Sylph Jan 2014 Issue

iconSup peeps! Don’t think I forgot about Sylph ~ I just happened to buy Lala first before I got an email telling me my Sylph had come in :D As you can see, on the cover we have Hakase Ga! Even though Hanase is there, we have Apricot (and the Professor…kinda) so yay ~ The color pages inside advertise the usual – BroCon, Kamigami no Asobi, Durarara, Uta no Prince-sama, Valvrave, Dear Girl Stories, etc. No freebies with this issue. Sylph is still doing its BroCon mail-in whoring. I don’t think I ever posted about it but one issue you’d get a necklace with a replica of Natsume’s house key. Another issue had a replica of Azusa’s glasses. Another ‘nother issue had a pretty decent sized Julie plushie. This issue you can get a little keychain plushie fashioned like one of the stuffed animals in the pedo-bro-doctor’s coat pockets (I actually have no idea who this brother is. Think he’s probably a pediatrician or something not pedo-y. My mind just turned him into a pedo because adult man x plushies and candy in his pockets = pedophile).

(Note that you have to pay money to get these mail-in goodies so…yeah.)


On to the manga!!


Hakase Ga chp 31 – shortest chapter ever! Hinase sees Apricot walking off with an unconscious Professor thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He decides to follow because there would be no point to this chapter and comes upon a circus with a shota shooting people in dah face…end (…ok then!).

Brothers Conflict 2nd Season chp 37

Brothers Conflict feat. Futo – holy fuck. Here I thought Tsubaki’s chapter was creepy. Futo takes home not just the cake, but the pastry chef and the bakery. This guy is fucked up. I don’t know if he’s better in the game but the way the manga adaptation portrayed him, he’s like…a creepy pervert (like subway masturbator level). I mean, who sees their stepsister passed out from heat exhaustion in the nurse’s office and decides, let me undress her a bit. Then, upon seeing exposed neck, decides to straddle her like a horse and attempt oral on her neck?? The thing that stopped him from actually performing the act was Ema mumbling in her sleep – “do your best Futo…”

Futo: welp that just killed the mood. I’ll fuck you in your sleep later sis ~ ꉨڡꉨ

Me: ( ³⌓³) …

The adaptation’s pacing is shitty so it just made this scene even more creepy. We go from Futo crying over his acting dreams conflicting with his boy band gig to him mounting Ema…wut? It should be noted the manga-ka of the Tsubaki and Azura chapters is also doing Futo’s so that might explain the shit pacing. Tsubaki’s chapter also suffered hard because it was like “story stuff story stuff IWANTTOPUTMYDICKINYOURPUSSYSIS!end.” Let’s take a moment here to appreciate the fine pacing of Natsume’s story lol IMG_0004

Hinagikuya no Hitobito chp 17

Uta no Prince-sama Maji 2000% Love chp 6 – chapter about Ren and his bro. I kinda wanna see the anime adaptation of this chapter because the bro went super dramatic putting a CD into a CD slot. Like, he was flying in the air. FLYING!! FEET OFF THE GROUND, ARMS EXTENDED FORWARD, WE’RE CLEAR FOR TAKE OFF! I don’t know about you all, but I don’t go that crazy when I’m handling fucking CDs lol.  (also, I like that the speech bubble for Ren’s bro’s screams of drama was pointed near his butt so it looks like his butt is yelling like He-man!)

Shiro Ari chp 38 – we’re finally continuing on track. Word has gotten out that the Dormouse has been captured by the Red King and plans are needed to save her. However, for most of the chapter we have a bro-session between Alice and Happy. They ALMOST become bros until Alice tsunderes the situation and now Happy just sees Alice as a walking turd lol.

Durarara – 3way standoff – alley chp 3 – I have no actual idea what the plot is of 3way. Right now it just feels like an excuse to cameo Durarara characters haha…

IMG_0006Dear Girl Stories ~ Hibiki chp 11 – random side story about vampire cats…yup.

Arcana Famiglia chp 21 – we’re still working on fixing daddy back up. Felicità gets desperate and tries using her powers even though it’ll result in memory loss. Luca says f dat and licks her back to stop her (O__O). End.

Futsutsu na Oyako de wa Arimasu Ga chp 6 – okay, this chapter confirms my initial suspicion that things weren’t going to stay family. (F u Bunny Drops. Why??) Kaoru tells Nae he’s going to marry some broad. Nae, always the good girl not wanting to cause trouble, just smiles and wishes him the best. Since Kaoru is going to be marrying someone else, Nae is going to be moving to another location nearby. When Kaoru asks if there’s anything she wants, she asks him if he doesn’t mind coming home early to spend some time with her before he becomes shackled to marriage. Kaoru is surprised and is about to go yeah sure when he remembers that his marriage is going to be announced that day. Nae tells him it’s cool and just smiles (;__; Nae). As Kaoru is driving to the engagement party or whatever you call it, he’s having doubts that he’s doing the right thing. He looks down in his car and sees a present and a letter. The present is a pair of gloves made by Nae. In the letter she basically says he’s awesome and that she wishes she could have been with his awesome some more but lol bitches. He does a donut in the middle of an intersection and runs home to find Nae crying. She’s surprised as hell because this dude just came bursting in the doors like a fat man in a McDonald’s. She’s even MORE surprised when Kaoru grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. However, he doesn’t go through with is because he regains his senses. Kaoru walks away (probably to calm the raging boner in his pants), leaving Nae confused as hell. We flip over to the party where Kaoru’s fiancée to be is not happy with his lack of appearance.

