Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 14 (Tid-Bits)

mekakushiRestarting Tid-Bits with a title I first started with 3 years ago…Zeele Sacrifice! At the time, I was extremely disappointed by the ending so I kicked the title to the darkest regions of my closet. However, now that I’m older and more mature (pssft), I have finally calmed down enough to finish what I started. If you’ve never read Zeele Sacrifice, I’m sure a few of the scans are still around to peek at. Don’t give up too early with the series if Yuiko’s pathetic-ness is what’s bothering you. While she doesn’t get ripped and defeats evil with her bare abs and muscular thighs, she does grow a spine as the series continues. Hell, she slaps a demon. Sure he almost breaks her hand five seconds later but hey, she tried!

All I ask is you don’t look at my earlier summaries for this series. You can tell I was new to the whole blogging game hurrrrr (.__.;)

Alright kids! Strap your butt cheeks in! The ride is about to start ~


Root #14

We start things off with Yuiko basically repeating what we learned in the previous chapter – all those who held shards of her soul have died and now one of  Chikage nipples is glowing with a shard (where that shard came from, I do not know. Maybe it finally changed its batteries and that’s why it’s shining?). Freaked out by this deluge of revelations, Yuiko runs off to find the one person who has all the answers. Google Diamu.

We scene jump over to Maya who is talking to the air, the topic of his story Yuiko. Hey, don’t judge. We all like to have an intelligent conversation with ourselves every now and then :P There are also these two random chicks staring off into the distance being creepy. I have no clue who they are or where they are for that matter (not in Maya’s room that’s for sure).

“Yuiko is a sweet girl, albeit a little timid.  …however, I think it’s because of her that “he’s” changing.”

Before we can be told who “he” is (though I think we all know who this “he” is – not too many options out there haha), Maya’s door comes smashing open. In comes Master-san, angry. His expression seems to scream “were you the one who used my good shampoo? >:U” but what he says instead is that Diamu has woken up. Maya, who had been looking at a wall earlier, is shown packing his school bag since it appears as if he just emptied the contents around himself (don’t ask me wtf happened. I’m just a person typing what I’m seeing). He apologizes for his tardiness which irritates Master-san. He glares at Maya, asking out loud why Maya smells suspiciously of hazel walnut jamboree would Diamu keep a half breed mongrel like Maya by his side. That said, he leaves, with Maya staring after him in dejection.


Yuiko’s duck lips kinda ruins the flow here xD

Diamu, despite just waking up, is up and moving around. He calls out for Master-san and the doors next to him flies open. In comes Yuiko, wearing the same expression Master-san had with Maya. Which one of you sons of bitches is wearing my favorite pair of panties? xD Bringing up the rear is Chikage, who for once does not have a scowl on his face. In fact, he’s just confused (or maybe he’s just scared that Yuiko will find out he’s the one wearing said panties). Diamu looks at Chikage and notices the twinkle in his nips.

Yuiko: “Aihara-senpai, my teacher, everyone…do the people who’ve housed a shard of my soul end up dying? Please – tell me what’s going on.”

Despite Yuiko’s sour temperament, Diamu calmly responds with:  “You’re about half right.”

Yuiko: “!?”

Diamu: “Those shards are pieces of your soul. It belongs to you, not them. Those shards are the only reason they were alive until now. In other words, the shards extended their lifespan.”

He goes on to explain that is wasn’t just coincidence that those with Yuiko’s soul happened to be close by. Her soul wants to become one again. That desire is what drew the soul shards close to Yuiko.

Chikage nods his head like, yup makes sense. Yuiko however is furious. His logic makes no sense. They die so she can live? This whole time they’ve been trying to put Yuiko’s soul together, she was pretty much…killing the people who housed her soul?? The weight of that realization causes Yuiko to fall to the floor, crying. Chikage puts a hands on her shoulder. There there, son. ヽ(・ω・ )      

Diamu is still not phased at all about the emotions being thrown at him. Think he’s high on some meds. He calmly explains that Yuiko is a dumb bitch and that the shards only extended the shard holders’ lives. Them peeps were destined for the grave in the end anyway.

