Kemono wa Tsume de Hana wo Daku (What Did I Just Read?)


I was going to post something Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon but I’ll probably save that for next week. Reason being I read this book – Kemono wa Tsume de Hana wo Daku (loose translation: The Beast Envelopes the Flower within his Claws) – and was filled with an uncontrollable feeling of wtf. It was so much that I went to twitter to bitch my heart out.
And man, did I. Counting, I used over 50 tweets haha.
Sorry to all whose timelines were drowning in the rage tweets – especially since I don’t use my twitter much except to retweet things and to follow nerd news things ~

Anyway, to save future generations from reading this mistake, I’ve compiled the tweets into a .pdf. Please make sure to read and understand what you have read so you can save a life.

Kemono wa Tsume de Hana o Daku Rage Tweets*

* (please excuse the typos and what not. I was raging and with twitter, once you hit that send button, it’s gone. Like letting a fart out. Once it leaves the doors of the anus, you can’t suck it back in)
** (also, my @’s were included in the .pdf. I didn’t know how to get them out so just ignore them. Or read them. Whichever haha)

10 thoughts on “Kemono wa Tsume de Hana wo Daku (What Did I Just Read?)

  1. I was very entertained reading your tweetbook. I laughed like anything. But main thing is this: the girl’s response is more of a horny person who wants to have sex I mean literally. I don’t think she has morals. I don’t think also that I would like to think on morals but even incestuous stories has to be written as either believable or exploitative as they truly mostly are. This one was not any different. It was a very abusive, exploitive relationship. But what really bothered me is that he is such a disgusting man that he doesn’t tell her what the results are. I understand that maybe she no longer wants to know. But keeping the information to himself and all that. I mean there are a lot of things in this thing that dont make sense and I wonder of the writer himself or herself understood girls and boys who don’t really care what adults do. I don’t care what his decisions were but her decisions are nonexistent and pretty shallow. This thing reminded me of another atrocity that I wished would just die and burn in hell called “Hot Gimmick” :/


    • I never read Hot Gimmick. I heard crazy things about it so I’ve made sure to stay away from it whenever I’m visiting shojo land. But then again, look at this I crashed into instead haha.

      It was super messed up he didn’t tell her the results. Like hell, no need to keep it to yourself. She’s committed to this crazy too. Might as well let her know all that she’s signed the contract for. But then again, these characters are several layers of special so knowing probably wouldn’t change anything. I mean, look – It ended how it started – with lots of banging. Lots….of banging… o___o;


      • This story is just written for people who like sensationalism and sex. It isn’t really a story it’s pulpfiction you can jack off too with the “story” parts there to add pause to your smut session and rest after orgasm bahahah.


    • it’s a horrible piece of shit manga man the entire idea of a “beast” being a guy getting her in her claws would make Red Riding Hood and the wolf bury the hatchet, hmmm now there’s an idea should go write it better than this stuff.

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  2. Now I would read this just because your tweets were so great and entertaining…or maybe not. I think I found out enough about this manga from them. This was better than any review! Haha I laughed too much reading your comments! d(>.< )


  3. There is a reason I quit reading most manga. This is it. >_>
    Hiding the carrot leading to putting on a carat (eeeeyyyy still got them puns) is a tale as old as time.
    You should check out Horimiya. The story and couple is adorable and the author really writes the couple’s “first experience” in such a classy heartfelt manner. (The manga’s chill up to a certain point then for some reason gets muddled with side character stories.)


    • Gotta love crazy shojos tho. It’s like you’re heading out to work, just another day, when – WAM! Donald Duck grabs your junk. Before you can think, what the hell, he’s taken your sneakers as well as your daughter and you’re left in the car, questioning what just happened and why you smell like sin…

      Oh, I got that book on pre-order :D Yen Press is going to release it in the states so I placed an order ~ It looks super cute :3


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