Spoilers: Ending to Tokyo Majin

This is something new I want to try out. I figure if I call my blog “Spoils” I might as well live up to the name. Sometimes, before I read or watch a series, I want to know what happens in the end. Like, is the ending good or will it end up sucking? [I’ve had too many experiences where the series I’m reading just completely blows or the ending is something I don’t like]

Or I’m too lazy to watch or read the whole thing and I just want to know the meat of things so I can understand what people around me are talking about ^^

For my first rendition of Spoilers, I’m going to write a quick summary about the end to Tokyo Majin.

Just to let you know I already forgot the names of most of the characters so I’m going to use nicknames or quick descriptions :p

In the end, the gang + the Martial Arts Fist group go and fight the evil bad guy. They get their asses whooped badly. Just when it seems like the world is screwed, Aoi goes oh yeah I have that super power that everyone was all crazy for back in the first season (dumb bitch :/). After giving some speech about them not going to die, she unleashes her powers and everyone is healed. The four guardians (the wrestler dude, the blonde chick with the cat from the first season, Hisui, and that homeless guy with the glasses) + Tatsuma (bc he’s that golden dragon thing – well, a part of it. I think he’s the Yang part and that kid in the wheelchair was the Yin part) go and fight the evil guy.

The scene changes to the school. Tokyo is still trying to recover from being nearly annihilated. Komaki’s family survived. So did reporter girl’s. Wrestler guy’s father’s whereabouts are still unknown. Many other students and families are missing as well. The school is going to hold a graduation – something to boost everyone’s spirits. But Tatsuma isn’t there. At first we think he’s dead but he actually went after the bad guy to fight him some place else.

Gah Tatsuma! You're so awesome DX

I’m not sure if Aoi’s eye blew up or something but she’s wearing a patch over it. Aoi is looking up at the cherry blossoms, lost in thought. Komaki comes and they talk about stuff.

[I’m not sure when the old guy with the beard says this, but he mentions that the power of the guardians is too much for the human body to handle – and we see this through scene shifts; homeless guy falling to his knees, coughing. Wrestler guy is holding his wrist in pain.  Blonde girl is calling out to Tatsuma, her eyes blind. She collapses. Only Hisui is fine (or appears that way). Since I’m talking about old guy, I’ll add this part: wheelchair guy is currently staying in some cave with old guy and his peeps. Wheelchair guy is missing a leg and an arm. He’s all wrapped up like a mummy in holy bandages (I guess). He learned his parents were killed in the Tokyo incident. He regrets not being his true self in front of them. Then he asks about Tatsuma. Tatsuma promised to make him laugh…]

Blah blah, we get to a scene where Kyoichi is staring up at the cherry tree thinking of Tatsuma.  Aoi comes behind him and they talk. Kyoichi says he knows where Tatsuma is. Aoi is happy and says she’ll get the others. Kyoichi says he’s going alone. Aoi says she’s coming too. Kyoichi tells her no, she’s needed here. Aoi won’t hear it. She’s set on going with Kyoichi. When Kyoichi still won’t let her come, she slaps him. She says he never tells the real reason for things. She doesn’t want him to go because who’ll protect her? She’s tired of protecting everyone. [I was screaming NO KYOICHI! NO! DON’T GET WITH HER! DON’T! during this part XD ]

Kyoichi pats her on the head and says she’s done enough. She’s done all she can and that’s good enough. Take a break.

He leaves Aoi behind (I’m sorry but YES!) – but he leaves his…cloth sheath thing for her to hold on to. He meets up with Hisui and they travel together to Tatsuma’s location – China.

Since Aoi kept causing so many characters to get injuried, my brain changed the scene to where Kyouichi and Hisui are trying to run away fast when they leave Aoi XD Kyouichi: Keep on walking Hisui. We'll make it if we don't make any rash actions.

Bunny old guy watches them leave, saying something cryptic like Bloom and Fall, Bloom and Fall – so many times. Try not to fall this time. (I’m thinking since he’s some kind of old demon thing and the anime is based off a video game with sequels, he’s referring to those characters in the video game that have tried to fight the evil bad guy and I guess didn’t manage to beat him?)

The scene shifts real quick to Tatsuma fighting – saying he’ll be a cherry blossom that won’t fall.

Another scene shift – this shows the graduation ceremony commencing and stuff happens.

The last scene shows Kyoichi in a tree mumbling how long does Tatsuma plan on going, he’s hungry. Suddenly he has a vision and sees Tatsuma. Kyoichi jumps down from the tree, smiling. He says Tatsuma better be prepared because he’s coming to wake him up.


