Poison x Family


Man, I feel like I barely have time to wipe my butt :T
Anyway, small update this week. Blame the food poisoning.
Word of advice: don’t go for the egg salad sandwich. It’s not worth it :(

(only good thing that came out of that episode was that I started watching Hunter x Hunter. It was on Netflix and it was so engaging that I forgot my agonizing pain…until the end credits came)

(ps. love that my coworkers told me I need to man up my gut haha (where’s my sympathy!). My poor country stomach is still no match for these city germs!)

Also, I won’t be updating next week because I have relatives mooching visiting this weekend… Amazing how family suddenly remembers me now that I’m in the big city… >___>;

I’ll be finishing my catch up of Zero-Sum with the June issue and then I’ll start tackling Sylphs.

And I guess I’ll end this post by saying I saw a man chewing on a stick during my morning commute. I was close enough that I knew that shit wasn’t a cigar, slim jim, or any sort of food product. It was a damn tree appendage O__o;
Either this dude has a really bad smoking habit and needs something to suck on while he waits until he can go out and smoke (and apparently this stick was the only thing he had on him), or he’s some sort of mystical animal species and that’s his food source. Either way, it was an interesting start to the work week haha!

It’s a me, Mario…jk


Man doodling with the mouse is hard :U

Hello all!

Again I disappeared haha. I meant to post an update but hur ~ I had family visiting. Then I got sick. Then I had training stuff. Then I worked the weekend. Then I worked another weekend. And now we’re here ~ Needless to say I didn’t do diddle squat for Spoils :P

I’m probably going to be at this glacierous pace for a while, what with training now invading my personal space. Makes me feel like I’m back in school again! Only I’ve got rockets attached to my butt because that’s how fast we’re going D: Needless to say I’ll be doing a lot of OT with some textbooks and whatnot (like I did today).

My game plan is to catch up with my mags. Shortly following this post will be three mag posts – the April issue of Comic Sylph, the March issue of Zero-Sum, and vol.2 of Comic It. The April issue of Zero-Sum will have to wait to next week. I’m currently reading the May issues of both so they’ll be up someday along with Ane Lala. Then I hit the May issues (I just got my Sylph issue from Kino. I haven’t seen Bookwalker update with Zero-Sum so nothing on that end. I got the Spring issue of Emerald. Also I need to order newest issues of Comic It and Ane Lala ~).

I’m currently/slowly reading Shiro Ari tank #6 so I’ll get to posting part I probably after I get to the May mags ~

I decided to group together the Shounen Oujos before I make a post about them. Once I get Comic It #3, I’ll have three chapters which I think will be a good number to summarize. The reason for this is cuz when I read the first chapter in Comic It, it was literally 10 pages of nothing followed by not really stuff and then ending with doing something (I could have summarized the whole thing in 2 paragraphs haha) so rather than have small posts, I figured I’d give Oujo the same treatment I do with my tank posts :3 (also time reasons ~)

After that…we’ll see. One step at a time. I’ve got a list of series I promised to summarize – I didn’t forget! :3 – but I don’t have the same amount of time I used to (which wasn’t much even then) so don’t expect anything any time soon ~

Thanks for all the comments, my ducklings! I haven’t gotten back to replying but know I appreciate all of them ~ <3

And with that…

Oh! Who here is excited for Yen Press’s license of Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no?? :D I had a feeling it was going to be picked up but I couldn’t tell who would grab it first. My guess was on Seven Seas since they’ve got 4 Gene titles under their belt (Dictatorial Grimoire, I am Alice, Servamp, and Orenchi no Furo Jijou) or possible One Peace Books (since they’ve got Aquarion Evol, Black Bard, and Flowers for Chronus (not sure what happened with Chronus as its release date has passed but nothing was actually released)). Yen Press was a possible third since they have the manga version of Kagerou Daze but that was it. Smack me over the head with a bag of barley and call me Stumpson when I saw that announcement :D Definitely will be a day one buy for me ~ I mean, look at that cover!

And with that, I bid you all good night :3


[Edit: not sure why but WordPress released my posts out of order so…whatevas I guess…weird]

Speed Reads: The King’s Prize is a Pure Bride and Hedgehog in Love #1

One more post guys. I’m on a roll ~ Here we have some reads I did recently:

DSC_0302Ou no Emono wa Muku na Hanayome (lit.. The King’s Prize is a Pure Bride)

My expectation of this manga – based on the cover – was that it was going to be a cliche Harlequin romance. You know – the pushy male, the wussy female lead, the running, the crying, the finally getting together, etc. I was NOT expecting digital penetration on page 1.

Me: (・□・;)the fuck?

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Spring Chill


Hello all ~

Been awhile since I did a normal post, not magazine related. Figure I’d let you all know I’m alive ~

Life has been going. The seasons are changing ~ Winter is leaving, waving at Spring on its way out. I’ll miss Winter a bit. I’m a fan of the cold rather than the heat (so long as I’ve got layers and a place to warm up after running around in the snow) and I’m nervous that this summer will be a hot one :( I’m not looking forward to smelling myself and other people…or having sweat stains under my pits.

But summer means summer vacation I guess ~ !
(My old man was right. Enjoy it while you can because there ain’t none of that when you start working (unless you’re a teacher)).

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Sylph March 2015 (Driplet)

[edit – not sure what I did to piss off wordpress but it made this post disappear o__o well, ha wordpress cuz I saved this elsewhere!]

Meant to write this when I updated with Ane-Lala. Just a week late :P
Anyway, a little heads up here, folks. Recently, the blogging application I use has been acting wonky, in that it won’t update its layout to match my blog’s. In other words, this blogging program is supposed to mimic what my blog looks like to all of you. This way I can format things before I publish them so I can say I tried to make the post look somewhat decent :P Right now, everything looks generic and ugly on my end, which is kinda annoying.
In frustration, I decided to write this post in wordpress. However, about halfway through, I forgot to save and when I put my computer into sleep mode, Windows decided sleep = turn off computer for an update :D (you sick bastard, Windows). Thus I lost a good chunk.K
Needless to say, I went back to using my blog program, ugliness be damned. I can handle it if it means keeping my stuff (this program will save a backup in case something similar happens – Windows tends to do the “you meant restart not sleep right?” maneuver a lot :/). However, I’m still bitter about the deleted data so I didn’t even bother trying to continue where I last saved. Thus you’ll notice things go from excessive wordy to blunt and done haha.

DSC_0296 - Copy

With that, here’s the Sylph post! (two issues late!)

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