Holy Hazy Hermit chp 6 – we get a little background on our main characters when a god stops by the shop

(Ookami) Inu to Watashi no Kazoku Jijou (oneshot) – a oneshot about a girl who gets a wolf asIMG_0007 a pet (wtf) and the wolf turns into a human boy. Mom doesn’t bat an eye and welcomes the wolf boy into the family. Years later, the two are now teens. The girl grew up to be a tsundere and the wolf boy a bishi. I didn’t really like the oneshot too much because you know how I don’t like tsunderes.

Kamigami no Asobi chp 9 – basically Zeus tells our main chick that she has made great progress with the gods but she can do better. Her: ಠ益ಠ Also, there is one god who isn’t attending school. WTF, do your job. Her: ಠ益ಠ
Main chick thinks Loki is the problem child but uh no he’s attending school. He’s just not…educating himself haha

Hiso Hiso – silent voice – chp 18 – story focuses on Daichi making friends while keeping his powers a secret. Was really cute!!

Kakumeiki Valvrave – Uragiri no Rakuin chp 6 – background info on red hair dude and glasses dude. What? I don’t watch this anime *shrugs*

Kamitsuki chp 23 – another “god possession” successfully exorcised/stopped. However, we see that Janome might be dying or something (whatever causes your face to break like a plate)

IMG_0005Antique Fuga chp 4 – a new character appears and we’re still on the hunt for a glass pendent made by Rene Lalique~

Norn9 chp 6 – everyone knows about Koharu’s powers. Everyone is like, who cares, and Koharu lets out a sigh of relief haha. But then the place is attacked and we meet that obvious creeper from the prologue chapter. Kakeru is here as well and he’s like, dad sup? Uh…

Hana Kakure no Usotsuki Ookami oneshot – about a girl who is awkward around people but has a face that makes it seem like she has no fucks to give with anyone and a boy everyone loves but he couldn’t give a rat’s ass about them haha. Was really cute :)

Preview for the next issue: So, I didn’t realize it but we’re going to have 3 series ending in the Feb issue: Antique Fuga, Holy Hazy Hermit, and Norn9. Um, wtf to Antique Fuga and Holy Hazy Hermit ending?? I felt like their stories were just beginning :___: I guess Antique Fuga was just to get us readers to know about its existence. If we want a continuation we’ll have to read the books. Holy Hazy Hermit I guess did its job too and got us to be attracted to franche lippee’s cute but horribly expensive clothes. Norn9…I had a feeling it was going to end soon. Especially since the manga-ka is drawing for a more popular series in Aria.

Still no word on Shounen Oujo.


A new manga will be starting in the next issue: Hanazono to Egotist by Yukimura Yuni. Also we will have two oneshots, both by DADADADAN’s  manga-ka.

2 thoughts on “Sylph Jan 2014 Issue

  1. I haven’t been here in a while so it was a pleasant surprise to see so many posts at once. :D Thank you for updating this blog with more funny posts. Pity Shounen Oujo doesn’t get more love in Sylph. >:
    Lala has been kinda letting me down lately (why so many love triangles and cliche plots?! wasn’t VK enough?!), while Hana to Yume seems to be… evolving? It seems to me there’s a lot of mature themes in there as of lately. Might be just me tho.
    Enough about manga now. Since the New Year is coming and everything I wish you a lot of happiness and luck in the future, success in your career and I hope you’ll continue to update this blog when you have the time. :D


    • Late reply is late! :P Sorry my friend!
      I keep forsaking this little blog. I’m still trying to balance adult life and online life better haha – especially now since I’ve been slacking with my Japanese studies (shame shame!)

      Lala is definitely going through changes. I’ve been liking its short series like Strange Dragon. It’s probably mean of me but I’m happy some of the longer series have ended because they weren’t going no where. They were like walking corpses, the body was there but there was no more soul :( I’m hoping this gives the opportunity for some new blood.
      (but then there’s always the fear that popularity will zombie the series again – just let it end naturally Japan. Why do you have to suck every dime out of the thing before you’ll let a beaten series with 15 love triangles, 9 fiancees, 3 gaijin transfers, and 249 episodes of amnesia finally pass on!?)

      I haven’t been reading Hana to Yume so I can’t add any input. Any series from it you recommend? :)

      I hope your New Year is going well :D
      Our boss sent us a very depressing email saying that most people who make New Years Resolutions give up after a week.
      He must have failed in his resolution and wanted to take us all down haha

      I’ll try to keep more active with my blog :)
      I’ll probably post more RL stuff but I’ll def keep posting about mags and summaries <- I plan on restarting my summaries again since it's been so long!
      This blog keeps me actively reading JP stuff so I can share it with you all x3


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