Spoilers: Ending of Popotan

Here’s the third rendition of Spoilers, this time featuring the anime Popotan.

Not really proud of the fact I stuck it out with this anime. It may have been free on Anime on Demand but still…
Maybe it would have been better had I been born with a Y chromosome instead of two X’s…and had male parts…then I can maybe imagine myself able to enjoy this anime…after 3-4 shots of Jack…
Here it is…

So the girls have been traveling all over space and time to find some chick who will answer all their questions. They meet again some side characters from their earlier travels. We see Mai’s friend’s – Konoha’s – daughter. We see Daichi, that little boy from the very first episode, as an adult and married.

Anyway, the girls finally meet that chick.  Keith (the white hair guy who did Ai in episode 6 or 7 – yeah, be shocked) lead them to the chick; he’s a navigator (he is the one who leads the girls to where they need to go – or that’s how I interpreted it) .

FYI the maid – who turned out to be the girl’s ‘guard’ – didn’t want to let the girls go meet the chick yet. Apparently the maid ‘guarded’ some people before but things didn’t turn out ok. They didn’t get their answers from the chick when Keith(?) took them to her. And I think they burned their house down (o_o; it wasn’t elaborated; you just see the maid outside the house and it’s on fire, the people she was guarding no where to be seen).  The maid tried to fight Keith but he freezes the maid in time(?) and leaves her behind as he takes the girls to the chick.

Okay, sorry for that side bit. Now to the meeting.

The chick says the place they are all at is a rest stop of sorts. It’s here where the girls can choose to end their quest or continue it. If they choose to quit their quest, the girls will be sent to the place and time they most desire.

The sisters have a pow wow in their bathroom (naturally >__>) Mai wants to leave. Ai is hesitant. The Mii wants to stay – because if they quit, then each will be separated (because each sister has a different place that they most desire – Mai wants to be with her friend, Ai wants to be with Daichi (pedo), and Mii kind of wants to be with her priestess friend (but she wants to stay with her sisters more). Each decides they need to think things over before coming to a decision.

However, it turns out Mai leaves without telling her sisters. In a letter left behind, she explains she’s tired of journeying and hurting people because they are always leaving. This depresses the remaining two sisters. So the two have a bath (naturally >____>). Mii says she doesn’t want to be separated. She asks if Ai wants to go to the place she desires too. Ai lies and says she wants to be with Mii. Mii says she’s lying – Ai wants to leave. She doesn’t want to be the reason Ai is keeping herself from being happy. Mii runs out…naked =_=; Anyway this is supposed to be dramatic but…no.

Ai goes to Mii’s room to talk to her, but when she opens the room she finds the younger sister has left as well. There’s a tape that tells Ai she left so Ai can be happy.

In the end, Ai packs up her things and leaves as well.

Time goes by and we see each sister leaving in their desired places. Ai is a teacher at Daichi’s school. Mai is going to school with Konoha. Mii is living with Nono and her grandfather. However, all the sisters are still missing one another, despite being in their desired places.

The people who each sister wanted to be with tell them they need to go back to their other sisters. They are happy to have met the sisters. For those sisters will always be in their hearts. The sisters are happy because they found a place where they belong – in the hearts of the people they meet.

Somehow the house comes (along with the maid) and teleports to each sister’s time and place. Each sister says good bye to her friend. Well, actually Mai does. Ai actually kisses Daichi on the lips (o_O cougar). Mii just leaves XD

Keith tries to stop Ai, telling her she’ll never find a place people like them belong. She tells him they belong in the hearts of all they meet. And leaves (the maid kicks his butt…revenge >:D).

The anime ends with Konoha’s daughter (now much older) and Daichi’s son talking (don’t ask how a black haired father and a black haired mother produced a white hair kid with gold eyes. I thought at first he was Keith’s kid!). Daichi’s dad has been working on a theory about why the sister traveled around space and time (we’re never told what that theory is though =_=). The son wanted Konoha’s daughter, who had met the sisters, to take a look at the theory and put her two cents in. The son mentions how nice it would be to meet the girls when their house teleports there. The girls open the door and…

The end

Yup…that’s the end of Popotan
Don’t really recommend actually watching the anime because…it’s not that fun…unless you’re into girls (of all ages) exposing themselves…
Popotan could have had some potential – it had some good emotional scenes – but went too over the top with breast shots and panty shots (of all the sisters – even the little girl…>_>;) to be taken seriously.  That and not explaining a lot. But that’s just my feelings on the anime. Everyone is different.

2 thoughts on “Spoilers: Ending of Popotan

    • Yeah…
      >_> Incest and child porn…
      I’m not sure what’s up with that.
      I’m glad not all anime focuses on…issues like that. I’m just not…comfortable…seeing that…*pokes brain with a spoon to delete images from memory*

      Dude, I found this free app that lets you see all the sex offenders in your neighborhood. OMG, I’m surrounded by them!
      They mostly went after little kids but still! A girl has to worry!!! 8<


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