Petit Four – Chapter 4: Viande Summary

Chapter 4 summary is here! And man…it’s really long. I think I did too much detail. I don’t know if I can call this a summary anymore. Maybe ‘detailed outline’ is a better term…>_>;

Chapter 4: Viande

The chapter opens with Yuuta and Kazuki both asking Mei out to the upcoming festival.  Naturally the two boys aren’t happy with the other for trying to make advances on Mei.  While the two growl at one another, Seiji randomly starts talking:
Normally I’d never voluntarily enter into that human cesspool but…if it means Mei is going, I guess trying won’t hurt.”

To which Kazuki replies: “We’re not asking you out, Seiji-san.” =_=;

Yuuta cries foul as well: “You just want to go with Mei!

Mei: ^_^:

Shizuka isn’t going to stay quiet about this either.

If it’s summer, we’re talking about that festival”
“If it’s that festival in question, it’ll be me.”
“The one taking Mei is me.”

Both Yuuta and Kazuki set their glares to Shizuka.

Chelu tries to pacify things by saying everyone should go together. Yuuta cries it won’t be a date no more. GO OUT WITH ME MEI!

Mei quickly looks for a distraction: Isamu! She asks Isamu if he’s planning on going to the festival.  Isamu: What am I, five!? He tells them all to stop being giddy over something like that and get back to work.  That quickly ends things!

Are you going to the festival too, Isamu-san?

Yuuta suddenly asks, “Why is he working here?”

Mei says it’s because he wanted to be an apprentice to her grandfather. Yuuta points and says there’s something weird about that.  Why would Isamu choose to apprentice himself to Mei’s grandfather when he could have gone to school? Kazuki adds that Isamu’s food is really good already too.

Good question.  Since there is a 10 year difference between her and Isamu, Mei has never really been able to talk with him normally so she never got to ask things like that.

What is the reason for him being here…?

While on the floor, Kazuki calls out for Mei. He points to a lone guest sitting at one of the tables (he’s the troubled looking guy from the end of chapter 3).  That guy came yesterday for Lunch and Dinner and now he’s come here today! Yuuta deduces he must have an unhealthy obsession with Isamu’s food XD Kazuki seconds that comment (weren’t they just going to kill each other 4 pages ago!?).  The guest in question calls out to Mei. He has a request.
A customer wants to meet me?

Isamu repeats Mei’s words. Kazuki is all fire as he reports the details about the customer and his love for Isamu’s food.  Isamu is rather hesitant to go out, stating it’s not his thing. Chelu tells Isamu it’s an honor to have a customer personally want to thank the chef. Mei also agrees. Thus the two literally push Isamu out of the kitchen, much to Isamu’s protest! Haha

Whose hand is touching there!? It better be Mei’s!

Isamu starts to introduce himself when the customer bounces out of his chair:

Isamu-san! I knew it! It is you, Isamu-san!

To which a stunned Isamu stutters out: “Ya-Yamamoto-san!?

Mei looks on, thinking do these two know each other? (Uh, yeah Mei. They just called each other by their names…>_>;).

Yamamoto introduces himself.  He wants to have Isamu work was as a chef for him and his restaurant.  When questioned where he comes from, Yamamoto reports he comes from Etoile.  The super famous French restaurant that everyone knows!? (What? You’ve never heard of Etoile? How come you don’t know about it? *stares* *jk*).  Seiji is stupefied.  Why would such a great restaurant want someone like Isamu? (Isamu: Hey!) Seiji asks what is Etoile/Yamamoto’s connection to Isamu?  Yamamoto explains he and Isamu studied together at Etoile – Yamamoto is like his senior in a way.  The news that Isamu studied at Etoile is even more stunning!  Seiji mumbles to himself, so that’s why his food tastes so good.  Yamamoto adds something that nearly puts everyone in the room into a coma:
Etoile is owned by Isamu’s parents.” [actually it says something like Etoile is his parent’s house]

We are not happy.

WTF!? Kazuki, Shizuka, Chelu, and Yuuta fall down from their hiding space – that’s how shocking this is XD They jump at Isamu, questions flying. Isamu loses his temper. He says people have stuff they don’t want others to know.  Don’t stick your nose into other people’s business. To which the boys respond there’s a difference between a secret and not telling! They’re not the same! Boo! Boo!  Isamu’s face pretty much says I’m going to kill you all.

