Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 15 (Tid-Bits)

Oh look, I did a thing!


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Ane Lala vol 2, Part III

Been awhile since my last read with Ane Lala. Shoots, I think we’re almost coming up to a year :U Oops…. Ah well, it was a stressful year. I was on probation with work since I was new. Any screw up would equal termination. Yadda yadda.

I was debating on weather I should blah about Ane Lala anymore or not. I figured after all this time, no one would care lols. But then I thought, well, I have the magazines, so why not. I’m only a year behind ~

And that is how we got to where we are now :P

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Sylph, May 2014


Made this post like 2 months ago ah well (also, yes, I was lazy and took pictures instead of scanning :P):

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Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 14 (Tid-Bits)

mekakushiRestarting Tid-Bits with a title I first started with 3 years ago…Zeele Sacrifice! At the time, I was extremely disappointed by the ending so I kicked the title to the darkest regions of my closet. However, now that I’m older and more mature (pssft), I have finally calmed down enough to finish what I started. If you’ve never read Zeele Sacrifice, I’m sure a few of the scans are still around to peek at. Don’t give up too early with the series if Yuiko’s pathetic-ness is what’s bothering you. While she doesn’t get ripped and defeats evil with her bare abs and muscular thighs, she does grow a spine as the series continues. Hell, she slaps a demon. Sure he almost breaks her hand five seconds later but hey, she tried!

All I ask is you don’t look at my earlier summaries for this series. You can tell I was new to the whole blogging game hurrrrr (.__.;)

Alright kids! Strap your butt cheeks in! The ride is about to start ~


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Millefeui, vol 0


My first Book Walker purchase. Hell, my first digital purchase! I gotta thank Itsuma Tenma no Kuro Usagi and dicking around on bakaupdates for finding this little jewel ~I’m always down for trying new things :3 Especially if said things are shiny <3

I’ll be frank – I know next to nothing about Millefeui. I didn’t even know it existed until I began snooping around on google. From what I could find, the magazine started last year and has about four volumes out. All four volumes are available to purchase on comicwalker for $1.99/per magazine (at least that’s what iTunes charged me when I bought issue 0)

The tag line for issue 0 reads “the birth of (a magazine filled with) vocaloid comics x shojo comics.” So this is basically a girly version of Comic@loid with some Hana to Yume in it and it doesn’t star just Gumi for like everything haha.

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