Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 1

Been awhile since my last attempt at writing summaries. Not sure how this will go but hey, we’re already buckled in and the car is about to enter the highway so too late to turn back now! 8D

IMG_5111 copy

Kono Koi ni Mirai wa Nai or There is No Future for This Love is a bit different than the usual Sylph title. Well, actually…shit, now that I think about it, lots of the new stuff in Sylph has been different – 15 year old widows, pseudo-daddy lovers, institutionalized bishies, people in their 20’s going back to high school…

Yeah, things have definitely changed lol, but I’m not complaining ~ Makes this interesting :p

My first thought of There is No Future for This Love was this must be gender bender. Why else is there someone who dressed like a dude now wearing a dress. But then I was like, wait, is the main character a woman dressing as a guy or a guy dressing as a girl? Then I actually sat down and read each issue of Sylph to get a better understanding of what the plot was. My question was answered reading chapter 1 lol – but now another question arose: why did everyone want this one guy’s D. Even Sylph advertises the manga as one with supreme drama, all surrounded around one man’s penis:

this love

Me: welp, now I gotta read this.

Join me as I try to figure out what magical properties this man’s sperm shooter carries.

IMG_5112 copy

Thus this post!

Chapter 1: Schoolbags and Tobacco

[Even now I still reminisce about that day]

[Had my sister not stopped by my place…]

[Had the clothes she brought with her not been…]

IMG_5115 copy

The story starts with a boy trying on he’s sister’s red schoolbag. He poses in front of a mirror, happy with how it looks on him. Animal-like stomping alerts him that his sister is charging back to her room but rather than hurl the bag away from him like it’s human feces, the boy freezes. His sister comes in and freezes as well. Eventually, she’s the first to talk: “Yo man, can I help you?”

As the boy starts to loosen his hold on his sphincter muscles, he tells us readers the look she gave him that day – one of disgust and horror (I’m quite sure your sister is just confused why you’re in her room, wearing her school bag, and saying nothing as sloppy turds fall down your leg but ok let’s be dramatic lol) – has haunted him ever since.

IMG_5116 copy

We jump to the future and the boy is older now – still with that butt clenching phobia of red schoolbags but now a pretty boy, as puberty has been kind to him where psychological damage has not. He’s so pretty boy that his female classmates ogle shamelessly at him during class – to the point where it’s like, damn, are you going to school for the education or for the dicks, ladies?? However, no matter how they try to get his attention, our hero – Yuuji – ain’t interested.

Rather he’s more concerned for a student who wasn’t present in class that day – Masaki. He heads for the club room they both are a member of and he finds the boy, out cold sleeping.

Yuuji: :/

IMG_5117 copy

Yuuji gently wakes up his friend by shouting in his ear, much to Masaki’s annoyance. “Come on, bro. I was REM-ing hard. Let a man REM!”

Yuuji tells Masaki If he wants to sleep, do it in class – at least he’ll get points for attending. And it’s not like anyone pays attention in that class – look at the girls, you’d think the class was sex ed from the amount of dicks they drew in their notebooks. Heck, even Yuuji wasn’t listening, despite the topic of the day foreshadowing what’s in store for his future.

Masaki: I could…or I could just write a one page paper saying “suck my balls” and still pass either way.

Yuuji: well, ratemyprofessor.com did give this guy a 5 for easy so I see your logic…but still.

Masaki pulls out a cigarette to smoke but Yuuji plucks the offending item from his lips and points to a sign that says “DON’T SMOKE IN HERE YOU STUPID COCKS YOU ARE LITERALLY SURROUNDED BY FLAMMABLE DEATH”

Masaki: bah, the books will just smell a little =__=

Yuuji: just skipped over that flammable death part, huh?

IMG_5118 copy

Determined to get his nicotine fix, Masaki departs for less flammable locales, leaving Yuuji alone with his cigarette (which is amazing considering how expensive those things are. A pack pretty much pays for a month’s rent now and days :p). And like a shojo heroine holding a drink used by her crush, Yuuji starts to shakily put the cigarette to his lips for an indirect kiss…only to nearly shove the cigarette clear up his nose when someone slams the club room door opening, howling yo yo. Yuuji hides the cigarette by ramming his hand under the table and letting it rest between his legs (which I think is even more suspicious but to all their own devices – at least he’s improved since that school bag incident).

The person who enters is another club member, tomboy Ayumi. She sits down in the seat vacated by Masaki and starts to fill out a resume – for what? *shrugs*. Hell, I don’t even know what this club is about haha.

Yuuji uses her distraction to throw the cigarette into his bag and pull out a book. They sit in silence until Masaki comes back and sees Ayumi in his chair. He tells her to get which Ayumi refuses.



