Tid Bits: BROTHERS CONFLICT feat. Natsume Chapter 1

I don’t even know how long this serialization is going to be but I like the character Natsume so I’m down to doing Tid-Bits on his arc ~

colorpage copy

(like how I base my favoritism on this brother based on the official artwork. Outside his pictures, I know nothing about him xD)


“We met at a place where vows of love are exchanged. Now that I think about it, it might have been fate.”

The chapter starts with Natsume’s boss going, welp folks. The top brass doesn’t like the game we’re making. It’s too hard. Using the right analog stick to go forward and the left analog stick to move the camera is just too much. Thus it’s on indefinite hiatus until we get this shiz worked out….fuckers.


To help figure out how bad their game really is in terms of difficulty, they’ll need to get someone to try the game out. Who is going to be that person? *shrugs sholuders* Ain’t Natsume’s boss’s problem. Good luck boys!

With that, the boss leaves, dropping everything on Natsume and his coworker…Cecil (he’s never given a name). The two do as is expected of coworkers when their boss is out of earshot: talk! Cecil seconds the top brass’s words. Using two joysticks is just too ahead of its time. Just no. There probably isn’t a person out there in Japan who can beat this game…

His words prompt Natsume to imitate a flashback. There is someone…his sister…


Cecil: Wait, you have a sister? Last I heard, your mom gave birth to a baseball team, all pre-equipped with their own set of balls.

Natsume: =___= how did you know I had that many brothers?

Cecil: Uh dude. 13 boys? One vagina? Like, really. Was your dad hyped on Viagra because seriously I don’t even know how that was possible. Did he ever STOP!? Was he always going, 24/7, even when she was in labor??? ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

Natsume: …let’s just end this here.

Cecil: And now you have a sister? Does your mom even have legs anymore from shooting out all these kids!? Is she just one giant hole on the bottom??? ( ;꒪Д꒪)ノ

Natsume: okay, whoa. Let me explain how I got a sister.

Cecil: Natsume ಠ_ಠ I think I’m pretty intelligent enough to know how you got a sister. It’s the same method used to give you 12 brothers.

Natsume: (。 ̄□ ̄) …let’s just go to the flashback.

Natsume explains that Ema is the daughter of his mother’s new husband (guess all that humping finally killed off the first husband…he died the way most men wish they could die…jk I don’t know what happened to him). Turns out Natsume didn’t even know she existed until the day of the wedding when his brothers were like, hey look this is Ema. She’s our new sister! 8D

Natsume: ಠ_ಠ  what?

Them: 8D we didn’t tell you? Lol ~ whoops ~


Before Natsume can get an explanation as to why he suddenly has a sister that no one bothered to tell him about, the girl in question randomly goes omg, Bro A and Bro B aren’t just twins what? (very random but whatever). Tsubaki and Azusa explain that they, along with Natsume, are actually triplets. Tsubaki and Azusa are identical twins while Natsume just happened to be a fertilized egg chillin on the side.

Natsume: =__= thanks…love you too bros

Holy shit…so mom fired 3 shots in one go. HOW FUCKING FURTILE IS THIS DAD!? Jeez, I feel like just mentioning this guy will increase any person’s chances of suddenly becoming pregnant!

Explanation done, Azusa tells Natsume to introduce himself to Ema. Naturally, Natsume is like ಠ_ಠ think you two already gave a pretty in depth explanation there. Not sure if there’s anything else that needs to be added, unless she wishes to know the color of my panties or my favorite Justin Timberlake song. However, Azusa…gives Natsume a look and Natsume instantly goes, ya ho ~ Natsume desu ;D Yoroshiku nya ! to Ema.

(since I don’t know anything of BroCon save this chapter, I can’t explain why Natsume bowed down to his brother Azusa. Sorry.)

Natsume hands over a business card to Ema because that’s how he rolls. Rather than be like me and throw the card in her pocket where it’ll later be disposed of, Ema reads the card and finds out Natsume works for a video game company. Ema herself is a big fan video games, especially of the company Natsume gets his paycheck from. Happy to meet a fan, Natsume mentions off hand that he can give Ema some freebies from his work if she’d like, which elicites a happy response from Ema.


