B’s Log Comics vol. 38 March 2016


Well would you look at that! B’s Log Comics has gone digital! *clicks heels* And of course I had to grab myself a copy. Love all these digital magazines. Makes it much more accessible to those of us with little room for the physical version (except if they’re region locked *flips off all the Kodansha as well as Asuka*) and they’re more portable (I read them on my commute :3 – except the smut. I’m not going to jail). I’d love if Sylph went digital too – I’d still buy the physical version, because Sylph, but it’d make it easier to post cover pages/teasers (my scanner is shit – thus why I’ve been using a camera instead haha).

Back to B’s Log (I always get distracted by Sylph lol) – unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot I could read in this volume; mostly because a lot of these series were ongoing. However, it looks like a couple new series are starting in the next issue so maybe I’ll have more to say then? :J

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Zero-Sum April 2016


I was debating on if I should publish this or not but the desire to show off the pretty cover pages won out :J There’s not going to be much talking on my end since I mostly just flip through the magazine – seeing as how a lot of the series I’m following in English (Karneval, Makai Ouji, soon-to-be Battle Rabbits and Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji, etc.) are behind in terms chapters.

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Backlog Attack: Day 22


Ore ga Mahou wo Kaketeyaru (I’ll Cast a Spell on You) #2


What should have been the perfect time to confess her feelings to her crush Naoya instead ended with Chibaru butting in where he wasn’t wanted! Given another chance to meet with Naoya, Fuki asks Chibaru to do her make-up. He complies…and kisses her on top of that! What??

Her journey to learn about make-up and style has hit a bump in the road – a love triangle to be exact! With Chibaru stepping up to battle for Fuki’s heart, what will happen to poor Fuki herself? Will she remain true in her affection for Naoya, or will she be swayed by Chibaru’s determination?

The love story about making magic with make up ends here with volume 2!


Ended as I expected ^^; Fuki stayed true to Naoya all the way until the last chapter. Then, cuz the clock with ticking, she switched to Chibaru at the last second. Which kinda sucked since Naoya was really warming up to Fuki and even confessed to her. And her vise versa. But since he wasn’t on the cover of the manga, he was doomed from the start. The manga ends with a 3 year time skip. Chibaru is still doing his thing with make-up, only now he looks like he just came out of a Miami Vice episode, and Fuki now works at the salon, helping him out. Who knows what happened to Naoya.

I still don’t really like Chibaru. He was a little cactus all the way until the end. Him forcing his feels on Fuki kinda rubbed me the wrong way, but then again, that’s usually how a lot of shojo guys do it haha. Fuki was still cute :J She made the read fun.

All in all, I’ll Cast a Spell on You #2 wasn’t a bad read. And shift in gears with the last chapter may throw some folk off but otherwise it’s something to pass the time ~

Backlog Attack: Day 21


Ore ga Mahou wo Kaketeyaru (I’ll Cast a Spell on You) #1


First year student Arai Fuki has a dream – to become the girlfriend of her much crushed on Naoya-senpai. However, when Fuki does work the courage to talk with him, he mistakes her for an elementary school student due to her child-like appearance!

That’s when classmate Okada Chiharu enters her life. Known as the class Beauty Prince due to being a beautician in training, he agrees to help Fuki become an eye catch in exchange for using her as a practice model. But Fuki is in for a rough ride as Chiharu is as tough as he is dedicated to his training. 

Welcome to the start of a story about a girl who wants to change herself but doesn’t know the first step on how to and a boy whose talents are described as magical.


