Margaret Issue 15 & 16 (2016)


This week we said good bye to summer, to which I am all for. I am a creature that loves sweater weather and pumpkins so I for one am ready to welcome the spice of fall :D On that note, I’m almost done with my August mags ~ I’ve got one more Margaret combo to finish off and an Aria post waiting to follow this one ~

Then it’ll be on to September’s reads haha!


Issue 15:

Ayu Anagura Amélie by Satou Zakuri
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Yamamori Mika
Hinadori no Waltz by Satonaka Mika
Short Cake Cake by Morishita Suu
Wahou-Shoujo Sacchan by Kainose Yuumi
Futsuu no Koiko-chan by Nanaji Nagamu
Azarashi Shichihenge by Nitori Sasami
Mori no Takuma-san by Komura Ayumi
Akuma ni Chic x Hack by Tanemura Arina
Nanoka no Kare by Tekkotsu Saro, Toumori Miyoshi
Aishite Nai, Kamo by Nanano Risa
Gohoubi Choudai by Anri Yuka
Yura-kun no 10% ni wa Himitsu ga Aru by Yoshida Mutsumi
Tsubura-san-Chi by Adachi
Amashi Amairo Amakoiji by Suda Kanon
Mei-chan no Shitsuji DX by Miyagi Riko
13 Sentimentual by Shiiba Nana
Challenge Up Suzuki Temari

Cover pages: Part I/Part II


Issue 16:

Akuma ni Chic x Hack by Tanemura Arina
Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Yamamori Mika
Short Cake Cake by Morishita SuuHinadori no Waltz by Satonaka Mika
Hinadori no Waltz by Satonaka Mika
Tsubuyasan-chi by Adachi
Ayu Anagura Amélie by Satou Zakuri
Mori no Takuma-san by Komura Ayumi
Boku ni Hana no Melancholy by Komori
Nanoka no Kare by Tekkotsu Saro, Toumori Miyoshi
Mei-chan no Shitsuji DX by Miyagi Riko
Amashi Amairo Amakoiji by Suda Kanon
Aishite Nai, Kamo by Nanano Risa
Futsuu no Koiko-chan by Nanaji Nagamu
Wahou-Shoujo Sacchan by Kainose Yuumi
Ore ga Tsukiatte Yaru yo by Hoshino Mizuki
Kanakoi Doubutusen by Moritsuki Ame
Challenge Up Suzuki Temari
Azarashi Shichihenge by Nitori Sasami
Yura-kun no 10% ni wa Himitsu ga Aru by Yoshida Mutsumi

Cover pages: Part I/Part II



The next issue will have a new series from the manga-ka of Kedamono Kareshi (Beast Boyfriend) (man, was that a painful series to read…)  called “Yakami-kun wa Kyou mo Ijiwaru.” Other than that, nothing much listed ~

Sylph 02.2016


Yesh my friend, be amazed. A Sylph post! Even though we’re 9 months into the new year (where did the time go???), I’m still holding on to my resolution – to write a post about each of the Sylphs released in 2016. Sure I’m only on the February issue, but it’s the actions that count!

In this issue, we saw farewell to 3LDK no Ou-sama. While I liked Sugar Girl, Sugar Doll, I never did get interested in 3LDK no Ou-sama ^^; Well, if anyone is interested, it ends happy (with marriage and kisses).

With every good-bye, there’s a hello waiting behind it. In this case, a new series starts…well, it’s the comic version of a light novel that ran in Sylph – Ayanashi no Kimi! :) I’m super stoked because I’ve always wanted to see what this series was about (I might even grab the light novel to see if maybe my Japanese is decent enough to follow what’s going on now that I have the manga to guide me ^^)

In this issue, I’ll be providing full summaries for the following:

  • Ayanashi no Kimi
  • Bokura no Himitsu
  • Mahou Shoujo wa Mou Inai
  • Shiro Ari

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Bokura no Himitsu Chapter 2 (Sylph 02.2016)


Bokura no Himitsu Chapter 2

“Even Players Have Worries, too.”