The Three Stooges...bishi edition XD

Seiji saves Isamu from looking at manslaughter in court by telling the boys to knock it off.  Isamu and Yamamoto have something important they need to talk about with one another, NOT YOU PEOPLE. Seiji lets Yamamoto and Isamu use his office.  Meanwhile, Mei and Seiji play watchdog. They stop the other boys from trying to eavesdrop onto Isamu’s conversation. But we want to know~! Is what their faces say XD What does Yamamoto want with Isamu!?

We weren't going to eavesdrop. We just have to use the bathroom. At the same time. Together...

Seiji: “Most likely…he came to take Isamu back…or at least somewhere along that line of thinking.

Everyone: D’: Gee, thanks for being a downer Seiji. XD

The boys talk about how awesome Etoile is – it’s been on tv, in magazines, etc. Everyone knows of Etoile!  If Isamu is the child of the owner of Etoile that must mean the famous chef there is his father…

Chelu starts freaking out. Since Isamu is the future successor of Etoile he’ll be taken away – by force if necessary.  What’ll happen to Petit Four without its chef!?

Yuuta: “That’s why we need to investigate what’s going on. This has nothing to do with unbridled curiously.” ;)

Any more conversation is cut off when Yamamoto yells for Isamu to wait. Isamu tells Yamamoto he’s not going back to Etoile. Yamamoto tries to convince Isamu but Isamu brushes him off.

“If you understand, then leave and go back to my old man’s place.”

Mei calls out Isamu’s name too, to try and pacify him but he unleashes a super glare on her. Mei freaks out and says it’s nothing. Isamu storms off to do some preparation for Dinner. Yamamoto is left with Mei, depressed.  Mei takes this opportunity to ask if Yamamoto is truly planning on taking Isamu back.  Yamamoto starts telling Mei about Isamu’s past.  Isamu’s father is known as a prodigy when it comes to French cuisines.  He’s also called the French King (pssfft!) because of his skills.  Isamu inherited those skills too.  Together, those two would have been great. But…

Mei: “Was there a problem?

Yamamoto jumps out of his chair – they’re scarily similar! Isamu and his dad have the same personality. Mei digests this for a moment before realizing what Yamamoto has said. One Isamu is bad enough! But two Isamus!? Heaven or Hell. FIGHT! (Ah, Guilty Gear)

The two would always bicker in the kitchen.  Each insult would be like a bullet firing through the air.  It wasn’t a kitchen when those two were in it – it was a battlefield! XD

The blood! I see so much blood!

Mei: “I-I can already picture it in my mind…” (hahaha!).  But one day, Isamu just up and left.  Yamamoto wants to try and get Isamu to come back to Etoile.  He’s doesn’t want Isamu to waste his talent.  Mei reluctantly agrees that he is wasting his talents at Petit Four. Yamamoto apologizes for sounding so rude.  He didn’t mean to make it sound like Petit Four sucks. In fact, it has an affectionate feel to it – something Etoile lacks.  However, Isamu is better off at a place that suits his great talents (Etoile can provide high grade (aka expensive) ingredients, nurture his talents with a good working environment, etc).  Mei doesn’t know how to respond. Yamamoto says he’ll come back tomorrow to try again.

Mei goes to wash dishes, lost in thought. She couldn’t say anything back to Yamamoto.  If Isamu is here at Petit Four due to a fight with his father, it’s best if he goes back to reconcile things. But, if he did that, Isamu would be leaving Petit Four for good…Mei knows it’s not right to put her worries over what’s best for Isamu, but…just what is the best route to go?

Mei is shocked out her thoughts and loses grip on the plate in her hands. It falls to the floor and breaks. “What are you doing!?” Isamu yells at her. Mei apologizes and says she’ll get to cleaning it.  Isamu sighs.  “You’re too easy to read.” Isamu asks what Yamamoto said to Mei. What Yamamoto says is something she shouldn’t worry about. Mei disagrees, for Isamu is wasting his talents being here. But before she can voice these thoughts, Isamu pokes her on the forehead and tells her to stop her squawking. If she has time to worry that means she has time to work. Customers are waiting! Mei breaks out of her depression: “Yes! I’m sorry! I’ll do my best!” Isamu smiles and pats her on the head. “That’s the spirit.” This makes Mei blush!

Good girl, now come closer...>:3 Little Isamu wants to say hi XD

Their cute moment is ruined in Kazuki comes running into the kitchen, flustered.  Seems some brat kid wants to eat hamburger, even though Petit Four is a French restaurant.  Mei looks to Isamu, eyes pleading. Isamu smiles and says yeah, I can make them a hamburger (I’ll send Chelu out to McDonald’s right now XD).  Kazuki runs off to tell the customers.  He nearly runs into Yamamoto who has come into the kitchen.  Yamamoto apologizes for coming in on his own but he says like he told Mei earlier, this kind of stuff has to stop. Making Isamu make food not listed on the menu, stocking and food preparations – these things aren’t something someone like Isamu should be doing.  Then he turns to Isamu. Why should you Isamu concern yourself with a restaurant like this? Mei starts getting doubts again. “Hey, little girl.” Isamu’s voice breaks Mei out of her slump. “Whether I make that meal or not is your call. You’re the owner after all.”