Back in the present, Natsume smiles at the memory. Cecil notices Natsume’s smile and comments that Natsume must be thinking of some dirty shiz (◉◞౪◟◉ )

Natsume: ಠ_ಠ why do we even talk to each other

Since he’s still thinking about Ema, he comments on how he thought she was old like him when he first saw her because of her attire. However, the minute she opened her mouth his image of her fell over dead. Reminiscing about Ema reminds Natsume of what he was saying prior to his flashback. Oh yeah, use Ema to be his game tester! Tur hur!


Natsume grabs the game and heads out to his family’s apartment complex thing. He sees one of his brothers on the way over (lol, well, I guess with that many brothers, he probably sees 3 of them randomly on the streets every day haha). He opens his mouth so say something but the bro has a “I’ll shank your balls off” look on his face (it’s not directed at Natsume…the bro doesn’t even realize Natsume is there. He’s just glaring at a streetlamp or something). The brother, Subaru, goes running off, with Natsume watching.


“Instant, yup, something is going to happen with these two” signals just went off.

Later, we see Natsume standing in front of the apartment’s doors. Someone calls his name. Behind him is Azusa. Azusa is like, wtf bro. I thought you were a creeper.

Natsume: (◉◞౪◟◉ )

Natsume explains that he forgot his key and that no one was inside. Azusa scolds Natsume, telling him to use his phone to call one of the brothers. There are 12 others who live here. One of them has to be free to open the door for Natsume. Now granted access to the building’s interior, Natsume follows Azusa into the apartment’s elevator (how friggin fancy is this place!? An ELEVATOR!? My apartments say go fuck yourself handicap and elderly D8). The two randomly talk about the “I’ll shank your nuts off” bro so we definitely know something is up between Natsume and this brother. That obvious plot piece dropped, Azusa then asks why Natsume stopped by. It’s been like a year since his last visit. What’s the special occasion? Natsume explains that he wants to give a sample of the game his company is working on to his new sister.

“You came all the way here to give her that?”

Natsume: …yeah? She said she liked games…uh? (  ̄д ̄;)

Azusa comments how even though Natsume only met her once, he’s already considered her a sister.

Natsume: uh yeah? Not like me saying no to that will change things…I’m so confused. (  ̄д ̄;)

Azusa nods his head and says Natsume’s response is so Natsume. Can’t hate a bro for being himself. However, things may get a little physical if Natsume becomes a rival…it’s a free for all if you get what I mean.

Natsume: No. I don’t. Please explain. (  ̄д ̄;)


(creeeeeeppppyyyyyyy, Azusa. I’d be so awkward if my step-bro who I haven’t even hung out with for a month saw me not as a sibling but as a ho whose bootie needed to be smacked…too soon, man ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ Actually, I’d be so awkward if 12 of my brothers wanted to get into my pants…one of them being 11 and the other 30 something…)

Of course Azusa doesn’t explain because it’s just nice and creepy the way things are at now. Instead, he asks if Natsume is planning on riding the elevator some more. During Azusa’s I’M TOTALLY INTO MY STEP SISTER AND YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR MITTS OFF HER K speech, they had reached Azusa’s floor. Natsume says that since no one is here, he might as well leave. He gives the game to Azusa who looks at the game then at Natsume.

Azusa: Uh…if you knew from the start no one was here and you were going to hand this game to me in the end, why did you ride the elevator with me?

Natsume: …

Azusa: …

Natsume: …

Azusa: …

Natsume: …stfu

Time flies. One day, Natsume is walking when he receives a text from Ema (love that the header says “non title.” Lol, Ema, you working on your French xD). I can’t make out most of the text since only a portion is shown in the panel but basically Ema is like, wtf is this game supposed to be for, the gifted because this shiz is hard help. Natsume smiles at the text (sadist) and looks at the time. It’s 3:12. He’s dicking around instead of being at work (can’ think of a plausible reason as to why he’d be out at 3:12 instead of working) and she’s probably out of school since she’s texting him (ಠ_ಠ right kids?) so why not meet to help her out? He sends her a text to meet him at a café. When Natsume goes to said café, he is greeted by an overly energetic Ema, which naturally confuses Natsume. He’s like ಠ_ಠ uh sorry to keep you waiting?