A blind buy cuz the cover looked interesting. I knew from the get-go the main dude on the cover was going to be prickly (it was the eyes) and he sure was. Kinda sad I haven’t gotten around to liking him. The girl grew on me. At first I was thinking, wtf how do you not know to brush your hair, but then I remembered how long it took me to learn how to proper maintenance  (rolling out of bed and pulling the hair in a ponytail was my go to move :P) and quickly shut my mouth. Her positive attitude and determination to learn how to girl is what won me over in the end :J (PS. her little make-up journal she made was adorable x3)

I’m curious to know how this will end:

1.) The girl gets with her crush, with main dude bowing out/getting his heart crushed

2.) The girl ends up with the main dude, since he’s now all into her cuz she smiled at him a couple times lol

My money is on #2 because that’s usually how it goes ~


Backlog Attack: Day 18,19,20

My Fair Neighbor


In the spring, high schooler Momo became neighbors with salary man Sakura. They meet again after 10 years. How has time changed the two old neighbors?


My goal for this Backlog Attack was 1 tank a day but friggin My Fair Neighbor took me 3 days to finish D: I’d sit down to read and when I looked up, time had gone by but I made barely any progress. Sometimes I’d think I actually was getting further from the end!

The main reason, I believe, for the slow progress was due to all the angst. My goodness. I did not see the emo coming at all. The cover made me think everything was going to be syrupy sweet but shit, the syrupy went down the wrong pipe and left one suffocating on it instead of enjoying it. The story made it seem like it wanted to contest which of the two leads had it harder. However, the girl’s was literally nothing. Ohhhhh mom was scary when she was a kid and that’s lived with her all these years. But it turns out mom is just a tsundere and loves her child very much. Yay. Now dude? His mom left the family and dad beat him cuz dad lost his job and barely made shit at McDonald’s. The guy got a job too at Denny’s or whatever to help feed the both of them, and finally one day punched dad back. Dad was like, oh shit, and left – so guy, who is a fucking high schooler at this time, is left to pay rent and fend for himself. Years later, dad comes back and is like hey (well, the girl intervenes and gets the two to meet again). After DAD tries to fucking emo – oh you see it was hard on me with your mom leaving me and my cashier position at Burger King paying me in old fries instead of cash so I just let my feelings out physically – he tells the guy that after main dude decked him, dad realized it was for the best he get his shitty dad ass out of there. He was going to off himself when he met these peeps who helped him out and got himself a new girl and is happy with her and her kids.

Me: so you found happiness with some lady and her kids while you left your own child alone to survive on his own (didn’t even send him a birthday card with some cash at least?)? Also, are you even allowed around kids? I mean, you were beating your own after all…

Dad tells main dude he can punch him but main dude is like, we got like 30 pages left. Do what you do best and walk out on me.

Dad: will do :D <- literally never mentioned again

How do you fight that? Main dude totally won.

The romance…meh? It wasn’t until the end that “romance” happened but not really. Maybe it’s because the girl came off as a persistent stalker and the dude was like, an angry pickle? He’d be a snapping at her (I can understand since he’s pretty damaged with that past, but dang did he like taking it out on the girl) while the girl just clung to his face like a wet towel no matter what. I mean, when you’re breaking into a guy’s apartment, cooking food for him when he doesn’t want it, and appearing at his work place…hmmmm… >__> It got to the point where when the main girl mentioned a friend, the main guy was in shock – you have friends??? (me: you interact with other people??). I mean, if you were to dissect her brain, the only thing in there would be him ^^;

I think because I had these biases – the main girl was too clingy and the main guy was a pickle, and there was lots of unexpected angst – that it was hard for me to enjoy the story. One of the good things I’ll say about the manga is at least they got together when the girl was older, instead of in high school (gah creepy uncle from Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii Dx). And I say “get together” but really, I think the main guy just gave up xD He realized she was like herpes. She’s never going to truly go away. And he was a shojo hero. It’s his duty to either get with the main girl, or die tragically, and he choose marriage instead of death haha. Also, she kept coming back despite his snaps (that’s the good thing about stalkers :P).

Backlog Attack: Day 17

An Insolent Courting ~ The Bored King’s Queen to Be


Lured into a tantalizing trap via an aphrodisiac. And now a participant in a game to be the queen.

“If you become mine, I’ll make sure you win.”

