Backlog Attack Part II: Day 24

Ichiban-Boshi Kirari (First Star Light) #2 by Sugata Uri


Rinri is in love with her teacher, Oka-sensei. He has been a calming presence in her life as she tries to adjust to her new environment. Not wanting her newly acknowledged feelings to get in the way of their current relationship, Rinri decides the best course of action is to keep them locked away in her heart.

It helps that Rinri has finally made some friends! One of them is Sekai, a playboy who chases after anything in a skirt. Thanks to him, Rinri is able to see another side of Oka-sensei but it’s also because of him, her feelings for Oka-sensei are revealed inadvertently!


What resolution will follow, now that the truth is out?


Ok, this actually ended better than I thought it would. Honestly, I was cringing. I never feel comfortable reading these teacher romances. However, if more teachers were like Oka-sensei, then I’d probably not be so creeped out by the whole genre.

In this volume, Rinri wholeheartedly accepts her feels for Oka-sensei but is happy to keep them to herself and enjoy their time together. That’s all ruined when a playboy classmate of hers figures out her feels. Turns out this classmate has a thing for her. She’s different from the girls before and he’s interested. His antics are what get Rinri and Oka-sensei closer but also breaks them at a certain point.

Besides her feelings for Oka-sensei, Rinri is also trying to push herself to get out of her shell and make friends. She succeeds, much to my happiness :3 I’m so glad this lonely minnow got herself a crew ~ There’s a bit of drama with one of the friends liking the playboy guy but meh no one cares. She and Rinri work through that and we all move on ~

I’m grateful the manga-ka gave us an explanation on why Oka-sensei was split personality-ing. Before, when he was a new shoe fresh from the factory, he had a student who didn’t attend his class. Because he was new and still had passion to care, he’d visit her everyday at her house and was able to convince her to return to school. They hang out a lot and unfortunately, this lead her to fall for him. But Oka-sensei was like, I’m not going to jail, and she quit school as a result. This hurt him a lot because he reckoned had he kept his tits out of her business/not cared as much, none of this would have happened. Thus he went extreme and became scary Oka-sensei, zero fucks given. Thanks to Rinri, he meets with his past, and is able to move on, becoming normal Oka-sensei. He acknowledges he has feels for Rinri but tells her he ain’t doing shit until she’s 18 – being a sexual predator is not a life choice he is willing to make. She agrees and they’re happy ~

I forgot but I like Oka-sensei’s bros. They’re hilarious. During an outing, they pressure Oka-sensei to be honest about his feels and when he does, they’re all, ewwww you pedo! :p Him: DIE!

In the end, I’m ok with Ichiban-Boshi Kirari. Since the romance was subtle, and Oka-sensei didn’t embrace that child offender status for a quick boob honk, the ride was a calm one. A time jump would have been nice but hey, it is what it is :J

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 23

Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku #4 by Kajiyama Mika


Tokuwaga Kazui’s Protector – Higuchi Naotada – has the power to purify Revenants. But just how did these two meet?

With the events of the banquet behind them, life turns back to normal for our crew. Except for Kaguya. Not only can she not wield a sword no more, but she’s become the target of Reimeikan Academy’s students!?


How awkward to have Towa-hime on the cover of #4 when she’s pretty much just out for this volume. Would have been better to have her on cover #3 and Higuchi here on #4 instead, since half of volume #4 is dedicated to Higuchi’s past. Quite shocking how different Higuchi was in his youth. How’d he become such a dork??

The rest of the volume deals with everyone suddenly hating Kaguya – the boys jealous she can swing a sword and the girls even more jelly because she was Oruha’s dance partner. Not sure why everyone is all of a sudden being stupid petty when there are fucking ghosts out there tearing shit up… :/
Oruha shows up and does a sneaky…and by sneaky, I mean kiss Kaguya as he chokes her into an unconscious state. He does this to steal her magical sword that 4 volumes in hasn’t been explained but this backfires when the sword refuses to be wielded by him. The tank ends with Kaguya awakening…but it’s not Kaguya…it’s the lady in her head. WILL WE FINALLY GET ANSWERS????

