Love Jossie #2 more NSFW than the 1st volume


Yeah, I got back into the car. The ride was crazy and nuts but it was crazy entertaining. I figured why the hell not~

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Love Jossie #1 kinda NSFW-ish


(note that I wrote this over a month ago but never got around to publishing it :P)

OMG, this magazine. I was totally misled from the cover. Let’s just say my first jump in started with me thinking the water wasn’t too bad until I got to swimming to the next title which resulted in an exclamation of “wtf is this” to “are you fucking kidding me” slowly to “this is so horribly wrong” baked to 300*F for 30 minutes for “what am I reading”. If you’re still interested in learning more…let’s continue…

Oh and I wouldn’t be reading this with your mom hanging close by. This new digital mag is definitely NSFW.

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Ane Lala vol 12

Nothing much to say about Ane Lala right now. The only two series I follow are Kawaii Hito and Love in the Sticks (and I’m not even sure Love in the Sticks is even running anymore since the manga-ka is drawing another series in Ane Lala .__.). Everything else either 1.) is creepy (Inferno), 2.) transferred from another magazine (Hinoko, Kanojo ni Naru Hi, Tonari wa Nani wo Kuu Hito zo), or are sequels to old series I’ve never heard of (Otona no Kobayashi-kun, Koyamasou no Kirawaremono ~ Returns ~). So…yeah. Here are some pictures ^^;


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Sylph October 2015

Been forever since I did a Sylph post D: Man, the me who started this blog years ago would have beaten my ass with a flat tire for this blasphemy!


October’s cover is a gorgeous one, even if four out of the five boys look like they want to be anywhere else instead of posing in cosplay (the 5th one has already mentally checked out).

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Kemono wa Tsume de Hana wo Daku (What Did I Just Read?)


I was going to post something Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon but I’ll probably save that for next week. Reason being I read this book – Kemono wa Tsume de Hana wo Daku (loose translation: The Beast Envelopes the Flower within his Claws) – and was filled with an uncontrollable feeling of wtf. It was so much that I went to twitter to bitch my heart out.
And man, did I. Counting, I used over 50 tweets haha.
Sorry to all whose timelines were drowning in the rage tweets – especially since I don’t use my twitter much except to retweet things and to follow nerd news things ~

Anyway, to save future generations from reading this mistake, I’ve compiled the tweets into a .pdf. Please make sure to read and understand what you have read so you can save a life.

Kemono wa Tsume de Hana o Daku Rage Tweets*

* (please excuse the typos and what not. I was raging and with twitter, once you hit that send button, it’s gone. Like letting a fart out. Once it leaves the doors of the anus, you can’t suck it back in)
** (also, my @’s were included in the .pdf. I didn’t know how to get them out so just ignore them. Or read them. Whichever haha)

Zero-Sum 10.2015 (Driplet)

While I’m waiting for something I inked in to dry *touches – fingers come back black – yup not done yet*, I might as well post something since I haven’t in like 2 weeks :P

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Tid-Bits: Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon chapter 1


My first attempt at a Tid-Bits in like…years? Omg was I rusty. So many bottles of WD40 went into oiling these fingers and cogs in my head haha. It was tough but I’m glad I hung on until the end. I finally remembered how to type on the keyboard again too – bonus! (I was so used to typing two fingered on the phone that my other fingers got out of shape, since all they did was hold my phone steady for my thumbs to do their magic).

That said, I’m back, guys! Training has been completed and passed. Horribly painful exams done. Scars forever left on my psyche and body… Yup, may I never have to go through that spartan training ever again. Now I’m learning how to swim in my new position by having my feet set on fire. Yeah, not the best way to introduce someone to their new environment but I got switched to a new supervisor who is kinda cray. For the most part, my new peeps are helpful with giving me advice on what to do but damn, they go fast. And if it’s one thing I don’t do, it’s speed. Especially not in my field. But thankfully my ass dragging pace hasn’t been too much of a hindrance since they’ve already jumped on all the things by the time I’ve climbed the stairs ^^; Pray for me, my friends. This will be an interesting period in my career hur.

