Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 16 (Tid-Bits)


Last we left off, grandpa was dying.
If he was your favorite character, I’m sad to say miracles don’t always happen, for he’s now progressed from the act of dying to actually dying. Yuiko understandably freaks and rushes at her grandpa, to do what I do not know.
A hand stops her – Diamu’s. Yuiko is surprised by Diamu’s sudden appearance but she doesn’t have long to ponder his entrance as he just as quickly hurls her to Maya like she’s an annoying bystander blocking his way
(while we all don’t actually do this, we all have that moment where we think to do this ~).
Knowing Diamu isn’t there to defibrillate grandpa back to the living, she yells at Diamu to back away from the old man. Diamu pretty much gives her the finger and shoves his hand into grandpa’s abdominal cavity
(I feel like Diamu was trying to go for the upper chest region but the angle in this shot is clearly down where the esophagus and stomach high five. Hey, better than a dick grab, right?).
Yuiko stares at Diamu like, “really, asshole?” :/

Digging through the old badger’s dried up husks once known as organs, Diamu finds what he’s looking for – the soul shard. He dramatically rips it out, fist clenched – once again looking like he’s behind the wheel of his invisible car
Only he’s wearing an expression normally reserved for those who have taken a wrong turn and ended up driving their fancy Buick in the wrong neighborhood…


Diamu: “I don’t think this is the way to Chick-fil-a, Google Maps…not unless all the graffiti is hiding their sign…”

Despite being dead before, grandpa uses his last moments of screen time to partly crack open his eyes and groan…
(hoping it was not a groan of ecstasy because you know, I don’t know where Diamu’s hands were while he was searching for that shard…).
Yuiko is staring in shock. Maya himself, her antithesis, is wearing a face that couldn’t give fucks.

However, while watching an old man die moved nothing in his heart, he does perk up at the sound of approaching hospital staff.

They come in and are like, “oh shit he’s dead”

“…check his pockets”

You’d figure they’d reserve that type of behavior for when the family is OUT of the room but all is fine because the only person in the room besides the robbing medical team is a corpse.
Our characters themselves are actually on the hospital’s roof, having teleported to avoid having an audience to their supernatural drama that’s about to ensue.
Diamu shoves the shard in Yuiko’s direction and tells her to do her thing.
Yuiko goes “no” and yells at him to give the shard back to her grandpa since that was the only thing keeping his old ass alive.

Tired of Yuiko’s whines, Diamu yells right back at her to get her shit together.
“WOMAN! Don’t know how I can dumb this down any further. Shard-no-keep-peeps-alive-for-long. Old-man-fucked. Shut-up-and-take-dah-shard-bitch” >:/

Diamu’s simple speak finally hits home for Yuiko. Oh shit, grandpa is really going to bite it, shard or no. She starts crying. “It’s my fault they’re dead…everyone…grandpa…do you think that’s something I can just go on and accept without a care?”

Diamu: “yes?”

Diamu sees that force isn’t working with the distraught Yuiko, so he changes tactics. He tells Yuiko that it’s not a body that’s alive, it’s the soul
(uh…I think all the shard holders will disagree with that, Diamu. They’re dead yo).
The shard he tore out of retrieved from grandpa will only stick around for a day or two since the old bugger is decomposing as we speak. After that, her soul will die.

“Murdered by you.”


(love that Maya just randomly felt like adding tension to the situation by placing his hand on Yuiko’s shoulder. “Serious shit flying here, son.”)

Yuiko is mentally battered by Diamu’s words. She tells him he’s always got a harsh way of speaking.

Diamu: (bitch gotta do what a bitch gotta)

Yuiko goes on to explain that the only reason she was doing this whole piece-my-soul-back-together quest was so she wouldn’t die and leave grandpa to rot alone. No grandpa = no will to continue living. I mean, why else bother? For preservation of one’s life? Pssh.


