The Margaret Aug 2014 Issue

shinoAwhile back I was in the mood for shojo. You know, kinda like how you’ll get a craving for a certain food out of the blue? I went to my local Kino in hopes of grabbing the newest issue of Lala DX to satisfy my interest but unfortunately all the issues were gone. There were only two “shojo” mags left – The Hana to Yume and The Margaret. I had heard this particular issue of The Hana to Yume sucked balls so by default I went with The Margaret. I’ve never tried an issue so I didn’t know what to expect. Plus it was only $10.


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Emerald Ciel Summer 2014 Issue

iconSince I just suck when it comes to posting about magazines I collect, I’ll just give a quick blurb on what’s going on (contents, what’s ending, what’s starting, etc).
I’ll do summaries on anything inside if requested :)


First up:

Emerald Ciel


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Shiro Ari Tank #5 Part I

snowiconLucky people ~ while I was out sick with food poisoning, it gave me time to read Shiro Ari #5 (between watching Hakkenden and playing Saints Row 3 and dying).
I remember someone asking for summaries awhile back but I couldn’t remember where they wanted me to start so I figured I might as well tackle tank #5 since I’m reading it haha


(if you’d like other tanks of Shiro Ari summarized, let me know ~)
(guess I should wait until after you all read my summaries. They’re going to be like the Kuranoa tank #2 ones – quick and dirty)

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