Sylph October 2015

Been forever since I did a Sylph post D: Man, the me who started this blog years ago would have beaten my ass with a flat tire for this blasphemy!


October’s cover is a gorgeous one, even if four out of the five boys look like they want to be anywhere else instead of posing in cosplay (the 5th one has already mentally checked out).

Jigoku no Enra
Omachi Shitemasu Shitamachi Wagashi Kurimarudou
Hinagikuke no Hitobito
Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga
Katakoi Miboujin
Star Myu
Sekihan-chan to Sumomo-kun
Durarara!! Relay
Ayanashi no Kimi
Bijin, Hajimemashita!
Reajuu na Kanojo
Shiro Ari
Order wa Tantei ni

Color pages:

What I read:

  • Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga – yo from the way these guys keep jumping on this main girl, you’d think she was the only female left on earth o__o; and 21 chapters in, we still have the main girl wondering if she sees the main dude as her father or love interest. A dilemma that really worries me… On another note, for those who follow Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu Ga, there was a message left in Sylph from the manga-ka apologizing that the series was going to go on an irregular schedule due to the manga-ka’s health. The 5th volume is due out sometime in fall if everything goes to schedule. As much as I don’t particularly enjoy seeing a girl question if her love is parental or sexual, I do hope the manga-ka gets better because feeling like shit sucks :(
  • Katakoi Miboujin – holy snaps, this series got rebooted. So rather than marry to escape her crazy beater of a mother, the girl and dude marry just…because? K. And instead of being a pedobear like he was in the oneshot, the dude is roughly around the same age as the main girl. Still dies saving a balloon or whatever from getting run over though. And we still have the younger brother, dick ready, to move in to the new vacant position. Reboot or original, this series also leaves a bad taste in my mouth. The girl is trying to be a good sister-in-law to the younger brother but he just wants to tap dat ass. Like come on, cry a little, bro. Your brother is dead. Your first thought is to move in on his widow? Shit, you gonna use her tears to lube up before you go in because from what I’m seeing, I wouldn’t be too surprised :/ Also, the hands in this series scare me. They remind me of that SNL skit that has that chick with small hands.
  • Jigoku no Enra – so I need to read what’s going on because this chapter had a guy turn into a demon because he got emotional over being yelled at for pruning a tree. Another dude then came and bit the demon dude on the tongue before summoning a portal filled with hands that dragged the demon dude to hell. But then the second dude winds up getting pulled down to hell as well via the handy express but not before screaming out his daddy issues….what?
  • Omachi Shitemasu Shitamachi Wagashi Kurimarudou – after many hiatuses, the solution for this title was a reboot. Thus we restart back to the beginning. The main difference seen is the main girl is now more reserved instead of sassy (which made more sense for a girl that supposed lived a sheltered background). Ends exactly how the first chapter did oh so many issues ago.
  • Star Myu – guys, are we really throwing down the gloves to see who is the next American Idol? Wow…
  • Sekihan-chan to Sumomo-kun – man, for such a cute looking series, this thing goes dark, especially when we’re talking about Maika’s past D: Now we have a mischievous doctor who knows about Momoi cross dressing (he’s Momoi’s brother-in-law and also Maika’s doctor so he knows all about her shitty classmates from the past).
  • Shiro Ari – no idea what’s going on but dat kiss!
  • Order wa Tantei ni – I don’t really follow this title but I just wanted to comment that the lips are improving. In the beginning chapters, the main dude duck lipped hard. Like, we’re talking if he were to sit in a gaggle of ducks, people wouldn’t be able to tell him apart from his fowl buddies. It’s calmed down greatly as the series goes on which is awesome :J
  • Hinagikuke no Hitobito – has come to an end. I hope the manga-ka continues to publish in Sylph. These strips were hilarious!

Other chapter pages:

Next issue:

Yellow Road is taking the cover. There will also be Yellow Road freebies. No mention of a manga adaptation starting. Think it’s just for advertising ~

Otomemania ends in the next issue.

The oneshot Hoshikuzu Gakuen C Course is getting not only a serialization but a reboot as well. Kinda sad cuz I liked the cute otaku girl from the original. Not sure how I feel about this huffy office lady going back to high school as the main character. Especially since I already shipped the otaku girl and the main dude… :(

5 thoughts on “Sylph October 2015

  1. hi, can i ask you where to read shiro ari completely?
    I just cant read it according to a certain order, and all I can do is find the chapters to read very messy…
    This is the first time I read so I’m sorry if I bothered you.
    Thank you.


  2. Your summary of Shiro Ari made me really curious. If it’s avaiable, please, post this kiss scene so I can freak out >///<
    Thank you very much for the summaries!! I wish you a happy new year :D


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