Protagonist Lyra is the daughter of a fallen noble family. To earn money, she gambles in races using her pet wolf, garnering her the nickname “Wolf Princess.” When a once in a lifetime opportunity presents itself to restore her family’s honor, she does not hesitate to take part. Now Lyra finds herself in a contest to become the future queen of King Ciado. She must use everything in her power to seduce him to her favor. But what’ll happen when it turns out he’s the one seducing her!?

And when all is said and done, what would he think of her if he learns of the truth she holds deep in her heart?


Shit I did not realize Ciado was squeezing Lyra’s melon on the cover. Or that his yaoi hand was getting ready to cop a feel on dat thigh. Cover aside, the inside art was super shojo. To the point where it’s a waste this manga-ka is drawing smut. Her art is much for suited for Dessert or Margaret! Hell, even Next Comics F – because it’s like shojo for women haha

Content wise – honestly I don’t remember much. 1.) because it’s been awhile and 2.) because there were lots of words spoken and no furigana and I had no desire to look all them up via kanji dictionary so I just tumbled through :P I know the country the main character lives in is kinda like No Game No Life, where games/gambling is how the city works. The king of the country is blessed by Lady Luck in that he always win. There was talk about forbidden medicines and assassins but meh that was too much for me to understand :B All I know is I laughed so hard that the king, who also liked to walk around town in a mask, got jealous of himself. Cuz the girl liked both his king self and his masked self but he didn’t know that and thought she liked someone else so he got jelly in both states. Like, dude, you’re angry at yourself haha.

But then I stopped laughing when he started to strangle her due to his jelly…

Nothing much to add. Probably when I have a stronger kanji vocabulary, I’ll go back and reread to actually understand what’s going on. But for the time being, I’m good.

Backlog Attack: Day 16


Watashi no Koi wa Chocolate (My Love is Chocolate)


“I want a romance that’ll melt me ~” 

Middle schooler Tsugumi is just a girl who wants to fall in love. 

To boast her spirits about having no one to enjoy Valentine’s Day with, Tsugumi creates a life sized chocolate man. When she gives her creation a quick kiss on the lips, it turns real! Her new chocolate creation is as handsome as he is sweet. He’s the very image of a fairy tale prince. And he’s only got eyes for Tsugumi…

With spring on the way, Tsugumi worries about him melting…but is that all that’s on her mind?


? (゚ペ) <- this this emoji best represents my feelings on My Love is Chocolate. Honestly, I thought what was going to happen was the chocolate prince was going to help Tsugumi with her crush – since he’s chocolate and touching him for prolonged periods of time causes him to melt so why would he even be considered as a possible love interest? The story was really going that way too until the plot took a tight right and floored it through a park, hitting some children and old folk who were unable to get out of the way, before finding tree to ram into. This is one of the few times I read some of the author’s little thought blurbs cuz usually I can’t read their handwriting. In one blurb, she mentions how she had a hard time deciding who the main girl should end up with. One minute she was for the crush, but then she’d feel bad for the chocolate man. In the end, she asked her friends who the main girl should get with. The friends said the chocolate man because it would be sad to see him thrown away.

Thus the main chick gets with the chocolate man. In retrospect, I can even pinpoint the exact page where things shifted from Tsugumi x crush to Tsugumi x chocolate man. It’s kinda annoying because, like, stick to your guns, lady. Don’t be swayed by other’s thoughts :Y

(though honestly the crush was a bit of a dick so not feeling too bad for him…)

The next chapter after that mess was really stupid. Chocolate man goes off to star in dramas and shit and leaves the girl by herself even though they’re a couple. The main girl gets depressed because wtf but then they see each other again and he’s like, hey girl hey. They’re back on and the end. What the point of this chapter was, I do not know D:

Included in this tank were two oneshots – “Loving Fingers” and “I Want to Say I Love You”. “I Want to Say I Love You”was pretty cute – the main girl crushing on the popular boy’s friend instead of the popular boy himself was a nice change of pace. “Loving Fingers” was meh for me – it was like My Love is Chocolate, too quick and all over the place.

