Backlog Attack Part III Remix: Day 3

S・A ─場外乱闘─
S.A – Ringside Battle (Jougai Rantou) by Minami Maki

Despite my interest in S.A. faltering towards the end of the series (Kei, you are a very patient man. Also, Towa, sir? You can eat dick), I still bought this tank cuz why not? I liked S.A for the side characters. Their stories were fun to follow when Hikari’s rock head was too much to take.

S.A – Ringside Battle is a collection of random ass shorts focusing either on various couples or this random chocolate Kei’s dad brings home as a souvenir that I’m quite sure is laced with a strange combination of Godiva and LSD.  The first short follows Hikari as she promises to help a fellow student out – her sister is getting married but a creeper keeps ruining the party. Hikari is about the same height as the sister so it’s decided she’ll impersonate the sister and punch creepy’s lights out when he makes an appearance. Naturally Kei isn’t happy because 1.) creeper and 2.) Hikari in a wedding dress without him as the groom lol. But this is Kei so of course he Kei’s himself into the groom position.
The second story is between Finn and Ryuu. I guess the two still aren’t a couple ^^; Slow bloomers. We meet Ryuu’s sister finally – of course she’s cray and loves to torment her little brother and has ninja servants take pictures of him all day every day, dick out and all probably. She decides to use Finn to tease Ryuu, by telling Finn Ryuu likes to be treated like shit. Finn of course believes this and poor Ryuu is just left sitting in the corner going D:/ Thankfully sister feels bad and then the truth of her brother love is revealed, making everything ok (Finn, be more concerned…).
Story three focuses on Yahiro and Megumi. Yahiro is still being stubborn on his feels while Megumi is buying out billboards and commercials proclaiming her love for him. Was a cute chapter. Fun seeing jealous Yahiro and MUHAHAHAH WELCOME TO LOVE BITCH Kei xD
The last short before the chocolate high chapters is the shortest and it focuses on Akira and Tadashi. White Day is coming up and Tadashi doesn’t know what to get Akira. When he asks the guys of S.A., they’re like, well, if it were my girlfriend, I’d get her a Gucci watch, fucking diamonds, or, in Kei’s case, a private island located in the tropics. Naturally Tadashi doesn’t think that’s something that would fly with Akira and spends all 10 pages pondering what to get her. He ends up getting her flowers and she blushes hard (not before smacking the shit out of him tho bc that’s how their relationship runs haha).
The chocolate episodes include gender swap and reverting back to a child. The child one was my favorite because of the censoring xD

All and all, it was fun to visit S.A. again now that there was no grandpa drama or love interest coming in to shit in the pot. Was strange there was no Sakura and Jun chapter…but then again, they were barely shown in the original series so I guess they kept to tradition in only being present in the background haha

Update Part II

Continuing from the last post:

Since I don’t have much time anymore (thanks new technology and management), I’ll be blogging even less than I already have haha (*small tear trickles down side of face*). Will mostly be staying with things like “mags I read for the month” or something small and basic. One day when I move from here and get a more stable job with a better commute (over 2 hours of my day is spent commuting, despite the fact my work place is 5 miles from my apartment – NYC woes), I’ll be able  to resurrect Spoils into something resembling what it used to be – summaries from Sylph (mah baby!), real mag posts, and what not – but until then, don’t expect much from this poor little blog ^^

I guess next week I’ll throw in a post about what mags I read in Feb. Maybe might do a manga one for March in addition to a mag one but right now I need to survive my meetings with lawyers and presenting to a crowd of over 100 people before I think of the future. Why did I pick this field again? :,D

And that’s that. Hope you all are well and safe! This winter has a been a crazy one weather wise here. It’s like the weather doesn’t know if it wants to be winter or summer hur.

Pray that the defense doesn’t rip me a new one and throw me in jail or something hahaha…oh gawd.

Peace ;___;

First Post of 2017

Wow it has been awhile!!

Shit got real cray the last time I posted, oh so many months ago. I didn’t even get to celebrate my blog’s anniversary haha. Strangely enough, WordPress didn’t send the usual “Year of Blogging” email or as I see it, “Why Are You Even Still Blogging” email, so no stats to report. I could go through my old stuff but nahhhhh :p

This represents my life right now haha

Let’s see, what has happened since I last posted? Real life:

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Backlog Attack Part III: Day 11


Kirameki Box

After finishing Hajimete Kareshi ga, Dekimashita., I went to BookOff and guess who I found??? What were the chances of finding this author’s first book?? My BookOff is random in its selection. To actually have some more “recent” titles, especially Margaret for some reason, was a surprise!

