Okita Arc, Part II (Hakuouki)

Sorry for the delay folks
Meant to have this out on Tuesday but I had a midterm to study for
Actually, now that I think about it…not sure why I even did a summary for this chapter
I mean, it’s available online, already scanalated ^^;
Meh, like the Hijikata Arc, Part I, I did it just because ~
Well, time to bear witness to the crappiest Arc thus far ~
Okita fans…sorry

Title: Hakuouki Jurenka (薄桜鬼 巡恋華), Okita Arc, Part II
Manga-ka: Shinohara Hana (篠原花那)
Source: Manga

Let’s start this…special party…>_>

“His time left with us is…short…”

The chapter opens up with this line: “As a doctor, I’d say you have tuberculosis.”

Well, shiz man! Don’t hold back on the depressing news :U Some dude (who I think is a doctor) is giving Okita the results of his medical examination. Both are sitting down…someplace with a bench (not sure where this is ^^;). But I do know that Chizuru is peeping on them from in the shadows (aww, someone has been taking lessons from SLH’s Uryuu ;D).

Ninja powers - ACTIVATING

She’s freaking out about this news. Okita is like, meh, whatever. I’ve already read the Hijikata Arc so I know where my life is heading. The doctor tries to convince Okita to retire from the Shinsengumi and go some place nice to die recover. Since this is the Okita route, rather than go keel over alone (seriously, read the Hijikata arc), Okita says he’ll stay with the Shinsengumi. He says slaying down those who stand against the Shinsengumi is one of the few things he can do.

Doctor: O_O uhhhhhh…

So the doctor leaves (like how he just leaves. Doesn’t say anything in response to Okita’s remark about his only reason for living is to mow people down with his sword xD). Okita tells Chizuru she can come out now. Lol, I was wondering how he saw her when it switches to his view and we see her head sticking out xD (you need to work on your peeping methods girl!). Chizuru walks over to Okita, embarrassed. He pats the seat next to him. Chizuru sits down…on the complete opposite end of the bench, so there’s a huge gap between them.

Okita: You know science has disproved the existence of cooties right...

Okita: OxO;

Okita laments how even if tuberculosis is contagious, it still hurts him to see her keep her distance. Chizuru freaks and scoots over to tell Okita that isn’t the case. However, when she looks into his face, she blanks out. Okita takes control of the situation and asks if she really believes what Matsumoto (that doctor guy I guess) said. He then asks her to keep quiet about this.

“If you plan on telling any of them…I’ll have to kill you.”

WHAT IS WITH YOUR FETISH, OKITA, AND KILLING!? D: OMG you sound like the serial killers we’re learning about in class!

Already used to Okita’s death threats, Chizuru instead gets a manpain moment about Okita’s situation (lol, manpain should only be used when describing guys but it was the best word I could think of at the time xD).

“Now that I think about it, I wonder if that can also cure this illness?”

Then we get a lengthy explanation about the drug, Ochimizu. Seems Chizuru’s dad was secretly commissioned by the Shoganate to make something that would increase the fighting power of the Shinsengumi. While the drug produces great strength and amazing healing abilities, the person goes insane and has a fetish for blood (gah, why does manga-ka keep using that creepy guy from Part I!? This is the FOURTH time I’ve seen him, and he’s not getting any less scary! Dx)

Fourth time. FOURTH TIME! COME ON! He’s not even BISHI!!!

Even though Okita comments he’d never drink it, you can tell by his face (and that he’s the one who brought it up) that he so will in the end. He then tells Chizuru it might be better if she stopped hanging around with him. As his disease progresses, he’ll get to the point where he’ll be unable to help her with her quest to find her father. Before he can finish, Chizuru cuts him off: NO!

Okita: o_O;

“Being useful isn’t the reason I want you by my side!”

Okita:  O_O
Followed by : >:3

Okita...how many personalities do you have @__@;;;;

Okita is now acting like anime Okita and messes with Chizuru. He keeps poking fun at her. Want me by your side? Hmm. Hmm? ^____^

Embarrassed like hell, Chizuru tries to cover her butt. She says it’s because she can’t just leave Okita (you did in the Hijikata chapter :P but that’s probably because you were aiming for Hijikata at the time). She doesn’t know why but she can’t leave him.

