BetsuFure 2.2018


Welp, it’s been awhile. I guess I should do a normal post after this to talk about something not Betsufure related lol. But since this is a BetsuFure post, we’re going to be talking about BetsuFure. Today we have the February issue of BetsuFure to enjoy. I know I should have gone and read either Margaret or Betsuma but I’m like, you don’t understand. I have an unhealthy addiction to Kurosaki-kun. If there is new content for me to read, I shall commit misdemeanors to get that chapter in my hands. Speaking of Kurosaki-kun, the 11th tank is coming out on the 13th. I know I’m going to buy it. And then I’m going to end up rereading the series like I do with every tank I get. And then I’m going to be back into the pit of depression I was in before tank #11 came out as I wait for tank #12.

At least I have the magazines to hold me over…

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BetsuFure 1.2018

butsufure012018 cover

Starting off the year with some BetsuFure! I’m in this for the long run. My crack Kurosaki-kun runs in this and I need my monthly supply! :p (don’t look at me, I know Kurosaki-kun is unhealthy but so what? There are people in this world eating deep fried butter and meats that have been shoved in each other’s orifices, then cooked as one. At least mine is just mentally unhealthy :P)

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BetsuFure 12.2017


(EDIT: oops was delayed sending this off lol)

Man, hard to believe the snow from Saturday is all gone. Woke up Monday to icy sidewalks and bomb threats in the train station. WTF, Happy Monday everyone .___. Another week has gone by and that means a shojo mag post! This time we have BetsuFure, a first for me. Blame Kurosaki-kun. That unhealthy trash has me addicted lol.

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Betsuma Margaret 12.2017

kimini todoke

Well damn, it’s been a while! *blows dust away*

Sorry for disappearing everyone. Lots of stuff and not a lot of stuff happened haha ~ Just me being me :p

Anyway, in my usual random fashion, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and here is a random shojo mag post :p

Betsuma Margaret 12.2017


Part I
Part II
Betsuma Sister IV


Kimi no Todoke (final chapter)
Territory M no Jyuunin
Watashi no!
Akane Shoten no Kaji Tenchou (new series)
Suteki na Kareshi
Te wo Tsunagou yo
Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare
Koi wo Shiranai Bokutachi wa
Bitter Prince (final chapter)
Risouteki Boyfriend
Classmate no Shouzou 3 (oneshot)
Bye Bye Liberty
Fushigi no Kuni no Arisagawa-san
Watashi to Wonderland
Uchuu no Hate no Mannaka no

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Sylph September Issue Info

From Sylph’s official website:

Up until now, I’ve been responsible for promotional items like leaflets and posters for Sylph. On each one I’d write “On Sale Every 22nd!”

I’ve loved manga ever since I was a kid. Even now as an editor at Sylph, I’ve still held on to my passion. Whenever manga magazines I follow are released, I get super excited. I hope it’s a similar feeling I transmitted to you readers each time I wrote “On Sale Every 22nd!” To all of you who’ve read that little phrase, if you could just remember “On Sale Every 22nd!” I’d be so touched.

Sylph is now ending its print publication with this August issue. Just thinking I won’t be writing “On Sale Every 22nd” anymore gets me a little down… But Sylph will continue to live on! And so will its comics! I’m readying up for the new challenges ahead of us!

With that, it’s time to set the stage for Pixiv Sylph! Officially available July 20th, Sylph’s popular titles as well as older titles will be hosted online via Pixiv. Additionally, starting in August with the September issue, new content will be released as well as a new app for reading ease.

To you who’ve read the comics and are now starting with Pixiv Sylph
To you who’ve read the print magazine and are staying with us
I hope Pixiv Sylph will provide much reading entertainment!

Every Thursday New Sylph Content!
Remember: Every Thursday New Sylph Content!

And with that, here’s is our final lineup:


Fortissimo – Dance in the castle –
Illustrated by Udajo
Written by  Harada Sayaka
Scripted by Kanse Atsuko

Home, Honey Home
Illustrated by Kumoya Yukio
Written by Ushio Ayane

Korabo Mijikashi Tsudoeyo Otome
Written by Kagami Eri
Collaboration from Animate Café

Continued Splendid Serializations:

Namako – Dramatic Irony
Enoki Rika – Tsuki wa Sasete ne
Morihashi Bingo, Koko Suwaru – Kono Koi ni Mirai wa Nai
Tsubaki Kaori – Shinigami ni Totsugu Hi
KUJIRA – Saku-chan to Nozomi-kun
Omiomi – Kimi ga Shinanai Hi no Gohan
Ayumura Yuki – Katakoi Miboujin
Maeda Tomo – Kamitsuki

Finally got around to translating the last blog post on Sylph’s website about the print edition dying :( I’m so sad tho! I went on vacation and was going to order my issue from when I got back. But now the final issue is OOP! WTF!? Where were you people before?? D:

Now I’m going to have to scramble to find an issue. Nooooo!

