Sylph March 2015 (Driplet)

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Meant to write this when I updated with Ane-Lala. Just a week late :P
Anyway, a little heads up here, folks. Recently, the blogging application I use has been acting wonky, in that it won’t update its layout to match my blog’s. In other words, this blogging program is supposed to mimic what my blog looks like to all of you. This way I can format things before I publish them so I can say I tried to make the post look somewhat decent :P Right now, everything looks generic and ugly on my end, which is kinda annoying.
In frustration, I decided to write this post in wordpress. However, about halfway through, I forgot to save and when I put my computer into sleep mode, Windows decided sleep = turn off computer for an update :D (you sick bastard, Windows). Thus I lost a good chunk.K
Needless to say, I went back to using my blog program, ugliness be damned. I can handle it if it means keeping my stuff (this program will save a backup in case something similar happens – Windows tends to do the “you meant restart not sleep right?” maneuver a lot :/). However, I’m still bitter about the deleted data so I didn’t even bother trying to continue where I last saved. Thus you’ll notice things go from excessive wordy to blunt and done haha.

DSC_0296 - Copy

With that, here’s the Sylph post! (two issues late!)

Sekihan-chan to Sumomo-kun chapter 1
Omachishitemasu Shitamachi Wagashi Kurimaru Dou chapter 1
Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga chapter 17
3LDK no Ou-sama chapter 7
Fortissimo chapter 6
Durarara! Relay chapter 4
Order wa Tandei ni chapter 2
Hinagiku no Hitobito chapter 34
Ayashina no Kimi chapter 3
Kami-sama wa Ikiru no ga Tsurai chapter 9
Mikansei Lovers chapter 8
Brothers Conflict 13 Bros Collection chapter 7
Kyouai Catastrophe chapter 8
Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon chapter 4
Shiro Ari chapter 50
Salon Diane final chapter (end)
Ano Hashi wo Koetara Part II (end)

DSC_0303 - Copy

Title: Sekihan-chan to Sumomo-kun (赤飯ちゃんとすもも君) chapter 1
Author: Tsubaki Kawori (椿カヲリ)

The story starts with a girl who starts her new year as a high schooler and is all, “This is my debut! I’m going to be all cool and shit!”
And then one day later,
she’s hospitalized due to some kind of asthma related condition
Jump 6 months and we have her once again going to school – Her: “…Okay! Let’s try this again! Part II of me being cool!” When she arrives, her school is doing its school festival thing (you ain’t shojo unless we’ve got a school festival going on). Her classroom specifically is hosting a candy shop. Girl – Maika – gets even more excited when she sees people she remembered from her first attempt at a high school debut. Literal sweetness ~ !

Rather than just go in the classroom and be like “wuzz up, bitches? Suck my lips!” Maika instead gives herself a mental pep talk out in the hallway – “You can do this, girl. Time to let the masses know I’m back!” After breathing hard and slamming her hands against her chest in vigor, she finally works the courage to open the door to her classroom and shout in (font size 2) “I’m back ~”

So of course no one pays attention to her.
To the point where people are even slamming into her and don’t realize they’ve slammed into a person. No lies. Dude is like, “wow I felt like I just rammed into something living and meaty. Huh, wonder what that was?” and his friend replies with “dude, you’re crazy. It was probably just a bad cloud of gas.” I’m not sure HOW they didn’t realize they just body tackled a human being but whatever.
Thus no one notices Maika on the floor, staring up at everyone like “…*deep inhale* motherfuckers.”
While she’s on the floor trying to figure out wtf is going on, someone comes up behind her and picks up her stuff. He then hands her bag to her, picks her up, and sort of nudges her into the classroom. And I’m thinking it took her like 3 to 5 minutes for her to register what just happened (cuz Maika was too busy having her mind blown at the fact she’s standing in her classroom) since by the time she turns around to thank whoever helped her, there’s no one there.
Because fucking five minutes have gone by and you know, if you helped someone, you’re not going to just stand there and be like, “where’s my thanks?”
So he peaced and she’s like, “crap…”

That opportunity missed, Maika instead concentrates on meeting her classmates. “Hey buddy! Remember me? No? How about you? Maika? The sick girl that had to stop going to school due to health reasons? Not ringing a bell? No? Not even a slight jingle in the recesses of your brain? How about the teacher? Where’s that ho at? She’ll remember me. Oh…she’s conveniently away on maternity leave. Wow, that’s strange. I don’t remember her ass being pregnant when I was here six months ago :/ Hmmm. Oh, and you people think I’m a middle schooler…ha…even though I’m wearing the exact same school uniform as you…great…”

Understandably, she’s a bit depressed over no one knowing her. She leaves to wander the halls in depression, eating some cotton candy because, you know, eating your feels and all. Then at some point she starts to have a mental freak out because at her past school(s) everyone made fun of her and shit (I add the “and shit” part because I’m not sure if there was more going on).

