Yuiko screams out her grandpa’s name. Maya, who had been sitting in the background perving on the whole conversation, realizes that grandpa really is peacing. He sends a mental OMFG to Diamu.

Speaking of Diamu, where is he now? (what’s with all the male leads just wandering off all of a sudden?) Welp, he’s floating in the air along with Naruto (yeah he’s still here. It had been so long since we last seen this character that I forgot what I named him xD). They are currently flying over some place with people and fire.

Dude! See guys, that must have been why Diamu was driving his imaginary car out of the hospital…so he could carpool with Naruto. Makes so much sense. Nice to see a guy whose parents ate each other is still concerned about the future of the environment. You go champ. :)

We zoom in on boxes and Chikage, to which Diamu screams “OMFG I CAN’T!”

Naruto: huh?

Rather than explain, Diamu mumbles about how they don’t have Maya around to…do stuff.

As Naruto scratches himself in confusion and Diamu slaps himself in rage, Maya’s mental text reaches the two. Basically “yo grandpa be dying, get them sweet tight buns here or shit be turning real.”

Diamu is in a bind because you have Chikage scheming with cardboard boxes and fire, and then you have grandpa basically giving up on living.


Diamu: gawd dammit Chikage – you’re going to act NOW? You had 2 volumes to do something and now when shit’s hitting the fan you decide to do a thing? I’m too beautiful for this!


Bam, nother chapter done :) Oh Chikage. You so crazy. Almost as crazy as Diamu and his imaginary car xD I can never not see that anymore!

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