The protagonist of this new chapter is Asaka Reo. Now that dude from the last chapter has come out as a man who gets hard for shapely thighs, Reo is the new most popular man in town. Reo himself just can’t fathom why ALL THE THIGHS!!! would sacrifice his popularity with the ladies. Sure dude has a girlfriend but shit, she ain’t no diamond. Definitely not someone worth lowering yourself for. But oh well, more ladies for Reo~

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Shiro Ari Chapter 59 (Sylph 02.2016)


Shiro Ari Chapter 59

(haven’t been paying close attention to this series so forgiveness in advance if I miss things ;P)

We continue from the last chapter, with Alice in his new duds and look, posing dramatically for the crowd and readers. Snow White calls down to him, restrained by the Queen of Hearts: dude, you balding???



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Mahou Shoujo wa Mou Inai (There Aren’t Any Magical Girls Here Anymore) Chapter 2 (Sylph 02.2016)


Chapter 2 starts with Miya staring out the window in his class.

During recess, he walks with his friend, shooting the breeze. While they talk about butts or whatever, we’ve given a few pages to go over what the plot of this manga is, in case we weren’t paying attention to chapter 1 *shrugs. After the explanation, we segue to what happened with the end of chapter 1. Despite Miya telling the evil alien prince he’s got class, the prince told his giant robot to attack. Miya and him ran around town until a SWAT team appeared, scaring off the prince (lol what?). It’s been a week since then and Miya hasn’t seen the prince – which works for him because less hair loss over the stress.

Princes aside, things are still tough for Miya. People see him as Raspberrina, not as the boy named Miya. Guys lust over videos of him as Raspberrina, but tell Miya no homo. People encourage him to fight for them in case things get crazy again. Miya just goes through the motions, hoping each day is more time to erase people’s memories of his cross dressing, magical girl days.

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Ayanashi no Kimi chapter 1 (Sylph 02.2016)


Ayanashi no Kimi chapter 1

The story starts with a man and woman kissing. However, what’s different about this scene is the fact the guy is melting. Nothing says this shit is hot like someone falling apart like butter on a corn of cob.

“When our lips meet, you’ll disappear”

Corn Cob, now just a head and a random left hand (cuz nothing says sexy like a disemboweled left hand), smiles. He tells the girl “thank you” before shedding a buttery tear and becoming gas.

The girl watches him before falling over. I would too – that guy was hella ugly.

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B’s Log Comics vol. 43 August 2016


Yeahhhhhhh, if I spelled all the titles and manga-ka names wrong for this issue…ehhhhhh. Peeps should have made things simple for fools like me who can’t read kanji too well haha :p So just FYI, take the table of contents with a grain of salt hur.
Up next is a preview of the B’s Log August 2016 issue ~ If you’re interested, the magazine is available digitally on bookwalker :)
I love the cover. The beach reminds me of Hawaii ;___; good stuff. The beaches here are shit. Cold and dirty. I remember going to visit and just seeing trash float about. I can only pray for those people who were fishing in the green brown water, intending to dine on their catches…


Honya-san no Onii-san (The Bookseller’s Demons) by Momotan
Isekihakkutsujijou wa Orawanai: Hourai no Umihisui (?) – The Somber Archaeological Dig: The Sea Kingfisher of Mount Penglai by Mutsuki Munku, Kuwabara Mizuna
Kamisama Gohan ~ Koryouri Takamagahara ni Youkoso (Food of the Gods: Welcome to Koryouri Takamagahara) by Saori
Tantei-Chuudoku (~Sleuth-aholic) by Kashio
Ayakashi Kekkonsoudansho (~Matchmaking Services for the Spiritual) by Miyao Nyun
Koumori no Yado (Koumori’s Lodging) by Ken Homerun
Kamisama no Goyounin (The Steward of God) by Yukimura, Asaba Natsu, Kuronokuro
Yume Oukoku to Nemuru 100-nin no Ouji-sama (The Dream Kingdom and the 100 Sleeping Princes) by Ichika(?) Hana, Sanata(?) Kazushi, Suketomo Seira (Sarah?), GCREST
GRANBLUE FANTASY Sou-Ken no Kizuna (The Bond of Two Swords) by Usagi Routo, Cygames
Kukuriyo no Shuku Ayakashi Oyado ni Yomeirimsasu (Lodgings for those in the Beyond: The Wedding at the Spirit Inn) by Koromo Wako, Yuuma Midori(?), Laruha
Bukayuukaiori – Haruhisadou no Kaikichou (The Bizarre World of Haruhisa Temple) by Magonote(?) Lamp, Manabe Takashi, Nihoshi Ten
Manekineko Jinja no Tentekomai na Hibi (The Busy Days over at Manekineko Shrine) by Yachimata Jun, Arima Kaoru, Yuuko
Ayakashi Hodoki-ya by Tokiwa Gin, Minasawa Kei, vient
Ofuton Boys/Off to On Boys by Kazukabe Akira
A Will by Konno
Fukaki-Gahou (The Pictorial of the Strange and Unseen) by Morino
Shounen Maid by Ototachibana
Log Horizon – Kanami, Go! East! by Touno Mamare, Kou
Sweets Concert – Amami Danshi no Hinichijou (The Daily Happenings of Sweet Boys) by Masayoshi

