So many updates…

Sweet beer chugging calicos!  Talk about a big update!  I don’t normally have so many things concluding at the same time! I have a life, honestly. >_<

It’ll probably take me a while to finish my next anime, light novel, or video game.  I only get a few hours to myself when work or school or volunteering or whatever isn’t demanding my attention.

I’m happy to have finally finished my first translation project: Zeele Sacrifice.  Well, technically it’s not done, but let me have my victory T_T

My next project is probably going to be another manga from Comic Sylph called Petit Four by Momoiro Peko.  I’ll update more in the future.  To the people who have stumbled on this blog thingie by mistake or intention (the latter being very doubtful), thanks for the visit and have a nice one.

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