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Emerald Ciel Spring 2015 Issue (Driblet)


One more mag release for the week ~ Then I’m going back to drowning myself in some Kingdom Hearts ~ (I’ve only got one more day of relaxation before it’s back to the study grind!). Random blah but I’m playing the game on super easy and have nearly gotten my ass handed to me several times. I have to be thankful they go after Donald instead of me so I can hide in the corner and snipe with magic :P At first I thought my skills had gone to crap since my first play-through on it via the PS2, but it was during the Wonderland episode that I realized shit wasn’t adding up. A look online confirmed that yes, the difficulty had been beefed so “easy” on 1.5 was harder than “normal” of the original release.

wtf, I thought this was a kid’s game!? Why make it more difficult!? (I still remember the kid I babysat once couldn’t even get passed the tutorial mode on easy of Kingdom Hearts – who are you targeting Disney and Square Enix, because it’s obviously not children!).

While I’m playing the game, I’m reading the light novel released by Yen Press. It’s interesting to see the little differences between the two. They help fill in little games in the other ~

Nerding out on KH done, let’s get to Emerald!

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Koi-Suru Harinezumi #3

Continuing where the 2nd volume left off, Rabbit has made no progress with Hedgehog. She has been laid up in bed with a fever so she hasn’t been able to tell Hedgehog to have several seats. Nor has she spoken with Fox who confessed his feels for her right before sickness took her out (that was the cock he was swinging before her, blocking her search for Hedgehog. Forgot to mention that in the last mini post).
Despite her sickness, Rabbit goes to what’s her face’s wedding (shit I’m just going to call her Kangaroo). There, Hedgehog ignores her, leaving no competition for Fox to come in and swoop her away. However, in mid swooping, Rabbit starts to get lightheaded and in comes Hedgehog. He takes her away to rest. She asks wtf and he’s like, go the fuck to sleep.

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Betsuma June 2015 (Driblet)


Oh gawd, took big test #1 and somehow made it. Have some stuff I have to fix (so it’s like I have to take test 1.5) and pass so I don’t get demoted lol great encouragement. Then it’ll be on to big test #2. My brain…I’ve forgotten what a life is anymore…

Anyway, to celebrate getting through hurdle #1, here is a post that I wrote up a while ago but never got around to hitting that “publish” button :P This is something a bit different from the usual.

Little back story: After reading Emerald (I’ll get to posting that one day), I pondered to myself over the gentle caresses of the air conditioning (damn summer is coming) why I seem to read Emerald lickity split but other mags I tend to drag my feet on. As my hair whipped in the artificial wind, I finally got it: it’s because Emerald is a light read. There’s nothing hardcore about it. No government takeover plots, no evil coming to destroy the world, or long winded discussions about JUJUBI (who the fuck knows what/who/where that is). I didn’t need my dictionary out to enjoy the plot and when I did have to whip it out, it wasn’t that often. And lastly, I like the focus on relationships. Thinking back to the mags I’m currently reading, almost all of them are not relationship focused at all. It’s got all the fantasies and steampunk and whatever but they just barely touch on the relationship bit (unless it’s incesty *side-eyes Comic It and Ane Lala).

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the mags I get, otherwise I wouldn’t be buying them lol. But I could tell I wanted some shojo in my life. Not light shojo, like Sylph or Ane Lala. I’m talking the works – shojo sparkles, roses, and tears up to my asshole.

That mystery solved, the next step was to figure out what shojo mag I wanted. The bad thing with a lot of shojo mags is that content wise, they tend to have majority never ending series so it’s hard to just jump in. I tilt my head in Lala’s direction for this. After some thinking, I figured I might as well grab something from Margaret since I’ve been enjoying a bunch of their titles recently. Now, I didn’t know Margaret was like Hana to Yume, in that you have Margaret (bi-weekly), Betsuma (monthly), The Margaret (bi monthly), and Betsuma Sister (Quarterly?). After wrapping my head around the different titles, I bought myself one issue of Betsuma and one issue of Margaret to decide which of the two I wanted to possible collect.

In the end, I chose Betsuma because it has more titles I’m reading and also it’s not bi-weekly. I can barely keep up with a monthly magazine so why torture myself with a bi-weekly lol

Here is a little summary on the issue I bought:

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