Petit Four – Chapter 5: Fromage Summary

Rather than get to watch my movie I instead decided to work on some more Petit Four summarizations (don’t worry, I’m going next week to watch The Princess and the Frog. No way am I missing my Disney Princess fix :) It’s just the streets right now are packed with shoppers, students with nothing better to do, and people leaving the city to go party – basically not a good time to be driving. Sucks when you live in one of the states with the worse drivers imaginable :/)

Petit Four

Chapter 5: Fromage

The chapter opens with Mei telling the readers about Petit Four’s situation. Summer is almost done with. This is bad because due to a deal she made with her grandpa, Mei got to be temporary owner of Petit Four for only the summer. As a student, her grandpa wants her to concentrate on her studies.  Mei is saddened by this but she tries to push her feelings down.

The sad thing is after tomorrow ends. Tomorrow itself is an important day. I just need to stand strong a little longer!

But then she sleeps in and ends up late for her important day XD As Mei chastises herself while running to Petit Four, she slows when she notices a large crowd in front of the shop.  Some have cameras and microphones. What’s going on?

Seeing Mei approach, the crowd surges towards her (much to her dismay). Upon asking who she is, Mei tells the people she is Petit Four’s temporary owner. Well that just makes the crowd crush her in a tidal wave fashion.  They pummel her with questions.  Mei is saved when Isamu and Seiji come and beat the crowd back.

When the crowd asks for comments, Seiji pretty much tells them to go play with themselves because they’re in the middle of opening the restaurant up (of course with Seiji, he says this with a smile).  Mei thanks the two for saving her once she is inside the store. Then she asks what is up with the people outside.  Chelu calls Mei’s name.

Chelu: “I’m sorry everyone! This is all because of me!

Mei is confused.  Just as Chelu is about to explain, Kazuki comes running in screaming we’ve got a problem! (I lol-ed when Mei said Kazuki’s name and he goes oh hey Mei, how’s it. Wait, that’s not what I meant! Situation! We’ve got a situation!”). Petit Four is on tv!  It’s a special on Chelu.  Apparently he’s a very famous Japanese Confectionary (also good looking according to the reporter XD haha!).  He won lots of awards but suddenly disappeared. His whereabouts have finally been discovered – at Petit Four (a FRENCH restaurant).

So it turns out Chelu isn’t a Patissier.  OMG!

(yeah, my thoughts exactly >_>;)

Well, it turns out only Mei and Kazuki didn’t know. Isamu knew right off the bat when he saw the dishes Chelu made. Shizuka found out too. Seiji knew too.  Chelu tells Mei he didn’t mean on hiding this from everyone. Isamu says just by looking at him, no one could guess his specialty is in Japanese dishes.  Kazuki asks Chelu why he is working as a Patissier? Seiji explains Mei found Chelu passed out and helped him. As a thanks, he said he’d make her some candy and he was scouted for a Patissier position.  Or so I was told, Seiji finishes. Kazuki: You just hired some guy off the street!? Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)

Mei asks Chelu why he didn’t want her to know about him – he’s amazing!  Chelu says he’s not amazing. He’s far from that fact. Chelu explains he used to work night and day with his …candy master (I guess…that sounds so weird though…and kinky XD).  When Chelu started to win awards, he was reluctant to get his face into the spotlight. Rather than focus on his cooking, the media focused on him.  Seiji nods his head: a Frenchmen who does Japanese confections.  Gotta admit, dat wacky yo.  The media called Chelu Japanese confection’s prince XD (Isamu’s dad: what’s wrong with that? I’m called the French King! *see chapter 4*); also the Blue Eyed, Blonde Hair Pretty Boy Japanese Confectionary. Basically, the media poked fun at him.  Chelu didn’t like that so he left.

The room gets quiet. Shizuka changes the subject by asking what they should do about the media parked in front of the restaurant? Seiji comments how it’s getting close to opening time. If they don’t get, the restaurant won’t be able to open.  Chelu says he’ll go outside and explain things to the media. Seiji says that’s dangerous (o_O; holy crap – how blood thirsty are the media in Japan? *scared*). Isamu worries about the media breaking down the doors and coming in (O.O|||). Shizuka asks if the police should get involve which Seiji quickly refuses – that would only make things worse…(=_=’).  Looks like the restaurant won’t open today. This upsets Mei because this is the restaurant’s last day. Chelu starts heading for the door to confront the media but Seiji holds him back.  Chelu starts to freak out, saying this is all his fault. Isamu tells him to get a hold of himself – “Don’t think what’s happening now if because of you. You just –

He gets interrupted when Yuuta appears on tv. Yuuta plays it up for the camera. I love how he asks if the media is doing a special on pretty boy waiters XD When the reporter asks about Chelu, Yuuta misunderstands and thinks she’s asking if Chelu has a girlfriend. He says no but he may have his eye on someone XD He says later and heads into Petit Four. Yuuta goes to tell everyone about the media outside and is instead greeted by =_= faces. (Chelu is blushing! Haha!).