And let me tell you, some of these quotes are sick.

She remembers her classmates bitching out loud about how she’s once again in the hospital -like, calm down bitch (not sure how she heard this one since she was at the hospital but details). Or how useless she is since she’s always got them medical problems.
Like yo, the girl has respiratory issues.
You go live your life trying to breath regularly and let’s see how you enjoy it, man.
I mean, who goes up to a guy with no legs and says “Gawddamnnit Jimmy. We could have used you on the soccer team had you some fucking feet. You worthless sack of shit.”
Like, who the fuck are these kids!?

And to continue the pain train, the kids add in more comments talking about how weak she is physically, how stupid she is, and how clumsy she is. She doesn’t do crap and has no worth. If she’s present or not, it doesn’t make a difference cuz that’s how crappy she is.

As I’m reading this, all I can think is: Holy shit, it’s a wonder this girl ain’t popping Xanax in the bathroom! Dude, what kind of school did you go to, Maika!? Jeepers, even the worst of schools – the ones with the metal detectors at the front door – aren’t that bad… D:

And for the icing on top of the cake, we learn her nickname was “Sekihan” due to the fact that she turns bright red which makes her non-existent freckles stand out.

And let me just say, I don’t trust no one that thinks “Sekihan” is something bad. That shit is delish. I know if Sekihan is in the room or not because it’s going in my belly. And after 24-33 hours coasting around in my digestive system, that once tasty treat is coming out as some nice solid poop. These kids obviously are working under the influence of the devil or some hater of goodness and need both spiritual and culinary help :/

And…this is where my post was last saved :(

The feelings of distress are still fresh in my tears so we’re just going to take the express lane to the end. So eventually the dark thoughts take a hold and Maika starts to run blindly through the halls, as if she were trying to escape them. She bumps into a manly pretty chick who instantly recognizes Maika. However, rather than be happy, Maika falls further into depression because she finally meets someone who knows her but she doesn’t know them. Maika then starts crying and blurting out all the dark stuff in her head so understandably the other chick has an expression like she just found out one of her tits had been hanging out without her notice (lit – omg what is happening).

The chick scratches her head trying to figure out what to do when she notices her hair and clothes. Ah, that’s why Maika doesn’t recognize her, the chick thinks. Since for some reason now doesn’t seem to be the best time to pull the big reveal, the chick instead tells Maika to calm it and that Sekihan is not a bad thing. That shit’s yummy and it’s supposed to represent good luck so those kids need to really do research before they go attaching names to people. It’s like thinking “awesome” is a bad thing. “Haha, you’re so awesome!” “…wow guys that really hurt :(“

Eventually Maika gets it together and randomly hugs the chick from behind, screaming she loves her and to be her friend.
Chick: Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)
The chick hesitates but complies. Maika leaves, happy to make a new friend (guess those 20 pages of dark thoughts will be sorted through for another day). The chick waves her off and randomly we get an upshot of her skirt. But instead of a panty shot, we get a boxer shot. Yup, this lady is a dude. He was dressed as a lady for his class’s cultural festival thing. To make it even more awkward, he had a thing for Maika before she got sick.


The end of chapter 1 ~

DSC_0304 - Copy

Title: Omachi Shitemasu Shitamachi Wagashi Kurimarudou (お待ちしてます 下町和菓子 栗丸堂) chapter 1
By: Natsume (夏目)

This is based on a novel of the same name. Follows a dude whose family is in the Japanese confectionary business. He was learning the trade too but told his parents he wanted to do his own thing. Rather than get upset, his parents let him do what he wanted. He’s a big kid. And it’s his future.


So the main guy turns into a thug (wtf) and lives life that way until his parents get ran over. With his parental figures road kill, he feels bad about going thug and decides to take over the confectionery shop. However, while he’s good at it, he’s having trouble replicating the “feel/taste” that the shop is known for.