Turns out the reason Ema was so excited to see Natsume is because the café he selected is filled to the tits with dusty old lobsters who I guess have nothing better to do than be dusty old lobsters and lololol at Ema. Natsume himself has a lol moment because Ema’s reaction was similar to something his brother Subaru had when Natsume did the same thing to him (except in Subaru’s case, Natsume had him meet at a fancy…place (not specified) and Subaru was in his stinky jersey. Also, Subaru was like, this isn’t a place two men should be meeting up…. >___>). Ema smiles, saying it’s nice that Natsume and Subaru are so close. That gets Natsume a bit down. Recently things have been kind of distant between him and Subaru. He can’t figure out why. Since Ema lives in the same apartment mansion condo thing as him, may she noticed something with Subaru?

Ema: Hell if I know. I’m still trying to remember all your names.


Nothing gained, the two get down to ordering. Ema mumbles about getting some cheap ass tea.

Natsume: ಠ_ಠ what?

Ema explains that she doesn’t have that much money so she can’t pay for both of them if she gets something expensive.

Natsume: ಠ_ಠ what?

Trying again, Ema explains that she’s the one who asked Natsume for help with his kick in the nuts difficult game and he made time out of his busy schedule to come and meet with her. It’s only natural she pay as a way of saying thank you.

Natume: ಠ⌣ಠ pssft

Natsume totally wants to soil his trousers in lols but he manages to keep his adult façade. He tells Ema that he’s the one who asked her to meet him here so it’s on him. When Ema tries to object, he tells her to look at things from an outsider’s POV: he’s a grown man with a job and he’s being treated to food by his high school age sister who can’t really afford to pay for both of them. He also adds:

“Let me do this as your big brother.”


When put that way, Ema capitulates and orders whatever since the tab is now on big brother ~ The two have their tea. Natsume pulls this huge manual from his pants and gives it to Ema in hopes of helping her get past the tutorial mode in his game. As she’s reading over the book (holy crap it’s bound and everything like a real book…okay, encyclopedia. This thing is like dictionary huge, guys), Natsume studies Ema. She wears girl clothes and has girly hair. Yup. She’s a girl (lol Natsume wtf xD). He remarks how she’s still a girl even when absorbed in games or doing whatever (again, wtf Natsume xD).


He smiles into the tea he drink and time passes. Eventually the peaceful atmosphere is broken when Natsume’s phone rings. It’s work. They’re like, where the hell are you? What kind of lunch break do you think we have here? Both look outside to see it’s gotten dark. Yup, time to leave!

As the two are walking, Ema thanks Natsume for meeting with her. She tells him that while at times the game is like pooping when constipated, it’s still fun. She looks forward to when the game is officially released. Natsume smiles and tells her good luck. As they walk, Natsume’s eyes trail to the back of her neck. It’s balls cold and she doesn’t have a scarf? The heck woman. You WANT to die?


Being the gentleman that he is, Natsume gives Ema his scarf, under the pretense that looking at her made him feel cold. When she tries to protest, he’s like ಠ_ಠ just take it (let’s not have a repeat of the café scene k?). Ema smiles brightly, remarking about how warm the scarf makes her. This is when Natsume’s heart starts to go doki doki. However, rather than be like Azusa and think, man I need to bone her, Natsume is more, maybe having a sister won’t be too bad after all :3


The two part and that’s where our chapter ends ~


Holy crap…I think this is the longest Tid-Bits to date D: But it was so much fun ~ I’m looking forward to more Natsume 8D

Azusa…you can go away thx. >__>; Hopefully your game persona is not as creepy as your manga persona….

