Petit Four


Title: プティフール

Artist: 桃色ペコ

頑張りやさんの女の子・芽衣は、おじいちゃんが経営するレストラン“プティフール”の閉店を阻止するため高校最後の夏休みをオーナー代理として過ごすことに!個性溢れる6人のスタッフたちに囲まれてレストランの行方も、恋の行方も、どうやら一筋縄でいかないみたいです!? オトメイト×桃色ペコで贈るキュートなフレンチストーリー登場です!おいしい恋を召し上がれ 原作ゲームの原画家・mikoによるスペシャルイラスト&コメントも豪華収録!!

Mei is a young girl who tries her best. To prevent her grandfather’s restaurant – Petit Four – from being closed down, she takes up the position as the store’s temporary owner during her last summer in school until things tide over. Surrounded by 6 staff members, each overflowing in personality, the fate of the restaurant – and maybe her love life – will be anything but ordinary!

Otometo and Momoiro Peko present to you a taste of this Cute French Story!* Dig into this delicious love story! Also included is a special illustration and commentary by Miko, who provided the original artwork for the game – making this a great collection to have!

*There’s a reason I worded it this way. You’ll see when you’ve read the whole thing (all the more reason for me not to give up on this halfway through!)

Summary and/or translations:

Chapter 1: Amuse Guele [Translations // Summary]

Chapter 2: Potage [Translations // Summary]

Chapter 3: Poisson [Summary]

Copyofchibi3copy2.jpg picture by 74Kitsune

Chapter 4: Viande [Summary]

Copyofchibi3copy.jpg picture by 74Kitsune

Chapter 5: Fromage [Summary]

Chapter 6: Petit Four [Summary]

Bonus content:
Bonus Chapter: Specialite [Summary]

Petit Four Complete! (1/6/2010)

5 thoughts on “Petit Four

  1. Ah, I got it! I added you to my links :D *feels proud*
    I guess I should take advantage of that help section from wordpress more often!
    Anyway, hope to see more manga and anime reviews from you in the future! ^_^


    • Petit Four is adorable
      The artwork is what made me read this – it’s so cute <3
      However, the ending may disappoint (I'm a person who likes romance so for me the ending was a let down ^^: – but that's just my opinion)


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