Chikage: >:I even if that’s true, this is not the time!

We see Chikage’s scowl crawl back on his mug. Diamu comments on how Yuiko’s knight is making his appearance. Sucks that he’s next in line to die.

Chikage: >:(


OMFG, I’m going to die before the author of Game of Thrones… <-shit just got real perspective for Chikage…

The news starts to sink in for Chikage. He’s really going to die (Diamu: uh yeah I just said that). If what Diamu has said is true (Diamu: which it is), once the shard in him returns to Yuiko, he will follow the other shard holders and rock his cock out in heaven (Diamu: wait what?). He can’t figure out why he’s scared. It’s not the fact he’s going to die (which you’d think would make anyone a bit shaky). His mind turns to a a random memory between him and Yuiko. He’s telling Yuiko to wake up while trying to straighten her bed hair. Yuiko smiles. “Chi-chan, you’re always helping me out.”

That’s when he realizes what he’s scared of is what will happen to Yuiko. When her soul is pieced back together, the Lotus will function correctly again. However, that means the Oni will devour her to obtain the Lotus. And fuck that shit! But…if he doesn’t give her his shard…she will die instead….

Chikage: aw hell :(

Chikage, the knight that he is, asks Diamu and Yuiko to take the shard in him. Yuiko is still flying high on her emotional rocket. She screams it’s all a lie and pretty much freaks the hell out. Chikage grabs her arms and tells her to calm her raging tits.

“It’s ok, Yuiko. I’ll protect you until the end.”

Yuiko pulls herself out of Chikage’s grip and tells him to stop deciding things by himself. It should be her who decides. Diamu, who was pretty much just scratching his privates in the background, tells Yuiko that this isn’t just her problem but he’s cut off by Yuiko’s screams.


I forgot how much I love Diamu. Look at this bitch. He's just leaning against the wall like he's seen it all and is bored with it

I forgot how much I love Diamu. Look at this beautiful ass. He’s just leaning against the wall while Yuiko is urinating from her eyes. No attempt on his end to comfort her. I can see him saying bro. Mind shutting your girl up, some of us are trying to chill here

She throws herself on the floor and starts to sob. Diamu sighs. He must be on some strong drugs because his expression has not changed once during this whole ordeal. Can tylenol paralyze muscles that control eyebrow movement? Anyway, Diamu mumbles to Chikage that they’re done for today. So long as Yuiko is rejecting her shard, she won’t be able to fuse said shard with her soul. If they try to force the union, there’ll probably be problems down the road…(translation we’ve only got one volume left so we can’t waste time fucking up what took three volumes to accomplish).

From Diamu’s words, we understand that time is not really of the essence…or at least that’s what Chikage tells us. He decides a retreat is in order. He tells Yuiko they should head home but Yuiko instead throws a tantrum on the floor∑(゚д゚lll) holy shit is she a high-schooler or six? Eventually it gets to the point where even drugged Diamu gets annoyed. He yanks her up and drags her ass home like she made a scene in Target because he wouldn’t buy her a My Little Pony action figure.

We scene jump to Yuiko’s grandpapa. He’s looking at a photo of Yuiko’s parents and Yuiko when she was younger. But then, like a ninja, the power of shojo strikes and gives grandpa a heart attack. As he’s dying on the floor, we zoom in towards his shoulders to see something glowing…

(oh shit! Not grandpa too!!!)

