Ane Lala vol 14


Still nothing new for me to follow yet ^^; But at least the art is pretty haha…

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Emerald Ciel Summer 2015 Issue (Driblet)

Originally written back in 01.2016


Haha! Finally got around to reading the Summer Issue of Emerald! Poor thing has been sitting in my “To Read” backlog pile for awhile (along with the Winter issue). I had actually read the magazine before I left for the holidays but never got around to writing a post on it. So…I just re-read because why not? Enjoy ~

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December 2015 reads

Originally written 1.04.2016


As I predicted, I didn’t read too much in December, what with my vacation back home for half the month and all. But I might as well post about what I was able to get through :J BTW, I watched that Bishounen Duck movie the other day. Apparently Netflix had it (called Daisy, a Hen in the Wild). Can I just say how emotionally broken I was by the end of the movie? It’s like Lion King, only you don’t cry in heartbreak just once. Oh non non – this movie’s goal is to make you believe and then crush you with reality. The movie was so good but it kept me up at night thinking…like, how come when you help people, in the end you get fucked? Why are we such dicks as kids? How come my love life parallels with that of a chicken? Will I die alone?

It was deep man.

And after learning the movie was based on a children’s book and it’s been translated…well, guess who’s willingly going back to experience that pain again, only in a different format? This crazy fool.

Despite my experience about questioning my existence late at night, I highly recommend watching the movie, just cuz it’s got some good life lessons but damn, you better bring some tissues. If you don’t tear up at least once, then there’s some ice in those veins of yours.

That aside, let’s get to those reads! :J

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Card Reader ~

Hello all!

Sorry for the silence ~ My computer for some reason said I don’t know that ho when I tried to plug my camera into its USB port to upload photos. The internet said the solution was to buy a card reader (me: that’s not a solution). I finally got around to placing an order for one and just got it the other day ~ Thus…posts! Here are some of the entries I had ready but never got to post since…well, no pictures :P

Enjoy ~

Lala DX 1.2016

DSC_0624 copy - Copy

I always feel bad when I read Lala DX since I only get the magazine for its oneshots. I am 0% invested in the series featured haha. Which sucks since Lala DX is pretty much 50% serialized titles and 50% oneshots. What a waste!

Now don’t get me wrong – there are a couple of titles in here that interest me. But since I buy Lala DX irregularly, I’m unable to keep up with their stories (I just wait for the tank version ~) and so I just skip to the oneshots.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of months since my last Lala DX purchase. I happened to be making a order and threw this in just cuz (it’d be nice if I could buy the mag at my local Kino but it’s a gamble on if there’ll be copies when I go or not. Surprisingly Lala DX flies off the shelves rather quickly :o). This particular issue of Lala DX will stick in my mind forever, not due to shocking content, but since I read this while trying to boil water for over an hour and a half for a bath…cuz the heat in my apartment went out. Yeah, it was like in the 30s outside and my apartment had no hot water or heat to warm my apartment. Only bone-chilling cold water and death…

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And Now You’re Back, From Outer Space

Hello all!

Talk about leaving without saying good-bye. Apologies. I meant to put up a post saying I was heading out but then good ol’ life happened. I had major career initiation thing happen (it happened to all my friends, so I was up next haha), then Christmas shopping since I was so caught up in the thing, then trying to tidy things up at work so I can go on my vacation without giving a care what happens afterwards, lots of social activities (’tis the holidays!), last minute Christmas shopping, last minute battle at the post office to mail off gifts, packing in like 2 hours, and rushing off to my flight. Then it was two weeks of visiting family, cuddling with my dogs (it’s been over a year since I last saw them ;—-; my babies), nerding out with friends, and just relaxing overall.

But time flew and now I’m back up here in the cold cesspool that is the city haha.

It’s now 2016 and I’m sitting here eating breakfast so I thought I’d write a blog about 2015. WordPress kindly sent me an email about my stats from 2015 that pretty much said “why are you still blogging?” It’s quite hilarious because I can see the exact day I fell off the blogging planet (even more than I had before). Now, let me explain what happened to me and why Spoils pretty much died last year (it’s long and pretty much RL based so you can scroll to the very bottom for the TL;DR version of this post :J):

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Ane Lala vol 13


Wow, I literally just read 2 things in this magazine…
Ah well, with this, I have caught up with all the lady mags ~ Four posts in one weekend is pretty good! Especially given my track record of maybe posting 2 things before disappearing for months on end :D You can thank excused sick leave for the time off (and playing Tales of Graces f on the PS3. Whenever I’m grinding for Soul Orbs, I put all my characters on autopilot and read while they kick wildlife ass).

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Love Jossie #4, toning down the NSFW since the last issue but still NSFW


And with this, I have caught up with the current issue of Jossie. Not sure if I should be proud of that or not… ( ・ω・) Anywho, compared to issue #3, #4 was tame. Which is good because the last issue has still got me waking up at night, screaming “JUST TURN YOURSELF IN OLD MAN!!!”

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Love Jossie #3 continuing to still be NSFW


Haven’t been feeling too well so I’ve been catching up on some magazine reads. Things were going fairly well with this edition of Jossie until the last title. Now I find myself staring deeply off into space questioning why I thought reading this magazine was a good idea and had I not tried to learn Japanese, none of this would have happened. But then I remember this is manga and josei for that matter so of course I should have expected the crazy shit. Shame on me for not being mentally prepared haha.

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November 2015 Reads


I’ve been meaning to do one of these but I kept pushing this idea off. But now things have changed! Cuz I had the energy to actually do what I set out to do lol!
We all know I buy a lot of manga from all the pictures I spam (my instagram account is pretty much all manga hur) but I rarely talk about my purchases. Mostly because my version of a review is “love love loved it” or “this is stinker than the shit I took this morning.” Think because I bought a new wall shelf to keep my reads for the month on that I finally got the drive to try this out. Each month I’ll try to blog about what I read and my thoughts on each book. I’m not the greatest of reviewers so take my words with a grain of salt.
Without further ado, let’s begin!

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