Light Novel Opinion: Missin’ vol 1

Novel: Missin’ vol#1

Author: Novala Takemoto

    Book #1 is divided into 2 stories.  The first half is about a nameless individual who decides to open a shop as something to do and also to keep the lease on the building where the shop is located, and the nameless individual who comes to the store everyday.  The second half of the story follows an obsessive fan and the objection of her idolization.

    Missin’ is a series by the same author who made Kamikaze Girls (a great read if anyone is interested; had me laughing and grinning like a fool whenever Ichigo opened her mouth or Momoko let a sarcastic thought slide out (actually Momoko kind of reminded me of Kyon, only Kyon isn’t a Lolita but that would be funny to see XD).  This is his debut book (or so says the summary on the back of the book). 

     The first story was…different.  I may be wrong but I think the theme was about ‘strength.’  How people can give other people ‘strength,’ but at the same time can take that ‘strength’ away.  The two nameless characters are both representations of ‘strength’ – one loses ‘strength’ while the other gains ‘strength.’  The characters gave one another ‘strength,’ but one of the characters (who was so ‘weak’ to begin with) was so overcome by this ‘strength’ given that this becomes destructive in the end.  (Actually, I’m not sure if this is a spoiler or not, but the introduction pretty much tells you what is going to happen by the end – you just have to read it REAL carefully).

     The thing that got me surprised was the…uh…I guess, love scenes.  I mean, I don’t know why but I was SO not expecting it.  It wasn’t detailed or anything like one of those bodice-rippers (the ones with the cover of a the half naked lady pretty much attacking a good looking, well toned man with no shirt on) but I was glad I read this in the privacy of my own room.    

Little Timmy: 


     So just in case you were thinking of giving this book to your little niece or nephew or sibling of…pre-sex-education age like Little Timmy here…please don’t.  Because I wouldn’t want to be there when the child goes to his or her mother and asks, “What does it mean when it says she played with his *CENSOR*?”


Mom:      Dad: 


     For the second half of the story, it can pretty much be summarized as Maria Ga Miteru, only filled with Lolita clothing, rock bands, and stalking.  I only watched a few episodes of Maria Ga Miteru before I decided it wasn’t for me: the show is basically a shojo ai from what I saw (not my kind of thing).  The second half wasn’t as…moving for me as the first half was.  It was actually really quick too (only 38 pages).  I think the second book included in this collection will go further into detail concerning this story…oh joy…>_>’

     In the end, I’m kind of glad I read Kamikaze Girls first because had I read this series first, I’d probably be a little skittish to read his other works.  It’s an interesting collection I guess, if you like reading about F’d up people doing F’d up stuff and how Lolita saved them from insanity and the world’s cruelty…worship the Lolita *shakes fist*    


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