“You’re a strange one.”
“I take it since you said all that, you’ll continue to do as you please?”

“Yup, whatever I want.”

After that weird exchange, Okita gets up to leave. Chizuru starts to cry when Okita says “Thank you” before really leaving. Well that just opened the flood gates. And Chizuru does another boob grab (>_>;).

Pretty sad that Chizuru is making more progress with herself romance wise compared to Okita ^^;

Chizuru cries at her ability to do nothing (wait…haven’t I seen this line before? *Looks at the Hijikata Arc, Part I.* Ah. Poor Chizuru. Everyone likes making you useless and crying D:)

Time skip (just to let you know that bench scene took up half of the chapter so expect a rushed, WTF ending).

Okita is getting worse. He’s now coughing up blood. Chizuru comes rushing into his room and finds him dressed (lol that sounds wrong. I didn’t mean she expected to come in hoping to see him stark naked. I meant he’s dressed in his battle clothes). From what the speech bubbles are saying, Okita decided that going outside into the cold and kicking some ass would be the perfect way for an individual suffering from tuberculosis to spend the evening. As he gets ready to leave, he falls over from a cough attack. Chizuru tries to get him to go back to sleep and rest. The others will do the fighting. Well, this doesn’t please Okita’s manpride.


The door gets kicked open and a bunch of creepers pose. You know…if you look closely at this scene, even though it was shown that a foot kicked the door in, in the next panel, there is nothing busted. In fact, it looks like they politely slide the doors open before posing…just something random that caught my eye ^^; Okita is like, hell yeah! I’ll prove I can still kill and not go to jail for it >:D However, as he draws his sword, his hand weakens and it falls to the ground (the sword, not his hand ^^). Okita stares at it like, oh shit.

That's not good...

Rather than be down about that, Okita is all, I’m flippin OKITA, bitches! The heck I’m falling here! He pulls out a vial (yeah, it’s that stuff. Told you he’d drink it). Chizuru freaks and tries to get him to stop. Okita smiles sadly before drowning the thing.

Okita: Sorry about slicing your fingers off, Chizuru. Just a weird habit of mine. Like how Saitou steals women’s underwear :D We cool right? We better be…or I’LL KILL YOU >:U”

Then he goes crazy and starts slicing up the guys.


See what energy drinks do to a person?

Chizuru stares at the geysers of blood exploding all over the place (shiz man! D:). She wonders had she more courage and power, could she have done something to prevent this?

Totally looks like Okita is about to lob Chizuru's face off >_>; sure he's contemplating it, since he's crazy AND under the influence

The chapter ends with Okita STILL mass murdering.

Yeah >_> Worst Arc thus far!
Like the Hijikata Arc, I managed to sniff out a blog that has Okita’s route summarized. WAY better than this manga version. Much cuter too. Also explains a lot more (like how Okita actually GOT the drugs). But I wanted to get this Arc out so I can get to the chapter I actually want to do: Harada’s <3 He’ll show these boys how you do this otome thing x3 He may not be my fav fav character but he’s definitely up there!
Also, here’s a picture of the ending:

Not my image; obtained from 26 hours

See! This is so much better than flippin Okita rolling around in his enemies’ blood! Gah!

Anyway, here’s a little teaser of Harada’s Arc ;3

3 thoughts on “Okita Arc, Part II (Hakuouki)

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  2. “The chapter opens up with this line: “As a doctor, I’d say you have tuberculosis.””

    It sounds like a line from a soap.

    “She’s freaking out about this news. Okita is like, meh, whatever. I’ve already read the Hijikata Arc so I know where my life is heading. ”


    Again poor Okita. Getting turned into a pyscho sucks. though It doesn’t seem like anyone gets a happy ending in the manga verison.


    • IT DOES!
      I was like, OMG, where are the reappearance of dead twins and YOU’RE ADOPTED! cliches!? Come on!

      Harada will turn this trend around.
      Harada is the one reason I haven’t said screw this manga
      Harada…thank you *teary eyes of happiness*

      Then when volume #2 arrives, we’ll see how those arcs go. I think Saitou’s was decent from what I remember. Can’t remember Heisuke’s. And Patrick’s…didn’t read it because it’s Patrick…xD


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