This is when some chick enters the scene. She’s apparently a special person when it comes to confectionary and after watching main dude do his thing, instantly finds out what he’s doing wrong. What is it? Well, the chapter ends so we have to wait until the next issue hur ~

I didn’t realize the lady that authored Number was the person who’s working on Sekihan-chan to Sumomo-kun. The art looks so different ~ I’m interested in seeing how this cross dressing romance will play out ~

Salon Diane ended ;___; it had a happy end which likewise made me happy. Kinda rushed but I’ll take that over a shit end ~ I’m looking forward to seeing this manga-ka’s next work!

Nothing much with Shiro Ari. Just characters talking and hiding things still. Like come on, I think after 7 volumes it’s time to put away the smoke and curtains and come clean already :/ but hey, that’s what keeps us all reading, right? :P

Kami-sama wa Ikiru no ga Tsurai – this girl got to get her shit together. She needs to deal with her feels rather than making Kagachi feel like shit every time she avoids him or looks away :/

Thus why I’m happy for Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon – where watching Kagachi and Haru is painful now, these two are just adorable in their interactions. A nice balance of sweet and sour for me :P

Anything else – oh yeah, forgot about Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga.

Pretty much everyone needs to get their shit together in this manga. You people have to pick – are we going to stay as family or go to lovers because this flipflopping is making me think incest. “He’s a great dad” *kiss*

Me: ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ wait what!?

Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga will take the cover of the April issue. All the usual suspects will be present including two one-shots ~

Thank ya for reading ~

19 thoughts on “Sylph March 2015 (Driplet)

  1. I love reading your summaries. They’re hilarious ! That’s the way I feel, as well, I do a lot of rolling my eyes”, these days …. well, maybe its because I’m getting old, so I find shojo romance so silly and WTF ! Meanwhile, the fan readers go kyaaah, kyaaah, kyaaah, and I’m like, oh, shut up. But I stll read, dangit.


    • Thanks for reading :D glad my post got a chuckle or two out of ya !

      Shojo is definitely a genre one has to take in doses. Read too much and all the cliches and whatnot really jump out and smack ya over the head :(
      I’m a bit selective with my shojo – I tend to avoid manga with bullying or 20 love rivals (I usually get too emotional/pissed). However if done in a way that entertains, then I can usually take anything ~

      I try to jump around genres so I’m not always drowning in roses and shojo heroine tears :P I’ve recently been reading more shounen like D.Gray-Man and Seraph no Owari ~ but whenever I’m feeling the need for cute romance, I go back to shojo.

      I understand how you feel. I do the same too sometimes.
      Me: that’s…not healthy
      Fans: so cute!
      Me: *confused* am I missing something? I’m quite sure that’s abuse…
      Fans: it’s love!
      Me: ….it’s illegal *walks away from series, never looking back*


      Me: *reading manga* bitch really? Don’t do it don’t – you stupid bitch I can’t :/
      And you dude. Stop being a dick. Omg just slam your penis in the door and get over yourself, we do not need your insecurity right now!

      But I guess that’s the lure of shojo xD what kind of surprises can these characters get into this time? :P


      • I also hate mangas with too much bullying….. most of the bully tactics are almost federal, and I can’t understand why no one is stopping it ( take note, Hwang Mi Ri )… makes me think bullying is tolerated in Japan ad Korea, And rivals are just so evil, but never mind that…. stuff like this actually happens. :/ Also , the stories are so cliché it makes me think they are computer- generated, lol


        • Bullying just makes me puff up in anger.
          It’s sad when people just look the other way and let it slide. That stuff can really mess up a person :(

          Definitely on the computer generated lol
          But as long as the manga is done in a way that captures my attention and doesn’t get too crazy, then I can handle it.
          If I ain’t got nothing, it’s like sliding down sandpaper :Y
          That’s why I have to watch what shojo I get ^^ I can usually tell if I’ll enjoy it based on the cover and the art. If I can’t handle your nose, bro, then I won’t be able to take the story seriously (I’ve by passed a few manga because I couldn’t with the character’s faces. There’s no way your the most popular guy in school. You look 38 and your lips are stuck in a duck pout! No.)