Yeah…that’s the end. So Tatsuma is still fighting the evil bad guy (I don’t even remember why he wanted to blow up the earth >_>;), meaning the fate of the world rests on his shoulders and…we don’t know what that result is. I’m hoping it’s favorable ^^; It’s almost as bad as Venus Versus Virus‘s ending…

I kind of wished we got to see into more character’s backgrounds though the extra episodes helped explain Komaki’s relationship with that wasp girl and what happened to her arm, and the conclusion to the fight between wrestler boy and Kyoichi when they were younger. You also get to see young Aoi bitch slap Kyoichi for beating up a drug dealer >_>;
The last last extra shows Tatsuma’s past more – about his alienation from the other kids growing up. It made me want to hug him. The last scene was especially heartbreaking when he smiles to all his friends and tells them thank you (this happens just before Tatsuma disappears to fight evil)

I’m kind of hoping there’s going to be a third season of Tokyo Majin but after so much time has passed since the 2nd season…I doubt it but you never know! (Look at Fafner)

35 thoughts on “Spoilers: Ending to Tokyo Majin

  1. See i hate endings like this One go’s off to fight the other just get to stand there and look…dead?

    *ignores the fact that she was thinking of ending her story that way*

    Man I need to just get my ass over to ur place!


  2. The ending sucked because I want to know who wins!
    And who gets with who!
    I wanted ANSWERS!

    *you end your story like that and I’ll wrap you in a bear suit and let Pete work her magic*

    You do! I have so much frickin anime on my shelf it isn’t funny! Granted they’re all older titles but that’s because I grab them when they are on sale. By the time I watch them, those titles that were new are now old and on sale ^^ It’s an evil cycle.


    • I think that Aoi ends up with Hiya and Kyouichi actually ends up with Tono(the scoops girl) and here is what leads me to believe that.The scene with the graduation ceremony when Hiya and Kyouichi’s names are called out Aoi says “here” for Hiya and Tono says “here” for Kyouichi and what also leads me to believe is the scene when Tono takes a selfie with only Kyouichi before they go out to fight this is the most logical conclusion for me based on this.

      Also i know this is an old thread but i’ve avoided this anime for a longer time Xd and i just wanna put my thoughts out there :p.


  3. True. Because I save so much I can buy so much >:3

    We need to watch some intellectual anime drunk. We would totally be able to understand it. Like Eva. I didn’t understand shit. I’m sure if I was under the influence of something, and had a priest or something next to me to explain the religious references, then maybe I’d appreciate it more (Hey! You’re an ordained minister! Is that the same?).
    We also need to watch a trippy anime drunk. Or just any anime in general XD


  4. so I don’t believe many persons watched the very last 30 seconds of the extra episode (12) of season 2.. Aoi sheds a tear for Tatsuma due to him saying ‘thank you’ would anyone agree with me that it’s closure as to who she has feelings for? any news on a 3rd season as well


    • Truthfully, almost everyone in that series could be paired with one another (straight, BL, or GL) – there were so many hints.
      I’d rather Aoi get with …ah crap I forgot his name. That dude that was always with her – had his hair in a loose pony tail rather than Tatsuma. Just because I like Tatsuma and I don’t like Aoi.
      (I thought the series was pushing for Aoi x Kyoichi rather than Aoi x Tatsuma but it’s all up to the watcher ^^: )

      I have no idea about a 3rd season. It would be awesome if there was one though!


      • I think that Hiyu and Aoi would be toghether and also Tono and Kyouichi would be toghether and what convinces me is that scene at the graduation ceremony when Hiyu and Kyouichi’s names were called out Aoi said “here” for Hiyu and Tono said “Here” for Kyouichi and also that selfie Tono had only with Kyouichi before they went to fight i think that hints a little bit at the pairings :p
        Also sorry i know this an old thread but hey i just finished the anime after i avoided it for so long :p.


  5. I just finished this anime earlier today n have been looking for news on 3rd season and there seems to be none, though I do suspect one in the future.
    Anyways this has become one of my all-time favorite animes. Even though the end could have been more I appreciated it for leaving the viewer to interpret the end. I believe it was left like that intentionally just in case the creator felt like making a third season.
    I also thought the white hair Tatsuma had in that 12 second fight sequence was cool. =]

    One more thing…Do you have any anime recommendations? Now that this is over I’m looking for something to fall in love with lol


    • You never know! But in honesty, I don’t think there’s going to be a sequel either. I would love to be proven wrong on this though ^^

      Tatsuma was a favorite character <3 He's so adorable ~

      For recommendations, I don't usually stick my toes too much in the shounen genre. I only picked up this title because the guys looked cute haha (shallow I know)
      I'd say check out this site: http://myanimelist.net/anime/2683/Tokyo_Majin_Gakuen_Kenpucho:_Tou_Dai_Ni_Maku
      It has a recommendation section which may help you
      I'm told though that Ao no Exorcist is pretty good – maybe you might want to keep an eye on that.

      Hope that helped!


      • Yea thanks for the site =] it has alot of animes that I never heard of.

        And yea Ao no Exorcist is great so far…only 2 episodes in and I feel it might be the one lol

        I usually wait for the dubbed versions to come out but it had nothing but good reviews so I couldn’t resist.


      • I love that site because of all those unknown animes (it’s especially awesome when you find something that turns out to be your new favorite series x3)

        I’m interested in Ao no Exorcist but I’m holding back. I usually take forever to watch anime (I’m not good at keeping track of new anime…I tend to get lazy and forget about them until years later when they’re complete xDDD)

        I prefer watching DVD myself :3 For some reason watching on my computer just doesn’t do it for me. Watching on the tv is more fun ~ (maybe because I’m sitting on the couch instead of my computer chair?)