And yeah…that’s it. The most memorable thing for me in this tank was Towa-hime sending Gerald a letter (not sure how cuz she ain’t got no arms now…), telling Gerald she’s coming to get his ass <3 As fucked up as he was, I hope he can find happiness. I blame Oruha for whisper dark thoughts into the poor man’s head. He should have acted on those thoughts but hey, he only had 1 volume to get his shit done and over with so… *shrugs*

I’m really disappointed how quickly Towa-hime was kicked out of the story :( I really liked her. She was a super strong onee-san character who would have been a great friend for Kaguya. Sure we get the tiny squirt with curls to hang with Kaguya but it’s not the same :( She only appears to butt heads with Higuchi and then disappear when Kaguya needs some sisterly help…

Oh and nothing much on the romance. Kaguya still thinks the kiss was all in her head and she should be ashamed of herself for wanting to touch Kazui’s penis. Kazui himself would probably benefit from a handjob cuz he’s just all quills :/ Don’t blame him since shit is looking bad and nothing is getting done…

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 22

Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku #3 by Kajiyama Mika


Reimeikan Academy, attended by protagonist Tachibana Kaguya and her lord Tokugawa Kazui, is currently abuzz with preparations for its annual banquet. Oruha is up to something and Kaguya is assigned to keep an eye on him…by playing his partner in the big waltz piece!

Then, there’s Mechanical Engineer Gerald who wishes to create the ultimate Revenant controlled robot…by turning Towa-hime into that Revenant!!

This will definitely be a banquet to talk about for years to come if Kaguya and Kazui don’t find a way to stop these crazy plans!


Ah shit. I forgot what happened lol. From a quick glance, I remember liking that both Towa-hime and Kazui decide to break off their engagement and go after their respective love interests. Just sucks for Towa-hime that hers decides to shoot her in hopes of being with her in death if society won’t let them be together. And not sure how she lived through that despite the chest wound and becoming a Revenant but whatever ~

I remember face palming when Kazui kissed Kaguya but Kaguya thought she imagined it all, leaving Kazui to stare at her like, =___= bitch really?

The last few pages show us that after her fight with the Towa-hime controlled robot, Kaguya sustained a wound that would make wielding a sword impossible for her now. Higuchi (guy on the cover) appears and tells her he can help. But not before he goes into his sob story.

And that’s it. The story is pretty slow ^^; Folk like to talk a lot haha. Art is still gorgeous to look at tho some of the panels still make me go “gah” due to the choice angle used :p

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 21

ichiban1 copyIchiban-Boshi Kirari (First Star Light) #1 by Sugata Uri


“With his soft touch, he’s taken up resident in the hidden folds of my heart…”

Rinri is a country girl who hails from a remote island populated by just 300 people. Due to circumstances, she goes to the mainland to take a high school entrance exam, where if she passes, she’ll move to the city and attend school there. However, Rinri encounters a mini crisis along the way but is saved by a young man. Determined to meet him again and to broaden her horizons, she puts her all into her exam and passes!

Excited to start her new life, she’s shocked when she learns the young man who helped her out is actually a teacher at her school, a really terrifying one!!!


FUCK! Didn’t realize this was a teacher romance D: I initially thought the guy on the cover looked a little old but I just thought he was an older student. Nope. He’s just a guy who doesn’t realize he’s a pedo yet…

That aside, teach is weird as fuck. He’s got his “strict scary” side (hair slicked back, glasses on), and his “sweet cinnamon roll” side (hair down, glasses gone). It’s really weird. Makes me wonder if this guy should do acting, or needs to see a medical professional about his split personality?

I feel for the main girl. Moving from the sticks to the city is a big change. So many people, all the noise. And the making friends part. Right here in heart, sister. It’s cute watching Rinri try and grow accustomed to her new life. You really want to wave a flag that says “you can do it!”