      • Do you know what clichés I hate the most ? It’s when the main guy cannot move on due to some stupid “past ” , or just acts so emo because of it. LDK , Ao Haru Ride, come to mind . There are others. And it’s not like, someone in the protagonist’s past betrayed him or cheated on him ( usually t’s it’s the guy who exhibits this symptom , right ? ), if so, then I’d understand, but no, Oh,my gosh !, that girl’s father died…. my mother died too, so I’d comfort her,make her my girlfriend, marry her, make babies with her, and yeah, to heck with that girl whom I love and loves me too. That’s Ao haru Ride.


        • I would have pulled my hair out had I read Ao Haru Ride. I was looking at its wiki page and all the shojo tropes I don’t like were there haha.
          Too many love rivals in too high a concentration D:
          I don’t mind a love rival so long as they get their ass out of the picture within 2 or 3 chapters but when we’re talking tanks for their bullshit…I can’t (I have to realllllllyyyyy like a shojo to hold on despite the plots by love rivals to break people apart).

          A male lead that’s all up in his own business rather than notice the world around him is annoying… I read about what you were talking about and yea, no. I’d have closed the tab for this series and walked away lol


  2. Hey, I always follow your posts on shiro ari,but when you do the magazines u sometimes skip big chunks of chapters like now u had chapter 50 but your last shiro ari post was for the vol 5 tank and I was wondering if the in-between chapter summeries are stored somewhere or whether u don’t actually have them or decided not to post them?


    • Hello there ~

      The reason I stopped is because I found someone has already translated the manga and has been keeping current with it unlike my slow butt ~

      I wasn’t sure anyone would be interested in my summaries when they’ve got RAWs & translations all ready for viewing ~ I have no probs continuing with the Shiro Ari Tank Tid-Bits though if there’s interest :J
      Otherwise I’ll just work on something else ~

      Thanks for the comment and visiting Spoils!


      • R u kidding me your summaries are always hilarious and I’m laughing so hard my in get my stomach hurts like hell but I can’t stop laughing (plz tell me that’s normal) plus manga layout is missing chapters 35-40 ANSI don’t think they’re gonna be there anytime soon


        • Sorry for the late reply!
          If you don’t mind waiting a bit longer, I can work on the summaries then ~ (but I’m talking about August/September due to RL :()
          Also, I’m glad my summaries got a couple chuckles out of ya :D (I sometimes wonder if others think they’re funny or if it’s just my twisted self that gets a kick lol)


  3. I have a feeling my signature is already well known on 2 discussion fora as cynical .

    Do you read Skip Beat ? I’ve been reading that since forever, but now, I’m not much of a fan anymore. Oh man, that manga is discussed to death, like every little detail has a meaning.

    And I don’t know….. maybe shojo fans are very naïve, but they can’t detect anything that’s going on outside the panels. Do you read LDK ? The author should have ended that a long time ago… that’s when the two mains got together after so much forced drama, and roll my eyes behavior of the main guy. The fans didn’t even realize t the main guy had sex with his ex when the main guy and main girl ” separated “. It wasn’t even sex before the mains met each other, it was when they were having a difficult relationship. The readers should really take of their rose -colored glasses once in a while.


    • I read up to tank ~10 of Skip Beat but then I fell behind (I’ll have to buy the tanks when another VIZ sale happens on rightstuf :3). I like the comedy of Skip Beat. I was told going in don’t read for the romance because yeah no that’s slower than molasses. If you’re reading Skip Beat, it’s for the lols.
      But then again, I don’t know how much it’s changed since where I left off. Aren’t the tanks up to like 30 volumes lol? So I wouldn’t be surprised if things changed.

      I’ve never read LDK, but it sounds like a roller coaster! Drama, having some butt spanking with the ex, getting back together, more drama…gah, I think I’m good with my shojo fluff haha

      It’s always sad when you read a series and have to mentally put a bookmark on a certain chapter to say “this is where the series actually ended – the rest after this is just for money and shock effect.” :(


      • I have 28 volumes here at home. But I don’t think I’ll buy another one. There’s a limit to what I can take. No, I don’t read it for the romance, either. I want to know what will happen to her career, will she surpass Shou , yadiya. But Kyouko has become quite silly and weird with her fairy tale stuff. Lke, Corn was a prince who flew away. Seriously, at her age ? She still believes that ? If I were Ren, I’d seriously rethink about my feelings for her.