In the end…nah. I can’t recommend this. The art is adorable cute but that’s all this tank got going for it. The stories were too jumbled. Nothing really made sense – how do you make a life-sized chocolate man from a 10 bars of Hershey’s chocolate? Also, how did you make the chocolate so detailed? You literally threw the bowl in the fridge. How did she make him come to life? How come he’s still chocolate? How come he can touch her sometimes and not melt, but then poke her and his finger starts falling off? The heck happened to the crush? He confesses and everything and then he’s just chillin as Tsugumi goes off with chocolate man. How is their love even going to work D: Literally he is moving food. If she tries to kiss him, his lips will melt onto her face. (omg that’s creepy) So many questions…but I don’t really care. Skip this unless you really want to read it.


Backlog Attack: Day 15


Mahochu #4 (final)


Protagonist Airu is a student at Mahoraba Academy, a school for children who possess a special power called “Maho.”

Airu and friends join the music club, but soon after, an incident occurs in which an instrument goes missing! Then there’s Sakura, who keeps disappearing… Could she somehow be involved?

And what about Mitsunari? Which girl has won his heart?

This magical tale reaches its end with this final volume!

Also included in the final volume is “In the Middle of the World’s End,” a short Yabuuchi thought up when she was 12 years old. 


Whoa…this last volume…it felt like we were coasting along when suddenly the breaks were slammed and we were all ejected through the front window (seatbelts be damned), save the driver who then proceeded to drive the car off a cliff D:

I have no idea what happened. Literally we were storying like usual when the plot just stopped and there was no where else to go…

The first third of the story deals with the resolution to the “mystery of the stolen instrument” arc. Turned out the whole thing was orchestrated by the seniors in the club as a way to get the newer members to bond together – or in my eyes, hazing. Whatever the reason, because Airu is a shojo heroine, she works hard to clear Sakura’s name which causes Sakura to warm up to Airu. But they’re still love rivals…

Cue the second part of the story where Mitsunari accidentally ingests Sakura’s truth potion and works hard to avoid the girls until the effects wear off (both girls want to use this god-sent opportunity to find out who he likes).

The last part of the story is pretty much the confession. We learn that while one eye of Mitsunari’s allows him to read a person’s mind, the other eye lets others read his mind. Wind causes his eye to be exposed and this is when Sakura learns that she and him are twins.

Me: ??????????????

Turns out there’s some weirdass tradition with their family where the girl twin is kept with the birth parents while the boy twin is sent off to live with other people. The only explanation was because girl’s are the heirs in that family so I guess fuck the guys? Before this, the two thought they were cousins (Mitsunari learned the truth when Sakura disappeared). Which is less creepy but still creepy, Sakura.

Oh and Sakura has some sort of health problem (never explained) that leads her to collapse and start dying at random. That’s why Mitsunari lets her hang on him all the time – so he can rush her to the hospital to stop the dying.

Me: ??????????????

Those explosions behind us, after a dramatic scene where all the friends help Airu get to her man, Airu and Mitsunari confess their feels. Everyone celebrates and end.

Me: wait, that’s it? What happened with school? I don’t think even a semester has gone by. Where did all the teachers go? I have not seen a teacher since the Brock arc :Y

The manga gives us three bonus chapters – one is Airu and Mitsunari’s first date (where both are self conscious about wanting to kiss and hold hands. But never fear, there is a kiss that is had ~), the second is about getting water chick to laugh, and last takes place in the past, where Airu is curious what is up with Mitsunari’s hidden eye.

Included in this last tank is a one shot called In the Middle of the World’s End, but I think it has a continuation in another tank of the manga-ka’s. Weird story where a fire breaks out at school. 5 students evacuate but find the door to their classroom connects to a deserted island. When they go back through the door, their classroom is empty and abandoned. While the kids work together to survive, the main protagonist tries to figure out her purpose in life (because why not).

