February 2013 Sylph Releases

Man, haven’t done one of these in a while! So much Sylph I need to catch up on x3 (and don’t worry – Shounen Oujo #16 will be up soon…like maybe Friday?)


A collection of short stories based on the popular visual novel series, Brothers Conflict. We start off with a short originally published in the magazine Sylph, which takes us back in time to when the triplets were in high school. Numerous other short stories published on the Brothers Conflict official website as well as in the magazine Dengeki Girls Style have been compiled into this jewel. In addition, new content focusing on the brothers’ pasts have been included as well.


The Baggins boys find themselves in a sticky situation, and they don’t have mom and dad to run to! In order to protect the brothers, their nanny, Victor, must rise to action but doing so may take a toll on him no one will see coming… The story of a Happy-Go-Lucky (and easy on the eyes <-lol wut) magic user reaches its emotional conclusion in this final magic packed volume.

;______; oh Sora Kara! My Nanny…you will be missed. Thank you Victor for providing me with so much lol-ing. You made my day with each issue of Sylph


The second volume of the popular otome game turned manga, Arcana Famiglia! Protagonist Felicità gets a glimpse into the dark past surrounding three childhood friends…

Wow, no effort was put into that summary, eh Sylph? xD Well, it’s actually pretty accurate….just short ^^


Kuresaki Karen is attending Akemi Academy for one reason and one reason only: “to find the man with a scar on his chest.” However, Karen herself is harboring a secret she can’t let anyone find out about. During her investigation, she overhears a rumor concerning the school doctor Amemiya: apparently he has a scar on his chest…

Lol guys, I totally got Stray Love Heart vibes from the description xD Except in this case, instead of finding the guy because he ran off with her heart and she’s dying, the main girl is looking for this dude because he stole her magical powers. Oh wait what? Yeah, the description does a bad job of not letting new readers know this is a supernatural story ^^ The main girl is a witch whose powers were taken from her when she found some guy dying on the ground and she kissed him. Why? Because she was like 6 and that sounded like a good idea at the time. Now she’s off to find this guy and get her magic back!

I haven’t actually sat down and read this yet but it looks interesting. I’m a sucker for magical stuff after all ~

March listings:

  • Hakase Ga!! #4
  • Sugar Girl, Sugar Doll #1
  • Sylph Petit Selection #1: First Loves and One-Sided Crushes
  • Himegoto wa Hanazono #7 (FINAL)

Edit: WordPress. I don’t know why you keep recommending me the tags “transportation” and “aviation” but recommendations accepted.

2 thoughts on “February 2013 Sylph Releases

  1. w00t~! New Sylph releases!

    I’m most excited about the Brothers Conflict short stories~ and Hakase ga! #4

    I think tab*ret looks interesting, too~


    • I want to like Hakase Ga but Hinase keeps driving me away with his tsundere-ness. I tend to enjoy chapters where he’s kicked to the side lol. But now that Apricot has entered the scene, I feel myself warming up to Hakase Ga ^^

      I’m most interested in Sora Kara! My Nanny (love that series) and Tab*let (I’m a sucker for supernatural shojo x3).


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