Like Hajimete Kareshi ga, Dekimashita., the tank is a compilation of 6 shorts. I enjoyed the tank greatly. I was surprised to see there was a short that was connected to the elementary schoolboy and his mother that we saw in Hajimete Kareshi ga, Dekimashita.. In Kirameki Box, we follow the father and daughter’s relationship. The father is a laidback guy who used to watch movies with his daughter whenever the mother left with the son to visit her own mother. That was their thing. But the mother would find out and yell at him. The daughter felt bad and stopped going to the movies with her dad. They start to grow distant until the daughter gets stressed trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. The dad lols and takes the daughter to the movies. He tells her just to take life one step at a time – she’ll figure out what she needs to do. And not to sweat mom. He always gets yelled at. Not putting the seat down. Having stinky poop. Ehhhh. It was sweet seeing the two grow closer as a family. A nice warm feeling ;__; You don’t see too many stories with the parents playing an active role in the child’s life. Most of them are either working or dead thanks to shojo cars…

Overall I enjoyed the tank. I really enjoy this manga-ka’s work. I look forward to reading more from her :)

Winter is slowly creeping in

Hello everyone!

Hope the week has been treating everyone kindly ~
I saw my Backlog Attack posts I scheduled long ago started up. Totally forgot about them actually. Hur. Unfortunately, the last one will publish today. With me going back to care for my dad after his surgery, coming back home only to find strep and the common cold waiting for me with wide arms (a longgggggg painful recovery…that mindless video games helped me get through), and now studying the new technologies we’ll be using at work (my test is scheduled this week. It’s a verbal test where I’ll have to shit things out on the fly eep!), I unfortunately didn’t have time to really read as much as I had been hoping :(

Thus I’ll be rescheduling the rest of what I had for February so hopefully nothing crazy like November happens and I pass my test with minimal ulcer appearances…


My binder with all my powerpoints and readings for my test on Friday. Lala DX is there to act as a comparison :o

The temperature has been falling fast here. Supposedly today we might get snow which is a surprise! But I’m thinking it’s going to be too “warm” for snow so it’ll probably just be sleet. I plan on staying inside for that. I’ve got beef stew (or something that was supposed to beef stew) brewing on the stove and a binder full of powerpoints and readings to study by Friday @___@

I’ll end with a picture of my order ~ only shipped half of it. I guess it’s going to hold the other half hostage until Emerald is released? ^^;



Backlog Attack Part III: Day 10


Girls Step (Girls Step?) by Uyama Kesuke, Kawanishi Moe

I’ve been meaning to buy this tank for a while now ever since I saw it in Kino around the time I first moved here but for some reason I never got around to it. Even now, the circumstances behind buying the tank was random. For some reason I was at Kino. Think I prob used their bathroom. I’m the type to feel guilty about peeing for free so I think I went upstairs to see if there was anything that caught my eye to buy in exchange for using the facilities. I just happened to be pulling random tanks to see if anything clicked when I pulled Girls Step & remembered wanting to buy this but never getting to it. I guess I must have been feeling lazy that day because I grabbed the tank & said f it, good enough lol

Background story aside, on to the post! Girls Step is about a young girl who falls in love with dancing after watching a performance held by her school’s dance club during an assembly. She particularly looked up to a talented dancer, Ikebe-senpai, and inspired to be as great as a dancer as her. Though Azusa is a horrible dancer (of course lol), she still gives it her all. When Ikebe-senpai leaves to study abroad, the other dance club members say f this & quit. The only reason they were good was because of Ikebe. No point in staying in the club if they don’t have a star (<- ???). Naturally, Azusa is devistated. She loves dancing & wants the club to flourish.
Now it’s up to one dance klutz to save her beloved club from abolishment.

The main premise behind Girls Step is about doing what you love with people who also share the same passion. Azusa works hard to keep the members still in the club motivated while finding new club members to keep the club afloat. Her  determination inspires others to work hard and the girls bond over sweat and laughter.

Since the story is completed in a single tank, the story felt very rushed. EVERYONE IS LEAVING??? 2 pages later: ok we’re good. OMG WE NEED A COACH. 2 pages later: got one. GAH WE’RE ALL ANGRY AT EACH OTHER. 4 pages later: ok we’re friends again. I think had Girls Step like 1-2 more tanks, things could have been fleshed out more and had a better impact on the reader emotionally. But hey, the manga-ka did pretty good w the amount of space she had to work with.

