Hijikata Arc Part I, Hakuouki Summary

Well, after a lengthy wait, I give you the summary to Hijikata’s arc, Part 1!

Okay, so it’s already found online
But hey, you never know when that might disappear!
Besides, you get my wonderful wise-cracks

Stop glaring at me! I’ll get to Stray Love Hearts once I finish Hijikata’s arc ;P

Just to let you all know, A LOT of details are missing in this manga. Time skips are abundant. What happened in the past isn’t explained or even shown. Also, random characters will be mentioned who I have no clue are. Had I watched the anime more I’d probably get what’s going on but I haven’t yet so yeah…please bear with me ^^;

NOTE not mine - I left lots of my Comic Sylph volumes at home due to moving. Found on mangafox

The chapter starts with Chizuru explaining her situation. In a long winded sentence, she went off to find her missing father but due to circumstances ends up living with the Shinsengumi who at first were sort of scary but after various encounters and situations (which we never see) Chizuru finds herself warming up to them and thinking, these hot guys may not be so bad after all. This next part is probably going to be inaccurate because a time skip occurs (and naturally that time skip didn’t have an appearance in the manga >_<). The character in the bottom right corner is Chizuru’s TRAP brother. From what I can tell in this flashback/time skip, the brother was all, join the me & my gang Chizuru and Chizuru got emo about it. I’m assuming stuff happens which lead to Hijikata telling Chizuru, look if you don’t want to go with the little tranny, then don’t. Chizuru wears a O///O look on her face due to his words and this is where the real stuff begins.

Phew, okay. After BS-ing my way through that, let’s start.

NOTE again, not mine. Found on mangafox

Chizuru comes in with a tray full of pathetically microscopic cakes and plates. Seems Matsumoto (whoever that is…) got these treats as souvenirs for everyone. Chizuru says she’ll put the cakes on a tray before serving them out but the thought of cake is too tempting. Why take time being neat when you can use the utensils God gave us –fingers.

Chizuru: =_=; men…

Okita remarks that the other boys have appetites like a cow. Eating all that cake will layer their brains with sugar frosting (holy shit Okita, look at the size of that cake! You don’t even have to chew before swallowing – that’s how small it is! Besides, when did you start counting calories?!).

Bandana guy and Chizuru take offense. Bandana guy pretty much says eating = energy >:U. Chizuru follows suit by saying the egg and sugar in the cake are good forms of nourishment (…I can kind of see why people back in this day and age didn’t live long, with logic like that). Okita, tempted by the cake in front of his face, breaks off his diet and eats it (he’ll go back on it tomorrow).

Eating this means 3 days of ice chips and treadmilling but SCREW IT! CAKE >:U (also, holy crap these pictures came out huge!) (last note: I decided to put in Okita because his arc sucks. I felt I might as well give the Okita fans some love)

Having sabotaged Okita’s diet probably because her own diet was a failure, Chizuru has her sights on Hijikata >:D However, he’s off having a man-emo moment. Naturally, as a female, Chizuru becomes allured by this and stares at him dreamingly. Hijikata notices Chiruru’s stare and asks what’s up? Brought back to her senses and her mission, she presents the cake to Hijikata. However, Hijikata is a tough cookie and says he’s good. He just needs more tea.

But a woman off her diet looking to take others down with her will not be thwarted from her goal. Going for plan B, she says she’ll leave the cake here right next to Hijikata while she goes to get him more tea. Adding one last push, she says eating sweets are good when you’re thinking…

Hook, line, and sinker – Hijikata grabs the cake and scarves it down.


*Will be right next to Okita on said treadmill, munching on ice chips...yes, they had treadmills in ancient Japan. Just a little...different looking. Now shut up ;P*

Chizuru: ^___^ hee hee <3 .

(I bet you afterwards, Chizuru probably thought f@#k! That was the last piece!? There were 6 before and only 5 of us ate. *pulls out her own copy of Hakuouki, Comic Sylph edition* who took that last piece!? I’ll kill em! >:U)

Watching Hijikata eat, Chizuru thinks how happy she is to be by his side. She then questions if she’s useful to him…


Time skip to a fight scene. Hijikata is getting his butt slammed.

This is Patrick if anyone was curious (he gets his own arc later on)

A blonde hair guy taunts Hijikata for sucking. Chizuru introduces him to the readers. He is Chikage but I’m sticking with Patrick because he’s only going to appear for a few more panels before disappearing so there’s no need to remember his name a demon/oni like her, who wants Chizuru so he’s been stalking the Shinsengumi for a chance to nab her.

As a side note, Chizuru also mentions that Patrick killed Inoue, who was protecting her. Yeahhhhh…no idea who this guy is but this reinforces @myuniques hypothesis that you need a full head of hair to live in Hakuouki (with one exception, who is coming up).

After giving Inoue one sentence worth of screen time in this manga, Chizuru goes back to the main topic of interest: Hijikata ~ He came rushing over to help but now he’s the one who needs help. Chizuru thinks, is there anything she can do!?