Yuuta…you’re an idiot…

Lunch ends up being canceled. In the changing room, Mei is thinking about how the last day of Petit Four is going downhill and is getting sad about it. Chelu stops by, standing outside the closed curtain thingie and apologizes to her. Mei says it’s no problem – they’ll make it up with dinner’s service!

Chelu is quiet.  Mei asks what’s wrong.  Chelu explains how when everything was happening, he didn’t know what to expect of the future. He thought, whatever happens I’ll make my confections. I’ll just go forward. However, doing so gave him no meaning. Eventually it got to the point where making confections were of no joy to him. That’s why he ran. Mei is shocked by this. She never noticed Chelu had been holding such feelings in him. He was always smiling.

Chelu continues: but then I met you. I had just run away so I was really anxious about whether I could make confections, especially Western types. I thought, there’s no way I could. But thinking I could be of use to you all made me happy.  Spending time with you all made me think making confections is fun after all.  Mei opens the curtain, surprising Chelu.

She glomps Chelu, asking if Chelu remembers when he made a confection for her before.  Chelu says yeah, and Isamu criticized that confection too.

Mei: “But to me, it was delicious!”

Mei says she loves Chelu’s confections because he thinks of the people who are going to eat them. Chelu smiles and thanks Mei. The two have a happy moment. Aw.

Isamu makes a fancy meal using the ingredients from lunch period to help bolster everyone’s spirits.  Mei asks about the situation outside. The number of people outside has decreased but this probably means they are hiding somewhere. Does this mean dinner is going to be called off too? Seiji says due to the current situation, he’s against opening the restaurant. Kazuki gets angry at the mess the people outside are causing.  Isamu says he’ll go and kick the reporters out. Shizuka says he’ll assist. Yuuta says causing bodily harm will worsen the situation won’t it? XD haha

Everyone is flustered by the situation. No one knows what to do. Seeing everyone like this, Mei decides it’s best to close up shop earlier. She thanks them all for their hard work and believes one day Petit Four will reopen again.  Everyone looks at Mei sadly. Except for Chelu. He says this isn’t like Mei at all – to give up so easily. He was happy to have met Mei. That’s why to see her give up like this – is that really what she wants?

Mei says she doesn’t want to give up but that’s being selfish. Pretty much all the guys say hey we’re with you all the way.  Mei is moved to tears – literally.

All this time she thought she had to do her best and keep everyone together. But it was because she had everyone that she was able to make it this far.

Kazuki tries to calm Mei. She says she’s crying because of them which breaks the tension (except for Kazuki who’s freaking out). When asked what she wants to do, Mei asks everyone is it alright for her to decide. Isamu tells her to stop being a wuss. She’s the owner after all. Mei then states she doesn’t want to give up after coming this far.

Yuuta asks what should they do about the media circus outside.  Chelu says he has an idea. He asks Mei if she trusts him to do this. Mei says she trusts him.  Chelu smiles at Mei and says he won’t run away no more. He’ll do his very best from now on.  Mei smiles back.

That’s right. We’ll all do our very best!

Chapter 5 end!

Phew! Another chapter down! I can’t believe there is only one more to go D:

What will happen to Petit Four?  And for goodness sake, who is Mei going to end up with!?  Those answers and more with the final chapter of Petit Four.

Until then, take care!

Chapter 6 keywords

  • Confrontation
  • Honesty
  • Closing
  • Grandpa

5 thoughts on “Petit Four – Chapter 5: Fromage Summary

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  2. Actually you aren’t hitting to far from what the actual ending is going to be like.
    The ending kind of sucks if you’re a romantic person :/
    I guess they want you to get the game if you want to see romance…*laments over the fact Petit Four is only available for the Japanese PS2*


  3. Seriously! I have some of them but I can’t really understand them.
    Actually, recently, due to all the summaries and practice I’ve been doing, I can actually understand a bit more :O Be shocked!
    I was playing Hi-iro no Kakera on my DS and I actually understood what was going on! The minute they started talking about the family history and the meaning of life however I got lost just like that but before I understood :)
    I’m one step closer to playing Otome games. When I get awesome good, I’ll help you with your chosen guy’s route ;) Gotta spread the bishi lovin’!


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