Thus why Teach’s interactions with her are annoying. One minute he’s blushing about putting bandages on her knees cuz “a girl’s body is a sacred thing”, the next he’s telling the main girl to take her bento and eat alone on the roof. They’re not friends. I get that he’s trying to put distance between them and keep the boundaries of their titles in check, but when a student is sad and just wants someone to talk to, you can be an ear for her, man. It’s not like she’s asking for your dick :/

No real thoughts on the other characters in this series. They’ve mostly been chillin in the back. Although mom’s reason for kicking the kid to the city was so random. We don’t have money so we want to rent out your bedroom. To who? There are 300 people on that island who I’m quite sure already have places to stay…
But whatevas, we need a plot starter somewhere haha

While not my favorite (was never a fan of the sensei suki stuff), I’m enjoying Ichiban-Boshi Kirari more than I did her other work, Tonikaku Kimi ga. As long as Teach chills the fuck out and stops being an ass, I think we can make it to the finish line without too much hassle ~

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 20

kissandride2 copyKiss and Ride #2 by Kaoruhara Yoshie


As Chiyo continues to cheer for Tasuku from the sidelines, she wonders if there’s anything more she can do to help him towards his goals. However, her efforts are in vein when she learns the truth behind Tasuku’s reasons for racing. Faced with a Tasuku she never knew until now, the two start to drift apart. As Tasuku prepares himself for the big race, will Chiyo be by his side? Or will he stay anchored down by his past?


Basically the first half of the second tank has Tasuku acting like a big baby. He says he’s going to quit racing once he beats his rival but you can tell he wants to keep racing. However, rather than be honest with himself, Tasuku instead runs away crying. This ends up hurting a lot of people around him, especially Chiyo.

So yeah, apparently the “real” Tasuku is just a whiny baby lol…

Thanks to his childhood friend, Chiyo ends up going to the big race between Tasuku and rival-kun (when she was initially throwing the bird up due to Tasuku’s hissy fits). She gets the opportunity to get close to him thanks to other friend-kun, via dressing up as one of the show girls (not sure their official term). She tells him to be honest, to stop being a little bitch, and that she loves him. He ends up losing the match to rival-kun but realizes he doesn’t want to give up the race. We time jump to him still racing and Chiyo standing at his side, supporting him as his wife and show girl whatever ~

The epilogue is sweet. We time jump again. Rival-kun and other friend-kun (not childhood friend) have babies. Childhood friend is just existing lol. Tasuku contemplates if it’s time for him and Chiyo to start making them babies ~

I think Rival-kun and other friend-kun are characters from her other manga, Otokonoko ni wa Himitsu ga Aru (Men with Secrets). In the afterword, the manga-ka mentions how happy she was at being able to give these two a happy ending with babies. I’ve got that series on order so I’ll let you all know if they’re connected or not (despite Tasuku’s pity party, I really enjoyed the series :J Thus I want to check out more of this manga-ka’s stuff ~).

I really enjoyed Kiss and Ride. The characters were cute and despite Tasuku wallowing in self-pity for half of the second tank, overall I had a fun ride with this crew :) I look forward to trying out more of the manga-ka’s work :)

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 19

Kiss and Ride #1 by Kaoruhara Yoshie


On the day of her entrance exam, a boy who shines like a falling star lands before Chiyo. His name is Tasuku and he’s someone Chiyo isn’t interested in associating with. Thinking him a delinquent, Chiyo is in for a surprise when she learns he’s not a thug but a racer!


Again, I had no idea what I was going to get with this title (who reads synopses?). I had seen Kiss and Ride at Kino but it was vol #2. since they never got vol #1, i went with good ol ~ The cover was eyecatching and I was prepared it’d be about some grumpy ass shojo male lead.

Boy was I wrong!

Main boy Tasuku is such a dork. He reminds me a lot of Ryuuji from Day 16’s The Golden Apple :) We need more goofs in shojos. The S-Ore-samas are fine, but not when all of them are Ore-samas. Put the mirror down and stop loving yourself that much.

However, throughout the first tank, it’s hinted there’s more to Tasuku than his little grin shows (also look at how pissed he seems on the cover haha). All his close associates keep either asking the main girl if she really knows who she’s been hanging with or telling her to not hate the real Tasuku when she meets him.

(Will the real Tasuku please stand up?)

I’m confused just how fucked up is Tasuku supposedly that you have multiple people telling the main girl to tread carefully.
Plus we have only one more tank so if Tasuku is gonna leave an impression on just how cray he is, he better hurry the fuck up lol.

