Shiro Ari Tank #5 Part I

snowiconLucky people ~ while I was out sick with food poisoning, it gave me time to read Shiro Ari #5 (between watching Hakkenden and playing Saints Row 3 and dying).
I remember someone asking for summaries awhile back but I couldn’t remember where they wanted me to start so I figured I might as well tackle tank #5 since I’m reading it haha


(if you’d like other tanks of Shiro Ari summarized, let me know ~)
(guess I should wait until after you all read my summaries. They’re going to be like the Kuranoa tank #2 ones – quick and dirty)

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Post ~

hey all

Hey all! Sylphalchemist here! Been awhile since I last updated. Lots of stuff happened that kept me away from the computer. Forgot to blog that I was going to be AWOL for awhile heee :P To summarize, I went on my first vacation since I started work ~


Got to enjoy leg room via the emergency row ~ (for folks 15 and older baby <3). When I flew out, surprisingly no one was really flying my way so even more yays ~ I brought along the novel Sword Art Online to entertain me. Wasn’t a bad book. I think because it started like 3/4ths of the way into the story that I was super lost. Stuff had already happened and relationships were long established. I like watching that part ;___; I’m told book #2 is more backstory so I’m looking forward to that <3

I got to see my dad and doggies again along with my homies. Even attended a surprise con happening around the time I was there. After seeing everyone dressed up, I’ve finally decided to try my hand at cosplay (DON’T JUDGE ME!). I’m going simple with Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle :3 (maybe someone else too since it’s a three day con) I’ve got a year to plan before this particular con comes back. What’s even more awesome is that my friends even said they wanted to do a group cosplay with Ghibli themes <3 (yay ~).

I’m too lazy to get my phone and upload the photos, but I got to celebrate my birthday with awesome friends and family. I was surprised with Korean barbeque, Karaoke, and cake from my friends back home, and Japanese beef bowl and a sweet camera from my dad. I got even more of a surprise coming back when my coworkers got me awesome gifts and slutty b-day brownies ;____; my friends are so wonderful <3 (I’ll post pictures on instagram one day :P)

I also took my first unexcused sick leave from work when I started vomiting at 1 in the morning. Got food poisoning. I’m suspecting the froyo I had gotten with a friend ;___; why froyo…that’s sacred yo…


Had my first horrible dentist appointment. When you’re wearing a mask that has blood on it and it’s not mine…how are you still in business o___o Praying my teeth and health make it through…

Online life, I’ve got bunches of posts made up but I haven’t gotten around to scanning anything for most of them. Pictures are usually what hold me back when it comes to posting. It’s not that difficult but I’m so lazy that it feels like so much effort haha xD

I’m trying to catch up on some Sylph titles before I do mag posts. However, I’m thinking that due to my slow pace, I’ll try to catch up on one series, post a mag post, and then repeat. Hell, look at me with Ane Lala. Think 5 volumes have already been released yet I’m still on #1 :P Ah well, I’ll get to it…eventually ~

Anyway, despite my laziness, I’ve got two posts ready to go so they’ll be following this post ~ Enjoy :J


Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 15 (Tid-Bits)

Oh look, I did a thing!


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