Door Mats

This page just shows all the old headers I used in the past :D


header72.jpg header61.jpg banner51.jpg banner41.jpg banner31.jpg banner21.jpg

Three years later, I update this again. Wow, looking at these old headers sure brings back memories! Now that digital mags are more prevalent, I’m going B/W for a while ~ The pics all came from either Zero-Sum or Comic It ~

3/16/2012 –

Looking Fabulous ~

Randomly went to Asuka’s official homepage and this dude from Kyo Kara Maoh was posing at the entrance. I liked his swagger so I made him into a header xD Sparkles and pink color scheme was not intended xD

Color Swirl

Another new theme came so…another new header xD I love trying new themes. No idea who this chick is. She was a hit I got on zerochan when I typed in WATER. Did a little PS on her to get that weird brick pattern (have no idea how that happened but I must figure this out for future headers 8D)

Crystal Shower

Nothing special to comment about the header. I was trying out a new theme and quickly made this header. The picture came from zerochan ~ It’s of FFXIII Vanille (who I always want to call Vanilla xD). While I never used her in my party, I loved the coloring scheme of the picture – thus she won over the Hope picture I was thinking of using :3

“When I think about it, doing this took determination…it took trust…and most of all, it took love” #miyako
Comic Sylph loves its manga adaptations of otome games ~ This comes from the color page for the new Miyako adaptation that was featured in the April 2011 Issue of Comic Sylph. Granted, the dude in the picture isn’t my favorite character but I like him. He’s a bishi version of Abe no Seimei. And he’s S. Yes, laugh with me (I’m sure the real Abe no Seimei is laughing too…or he’s rolling in his grave in shame…whichever ^^). I kind of butchered the translation (I know that last one, そして恋だったんだ, actually reads more along the lines of “and love” but since the んだ was there, I changed it a bit (bc んだ means there’s added emphasis :3). Also, I have on idea what the hell she’s talking about. These were words she was saying in a…future flashback(?) (I have no idea what the word is for this, but it’s a scene that’s going to happen in the future).

What sound does snow make when it falls?” #gakupo
After leaving my Halloween banner up until flippin New Years, I decided it was time for some change. Side story first: Due to some kind stroke of fate, I was able to find the product code for my PS I lost during the summer prior :D After sending in the required information, I was able to get my serial number. The result? I NOW HAVE FLIPPING PS ON THIS NEW COMPUTER :D Which means I can fix my banners on this computer

“All Hollows’ Eve”
A Halloween theme. Finally get to do one :D (since this blog was made late in October, doing a Halloween banner wasn’t something I was thinking about). This is a pretty simple one. Just found an image on and pasted it in PS with some words. The vocaloids are so cute x3 (would have liked Luca and…that dude with the eggplant…in here as well but oh well ~). Like how Kaito is looking at that cat like, there’s something about that cat guys. Think we should watch out for it…

“Watching the snow…”
This was definitely a random banner. See, when I made this banner, I was also starting the Hakuouki summaries. I figured I used my favorite character x Chizuru as the banner. However, somehow…I accidentally made it look like it was snowing ^^; (note that at the time, it was summer). Very random. I believe I secretly had a desire to go someplace cool to escape the summer heat. Yeah…>_>;

「今日も調合がんばるぞー!」 (I’ll work hard today as well on my mixtures)
A new theme came out so naturally I had to try it out ^^ The theme was Bueno. Bueno has a different size for its headers than Twenty Ten so that means new header time ~ I didn’t do anything hardcore with this header because I figured I’m just going to end up changing my theme anyway.  The picture comes from the PS3 game Atelier Totori, the sequel to the PS3 game Atelier Rorona ~ I just brightened the color and tilted the image sideways. Then added some random text to fill the blank spot to her left. Also added my blog’s name on it too (hoho, a reoccurring thing?). Actually like how flowery she looks – especially because the time this was made, there were wild flowers blooming all over the place where I lived :3

飛べる ~ Fly
This header was made because I wanted to try out the new Twenty Ten theme wordpress had recently released. The character jumping in the air is Koutaro from Animal Academy (Hakobune Hakusho). I was originally going to use Miiko but 1.) Koutaro looked cooler and 2.) I like foxes so he naturally won ;3 I’m not sure if I colored him in right (I kind of guessed ^^;). I found the background randomly on google. It looked badass in combination with the cloud background I also found (though you can’t really notice the clouds too much – think I made it too hazy haha). Also, this is the first header where I actually put the name of my blog on it! (Spoils!)

“Safe…in your arms”

I saw the colored illustration for Room #17 of Stray Love Hearts and thought OMG CUTE! Unfortunately, the scene was with Kitoo. No offense to the Kitoo fans, but I like another character whose name begins with “K” (and no, it’s not Kain/Cain). So I decided to photoshop Kitoo’s face away XD This way I could pretend it’s Kuga. But then I realized, shit! Kuga wears a black colored school uniform! Bah. Oh well, as least it looks cute. I had fun adding the firefly light things 8D

This was a header I used when I decided to start my Stray Love Hearts summary project. Minimal effort when into making this. I just resized it and liked what came out. Love how I got all the (important) guys to appear. I feel bad that Kitoo is kicked to the back. That poor boy gets abused by everyone, not just Asukai XD

This header was to celebrate the release of the first Spice and Wolf book in the states. I wanted a picture that included both Lawrence and Holo. However, the internet apparently doesn’t like Lawrence too much. Most of the good pictures had only Holo. So I had to use some mad photoshop skills to get these two together *haha* I wanted to use a winter theme but as you can see, I instead went with a fall theme instead XD

4 thoughts on “Door Mats

    • A blogger friend I know – Rin – has MAD photoshop skills. I’m always impressed by the awesomeness people can do with PS :U I have YET to figure out how to make a box shape and keep it there (my box shape always disappears ^^;)

      Thank you for your comment x3


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