Journal: Love on the DDR Floor

Oh man, sorry for the lack of updates on Spoils. Life has been getting a bit cre cre. I’m currently working on my final tests at work. Once I’m done with these, I’ll be a full fledged worker! However, I’m currently having drama over my tests because my head person is supposed to be evaluating my stuff but she’s been brushing me off. Heck, it took two weeks for her to look at one of my tests which should only take like 3 hrs at the max to check ;___; (pretty much I was being paid to sit at my desk and read scientific articles from 1988…). Because of this, I’m falling behind…I don’t want to be fired.

When I told my training people about this (in hopes that hey maybe they’ll do something about this because shit isn’t it their job to make sure I get through training?), I was told I needed to rat her out to her supervisor and our head director.


Shit…that was like…the worst advice a human could give to another human. I think hitting her over the head with a sack of wet dicks would have been better…

Doing it MY way, I managed to get some push out of her but I’m hoping next week will be better. I have so many tests I need to rerun (damn you shitty reagents! Please, Work. Stop being cheap and order the good stuff already) but I can’t until she lets me :____: Please…I want to graduate from training. I don’t want to be fired…

Sigh. Other than work drama, I’ve been working on being more social. I went out shopping with a coworker one week. We looked at all these cute little boutiques and then ran for it each time we saw how much something like a friggin shirt cost xD Three weeks of groceries right there…no.


(the only thing I bought was some soap that’s supposed to promote happiness. I need it right now (´;ω;`) )

Then we had a wonderful time trying to find a restaurant to have dinner at. I have this app on my phone that posts the health inspection reports for restaurants and yeah…it was hard finding a place because the moment you see “roaches” or “rodents,” your desire to eat at that place dies. But we did find some place nice 8D Really nummy eats!


Another week I went shopping with another coworker and bought myself a dish drying..rack thing. I was so happy. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)No more drying by hand! I’m so happy she introduced me to Bath Bedroom and Beyond. I’ve definitely got to stop by again to buy more stuff to help my apartment out.


(we passed this cute cupcake store. We didn’t get anything though. We had already macked out on some Hummingbird cake someone had brought in ;9)

And yesterday, I went with two coworkers to have sushi and goof around at Dave and Busters. They were determined to see me play DDR but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) it was occupied…for love (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

See, we saw the DDR game and we perched ourselves on some stools for another game while we waited for this Asian chick to finish (bitch had moves btw – it’s in the genes!). As we were waiting, this dude came up right next to the machine. My coworkers were like, oh wait I think he wants to go but something inside me said, no wait. Something magical is going to happen. So we waited. The girl finishes, and her and her friends stagger off (oh drunk youths). He goes on the platform and calmly takes off his jacket. He takes his time folding it and everything. In my head, I’m thinking: omg, shit just turned real.

The man then swipes his card. He selects his options and takes a long time picking a song. After the time counter is nearly to 0, he finally decides on a song. The difficulty is on medium which is ok but the thing is…he’s using two pads. So he’s got EIGHT steps instead of the standard 4. So he does his dancing and I know…this isn’t the end. This is a warm up. And sure enough, he plays that same song again, only on extreme.

And let me tell you, that brother’s legs were flying. He was all over the place and he was magic. I loved that this little kid walking by actually stopped in his tracks and stared at the man with his mouth open. Guys, it was literally open. I could have hung my bag from his mouth. I think this child just found his new role model.

Kid: ( Д ) ゚ ゚ (SHOCK)

Others stared in shock as well. I mean, shit. This guy was like the Prince of Dance. He kept picking crazy songs, wavering between extreme and challenging. After getting our fill of his magic feet, we decide that he ain’t going anywhere any time soon and that we should try other games until he’s done.

We played things like racing games, shooters, and skee ball. Each time we did a rotation around the game area, we’d look to see if he was done but nope. His feet would not be stopped.

Sometime in the night, his magic steps must have pounded out some sort of courtship rituatl because the next thing we knew, he was dancing the night away with some lady. They were still together even after we left and that was 3 hrs later!

I think someone might have gotten lucky, guys. Ladies like a man that can DRR on extreme!

And that’s pretty much my life right there xD

Once training is complete for me, I think I’ll be able to sit down more and work on blog related stuff :3 I’ve got Shounen Oujo 16 written up so one day it’ll be out xD And Sylph Part II is almost done. I got side track writing a Tid-Bits for the new BroCon manga featuring Natsume ~

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ಠ_ಠ recommendation accepted, WordPress. Hope your spam filter works good.]

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