Sylph April 2015 (Driblet)


Sorry for the cruddy pictures you all are about to experience. My camera needed charging and it’s already been 2 months for this issue so I made the executive decision to use my camera phone (and very small picture size :P)

Sekihan-chan to Sumomo-kun chapter 2
Otome Mania chapter 6
Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga chapter 18
3LDK no Ou-sama chapter 8
Durarara! Relay chapter 5
Order wa Tandei ni chapter 3
Hinagiku no Hitobito chapter 35
Ayashina no Kimi chapter 4
Mikansei Lovers chapter 9
Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon bonus chapter
Shiro Ari chapter 51
Kami-Tsuki chapter 20
Hoshi no Shita no Anemone (oneshot)


No new series started in this issue of Sylph. We do have a one shot though (and that’s close enough!)

Hoshi no Shita no Anemone

First thing we learn: the main chick is a widow. She’s 15 years old BTW

Oh shojo…

The story behind this wtf-ery is the main chick came from a house with an abusive mother (no idea where dad is. Maybe mom killed him? Or a car. Car sounds more likely when thinking in terms of shojo and parents). One day, this dude comes in during their daily beating session (like walks himself right through the front door) and tells mom to slow her roll. Afterwards (no idea what happened with mom), dude tells the chick to marry him to escape her abusive life style.

Why marriage, instead of calling the cops?


And why marriage when she’s like 14 years old?


And, just…why, dude?

That last “why” he can explain! Dude says the reason he’s getting involved is because he’d pass by the main chick’s house every day on his way to do things and was always bothered by the sounds of someone being beaten from within the homestead (and note, the main girl apologizes here for her screams of agony calling attention from him. Like, I’ll try to keep it down as my mother severely punches me into death <– the hell!? (ʘᗩʘ’)). Dude said he just couldn’t ignore that and thus this explains his rational solution of proposing to her instead of doing the normal thing and involving the authorities.
So somehow they get married when I’m pretty sure it’s illegal given her age and he brings her to his place where he lives with his brother who is around her age and his aunt.
He then dies because how else is my first sentence supposed to happen if he’s still alive :P

Now that the main chick is a “widow”/free, all these boys are interested in dat booty. Which includes now dead dude’s brother. The whole series is about bro trying to cock block the sexually repressed boys while trying to get the girl to realize that he really really really really likes her.

Nothing really gets resolved and honestly it’s just…fucking weird.

Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga – still confusing me. This series seriously has to commit. Are they family or are they lovers? :/

Mikansei Lovers – While I’m not really following this series closely (the main chick is too tsundere for my tastes), I do flip through it since it’s there. Color me surprised though because the main chick is starting to grow up. She’s no longer running from her feels (at least not in this chapter). I was not expecting that at all! Poor dude though. She’s finally warming up to him and then some dork in glasses throws his cock between them. Like yo, couldn’t you have come by at another time? You’re not even worth the time to have eyes drawn in so why try to call attention to yourself now?

Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon – a cute flashback chapter. Shows Nene as a child visiting the piano school of the pianist she likes. While wondering around, she ends up seeing Souichirou play and falls for him. In her usual fashion, she fangirls him and rushes away. To this day, she doesn’t recognize Souichirou as the boy she met because she knocked his glasses off and according to shojo rules, glasses mean no one can recognize you. However, Souichirou remembers her rapid fangirl attack and is seen shivering in fear on the last panel.

Shiro Ari – Alice gets his shit together and finally decides to take the King game seriously. Too bad he gets mortally injured when he pulls the trigger of a broken gun and it explodes on him… .__.||| wtf…

Kamitsuki – Turns out the main dude isn’t alone in seeing gods now. The class rep chick can now see them too ~ She jokes that she’s going to be his rival now to collect the gods since they’re so cute which makes him all ;______; you bitch, don’t you fucking Misty me! (I made the mistake of looking up Poke’mon and just spent 30 minutes reminiscing about the old show on wiki)

Hinagiku no Hitobito – we finally meet the mom! Her and the dad’s interactions are hilarious. The first thing they do after seeing each other for so long is get into a gun fight. Later, after filling each other with lead, Dad explains mom is a spy but then quickly changes his story to say mom has a job that requires her to travel a lot.
Main girl: you just said she was a spy. You can’t take that back, dad…
My favorite part is when mom and dad tell the kids they got married because their marriage was an arranged one and they never loved each other. The girl looks at her parents and thinks, then how did you guys have three kids together???
This series is still going strong on the lols :3

Sekihan-chan to Sumomo-kun – confused why dude is pretending to be a girl still. Especially since he helps the main chick out in his “guy” form but doesn’t look her in the eye or speak to her for fear of figuring out he’s her “girl” friend. But doing that just makes him look like a kind yet cold dick… But this is shojo so meh logical thinking. If wearing dem fake boobies is what bro needs to get close to the girl, then suit him up!

Durarara will take the cover ~ A new series will start in the May issue called Jigoku no Enra by Shimada Chie. If you read Hana to Yume stuff, the name might seem familiar to you all ~ No series are ending. Sylph life continues ~
If you live in Japan, you can get some freebie Durarara keychains if you buy the May issue (well, not really “freebies” since you have to pay for them). For those of us not in Japan like me, sucks to be us!

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  1. Hi. I don’t know if you’ll reply. But I just really need to know the title of that manga, with the widowed teenager. I searched online but Can’t find it. Please tell me.


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