Main girl Chiyo is alright. Nothing much to say. She’s pretty low-key and just throws out shojo smiles when needed to improve the mood. I love that she not only wall slammed one person, but two people in this tank! She’s so short so it’s hilarious to see her not even reaching either guy’s nipples in her slams haha!!

Here’s to hoping she has the shojo power to get Tasuku to open up and clean out all that baggage he’s holding. I feel like it has something to do with his brother dying but not sure exactly what. Then you got rival bike-kun who was bro’s BFF and is hinted to have some kind of rough history with himself too.
Hmmmmm, mystery ~

All in all, I was pleased with Kiss and Ride. The first tank has mostly been jokes and cute moments. Hidden subtlety are moments of foreshadowing of the angst to come. Especially that last page. Not sure what was going on with Tasuku’s possessive outburst but then again, shojo male leads do that all the time. It just felt weird coming from a snorkle like Tasuku…

I’m looking forward to reading the next tank and maybe, if this ends well, trying out this manga-ka’s other works :D

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 18

full moon engage 1
Full Moon Engage #1 by Rin Kouduki


“Long ago, the Wolf King used to rule these lands”

Lina is a young noble who lives in the country of Bercktis (meh I tried) with her parents. And for the first time in her life, she’s been invited to attend a ball held at the royal palace! There, she meets Elwin, the second in line to the throne. His quiet demeanor and moonlight touched hair intrigue Lina and the two become fast friends. They decide to leave the party and wander off to explore the palace grounds together, ending up at some historic ruins rumored to contain something from long ago. There, Elwin suddenly changes into a wolf before Lina’s eyes! Not only did his appearance change but so did his personality!

But Elwin isn’t the only one who has gone through a change. His kind and protective older brother now wants him dead??? Lina decides to run away with Elwin to solve the mystery behind his change and to find a way to stop his brother.


Wonderful art as always, Rin Kouduki. Her covers are what drew me in and kept me in haha. This time around the protagonist is less in your face. She’s more toned down than Sereira from Gin no Sereira. Elwin is likewise nothing like Adile. If anything, Elwin is a giant cream puff possessed by an Adile xD These two are super cute together x3 You just want to pinch their cheeks haha

I’m liking this is playing like an RPG adventure game, in that we’re acquiring party members on this journey. At the end of the manga we got a researcher tsundere priest in the crew and I took a peek at volume #2, which shows a handsome knight joining later :3 Can this be a video game cuz I like the man meat we’ve assembled ;j

Story wise, the synopsis covers the first half of the manga. The second half is about Elwin recovering from unleashing his beast and the crew working on getting tsundere priest to join them ~

Looking forward to more ~

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 17

Kurokami no Lady to Koi no Jikenbo (The Raven Haired Lady and the Case of Love) by Matsukawa Yuriko


19th century London. Caroline Westvine is an aristocratic beauty who has always possessed a strong sense of justice. To help the troubled, she casts aside her dresses and disguises herself as a man. Now Kerry Westvine, she works as a detective for those in need.

Her first big case revolves around two rival families and a stolen jewel. To prevent a pair of lovers from eternal separation, she’ll need to solve this mystery quick. If only the shrewd lawyer Hoen would get out of her way! But to find the truth, they will have to learn to set aside their suspicions of one another and work together.

All without anyone figuring out Kerry isn’t the boy everything thinks she is…


Still crawling through those old Next Comic F titles. :J Honestly, I love the variety found with Next Comic F ~ When I picked up this title, I totally judged by the cover and thought this was going to be one of those oujo-sama x butler-san romances. No where did I expect this to be a genderbent detective story!

