NikoIchi Margaret #9 (2018)

icoAhhh, finally. A day off! At my work, the most painful stretch of time is from Feb to May because we get no vacation until May. Usually in the spring is when we’ll all schedule our doc visits haha. Gotta attack that sick time bank somehow :p

Now I finally have a day off and here I am, reading shojo as I clean out my fridge and slowly tidy my apartment. Yup, very productive use of my holiday haha.

Here we are for another round of NikoIchi Margaret. This issue is a special one because it marks the 2,000th issue released. Wow, go Margaret! Seeing this makes me wonder how long printed manga mags will be in stores. Printed mags were how I got my start learning Japanese (oh Sylph, how you are missed). I’m guessing only the Juggernauts like Jump and Hana to Yume will be the ones gracing the stands while other less popular mags retire or turn to digital.

Now that I think about it, the only physical mag I buy is Ciel Emerald. Everything else is digital. In the past I used to collect Lala, Betsuma Margaret, Sylph, and AneLala physically. Now I’m all about digital because I just don’t have the space (because all the tanks of manga I buy take that space hur hur).

Well, enough of my blathering. On to the mag!


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NikoIchi Margaret #8 (2018)

trinityuniverseiconWelp fingers crossed this post makes it. Right now there’s a storm raging outside and my internet is barely chugging by haha.
Had a very productive yet not productive day today. I’m just glad it’s done with and I hope it stays in the ground this time…
Bought myself some victory Lavender Milk Tea – something I do whenever I come back from court ~ A little “treat yo self” haha. The Lavender Milk Tea was legit stuff. Actual lavender in it! No chemicals! But then I made the mistake of buying a passion fruit green tea so I’m probably not sleeping tonight hur. I’m weak when it comes to caffeine. I’m told I should drink more to get resistant I’m alright thanks.

I’m almost all caught up with NikoIchi Margaret! Just one more magazine haha! Then I can start the catchup game with BetsuFure!

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NikoIchi Margaret #7 (2018)


I’m writing this up before I head off to watch Lu Over the Wall. I was originally going to go to an earlier showing but then realized I had no milk for breakfast and I’m the kind of person I can’t function properly without a good breakfast. So I sacrificed that early showing to walk out in my jammies to the local bodega for milk. Lol how did our ancestors live without the convenience of Amazon prime and stores that don’t require 4 miles to walk to?

Anyway, I decided to split up the NikoIchi Margarets to make it easier to post about :J I hope to get both out this weekend but we shall see since I’m a special taco.

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Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai Light Novel Chapter 1 summary

kanataWhile reading a mag of BetsuFure awhile back, I saw an advertisement for the light novel of Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai. As we all know, I have an unhealthy obsession with this series so of course I hurled the novels into my cart the second I found their listings.

Originally, I thought the stories in the light novel were going to be side stories and character fleshing things, since the back of the book advertised “scenes that weren’t in the manga.” However, when I flipped through the novel (because that’s what I do with light novels – I flip to see the pictures lol yes I am trash), the picture inserts were the same as in the manga, so boo. I mean, it sucked the novel was just going to be the manga with words instead of pictures but hey, this could be good practice for me.

(My last attempt at reading a novel was painful since hur hur I had started with part II of this kid’s series. Oops. Would explain why I’m like, who the fuck is this, why is this person not introduced, and why do we care about this person?)

With the Kurosaki novels, I at least had the manga to sort of guide me if I got too lost in what’s happening. However, reading just the prologue, I had to stop and make sure I was reading the right novel. Because like, holy shit, Kurosaki-kun no Iinari went hellah dark. Yuu’s past is traumatic, not just lol I was a jimi and now I’m going to be popular. I mean, you have people throwing sand in her eyes D:/ And then a forgettable side character turns out to have a bigger role in Yuu’s trauma.

Thus that’s why I wanted to do a summary of the light novel ~

But lol if you thought I was slow with the mags, don’t expect me to be any faster with the novel. Especially since there’s a lot more for me to slog through :p

I’m also going to add my comments at the differences between the manga and the novel because…I can?

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NikoIchi Margaret 5 & 6 (2018)

arisagawaJust when I thought I had finally caught up, issues #7 & 8 get released lol. I’m almost there though! But hey, I’ll finally get some more Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet (no new chapters were present in either issue #5 or #6 (。•́︿•̀。)) before I swap over to another magazine to play catch up :p With issues 5 & 6 we do though get 3 new series! Yesh! Slowly I’ll be able to have some series to follow in NikoIchi Margaret haha. Right now I’m just really skimming with Short Cake Cake, Anagura Amélie, and now Seifuku no Ojou-sama for the lols.


NikoIchi Margaret #5 and #6 2018 table of contents and cover pages:

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Feb. 2018 Reads

sukinosenpaiLesson learned from this post: make sure when I’m done reading, to maybe write up a little something then and there instead of waiting 2 months later. Cuz in those 2 months, I’m like, uhhhhhh welp, what stuck with me 2 months later was this…lolz.

I’m hoping to do my manga reads for every month I’m reading; again to encourage me to read towards my goal of 200 tanks of shojo in a year (I passed the 1/4th point recently!) and just to show what I’ve been reading. After all, I love seeing what others are reading ~ (because that’s how I find things for my wishlist on haha)

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Tid-Bits: Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet Chapter 56


Requested from NikoIchi Margaret #3 & #4 is a summary of Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet chapter 56. It’s been awhile since I last did a Tid-Bits – so nostalgic haha! Hopefully I’m not too rusty from my lack of regular blogging all these years :p Enjoy!

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NikoIchi Margaret 3 & 4 (2018)

kiraikoihanashiWow, I got this post out quicker than I expected. Guess it helps the mag was half the normal size (which would explain why it was half the price!). I’ll actually have stuff to say in this post than the prior because we have a new serialization! And dude, lolllllll the new series in this mag. OMG, yo 50 Shades of Gray has finally permeated NikoIchi Margaret.

Only it’s not the female lead crawling on all four!


NikoIchi Margaret #3 and #4 2018 table of contents and cover pages:

Cover Pages Part I/Part II/ Part III

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NikoIchi Margaret 1 & 2 (2018)

iconshortshortcakebookguyWill be honest. Haven’t been paying too much attention to any of the series in this magazine save Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet haha. Thus these posts will be pretty empty until new series start and I actually have things to talk about :p

(also, I mucked up and combined cover pages for issues #1 and #2 …I also probably screwed up the table of contents…so yeah, if I missed something…let’s just look away haha)


Cover Pages Part I
Cover Pages Part II
Cover Pages Part III
Cover Pages Part IV

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BetsuFure 2.2018


Welp, it’s been awhile. I guess I should do a normal post after this to talk about something not Betsufure related lol. But since this is a BetsuFure post, we’re going to be talking about BetsuFure. Today we have the February issue of BetsuFure to enjoy. I know I should have gone and read either Margaret or Betsuma but I’m like, you don’t understand. I have an unhealthy addiction to Kurosaki-kun. If there is new content for me to read, I shall commit misdemeanors to get that chapter in my hands. Speaking of Kurosaki-kun, the 11th tank is coming out on the 13th. I know I’m going to buy it. And then I’m going to end up rereading the series like I do with every tank I get. And then I’m going to be back into the pit of depression I was in before tank #11 came out as I wait for tank #12.

At least I have the magazines to hold me over…

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