Him: ;____;

Masaki tries another tactic. He looks at Ayumi’s application and tells her he sees a mistake. This being a resume, Ayumi is on alert, asking where. He points to the gender portion of the resume. Why’d she put “female” when it’s clear she’s just a dude with tits.

Him: haha

Her: *thrusts pen into general direction of Masaki’s eye”


Yuuji: *looks away*

IMG_5119 copy

Masaki shrieks and runs away, with Ayumi hot on his tail, lead tip eager for blood. Their antics make Yuuji sigh in exasperation. He then eyes Ayumi’s abandoned resume, zeroing in on the gender portion.

“So even someone like her is still considered female…”

IMG_5120 copy

Later that day, Yuuji gets out of the shower and stares at his naked body. He tells us readers that he hates his body. His chiseled abs. His bulging biceps. Thighs that could kill a bear with one squeeze. And don’t get him started on the barge pole known as his dick >:(

Before he has the chance to try and rip his pee shooter straight off in his rage, the doorbell rings. Yuuji answers the door (fully clothed) and in comes his sister. She tells him she was nearby for a photoshoot and decided to drop off some shit at his place before she heads off to a mixer to grab some ass ~ Yuuji starts to protest but stops when his sister begs him to let her keep her photoshoot stuff with him. She’s thirsty and needs some D ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Yuuji: *pained expression* things I never wanted to hear come out of my sister’s mouth. Ok fine whatever. Just get out and get some already.

Her: yaya ~

Yuuji explains to us that ever since the schoolbag incident, he’s found it difficult being around his sister. He just rolls over and does whatever she wants so she’ll get away from him. However, a little peeved for reasons unknown (that she dumped her shit on him, for the years of dirty underwear every time he saw a red schoolbag, not being able to make out with Masaki’s cigarette – who knows?), he decides to rummage through the stuff she left behind. He says it’s to be rebellious but dude, what would happen if there were dirty dildos or something in there? Some things you can’t go back in time and forget about (although this might clean that schoolbag fear right up).

Inside the bag is a wig and what looks like an oversized Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay.

IMG_5121 copy

Yuuji’s eyes go wide as he looks at the items and he starts to move for his bathroom, items in hand.

[Even now I still reminisce about that day]

[Had my sister not stopped by my place…]

[Had the clothes she brought with her not been…]

[Women’s clothing…]

IMG_5122 copy

[Then maybe I…]

[Would never have strayed from the path before me…]

[But now…]

[I know]

[And the disgust I held for my body, has diminished a bit with this new knowledge…]

IMG_5123 copy

My only thought is how the fuck did he fit into that dress? Models are like size 0 large. Most have negatives in front of their numbers. So how did a grown man fit into one of those outfits??

Welp, regardless of my jealousy that he fits just fine into a small, Yuuji has discovered he looks good in a dress and is a happier man for it.

The next day his sister staggers over, hip pretty much broken but thirst satisfied. She thanks Yuuji for holding her stuff and for also being a sweetie and ironing the dress that was used at her shoot (doesn’t ask why he was digging in the bag in the first place, again probably because she just got her brains bonked out last night and isn’t thinking too clearly haha). She leaves and Yuuji gets ready for school. As he’s moving his books around, he finds the cigarette from the previous day.
(wow his bag is clean – my schoolbag was literally a graveyard of crumpled pieces of papers, eraser shavings, and random Chuk-E-Cheese tokens…hmmm to that last part)

IMG_5124 copy

We jump to Yuuji walking to school. Masaki calls out to him in greeting. Yuuji returns the greeting, noticing Masaki is wearing the same clothes he had been the day before.

Yuuji: not even caring you’re doing a walk of shame?

Masaki: ┐(・ิL_・ิ) I had work, bitch. Some of us don’t have daddy paying out bills

Before Masaki can go into details about how he has a late job and thus sleeps at the school sometimes, a woman calls out, enraged. “YO MASAKI. WHAT THE HELL? I ONLY GET ONE RIDE ON YOUR DICK?” └(○`ε´○)┘

Masaki: AH! *shrieks even louder*

He tells Yuuji to fill in for him at roll call and gives his friend an affectionate pat on the shoulder before screaming like a school girl and running away, the woman hot on his heels.  Yuuji watches him flee, touching his shoulder where Masaki had patted him: “Yeah, thanks for asking” :/

IMG_5125 copy

Yuuji turns and heads to school.

[No matter how much I pray for it, there is no future for this love]

IMG_5126 copy

End of chapter 1

Yaya ~ One chapter down, 4 to go in this tank :3 Drama isn’t going to start until chapter 3 so don’t expect too much from chapter 2. Chapter 2 is just greasing the wheels so when we do fall, we’ll be going so fast our bones will rip clear through our bodies :J

5 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 1

  1. (internal scream of impending sadness) This manga reminds me of this Korean movie called Man on High Heels.