Overall, I’m still suffering from whiplash. Mahochu was a super cute manga but damn what happened in the end? It just threw me out of the moving car. I want to say give it a try but don’t get too attached because the end just leaves you hanging. I feel another volume or two would have been nice to settle things…but then I think of 1-2 more volumes of Sakura and that makes me hesitate…


All the illnesses


Hello everyone!

Just wanted to update on myself for the week ~ As you noticed, I stopped my “Backlog Attack” at Day 14. I have read stuff since then but I just haven’t had a chance to write about them yet (most of those “Backlog Attack”s were scheduled ahead of time :J). Hoping to get to them soon! I was a little under the weather this week – lots of folk around me have been catching colds. Thankfully rest and lots of fruit may have fought off the viruses…but that also might have been my undoing. I’m not sure if it was all the pre-cut fruit I was eating or the egg sandwich I had, but I got kinda food poisoning. I should have expected this. When you don’t cook your own food, it’s a gamble on what you’ll get. Going a week of lunch and dinner take-outs wasn’t smart…especially for my delicate gut bag :(

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Backlog Attack: Day 14

airu3 copy

Mahochu #3


Protagonist Airu is a student at Mahoraba Academy, a school for children who possess a special power called “Maho.” However, currently, there’s a problem blowing around school where students have lost their ability to use Maho! And if that wasn’t enough, the Academy’s “Maho Contest” is going to be starting soon! Will Airu be able to save the day?

And what’s this? New troubles are awaiting our friends with their…after school curricular activities???

Also included is the popular oneshot story featured in Caio DX, “Can I confess my feelings one more time? An age of honesty” – a tale of winning love.


Let’s see…the first third of the tank closes up things with the Brock teacher. Even gives him a happy ending. His motivation for trying to seal everyone’s powers is kinda vague. Something about the girl he was with didn’t wear her ribbon when she was using her powers – and I guess in this magical world, girl’s need to wear ribbons to keep them from going cray cray with their powers (if you’re wondering, boys don’t need to wear any hair accessories because apparently they ain’t that hormonal like girls lol k) – this lead her to lose control and she was expelled. It’s not explained how she lost her powers – cuz she went cray? And also, I’m confused how cray the power of “talking to animals” can be? Uh? I can see “controlling fire” or “teleportation” but “talking to animals?” Did she make them talk shit and that pissed everyone off??? Regardless, Brock teach wanted everyone to be like her, have their powers sealed, and be kicked out. But the power of shojo stopped him, and it got him back together with the girl of his past.

The middle of the tank deals with Sakura being a little dick, not that she’s any different than usual lol. But she’s particularly penis-like due to her insecurities about how 3 years have gone by and everyone has gone ahead of her. Airu uses the power of shojo to console her and gets the finger in reply.

The last bit of the tank, before the oneshot, involves the dark dragon learning about appreciation and how happiness varies from person to person. Also, we find out the dark dragon is a boy, despite his appearance (Airu was very surprised to see  his slong lol). The dark dragon is cute ~ I’d be annoyed with him cockblocking all the time, but he’s slow on understanding people and their feelings.. At least he learns from his interactions. Sakura is just a dog turd that is only there to annoy :/ Speaking of Sakura, she like, disappears or something and that’s were we leave off here.

We end with a one-shot about a girl who confesses to the boy she likes but she gets shot down, being called ugly. She resolves to become a beauty and make him regret breaking her heart. However, is there a reason he was so quick to reject her…? Was cute :J The main girl tittered on annoying and cool. The fact she kicked ass was pretty awesome ~ (from all her training to becoming popular haha).

Man, one more volume and Mahochu is done :O Will Airu and Mitsunari FINALLY get together?? (oh, and wtf is with Airu confessing and Mitsunari going “thanks” in reply?? Better be an explanation in tank #4 cuz I confused!).

airu31 copy