Cover Pages: Part I/Part II/Part III


In the next issue, we have the Real Time-Log starting….and that’s about it lol.

Hatsu Kiss 09.2016


Hello everyone! Hope all is well ~ I’m back from my vacation but I’m still taking another week off from work to rest and recover my sanity. Thus far I’ve been doing a much overdo spring cleaning in my apartment (who cares if it’s almost fall…it’s the thought that matters!). I’m sad by how many of my books are packed away in boxes due to lack of space :( I only have two shelves – one for ENG manga and a small one for JP manga and both are very full. One day, I’ll achieve my dream of having a little library x3 Until then, I have to gain all the valuable experience I can from this grossly underpaid job I have now so I can go elsewhere, outside of the city because this is not a life I want to continue with. Going back home made me miss the open space, the lack of crowds, and driving ~ I also missed my family, friends, and mutts :( In the city, everyone is rushing to go…somewhere. I love how back home we had time to do things and enjoy life.

Ah, sorry. Got a little homesick there! Anyway, without further ado, here is a Hatsu Kiss mini post :)


Batsukoi (Penalty Love?) by Tsukiko
Toumei na Yurikago – Sanfujinkain Kangoshi Minarai Nikki by Okita Bakka
Bokutachi no Koi ni Happy Ending Nante Iranai (Our Love doesn’t need no Happy Ending) by Yajima Fuyumi
Watshitachi no Tabi wo Suru (Our Travels // Maybe ~Onward Ho! :p) by Fukumaru Yasuko
Horii Shimai no Gogatsu by Okachimachi Hato
Aitakute Aitakute Rkujou no Miyasudokoro Version by Fukushima Haruka
Kanojotachi no Keshiki by Suzuhara Aki
Esper to Koi ni Ochiru by Joushiho
Steve Jobs by Yamazaki Mari
Kankaku Soda Fountain by Kari Sumako
17-sai no Tou by Fujisawa Moyashi
Koi ni Menkyo wa Iranee yo by Narahara Setsu
Houkagou Biblio-Battle by Satou Idumi
Mademoiselle Mu-Mu by Kyou Machiko
Hanayome Miman by Uramoto Yuuko
Sayonara Shikyuu by Okada Yuki
Poisson – Chouki Pompadour no Shougai by Koyama Yukari, Shimotsuki Kayoko
SNS-nochi Genjitu, Tokidoki Koi by Okamoto Tokasa

Cover pages: Part I/ Part II/ Part III


In the next issue, a new series is starting: Slow Heights no Kami-sama? Apparently the title is based off a popular book of the same name. And dat really it. I thought something was supposed to be ending in the next issue but there is no mention of what series that was in this preview. Ah well, we’ll see if I just imagined it or not :p

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 31

Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku #6 by Kajiyama Mika


In the last volume, Kaguya fell into a deep sleep, her consciousness now ruled by the princess in her dreams – Ito. However, thanks to Kazui, she regains control of her body once again. The two exchange vows of love…but Oriha may stand in the way of their happiness. Just what is the true motive behind all that he’s done…?


Holy snaps, I totally forgot everything in this last volume (maybe because I wasn’t really into the series once Towa-Hime left :p). Uh, let’s see. Kaguya learns more about the lady in her head – her sob story (the spirit that protects Kazui’s family was a woman who married Kazui’s ancestor and had a shit ton of babies with him but then he died and she remarried someone else. Revenants attacked her family and she skewed one of them, who turned out of be her first husband. She cried and I think caught on fire??). She’ like, I can’t let that shit happen again so I gotta take you out.