Another scene change happens. This time we’re with Chair Shota whose face is screaming “oh shit! Not grandpa too!!!” though he’s really not freaking out about grandpa. He’s confused as to why there are two shards now active – which also confuses me because how does he know about this? I know Diamu said it’s a special Oni thing to handle things dealing with the soul but does that mean EVERYONE gets a psychic text message whenever one of Yuiko’s soul shards become active? Because Diamu wasn’t on that list when Chikage’s shard turned the bright on. And it seems like the other Oni don’t know shit about what’s going on. They’re just around to go “my lord” and “damn I’m a slaymama.” Well, whatever the reason, Chair Shota is all pissy about this new revelation. The reason two are active at once is probably because the manga is ending soon and shit needs to finish the soul is close to fusing completely. Chair Shota can’t do anything right now because the gate to the human world is closed off until the moon is in the correct position again, meaning all he can do is glare angrily at a wall like he’s doing right now xD He bitches about how the White Oni suck and tells his brother that he’s a loser (brother: I just came in to tell you food’s ready D’: the heck man??)


Man his face is kinda scary to scroll past o__O

“The next time I return will be your last!”

We jump back to Yuiko and co. Yuiko is still an upset lobster and storms into her house only to find grandpa facedown on the floor. I know this is supposed to be a serious moment but I can’t. I mean, look at him. He looks like he himself was throwing a tantrum on the floor only to tucker out in mid-flail.

"i want my poke'mon socks. i want it i want it i want it...sniff"

“i want my poke’mon socks. i want it i want it i want it…i don’t care that i’m 60 and I can just buy them…sniff”

Yeah, I’m a bad person.

Grandpa’s stunned-eagle-after-flying-into-a-glass-window-form awakens Diamu out of his druggy haze. For you see, it’s not just Chikage that’s bringing the shine. Grandpa too be glowing.

“He’s showing activity too? But how can there be TWO shard-holders at the same time?”

Once you picture his shoulder as an erect dick, you can never go back

Once you picture grandpa’s shoulder as an erect dick bulge, you can never go back (GRANDPA Y U DINGDONG SPARKLY!?)

Yuiko is in shock. So not only is her childhood friend destined to die but now her only remaining family member too!? Shojo don’t play! Chikage tries to calm her though he himself is letting out a few fear farts at everything going on. And even Diamu adds his two cents of comfort:

“It’s useless. This old man has reached his end.”

You go Diamu. Use the words in your heart to pacify the situation. (◉◞౪◟◉ )

Diamu then takes the moment to talk to himself about how shards work. By taking in shards, Yuiko’s lifespan increasing because her soul is being pieced back together. To get shards, you need shard holders.

Wow thank you Diamu. >__> Thanks for stating the obvious…

He also adds that if a shard holder dies before Yuiko has a chance to do whatever it is she does, then she will forever lose that bit of her soul and oops! Normally, Diamu wouldn’t really give a shit if grandpa was dying because they’d just go in and get the shard but since Yuiko is currently in cray cray mode, they’ve got problems.

Chikage breaks Diamu out of his monologue by asking if grandpa really is a shard holder.

Diamu: I didn’t just have 3 paragraphs of shard holder talk for nothing you stupid bitch >:/

Short answer, yes

Diamu’s eyes trail to where Yuiko is – who is currently calling an ambulance. At least someone is doing something productive! ^^; He comments on the need to speed up the shard gathering process.


“There’s no mistaking it. We’re running out of time. We need to complete her soul now. If we don’t get Yuiko to accept her fate, this whole series will have been pointless everything will have been for naught…and us Byakki will forever be banished to the darkness.”

End ~

OMG Tid-Bits done! Holy shit was I rusty. Our story is now working its way to the finale by speeding up the shard holder appearance rate. Chikage and grandpa. Damn! I saw grandpa but didn’t think the manga-ka would risk losing some eyecandy via Chikage. Yuiko herself lost some points here by just acting like a 7 year old. But I guess I wouldn’t be acting fine either if I found out I’ve been killing people in my quest to restore my soul including my teacher, my best friend, and my frenemy, and now my BFF and grandpa are next on the chopping block too.

Random thought – where did Master-san go? Wasn’t he all bitchy to Maya about leaving Diamu alone during his time of healing when it turns out Master-san did the same thing in the end here? I mean, Diamu left the house! Drugged!

PS. I love this “tag generator” plug-in. It’s so crazy xD bitches and panties and chair cheeks!

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