Yuiko: “My only living relative is at death’s door, my childhood friend is bipolar, and the last friend I made was killed cuz of me (ok so she was technically ran over but somehow I caused that) – SHIT’S NOT LOOKING TOO BRIGHT FROM THIS SHOJO GIRL’S PERSPECTIVE, YOU DIG DIAMU?”

Diamu: “uh how about doing it for me? It’s not all about you :/ ”

Maya: “why didn’t your grandfather ever notice these dark thoughts in you?” ಠ_ಠ

Once again Diamu uses his word game against Yuiko. He asks her what is a way to prove someone was alive? Before Yuiko can answer, he continues: it’s via memories. Each time Yuiko accepted a shard of her soul back, she took along the memories of those who housed the soul shard. Inside her is proof they lived. Even gramps – as long as she accepts his soul shard, he’ll continue to live inside her until she too kicks the bucket. His thoughts will never vanish.

Yuiko wears a face that says “go on I’m listening” while Maya shows his first signs of emotion during this whole chapter, basically “wtf?” He didn’t think Diamu had it in him to wax such deep philosophy/BS.

Diamu adds the final kicker by saying the soul is in a continuous cycle of death and rebirth. Yuiko with her fragmented soul has been broken away from this cycle. If they don’t fix her soul up right nice and pretty, not only is she doomed to darkness but so does the memories of those who housed her soul.

Diamu: “do it for gramps” :)

After two chapters of “go fuck yourself,” Yuiko instead is like “aw man okay you got me. Let’s do this.”

Now normally we’d have several pages of memories for the shard holder before they kick the bucket, for us to get a real feel for them. However, since we’re running low on time and pages, grandpa only gets one page dedicated to his life. Which is really sad to think one page is enough to tell his life story. Basically he was a soldier and asked grandma to marry him if he didn’t get his dick blasted off in the war. We see grandma has the lotus mark on her neck. Next we see little Yuiko and her parents. Mom has the lotus mark on her wrist. The scene changes to mom in the hospital. She asks about Yuiko. Gramps tells her Yuiko is alive which makes mom happy. She tells Gramps that Yuiko’s inherited the Sun/Lotus/whatever and it protected her while killing dad off instantly with mom following close behind. She utters out one last thing before going up to heaven to sing with the Backstreet Boys: “When that time comes, she will save the Oni.”

Me: “what?”

Yuiko: “what?”

Yuiko doesn’t have long to figure out how she might be taking a more active role in the upcoming chapters. Someone calls out to her by calling her a dumbass.


Yuiko: oh shit that’s the bitch who got ran over by a car when she was jaywalking, that can somehow be blamed back to me and my soul state…hope she’s not too pissed about that…

It’s Hayashi ~ She tells Yuiko that everyone loves a dumbass so it’s endearing and that oh, hey we’re all living in you…so don’t kill them again

Yuiko cries because she almost killed the shard holders again by not accepting them and fucking them over or how ever Diamu was trying to sell it (Diamu: *fist pump*). Hayashi smiles and tells Yuiko that as long as she has her soul they can be together.

We jump over to the doctors saying grandpa is dead.

And then we go to the next day (lol ok). Master-san is bitching at Naruto for not messing up Chikage’s obvious cockblock plan. Naruto whines that he couldn’t do crap since they had a barrier. Apparently only Maya has the ability to break barriers due to his mixed blood.
So even though the Oni can fly/teleport, alter memories, rip the souls of out people, manifest objects from thin air – they can’t handle magical walls…

Ok then sounds legit

Master-san comments on how this series is gearing for the finale. Yuiko’s soul is almost complete. They just have to hope they get the soul together before Diamu gets hungry and eats themall …everyone remembers when his dad ate his mom. Talks about that one non-stop. Then they can all be happy ~

It would be a shame if


You know


Diamu was feeling


you don’t know how tempted I was to draw a dick here xD



“Anyone who resist the urge to feed perish.”


Hard to believe I only have chapter #17 and the epilogue then I can Zeele Sacrifice to my “completed” pile :U This series was with me when I first started my blog. Damn, I know I’m a procrastinator but shit even I’m amazed at my pace.

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