    The main story of that movie deals with action packed fight scenes but the character’s flashbacks echo this manga–in middle school/high school, figuring out he likes women’s lipsticks and wants to be pretty. Then meeting a boy who knows that the main character’s a transgender girl and wants to be with him/her. Then their classmates tease and ostracize them. Then that boy dies.

    The art style is so lovely. Here’s hoping that the title’s a misnomer and Yuuji finds some love–mostly for himself.

    • Cree! How have you been? :D

      OMG, I hope Yuuji doesn’t die like the boy in that movie D:
      I’m hoping for good things for this poor little cake roll.
      I question his choice in love interests but you know, maybe Masaki isn’t going to be that bad in the end. Sure his dick can be used in medical classes to showcase all the known STDs out there in life from his sleeping around but you know…hmm, I didn’t start that off well did I haha?

      The art is what caught my eye as well. That and the drama.
      I have no idea how this is going to end. Sure this is shojo but Sylph shojo can be weird. Meaning, anything is possible!

      • I’ve been okay. I hope things have been going well on your end. I miss you.

        In the movie, the love interest dies. The main character tries to transition into womanhood, but has to save his/her friend from Korean mobsters. He/she then feels like she has to stay a man to protect her friend.

        So maybe Yuuji won’t die, but he’s definitely on the emotional Titanic.

        I don’t have much faith in male love interests when it comes to romance in manga. I usually expect dysfunctional relationships. But this story seems Yuuji angst centric so Masaki might be alright in the end. (The ‘player finds love’ trope is rather tiresome.)

        I still remember your post about this dude who pretended to be a girl because the girl he likes was afraid of men. Then he was going to cut his junk off to be with her. So yeaaaah…anything can happen.

        • I miss you too! I can’t believe I’ve been up here in the big city for over 4 years haha!
          Are you still down South? Dad says it’s been warm down there. Up here the temperature has been staying chilly but it’s slowly creeping up to uncomfortably warm.
          Soon it’ll just all smell like human bodily fluids :( summer is the worst…

          Ohhhh, but still damn! They took the love interest out? D:
          And ain’t no law that says you can’t kick ass in a dress! Although heels definitely make it or break it in a fight :/ (why do we have such impractical items as clothing…)

          I definitely know Yuuji is going to be in an ocean of drama. If not with his gender identity, it’s because of his interest in Masaki. With so many v-jays in the way and who knows what kind of drama Masaki himself is holding on to…it can only be rocky in that future…
          I can only hope Yuuji finds happiness in the end, like with friends and people who support him.

          While Yuuji has been the character driving the story a bit, the wheel is going to be steered by another character for a few chapters, with Yuuji flailing an arm every now and then.
          The next tank is gonna get so messed up.
          I’m sad I’ll have to wait to continue my posts after chapter 5 because tank #2 isn’t out yet :(

          Lol omg I remember that oneshot. Was so crazy because he almost went through with dat nut chopping. Like shit just tape it to the side or something boy! Don’t fucking cut it off – what is your plan for when you do cut it off and you’re gushing rivers of blood because you cut your DICK off???
          Damn shojo is crazy sometimes lol!!

  2. Time surely flies. Lots of things going on up where you live. I bought some Japanese Kit Kats and saw that Japan sends them to where you live first before they’re shipped down South.

    Your dad must either have reasonable (merciful) weather or is really chill. The weather in my area switches from Satan’s asshole to Noah’s Ark. Hah, the rise of human bodily fluids: that’s one the reasons summer is my least favorite season. Multiple applications of extra strength deodorant and 2-3 showers daily. Too much hassle.

    Yeah, he died. I fully expected him to show up as an adult but nope, died in middle school/high school. Man on High Heels had such a sad ending. Badass action scenes but in the end, she grows out her facial hair and regretfully decides to stay a man. But women can kick ass too. Impractical clothing and all.

    (Side note: if purposefully ripped jeans have taught me anything, we just like fashion over practicality)

    I’m thinking Masaki’s girl drama and personal back story won’t be too crazy since the focus is on Yuuji’s turmoil about being transgender. I don’t expect Masaki to be stabbing anybody–maybe at most ignorant hurtful comments. I hope Yuuji finds happiness too.

    I’m thankful you’ve been translating this story on your blog. Love the summaries. :) So hopefully Tank#2 comes soon.

    lol Tape it to the side; I found out about the “tuck and tape” from this drag queen segment on Youtube and was like “woah, you guys really are dedicated to impersonating women”.

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