Petit Four – Chapter 6: Petit Four Summary

Yes! I am determined to finish this thing before school starts up again! We’re almost to the end people! Actually, this can really be considered the end.  There’s only a pity bonus chapter for Yuuta and that’s it. Alright, let’s do this. Here is chapter 6 of Petit Four!

Chapter 6: Petit Four

The final chapter has arrived!!!

The chapter starts where chapter 5 left off.  Mei and Chelu are preparing themselves to head out into the media frenzy. Kazuki and Seiji tell the two to be careful and call if anything happens (like I said in chapter 5: Japan must have some crazy mofos for reporters). Mei smiles and nods her head. They open the door.

Once the media sees Chelu, they start pummeling him with questions: Why did he leave the world of Japanese confection? Is he done with it for good? Why is he at a French restaurant? Does this have something to do with his French blood?  Mei tries to answer but Chelu stops her.
It’s going to be all right.

I'm going to defy my cheese eating surrender monkey blood, Mei XD I'm not going to run.

Chelu addresses the media. First off, I must apologize. I have caused you all such worry due to my absence. Currently, I am employed as a Patissier here at Petit Four.

His words spark the media into action. A Patissier!? Does that mean he has no plans to go back to being a Japanese Confectionary?  Chelu says he’s thought about it a bit and he has decided to take a break from Japanese confections. That doesn’t mean he’s quitting Japanese confection for good. He realized something very important about confections while working at Petit Four. When a reporter asks for details, Chelu instead surprises the reporter by asking if she likes sweets (what sane woman doesn’t Chelu?).  The woman says yes and Chelu says he too likes sweets. He says sweets can make someone happy. When someone is eating sweets, it’s hard to make a hateful face or a painful face.  Basically using the power of math, Sweets = happiness (except if you eat too much; then sweets = toilet time).

Chelu continues: the thing that matters the most to Chelu is seeing the happy faces of those who eat his confections. Petit Four helped him remember that. The one who brought him to Petit Four is this girl here, Mei.

“To her, I offer my eternal gratitude.” (okay, you can tell the manga-ka was a Chelu fan. He totally has more screen time then any of the other 5 guys. Hell, Yuuta doesn’t even get a real chapter to himself XD)

The scene flashbacks to before Mei and Chelu head out to face the media. Basically, Chelu is telling the others about his plan. He got the idea when Mei told him the confection he made for her was really good ( – which made him real happy to hear).  Everyone smiles and they have a moment. Mei says let’s do this thing yo! The scene shifts back to the present.

Someone is about to ask a question when Chelu and Mei yell out:
Thusly, everyone: we have prepared something a little special for today!

Be happy *shakes fist*

Chelu randomly says: don’t you think 和洋折衷is a wonderful word? (和洋折衷means the blending of Japanese and Western Styles).

Basically, Petit Four is going to have meals with a French x Japanese feel to it. This is limited to only today (since the store will be closed after today).  Mei goes on to talk about French foods whose translations I have no idea are (and have no idea what they are).

Reporters: (;>_>)  (<_<’)

Mei then requests the reporters try the meals first. The confections made by our Patissier are the best. If you try them, I think you’ll understand that Chelu has not abandoned his Japanese Confectionary ways.

Chelu smiles at Mei. The other boys are smiling from behind the safety of Petit Four’s glass door XD.  Chelu also asks the food be sampled.

Hey, we ain't dying for $6.50 an hour.

Mei continues to talk: Petit Four is aimed at giving you all the best service and dinner possible. In return, we’d like to see your happiest smiles. We’ll do our best.  We want everyone to be satisfied.

This manga-ka totally loves Mei x Chelu. Doesn't it look like the two are a couple in this shot? As a Mei x Shizuka fan, I take offense. XD

As Mei and Chelu continue to tell the reporters EAT OUR FOOD!, the scene shifts to various people watching the event on tv – you see Mei’s friends from chapter 1 (the moochers) and someone in a hospital bed (hmmm…who could that be?).

Mei and Chelu are now safely in. The others congratulate the two on the success of Chelu’s plan – rather than ask the reporters to leave, they instead invited them in. At the same time, they also advertised Petit Four on television too.  Seiji yells out it’s time to get ready for the mass of starving people who will come for dinner.  Kazuki says he and Yuuta will go out and buy groceries. Shizuka says he’ll try Isamu’s food XD Isamu says he’ll whip up something to rock this world for dinner. Seiji says he’ll go deal with those individuals who made reservations while Chelu says he’ll help Seiji out. Mei is having a heart attack over this: Holy shit rather than killing each other they are working together!? Alright! I get to slack :D

Mei is pumped now that her workers are actually working (and together at that). Kazuki decides they need to do another huddle. Seiji is all WTF is with you and your huddles? Kazuki asks if Seiji has a problem with huddles but turns around to notice everyone is already in huddle formation. Even Shizuka XD Kazuki runs over so join them, crying not to be left out haha!