Chizuru loses her chance when Hijikata pulls out a vial. Patrick calls Hijikata a retard for thinking to use the Ochimizu (whatever that is). Hijikata drowns it, saying they won’t be defeated here!!!! (I’m assuming he has other friends here with him)

Now that his hair has changed colors, Hijikata unleashes his hair’s super powers and kicks butt.

OMG this is just like DBZ! Hair color changes DOES give you power!

He slices up Patrick’s face. Patrick, being a vein fellow, isn’t too pleased with the blood messing up his make-up. However, Hijikata isn’t worried. In fact, he’s super happy that he actually landed a hit and now thinks he’s the cat’s meow. Actually, he’s going crazy because of the Ochimizu. Chizuru tells us this as she sits on the sidelines, thinking how to stop the fight between the two. While contemplating, a ninja appears –Yamazaki who I’m calling Phil (so many effing people popping up! D=).  He asks what’s happening?

He looks over at the two fighters and thinks, huh, that guy with the white hair has the same hairstyle as Hijikata. Wow, he even has the same face. And body structure. Wonder who he is? OMG that outfit is what Hijikata wears! That’s him! (no lie people – Phil identifies Hijikata on his clothes despite Hijikata looking the EXACT same except with white hair and foam hanging off the side of his mouth due to going rabid). After putting 2 and 2 together and finally getting 4, Phil realizes that Hijikata must have drank the Ochimizu – that’s why his hair color is different and he’s babbling insanely!


Scene shift over to our two fighters. Patrick is really infuriated by his new look. Destruction of his private property aka his face increases his powers. His rage easily PWNs Hijikata’s new found hair powers and he knocks Hijikata’s sword out of his hand. Chizuru decides the best course of action is to scream into her hands and not watch Hijikata get mauled. Phil on the other hand decides to change his title to meat shield and takes the fatal blow meant for Hijikata.

Phil: "Ugh! Remember me!" Hijikata: "OMG! Noooo! You!!!!"

Phil basically says Hijikata is important and he shouldn’t die here. Someone calls out Hijikata’s name. Patrick decides it’s time to get the f out of there. He tells Hijikata he’ll chop his head off later and skips off into the shadows. The other Hakuouki boys appear. Somehow, Yamazaki’s save snapped Hijikata back to his senses, which causes his hair to turn back to its original color. The boys ask what the heck happened (that’s what I’d like to know!), there are dead soldiers littered everywhere (where did those dead guys come from!?)!

Hijikata doesn’t answer their question. Instead he asks if they can administer some medical help for Phil. The boys look down at the obviously dying Phil and go, omg you’re hurt! Chizuru finally acts and helps the boys out with the emergency aid. Saitou I guess doesn’t feel compelled to help Phil and instead asks Hijikata what happened. Hijikata laments how so many soldiers sacrificed themselves yet he lived.

Saitou: you stealing my emo thunder? >:U

Chizuru overhears Hijikata and thinks how useless she was (uh, Chizuru…instead of crying into your hands, why don’t you go help Yamazaki first. Just a thought…^^;). Stuff happens. Here’s the quick over view:

· The gang moves to a new location

· Yamazaki dies along the way

· Hijikata is mourning and works himself to the bone to forget his pain

· Isami comes back and goes right back to work.

· Dissent is brewing with the shinsengumi boys.

· The name Shinsengumi is changed to something else

· The boys get makeovers

· Chizuru thinks Hijikata looks hot

· Things don’t work out with the new place

· In fact, they get their asses whooped

· Harada and bandana guy leave, saying eff this

· Okita is off dying somewhere due to his sickness

· Isami is emo-ing

Whoa snap dat boy look good! (Also, last scene Okita shows up in - he goes off to die now >_> poor guy)

Now we are at our present situation. Chizuru brings tea to Hijikata. However, inside she finds him withering around on the floor. Knowing he’s not doing some new fangled exercise to tightened the gluts, she rushes over, yelling if he’s alright. He tells her not to yell. Chizuru recalls a flashback that never happened in the manga with Heisuke – he says that rasetsu (or whatever Hijikata became) want blood like a homeless guy wants a snickers bar.

Happy at the opportunity to reenact a risqué scene her favorite vampire themed romance novel, Chizuru grabs a little dagger I didn’t know she had (though I think it was mentioned in the anime) and slices her finger. She tells Hijikata to drink it. Hijikata is a little nervous but he goes to sucking/licking. Judging by Chizuru’s expression, she is pleased that the reenactment was a success.

Chizuru: Hell. Yeah. <3

After getting his fix, Hijikata tries to make conversation by saying a girl who is at marriageable age shouldn’t cut herself like that (really Hijikata? Is that the first thing that comes to mind after what happened between you two? Plus, I think the finger sucking would be a lot more scandalous than the cutting part). Chizuru decides instead of dipping her fingers around it to take the plunge and get to the heart of the matter. She tells Hijikata he’s been over doing it and he needs to stop using the power of the rasetsu. It’s all because of her he became a rasetsu, to which Hijikata says it was his decision.

“If it’s tough, please say something! Please tell me what you truly feel – that you didn’t want to be a rasetsu!”