The End of Sylph…Kinda


Translation from

The Final Issue of Otome Monthly Magazine Sylph Goes on Sale; 3 Titles Finish, Others Move to New Web Magazine

The September Issue of Monthly Sylph (KADOKAWA) went on sale July 22. This issue marks the magazine’s final release, with the cover donning the message “THANKS!”.

Korabo Mijikashi Tsudoeyo Otome (Written by Kagami Eri with collaboration from Animate Café), Fortissimo (Written by Harada Sayaka, Scripted by Kanse Atsuko, Illustrated by Udajo), and Home, Honey Home (Written by Ushio Ayane, Illustrated by Kumoya Yukio) concluded in the September Issue. All other continuing serializations will move to Sylph’s new online magazine: Pixiv Sylph. On the magazine’s final pages were messages from the staff commenting on the publication’s final release.

Sylph first started publication on December 2006. Originally on a quarterly release schedule, Sylph was later released bimonthly until 2010 when the magazine went to a monthly publication. With its slogan “Heart Racing Otome Comics”, the magazine focused on the manga adaptations of Otome games and original stories aimed at female readers. While the print version of the magazine has ended, the magazine will live on in digital format.

Pixiv Sylph Lineup:

Choujin – Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga
Namako – Dramatic Irony
Enoki Rika – Tsuki wa Sasete ne
Izawa Meguru, Tagura Tohru – Koji Koi
Morihashi Bingo, Koko Suwaru – Kono Koi ni Mirai wa Nai
Tsubaki Kaori – Shinigami ni Totsugu Hi
KUJIRA – Saku-chan to Nozomi-kun
Omiomi – Kimi ga Shinanai Hi no Gohan
Ayumura Yuki – Katakoi Miboujin
Maeda Tomo – Kamitsuki
Hanata Rin, Hidou Ren – Starmyu (Revival Serialization)
Pepu – Shiro Ari (Revival Serialization)
Shimada Chie – Jigoku no Enra (Revival Serialization)
Kagami Eri, collaboration from Animate Café – Korabo Mijikashi Tsudoeyo Otome (Revival Serialization)

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Weekly Reads for 6/25/17

st dragon girl all
English reads:

St. Dragon Girl

Momoko is a girl who specializes in martial arts. Her childhood friend Ryuga specializes in sorcery. Together they protect Ryuga’s cousin from spirits.
(you don’t know how many times this bit was repeated in almost every chapter of this 8 volume series -__-)

From reading the side bars, St. Dragon Girl originally appeared episodically in various magazine issues before it became regularly serialized – thus why the continuous reminder of who Momoko and Ryuga were.

Nothing much to say. It was an ok read. Sometimes Momoko or Ryuga would get hellah annoying (Momoko with her insecurity, Ryuga with his blunt/playboy attitude) but it was never enough I had to put the manga down and burn it haha

I liked that other characters got some screen time instead of focusing solo on the leads. Was a nice change of pace :J

Overall, wasn’t a bad read. Something to read if you’re bored. Momoka kicking butt was pretty cool (you don’t see too many female leads training in martial arts too much) but she did at times fall pray to the “oh no I suddenly find myself unable to fight back oh what ever shall I do?” cliche where Ryuga would fly in, throw a talisman, and look cool doing it.

Sucks we’ll never get the sequel that follows Momoko’s child.

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Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Tank 1 Bonus


Bonus novella: A Heart in Love

Whoops! Almost forgot to post this baby too. Included in the first tank of “There is No Future for This Love” is a novella concerning how two characters as different as Masaki and Yuuji ever crossed paths into the broship/unrequited love that exists in the current manga.

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Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 5


Chapter 5: Equivalent Exchange

Last full chapter in tank 1, folks!

The chapter continues where chapter 4 left off: Yuuji pinned against the door, Tora asking him if he likes dicks. When Yuuji doesn’t respond, Tora provokes him by inching closer and flicking Yuuji’s lips with his fingers. Yuuji eventually wakes up and pushes the other guy off him: THE ONLY THING THAT CAN TOUCH THESE LIPS ARE MY LIPSTICK, GOOD FOOD, AND MASAKI’S BODY PARTS!

Either Yuuji is strong or Tora is a little bitch, because Tora goes flying. He looks up at a trembling Yuuji and decides they’ve gone far enough – he’s seen Yuuji’s reaction and the truth is now out. So how about some coffee?

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