The art was my favorite thing about this tank. I really liked the style used: super cute w little chibis running around. What’s inside is just like what you see on the cover (it sucks when you buy something and the inside art doesn’t match what’s on the cover).
I would have liked to know the separate members in the club more past their unique quirks: gangster, nerd, just there (what was her quirk?), girly girl. We only really get personal w Azusa and Kenny the dance coach who helps the girl get their shit together.

Overall, I’m glad I finally got to read Girls Step. I would have liked the story to have had more time to be fleshed out but it is what it is. Reading wise, it was very easy. If you’re new to reading in Japanese, Girls Step is an good practice read since the sentence structures and conversations are very simple :J

Backlog Attack Part III: Day 9


Hatsukoi Canvas (First Love Canvas) by Samamiya Akaza


I remember reading this oneshot in a volume of Asuka a LONG time ago. I didn’t realize it had been given an extension! So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Hatsukoi Canvas while browsing on!

Just like with Sun-kissed, Sakurako is a cinnamon roll, too pure for this world. Literally, you want to hold her to your chest and protect her from the evils around her ^^

The first chapter is as I remembered – Sakurako is self-conscious about her art because people think its cursed. She meets Akiharu who helps her realize that’s stupid. The second expounds a little bit on the relationship progress between Sakurako and Akiharu (don’t expect much ^^ They’re slow bloomers like the leads in Hibi Chouchou) and also shows us more of two side characters that had 3 pages in the original short before disappearing forever. Chapter 3 focuses on the female side character Hotaru and Akiharu’s uncle. The fourth chapter focuses on the youngest character of the group -Yukinojou. The last chapter pretty much cements Sakurako and Akiharu’s relationship x3 It ends enough that you know where they’re going but it’s open in that maybe another chapter could be slipped in if the manga were to get extended again.

Overall, I enjoyed Hatsukoi Canvas. Was fun re-reading it again. And it’s nothing like the weirdness of Torikago Syndrome, if you’re all hesitant to read Hatsukoi Canvas because of her other work. Hatsukoi is just pure shojo – put it this way, I wouldn’t have blinked twice if I saw this published in Margaret. That’s how shojo it is.

Backlog Attack Part III: Day 8


Ohisama ni Kiss (Sun-kissed) by Akegami Takara


OMG, this main guy – he’s the definition of a cinnamon roll, too pure for this world. I have never seen a shojo boy blush as much as the main guy. I mean, he was competing with the main female lead to see who was blushing more haha xD

Interestingly enough, in this tank, we have the original short that inspired the extension of Sun-Kissed. However, the female lead takes the stage. This was nice because we see she had a personality aside from blushing. Instead, it’s the main guy that does all the blushing for the both of them haha!

Also included is a short about a chubby girl who tries to work on getting back into shape while studying. I’m similar in that I walk on the treadmill and study too :D

Overall, Sun-kissed was like eating sugar straight from the bag. Super sugary sweet to the point of diabetes xD
I think the only reason it was released under the Cheese label is cuz all the girls told the main guy they’d love to be his fuck buddy.

Guy: ????

Me: ????

Random but o…k?

Backlog Attack Part III: Day 7


Henteko Ojou-sama no Sensei Nisshi (The Journal of a Peculiar Noble Teacher) by Funatsu Wase


I had bought this tank at the same time I got Double Happiness. After the disappointment of Double Happiness, I pushed Nisshi a bit deeper into the backlog pile and read other things. However, we encountered one another again and thus this post :p

I’m happy to report Nisshi is MUCH better than Double Happiness. I failed to mention in my post for Double Happiness, but I felt the manga-ka was better at short stories than long ones. Had Double Happiness ended with the main girl going home to reevaluate her life and maybe time jump to meeting the emperor again, then it would have been good. But the stuff added on – the emperor turning into a little shit, the main girl being dumb, knife wielding mom – just ruined the story (and whatever moral it was supposed to convey to us readers).
Nisshi is filled with shorts. And they all ended just right – no added stupidity to make you want to slap yourself ^^ Instead you’ll probably giggle like an idiot – it’s recommended to read this in the security of your room, else you’ll make people stare at you on the train cuz  you’re grinning like an idiot :p

I’m torn between the pseudo Alice in Wonderland short or the Singer short being my favorite ^^ Both were extremely cute!

Backlog Attack Part III: Day 6


Beauty and the Beast King










If you ever wanted to see Beauty fuck Beast in his beast form while the evil witch watches and some slimy moist oddly phalic shaped vines join in…then this manga is for you.

One of the worst smut I’ve read in a long time. Everything was just…wrong.

…I’m going to go bleach my soul in hopes of cleansing me of this sin…