*crying powers activated* See my tears! Feel like an ass! Then bend to my will!!!! >:D

Chizuru guilt trips him with tears, saying it’s harder on her if he keeps quiet about his true feelings. Feeling bad about making a girl cry, he folds. If anything like this happens he’ll call on her. Chizuru is happy with the idea (let me live my Twilight fantasies >:D). He remarks that Chizuru is just like his older sister, scolding him and such (wow…that’s just…sad for you to say Hijikata =_=; I’m sure Chizuru is thinking, wtf!? Would you suck your sister’s blood!? D<). Chizuru puts on a smile, saying she’s happy that she can at last be useful to him.

We skip over to Isami who’s still emo-ing. Basically he tells Chizuru his childhood dream was to be an ass kicking, name taking commander but so far he hasn’t gotten to that point yet. Since this is the Hijikata arc and that’s who we care about, he brings the story back to Hijikata. Chizuru says he’s doing good in his own way. Chizuru says Hijikata will get better – we can leave it to him! – but is surprised when Isami says her statement is a bit cruel. Before she has a chance to wonder what he meant, who should come bursting through the door (no not Cain, wrong series xD) but Hijikata himself! He says the enemy has surrounded the place and they need to get the eff out of there!

Yeah, I didn't put a picture of Isami emo-ing because I know no one cares about him xD Isamu: D: Damn you pretty boys!


What will happen!? Is Patrick coming back to make good on his word!? Will there be more blood sucking or will it get a little more…risqué ~

Find out in the next episode of Hakuouki: Hijikata Arc, Part II. See you then ;9

14 thoughts on “Hijikata Arc Part I, Hakuouki Summary

  1. wow this is chapter 1?!
    so this is going to be season 2 in the anime!
    In fact the first half was the last episode in the anime 0-o

    “(last note: I decided to put in Okita because his arc sucks. I felt I might as well give the Okita fans some love)”

    yay! much love for the picture!x]
    it’s one piece of cake now, but later he’s going to raid the kitchen ;D

    Chizuru is into some kinky stuff…I know I would wimp out if i had to cut my finger.
    me: ahhh…I can’t do it! *crys*


    • You serious!?
      No wonder I had no effing clue what was going on!
      Well, I think there is another version of Hakuouki that Comic Sylph is going to be releasing soon. If I’m right, it should be the one that follows the anime episodes (recently, with each copy of Comic Sylph, included is some special booklet with like a manga version of an episode of the Hakuouki anime. I can say with confidence the first booklet was just like the first episode, minus some minor details). If I get that manga I should be ok details-wise because I feel bad not knowing what was going on ;_;

      Okita’s arc sucks but the art for his is pretty ~
      I’m sad the manga-ka decided to end his arc the way it did (esp when the ending in the game is so much different!)

      That one piece was just a taste >:D Muhahaha! Screw the calories!!!

      Chizuru wanted to live down that fantasy of hers ~
      I know I wouldn’t have thought of that. I’d just stare at him in confusion and maybe slap him if he tried anything xD This is why I wouldn’t make a good shojo heroine haha


      • “You serious!?
        No wonder I had no effing clue what was going on!”
        ya, you missed out on a loooot.
        no wonder you didn’t know who Patrick is. (love the nickname too much! it’s so fitting)
        Well in a nutshell Patrick wants Chizuru to bear his children.

        “This is why I wouldn’t make a good shojo heroine”
        haha me too!


      • 030 wow…Patrick you’re so…frigging nuts
        You want Chizuru so she can bear your children?
        You’re not THAT BAD looking Patrick
        If you just tone down the emo, I’m sure you can get yourself a nice girl and raise a wonderful family of crazed little Patricks…


  2. “Chizuru says she’ll put the cakes on a tray before serving them out but the thought of cake is too tempting. Why take time being neat when you can use the utensils God gave us –fingers.”

    Poor Chizuru. Just like disney’s Snow White.

    “*Will be right next to Okita on said treadmill, munching on ice chips…yes, they had treadmills in ancient Japan. Just a little…different looking. Now shut up ;P*”

    I thought teigh master was a better bet.

    “OMG this is just like DBZ! Hair color changes DOES give you power!”

    “Also the life action verison of sailor moon.
    The boys look down at the obviously dying Phil and go, omg you’re hurt! ”

    I love how this comic basically tries to say that the Shinsumgumi would be entirely usless in an emergencey.

    “He remarks that Chizuru is just like his older sister, scolding him and such”

    God. He self cockblocked by making remarks like that. Must have been painful.

    Heh this was awesome again.


    • Haha, Chizuru is the Japanese version of snow white, only she lives in feudal Japan and the drawves are bishi and turn rabid from time to time (except for Harada).

      Who knows what guys in feudal Japan did to fight off the belly fat xD Maybe there was a thigh master back then too. Located right next to the threadmill :D

      OMG, their hair changes color in the live action!? o_o wow…

      I had to lol at how the boys DIDN’T EVEN BAT AN EYE at Phil who was on the floor, with people crouched next to him with concern on their face xD They just came strolling up, like they bumped into a neighbor or something!

      I was amazed that a guy could self-cockblock. I didn’t thing it was in their best interest to do that. Agreement on the pain statement

      Thanks for reading :D Glad you enjoyed!


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