        Also, the problem I have now with SkipBeat is I don;’t find it funny anymore. It’s too silly and weird. I don’t know… maybe I’ve lost my sense of humor. lol

        Oh, try to read LDK. I’d like to know your take on the story.


        • I feel like if given the freedom to, lots of shojo love interests would run the other direction and never look back lol
          But they drank the shojo sparkles and are now shackled to their role. More awareness needs to be put out about the dangers of shojo sparkles. They cloud judgment, make characters act erratically (even violent), and if used too long, will cause the body to explode in shojo flowers. Shojo sparkles break families and destroy people :(

          Jk-ing aside, I feel like with Skip Beat, it has to be taken as one big gulp – one of the reasons I fell behind. Reading each tank one at a time got painful because …nothing was happening haha. Or if something was, it was so slow I didn’t notice!
          Plus at 36 volumes or whatever, like damn, we’re seriously taking our time. I’m used to shojos where by page 3 we’ve established love interests and the girl is already climbing up the guy like he’s a tree.
          I can see any fan getting frustrated a bit at the pacing :(

          I just looked up LDK and it’s still going on!?
          Holy crap! I thought that series finished a long time ago. I doubt I’ll read it now. Once a shojo gets over 10 volumes, I get hesitant. Usually that means the characters have become established as a couple and then dumb shit starts to happen (misunderstandings, family hating on the relationship, cheating, etc.). I already get stressed reading simple shojos like that in Betsuma. I doubt my little heart could handle the roller coaster for 17 volumes and with no end in sight.
          You are strong my friend for holding out so long (with both Skip Beat and LDK!)


  4. How I’d love to buy Sylph! If only I understand Japanese totally! It has my two beloved series Kamisama wa Ikiru (which already ended… T_T and Seikan-chan to Sumomo-kun!♥ And Brothers Conflict as well! Thank you so much! These are treasures!♥


    • Sylph is the reason I really got into learning Japanese. Everything inside was super pretty and that made me want to bone up my Japanese level so I could enjoy them all x3 (since I knew a lot of the titles would never be licensed :( )

      You like Seikan-chan to Sumomo-kun too? :D I just got the first tank that came out the other month. The main dude is so cute ^^


      • True!!!♥ Sumomo-kun is just CUTENESS OVERLOAD… @_@

        Aw, really? Oh, how I’d love to check Sylph out too! Wow!!! Everything must be really, really pretty!!! Oh!!! How I’d love to buy Sylph now!!! And yeah, so many wonderful titles/ manga series that won’t ever get licensed… T_T Argh!♥

        And also, yeah, I’d really love to learn how to read Japanese as well… T_T I’ve tried studying by myself recently, and I’m now into kanjis, the kanji for first grade elementary .. Ahaha…. But still I feel like a kindergartener is still way better and faster than me in reading… T_T

        I’ve bought a lot of paper mangas from Viz/ ShojoBeat before and I really hope to experience buying Japanese manga magazines in the future and be able to understand them… T_T And I promised myself that aside from the manga magazines I’d like to buy, the first tankobons I would also buy is Kamisama… Ans Saiunkoku… Ahaha


      • Don’t worry – I understand the feeling. I think me and a second grader can now compete when it comes to reading but I’m not sure if that should make me feel good about my level or not haha! But keep at it and never give up :)

        A good magazine to practice with is Nakayoshi. The titles there are meant for a younger crowd so they’re easier to read. Titles such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew, and Shugo Chara come from Nakayoshi. I read Nakayoshi for a while before I moved on to different mags :J
        I’ve heard Ribon is another good one but I’ve never read so I can’t say.

        I buy a lot of shojo from Viz/ShojoBeat too! :D I’m happy there’s still some pulse here for shojo! I’m currently reading “Kiss of the Rose Princess” “My Love Story” “Natsume’s Book of Friends” and “Library Wars” :D

        Sorry for the late reply!


  5. Hihi, sorry I accidentally pressed enter right away, but yeah, I find it so sweet that the guy does that for girl….♥ I find it so touching…. T_T Just like that story by Ikeyama Go, the one with Kobayashi in the title, wherein the guy learns sign language also for the girl she likes, since she’s deaf or mute of sth… T_T Stories like that really touches my heart, and to add to that, the art in Sekihan-chan to Sumomo-kun is also quite cute and awesome…♥ Thank you so much for the reply by the way! :D


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