  6. well the ending was……..interesting? well to say the least. I really hope they make a 3rd season cuz i really liked this one


    • The ending SUCKED! (well, for me anyway ^^;)
      It’s really cliff-hanger-y! My poor Tatsuma :____: come back to us!!!

      I’d love a 3rd season too~! But I guess there’s a limit to how many forces of evil can threaten to destroy the world in one series xD


  7. I just now finished watching the last extra to Tokyo Majin (on netflix) and i’m like “no NO NO THERE HAS TO BE MORE!” i really hope a 3rd season lets its self be known. I’ve grown attached to all the characters. Dang, i love but i hate when anime does this to me. You watch an anime and get attached to characters and then when its over your all “empty”! (its the same with me and reading/ manga/ books etc) Well… Fingers crossed!


    • I know how you feel :{
      That ending is just way too open! And nothing ever really gets resolved with the characters!
      The series is just begging for a season 3!
      (or at least that’s how I feel)

      It’s rare that I find an anime or book or video game where I get the feeling of “I am satisfied with how everything ended up.” Most of the time I’m like, GIVE ME MORE! HOW CAN YOU END IT LIKE THAT D8 (also: MAKE THEM KISS DAMMIT!)

      I wonder if you have to play the video game for a continuation to the story? (I’m not sure who came first – the VG or the anime)


  8. the anime is too messy.. too many characters with too many backgrounds, the person who came up with this story put too much into the episodes making it WAY too confusing, and the love triangles are horrible. I loved the idea of everything, but, in the end, nothing really was complete. Like the sword technique that that dude with the sword used in the beginning, he didnt even use it anymore. The series tried too hard.


    • I think the series just got a little too ADD ^^; Lots of things were forgotten about until needed – like Aoi’s super powers (I face palmed there). Or were just forgotten. It’s possible the creators were holding out for a third season but I guess they didn’t get it in the end…


  9. Seriously, I just finished watching this anime and I don’t really like the ending. Overall it’s a good anime (good, not great yet) and the love-stuff, damn confusing. It’s as if the director is trying to put some romance in it, not too many, but he screwed up. And it seems like every character in the anime have more than 1 lover.

    But overall, it’s a good anime, the only thing I think is bad is that, the story is quite predictable, it’s pretty easy to know what will happened next. Anyway, I hope there will be a third season to clear up all the misunderstanding in the last few episodes, it mustn’t always be a third season, an OVA or sequel will do a lot. : )


    • Tokyo Majin was indeed a fun anime but the ending…wtf. It really does feel like a third season was planned but then again, I’m not sure if the anime continues on in the video game series it was based off of :o I would love for Tokyo Majin to continue :) I want to know the crew of TM got a happy ending ~ (or at least some kind of conclusion ^^; – heck the only ending that I have watched that was worse than TM was Venus Versus Virus. THERE WAS NO ENDING! It was like the creators lost the final episode and said good enough with what they had. Who ends a series BEFORE the final battle!? :x).

      I gave up on the romance BTW. Pretty much everyone could be shipped with everyone – hetero, GL, BL.
      I only watched for Tatsuma and Kyouichi anyway ^^; I loved their bromance ~


  10. The ending was B.S.!!!!! I really thought a third season existed and netfilx just didnt have it. If the manga did not continue then their will not be a 3rd seaon i figure:( Now i kinda feel like the show was a waste even though i loved it.


  11. …uhmm hello…
    can someone tell me what episode of tokyo majin , where tatsuma jumped,fell,lying in the ground etchetera… with dog’s around him in misato’s state..? and i guess this is the episode too where tatsuma and aio talking ’bout (whatever it was..) and show to these cutie guy her fire mark on her back..? ( i love them both) <3 <3 *_*
    (any respond is so much appreciated ..thank you in advance) :D


  12. Lol for the person who asked what watching anime drunk is like i’ll tell you i did this last night just for you :D Your like ooh that’s so cool! guy falls to his death FUCK THIS SHIT! that’s just no no no fuck! you see bankai Ohh shit gets fucked up rukia gets frozen its like mother fucker don’t make me go in that tv and rip your balls off! Sees black guy get killed in darker than black falls off chair oh ahh hahha that was fucking awesome see’s asian crying man that sucks huh SUCK FOR YOU TROLOLOLOL


  13. it’s already 2013 and still there is no 3rd season!!!

    i hate the ending!!:<

    i am aoi x tatsuma fan

    the story leaves
    aoi miserable!


    well it's all just my opinion cause i love aoi


  14. yea its sad at the end where there is like 35 seconds left..they show Aoi went back to the old place where all it happens..She saw the words “Thank You” written by Tatsuma..good old memories..Tears coming out of her eyes..so sad.leaving the place,,.i wish it was a good ending where they all went to eat ramen and smiles…sigh too bad we can’t change it.


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