Mei, I thought it should be known that I like cheese. This seems like the best time to tell you.

Mei blinks – oh yeah, I AM the owner! XD

Mei tells Isamu to do his thing. Yamamoto tries to protest but Mei smiles: I believe in him!

The day ends. Isamu tells Yamamoto straight up he has no plans of returning to Etoile.  He understands the value Etoile holds but it’s not the same as Petit Four.  Being in a kitchen and immersing oneself in one’s work isn’t a bad thing, but it’s not what Isamu is aiming for.  What he wants can be obtained at Petit Four.  He can do whatever crazy things he wants at Petit Four and he also likes the idiots he keeps company with (haha). Plus there’s his owner he has to keep an eye on too. Aww.

Yamamoto finally concedes to Isamu’s wishes. He says when he saw that kid’s happy expression when he finally got his burger, he realized what Isamu wanted.  The two converse some more. Isamu returns to the others. Naturally the boys jump on his, asking what happened.  Isamu says he’s staying. If he leaves, then Petit Four is shit out of luck right? Everyone is happy.  Kazuki exclaims how now that everything is okay, he’s hungry! Isamu says he’ll make whatever Kazuki wants, prompting Kazuki to jump all over him. Yuuta and Shizuka join in too XD all proclaiming they want hamburgers. Isamu freaks, telling them he’ll make the burgers just get off him! Haha.

Mei asks Isamu if it’s really the right thing for him to stay at Petit Four. Isamu says he didn’t say at Petit Four due to the conflict between him and his father. It was his choice and he chose Petit Four. Besides, there’s something else here at Petit Four that made Isamu stay. When Mei asks what that is, he looks to the side, smiles, and says it’s a secret. (of course, we all know what that reason is ;)).  But Mei doesn’t. She thinks the reason he stayed is for Petit Four itself. >_>; Mei…really?

My secret is...>_>'s too dark for you to know. It involves some sick stuff. Chelu knows. Why else do you think he's bipolar...shit messed that boy up good

The chapter closes with everyone going to the festival, much to Yuuta’s disappointment. (Yuuta gets further kicked in the balls when Shizuka asks Yuuta not to stand next to him in his yukata – Yuuta’s yukata makes him look stupid XD Yuuta: D’8 You’re all just jealous because I look good! Kazuki: The only one who thinks you look good in that is you. Yuuta: T-T I hate you all).

Thought some fanservice was needed :3

Mei appears in a kimono/yukata, making Yuuta and Kazuki happy.  Isamu also appears. He said he changed his mind about not going.  Isamu grabs Mei’s hand, dragging her away. He says he’s going to be her escort so she better be greatful XD

Everyone watches the fireworks. Chelu wonders if Petit Four will be around the next time a festival comes around. Kazuki yells at him not to jinx the store. Mei tells everyone it’ll be okay. We won’t give up. We’ll do our best. Together.

Together until the end.

Chapter 4 summary END

Man this was a long chapter to summarize @_@||| But I’m getting pretty fast at it though!  See you in chapter 5!

Chapter 5 keywords

  • Chelu
  • Runaway
  • Media frenzy
  • Park
  • Lies!?

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  2. FUCKING SHIT GIRL! i al most dielaugh after reading this: Good girl, now come closer…>:3 Little Isamu wants to say hi XD

    I think the ppl who live in this bilding think something sick and fucked up is going on in here…and they r right but hay.

    god i am still laughing about it that was great and the secret one too funny shit. we need to do stand up.


  3. Thank you thank you :D
    When I saw that touching picture, my dirty side totally flashed another scenario through my mind XD
    I wanted to make jokes like this with the 5th chapter but the pictures I put up didn’t have anything funny to go with them D:>
    Also the chapter was kind of depressing and crap.
    Maybe I can mess around with the last chapter?


    • Hey, I’ll have more summaries to do!
      You’re like the only one who reads these (besides a few people who stumble on my blog which is indeed few) so I can say or do whatever I want :D I’ll definitely keep up the “captions” trend ;) Little Isamu may not be around for more appearances but I can try and whip up other creative ideas :D haha


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