Ane Lala vol 2, Part II

Well look at that. An Ane Lala post :P Holy snaps. I can’t believe this volume (along with all the others) had been sitting on my shelf for the past year. This issue came out a year ago. :U A YEAR ago! Man, going from college life to adult life really did take some time o___o;

Kyou Kanoko #2


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What I read (for like the past 2/3 weeks ha)

I’m no good at reviews but I figured I could just blah on what I’ve read. If anything, just to give the titles exposure because a causal fan who doesn’t stalk various publishers on twitter wouldn’t know about all the translated manga coming our way.

Don’t look at me like that….






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Snippet: Kami-sama wa Ikiru no ga Tsurai (It Sucks Being a God) Tank #1 Part II

The first chapter is always the longest because I have to introduce everyone and the world they live in. Going on from here should be a little easier :J


(this is a nice picture because it shows the entire cast. On the right you have Kagachi with Haru. On the left starting from the bottom going counter clockwise is bunny boy, raccoon dude, Narutaki, and fox boy)

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Snippet: Kami-sama wa Ikiru no ga Tsurai (It Sucks Being a God) Tank #1 Part I

Holy crap is Black Friday bloodthirsty. And you’d think after all the battles that started from 5 on Thanksgiving Day, people would be winding down a bit. But nope! I had to buy some toilet paper and you’d think anarchy was the new law the way people stormed about in CVS. CV fucking S. Like, really? Shit is ALWAYS on sale here. Why should the holidays be any different!? Thankfully I was able to grab my butt wipes and run out before someone started punching ~ In other news, here’s a snippet! The series is called “Kami-sama wa Ikiru no ga Tsurai.” Literally it means, “Living as a god is tough” but I like the slang version of “It Sucks Being a God” better :J Thus I’m going with it.


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Mini Post – Yashio to Mikumo Tank #7 (spoilers)


Kino is having a pre-Thanksgiving sale so of course I had to take advantage of that :P My original goal was to buy all of Yashio to Mikumo (well, volumes 3-7 since I got 1 & 2 from Book*Off) along with Koisuru Ouji to Junan no Himegimi  (because I’ve been meaning to get that series for like years now). But then I realized I needed to buy a notebook binder thing for upcoming training and then I wanted some cute paper for said binder because I’m weird like that. Then I wanted pens with brown ink to match the binder because like I said, weirdo present. Then I made the mistake of looking at new manga releases for this month and saw Tooyama Ema released a collection of one shots…(for me, I’m hit or miss with Tooyama Ema, but there was a one shot in the collection I read prior in Aria and I really enjoyed – thus the purchase :P). After assessing how much I was spending, I decided to settle for volume #7 of Yashio to Mikumo (and Koisuru Ouji because who knows how long that’ll still be around) .

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Mini Post – Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majo


Before I go to bed, I’m throwing a quick post out here. Earlier this month, I bought the newest issue of Lala DX off of Not sure what’s been going on but Lala and Lala DX have been selling out at my local Kino :/ (thus why I haven’t been posting any Lala news ~). Normally I wouldn’t care but I really wanted this issue for one thing – Sekai de Ichiban Warui Majo ~ (The World’s Baddest Witch). The art and the fact we have the word “witch” in the title peeked my interest :3 What can I say? I grew up with magical girls and the love never left haha ~

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