(yeah, I don’t read the synopsis when I purchase JP manga. I just go with the cover – thus how I always end up with some weird ass shit haha)

Sadly I could only follow half way. Lots of big detective words were thrown around but at my current level, no furigana means I have no clue what’s going on. I could only understand when people were talking about normal stuff hur. The art is gorgeous ~ though some of the guys tended to have what I kindly refer to as penis noses at times. But that was only really in the beginning. Think the manga-ka must have caught on about how phallic the honkers were looking that she changed it up towards the end xD

I look forward to returning to this manga once my level has increased a bit. Colored me surprised when I just saw recently that a sequel is coming out soon! While I couldn’t understand much of the detective work, I liked the characters and wanted to explore them out more. Even the manga-ka said in her end blurb thing she wanted to write more and was sad she couldn’t. I’m glad she’s given an opportunity to continue :D

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 16

ougon no ringo

Ougon no Ringo (The Golden Apple) by Minamitani Iku


High schooler Rinko is the “mother” of her household. She cleans, cooks, and keeps the family in check. She’s so good at her motherly role that her nickname literally is “mom.” The reason she has to be the matriarch so to speak is because she lost her own mother long ago. Her father works for a talent agency and has such an erratic schedule, that someone had to fill that role (and it certainly wasn’t going to be him!).

Which is perfect when her father suddenly shows up with rising star Ryuuji. Ryuuji needs a place to stay, away from his obsessive fans and the paparazzi. Some place where he can relax and not be on edge. So why not the home of his boss? How will Rinko handle this new surprise? Taking care of her father is one thing, but an idol???


OMG, this manga was so cute x3 I loved all the characters, save the crazy idol bitch (thankfully her ass left after almost ruining everything). Rinko and her motherly habits were refreshing. She reminded me a lot of the main chick from Horimiya, except less aggressive haha. Ryuuji was just a precious marshmallow. He was such a goof. You actually reminds me of the main dude from Horimiya. Hell, this Horimiya, except set in the idol world haha!

Glad the cover caught my eye (I liked Rinko’s coordination) and possessed me to put this into my shopping cart cuz otherwise I’d have miss this cinnamon roll experience. I have nothing else to say other than if you want a cute read, I’d check out Ougon no Ringo :3

Backlog Attack Part II: Day 15


Nyotaika Yankee Gakuen – Ore no Hajimete, Nerawaretemasu (Genderswap Delinquent School – My First is in Danger!)



“Fight me!”

Kadoki Torao lives by the Yankee code. His life would have nothing to do with the lady’s man Inuduka Rouhei were it not for the fact Inuduka left Torao black and blue from a rumble they had.

Fueled by the desire to get revenge, Torao goes through an intensive training regiment for a month and returns to challenge his rival. Just before the big fight, Tarao is offered a soda called “The Lady Changer.” Unperturbed by the name, he takes a sip and finds himself staring down at a pair of boobs??? He’s now a woman???

As if that wasn’t bad enough, his rival is now interested in him…her?? Sexually!!!!

And what’s more, he finds himself falling for Inuduka’s seduction!!!

Just what is going on???


Alrighty…so let me tell you. I was not. Expecting. What I. Read.

Sure I was expecting Inuduka to be a perv and grab a tit every now and then, with this ending with the main character going back to being a boy, and the two being happily gay with each other (if only cuz I didn’t realize at the time the publisher of this tank is a BL one). But all in all, a good genderswap rom-com.

What I wasn’t expecting was straight up smut. I mean, they did it all. Going down DEEP. Fingers. Suckling. Tongues. Butts. Bondage. Public spanking. There were more pages dedicated to sex then there was to story o__o This could have almost been a hentai, dude…

And no place was safe from Inuduka’s lust. The school roof. A ferris wheel. The park. THE FUCKING BOY’S BATHROOM???

Ignoring the sex, what little pages were left over were pretty amusing. Torao has great facial expressions and reactions. The two together had some hilarious scenes. There’s a jealous bitch rolling around causing trouble but hopefully she gets the heck out of town cuz her presence isn’t wanted :/

Nothing much to say about this tank. Nothing is solved since again, all dat sex. But it looks like the next volume might explain wtf is going on. Or it’ll have more sex lol. We’ll have to wait and see… >___>

[Edit: I left for a walk and for some reason, the following thought occurred: who is the targeted audience for this manga? I thought those fans of rom-coms but that’s a lot of sex. Even josei don’t go that crazy. Is it for dudes? But the publisher is a BL one. BL fans? But there ain’t two guys…hmmmmm?]