Kaguya: ???

But then Oriha (Oriha’s ancestor? The one who was asleep in the lilypad? I don’t know) appears and wants her purification power. In RL, Oriha stabs himself in the gut in front of everyone so he can became a Revenant cuz…uh, I don’t remember bc I wasn’t paying attention lol

Anyway, Kaguya uses the power of shojo to win his heart over. The lady in her head says fuck that and stabs the shit out of Oriha. But Oriha doesn’t die cuz onmyouji guy (forgot his name) does stuff and saves him. The lady in her head, her rage now taken out and herself affected by Kaguya’s shojo power, says all is good – no need to die.

So Kaguya returns, does this purification dance that calms the Revenants down and all of a sudden everyone likes her.

She quits school cuz her arm is fucked up (not sure what happened about fixing it a couple episodes back…) and instead goes to school to learn how to be a wife. She does and she gets married to Kazui who is like a super general now.

Oh, and onmyouji guy gets with Kaguya’s little 8 year old looking friend because he’s a closet pedophile. Only answer we need.

Overall, I’m kinda disappointed with the series. It was all over the place – we’d go one way but then teleport elsewhere and go down another path. Towa-Hime is never mentioned again. Fuck her armless self I guess? Helping out Oriha’s sister is just kicked to the side. Something must have happened cuz she was at that marriage school with Kaguya. Could we get some explanation on why Towa-Hime and crew were in Kaguya’s mind, wrapped up in plants?

Maybe it was mentioned but I was too :/ with everything to really pay attention.

One day, I’ll read this again, my vocabulary stronger and my attention better (so I’ll maybe find if there were answers to my questions…or maybe there just wasn’t shiz there in the first place :p), but for right now, this is going on the shelf to collect dust until I randomly come across it again.

And with that, I have successfully finished my Backlog Attack, Part II! :D (sucks this was the last title but hey, it is what it is) I’ll have to get started on Part III here soon, for as long as there are manga to read, a backlog shall exist! ~ Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you all found some titles that interested you! ^^

Zero-Sum 09.2016


Hello everyone! Forgot to mention this earlier but I’m actually on vacation ~ I meant to write up a post about it but I forgot to haha. And if you’re wondering, the backlog attacks were actually pre-scheduled ahead of time ~ Thus why they’ve been attacking at a steady pace :)

I had a few free minutes today so I decided to post this poor baby who had been left in the draft folder before I left ~ Everything was ready except for the intro part – which was perfect since haha I have an intro that needs saying :D

Anyway, I’m out until mid-September. Hope everyone has a great time until I see you all again and take care!

zerosum092016tableofcontent copy
Hitokiri Share House by Ninomiya Ai, Katagiri Ikumi
Shunkan Lyle by Tanemura Arina, Kikuta Yui
Haimiya Yokochou Tenmatsuki by Miyamoto Fukusuke
Landreaall by Ogaki Chika
Makai Ouji ~ devils and realist by Takadono Madoka, Yukihiro Utako
Amatsuki by Takayama Shinobu
Karneval by Mikanagi Touya
Haru no Noroi by Konishi Asuka
Love & Hate by Usa Yoshiki, Kurono Yuu
Shuuen no Elysion by Hasumi Natsume
Tales of Zestiria by Shiramine
Akazukinchan wa Ooksami-san wo Nakasetai! by Hachijou Shin
Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi – Koryuu Monogatari by Isurugi Ayuma
Hatenkou Yuugi by Endou Minari
Bokura no Kiseki by Kumeta Natsuo
Saiyuki Reload Blast by Minekura Kazuya
Strange Plus by Mikawa Verno
Shounen Shinkaron † by Kusanagi Toshiki
Kotori no Pan by Aka-Natsu (oneshot)
Tsuki-Uta by Mero, Fujiwara, Jiku
Battle Rabbits by Amemiya Yuki, Ichihara Yukino (FINAL CHAPTER!)
Itadaki no Majo by Natsuo Nae (oneshot)
Macross Δ Kuroki Tsubasa no Shiro Kishi by Fujiazuki
Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu by Michinoku Atami (preview)

Cover pages: Part I/Part II/Part III


In the next issue, Karneval takes the cover. We say peace to Tales of Zestiria. And that’s about it :p