PS. WordPress strikes again. Tag suggestion: Giant Hole and Sister Cecil. Suggestions accepted, WordPress! xD

11 thoughts on “Tid Bits: BROTHERS CONFLICT feat. Natsume Chapter 1

  1. Well, this is a surprise, but this Natsume is totally my type. 0_0 Like, a normal working adult bishie. 8D I might read this if it ever gets translated even if I must say I am not too fond of the premise of the Brothers Conflict merchandise. Brothers trying to get into your pants + some are not even of legal age + wtf there’s 13 of them (seriously, I’d never remember their names in her place XD). I just… Their mother… Can’t stop the mental images from overflowing…
    Btw, that ddr post was hilarious, it somehow reminded me of that old disco song Evacuate the dancefloor. Not sure why. It fits though. Probably.


    • I really like Natsume too. At first I just based my liking on his face but hey hey turns out he’s pretty interesting personality wise ~
      Plus, he’s not like, hey sis. I want to bang you. (◉◞౪◟◉ )
      (well, at least manga Natsume isn’t like that…not sure about video game Natsume).

      Seeing how popular BroCon is, I think once this gets compiled into a tankoubon, some group will jump on it. Had Sylph gone the manga route in the first place instead of a novel adaptation, we’d definitely see a stronger BroCon fanbase scan wise.
      Also, I feel when the anime comes out, everyone will kick Amnesia to the corner and be on BroCon xD

      Haha, Noctemleya. You’re like me – I initially only knew Natsume’s name. If it weren’t for the fact the brothers kept saying each others names over and over again (as if they’re trying to remind themselves who is who haha) in this manga-adaptation, I’d have used my special nicknames for them. Azusa was going to be Steven and Tsubaki was going to be Chadlin.

      Yes, that mother. Like damn. Was she ever NOT pregnant? And dad…gessus, put the tiger back in its cage. Give mom at least a month off! I know guys have the drive to procreate but shit, this is crazy. Like is half of JP made up of your offspring sir!?

      8D I know the Cascada version! I didn’t realize she didn’t make that song. Yes, Evacuate the Dance Floor is definitely accurate. No one got that DDR station that night…it was on reserve…for love ~


  2. i have to agree with Noctemleya. there are just too many guys in this story!
    and wow! i did not expect Azusa to be such a creep! now i’m rethinking about NOT buying any other brother’s conflict merchandise… i already bought a little notebook with azusa and tsubaki in the cover. i like how they look <3 and they are twins… *drools* *0* and that picture with both of them showering….. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm *q* i was going to buy the cushion of that xDDDD
    i imagined azusa to be the mild kinda serious, kind quiet kinda type… i really did not expect he was like this!
    is his twin like this too??? D:


    • Indeed! This is a series for those girls who can’t get enough eye candy xD Well, here are 13 guys, ranging from dinosaur to jail bait! Take you pick, ladies ~

      I’m not sure how Video Game Azusa is compared to Manga Azusa. This situation kind of reminds me of Heart no Kuni no Alice. Manga Blood was a douche but apparently Video Game Blood was a lot better. So maybe the video game is better? Maybe they handle his “gotta tap my sister” mindset…in a less creepy manner?
      I remember when BroCon was first announced and I kept seeing Azusa and Tsubaki hugging each other. Me: the hell!? These guys hug each other more than they do the main girl! Are they ghey for each other!? xD

      Oh I have a poster of that scene – the shower one. Sylph gave it out as a freebie. It’s hidden in my closet because yeah…I’m too embarrassed to have 2-D nekkid mens on my wall xDDDD

      I thought Azusa was going to be the quite type as well. I saw the oldest brother as the creeper (after I found out he wasn’t the main girl’s dad…lol oops xD)

      In this first chapter, we didn’t see much of Tsubaki save for the flashback scene so I can’t tell his personality. We’ll see in future chapters how he is ^^


  3. and just when i was wondering how asahinas’s mother giving birth to them, you hit the spot!!
    it was hard to memorized ALL the brothers name, it makes me wonder how can Ema remembers it in such short period of time @_@.
    i only watch the anime but i’m interested to the LN, can you tell me where i can get the english translation of the LN?


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