Mini Post – Yashio to Mikumo Tank #7 (spoilers)


Kino is having a pre-Thanksgiving sale so of course I had to take advantage of that :P My original goal was to buy all of Yashio to Mikumo (well, volumes 3-7 since I got 1 & 2 from Book*Off) along with Koisuru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi  (because I’ve been meaning to get that series for like years now). But then I realized I needed to buy a notebook binder thing for upcoming training and then I wanted some cute paper for said binder because I’m weird like that. Then I wanted pens with brown ink to match the binder because like I said, weirdo present. Then I made the mistake of looking at new manga releases for this month and saw Tooyama Ema released a collection of one shots…(for me, I’m hit or miss with Tooyama Ema, but there was a one shot in the collection I read prior in Aria and I really enjoyed – thus the purchase :P). After assessing how much I was spending, I decided to settle for volume #7 of Yashio to Mikumo (and Koisuru Ouji because who knows how long that’ll still be around) .

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Mini Post – Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majo


Before I go to bed, I’m throwing a quick post out here. Earlier this month, I bought the newest issue of Lala DX off of Not sure what’s been going on but Lala and Lala DX have been selling out at my local Kino :/ (thus why I haven’t been posting any Lala news ~). Normally I wouldn’t care but I really wanted this issue for one thing – Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majo ~ (The World’s Baddest Witch). The art and the fact we have the word “witch” in the title peeked my interest :3 What can I say? I grew up with magical girls and the love never left haha ~

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What the f*ck is Comic It!?

Hello folks! Been awhile. Between busy weekends working or socializing to freaking out over getting promotion things done (it’s out of my hands now. November will be a month for tears, it’s just a matter of if the tears are due to joy or sorrow), and getting sick (I want the power to punch bacteria that give me food poisoning hard in the dick. I know bacteria don’t have dicks. That’s why I want the power to make them grow one so I can uppercut it off. Also the common cold. Because they’re dicks too.), I haven’t had much time to do anything blog wise.

And just when I was finally going to work on Sylph stuff I noticed this on my twitter feed:


Now, the first thing that caught my eye was “Shounen Oujo”. I had read on animenewsnetwork that Shounen Oujo was coming back (kinda sad Sylph didn’t mention anything about that but I digress) so I thought this was Sylph’s official notice that our boy is coming home.
Then my eye went to the picture.

Me: Holy fuck what hell happened to Albert!? ” (´◉◞⊖◟◉`)

After staring at the photo in horror, wondering what the pirate life did do our little cross-dresser, I finally took note of the words “COMIC IT”.
That’s when I went:

“What the fuck is Comic It!?”

To others who are thinking the same thing, I went to Comic It’s website and did a quick translation of a blog entry I saw. Enjoy:

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The Margaret Aug 2014 Issue

shinoAwhile back I was in the mood for shojo. You know, kinda like how you’ll get a craving for a certain food out of the blue? I went to my local Kino in hopes of grabbing the newest issue of Lala DX to satisfy my interest but unfortunately all the issues were gone. There were only two “shojo” mags left – The Hana to Yume and The Margaret. I had heard this particular issue of The Hana to Yume sucked balls so by default I went with The Margaret. I’ve never tried an issue so I didn’t know what to expect. Plus it was only $10.


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