Kazuki: I want to be touched too! Don't leave me out! D:

Next 2 pages are basically filled with a close shot of each boy’s face and them saying Mei’s name.

Mei: Man being a protagonist in an otome game rocks 8D


While dinner service is going, Mei is remembering her grandfather’s words. I’m too lazy to say everything but he’s basically talking about how he wants people who come to the restaurant to feel happy and shit XD Mei agrees with her grandfather. She loves the customers, her friends/employees, and Petit Four especially.

– October –

The page shows Mei running to Petit Four. On the door is a sign that says CLOSED (yup, the end people). Mei enters and apologizes for being late (just kidding ;)). Yuuta tries to glomp her. Kazuki intervenes. The two have a hissy fit with one another over Mei (Yuuta is all, you get to see her at school! I only get to see her here! Don’t interfere in our precious time together. Kazuki: Pretty much says sucks to be you XD).

Mei explains that halfway through September, her grandfather was released from the hospital and reopened Petit Four. Everyone Mei hired during her reign stayed :D Yeah!

Mei is planning on going to a culinary school in the future. Yuuta jokes Mei is going to become the next Isamu. Isamu hears this and says she’ll make a great chef. Then proceeds to shake the flour from his apron onto the floor (if anyone remembers – this is what caused the fight between Isamu and Seiji back in chapter 2). Naturally Seiji freaks.

Mei admits she doesn’t know what she’s going to be. She may be a chef or she may be a Patissier like Chelu. Being a Sommelier like Shizuka is also a choice. Likewise, a manager like Seiji is another option. (Pick Sommelier, Mei. Drunk people are usually happy people :D). I like how Mei completely ignores being a waiter like Kazuki or Yuuta XD


Mei pretty much embarrasses the other guys with her flattery. After they get their heads back on their shoulders, each of the four either tells Mei to come to them if she needs help or that she’ll do fine as whatever she chooses as her career. Yuuta says it’s not fair to forget about him – he stayed on for everyone even after he graduated college. Kazuki tells Mei that they both will do their best together. Turns out Kazuki is also going to a culinary school to become a chef like Isamu. Rather than say, hey you can do it! like they did with Mei, everyone kind of looks at Kazuki then quickly looks away haha!  Isamu jokes that if Kazuki wants to be like him he has to be more coordinated!

Kazuki: I hate you whores.

Mei’s grandpa makes a one page appearance XD He says it’s almost time for the store to open. He tells Isamu to return to his preparations (then promptly falls off the face of the planet).

Yes, sir! Forgive me, Master.
Yuuta and Kazuki have a giggling fit over hearing Isamu say such a thing. Isamu’s face is all red as he tells them to shove it, haha!

Mei tells everyone to return to their stations. As everyone leaves, Seiji remembers something. Everyone needs to meet in front of the restaurant after lunch. The annual Town Paper is coming by to do a story on Petit Four.

The story ends with everyone gathered outside (minus grandpa…poor grandpa). The paper wants to take a picture. After several shots (one mess up because Shizuka cuts up front to be by Mei; one mess up because Kazuki shoves Shizuka aside (but Yuuta saddles up next to Mei instead!); one everyone is laughing over the previous pictures), the perfect picture is taken :D

Hell yeah! Go Shizuka! >:D


Last page shows a customer walking up to Mei, asking if the restaurant is open. Mei says, yup:

Welcome to Petit Four!”


Random thought before I go: Did anyone ever wonder why those guys that got laid-off when Petit Four was first closing down never came back?  Just thought I’d ask.

See you all in the bonus chapter of pity :D

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    • Lol, I like how you always misspell cook hahahaha XD
      Well, actually you do have a point. There won’t be any more ‘cock’ if you get my subtle meaning. Bad Fox. No dirty comments on your blog XD hahahaha


    • Yeah, it just ends ;_; with her getting with nobody
      If you really want to see who Mei gets with, you have to play the actual Petit Four video game (available only in Japan). In there, you can choose who Mei gets with and have some cute scenes with the guy you like. Sigh…

      Wh00t! A Mei x Shizuka fan 8D *high fives*


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