Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 2


Chapter 2: The Liar Butterfly

Chapter 2 starts with Yuuji in his room, staring at a piece of paper. He pauses, lets out a sigh, then chucks the paper in the garbage. Or at least he tries. The crumpled paper bounces off the trashcan and rolls on the floor, like fuck you buddy, you get your sweet cheeks over here and send me off gently. Yuuji must be a man that can’t stand a mess because he actually does get up and put the offending paper in the trash receptacle as intended. Returning to his desk, the jar holding Masaki’s cigarette catches his eye.

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Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 1

Been awhile since my last attempt at writing summaries. Not sure how this will go but hey, we’re already buckled in and the car is about to enter the highway so too late to turn back now! 8D

IMG_5111 copy

Kono Koi ni Mirai wa Nai or There is No Future for This Love is a bit different than the usual Sylph title. Well, actually…shit, now that I think about it, lots of the new stuff in Sylph has been different – 15 year old widows, pseudo-daddy lovers, institutionalized bishies, people in their 20’s going back to high school…

Yeah, things have definitely changed lol, but I’m not complaining ~ Makes this interesting :p

My first thought of There is No Future for This Love was this must be gender bender. Why else is there someone who dressed like a dude now wearing a dress. But then I was like, wait, is the main character a woman dressing as a guy or a guy dressing as a girl? Then I actually sat down and read each issue of Sylph to get a better understanding of what the plot was. My question was answered reading chapter 1 lol – but now another question arose: why did everyone want this one guy’s D. Even Sylph advertises the manga as one with supreme drama, all surrounded around one man’s penis:

this love

Me: welp, now I gotta read this.

Join me as I try to figure out what magical properties this man’s sperm shooter carries.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers ~

kingdomheartsiconGah, I didn’t realize posts I had left in draft had been scheduled and posted! Ah well, too late to go back and fix that error :p

Hello everyone! How have you all been? Life has been putt-putting for me. The usual dance of work, social stuff, and being a lazy potato sprout. The weather is changing and sadly it is almost time for summer. I can already smell the painful scents of human bodily fluids baking in the oven known as the subway platform…

But with summer means it’s time for me to ghetto urban garden again! I tried a go at it last year and it was surprisingly successful. Winter took out almost everyone though (since light does not touch my apartment, putting the plants in my apartment would have been akin to a slow torturous death) so I get to start anew ~ Surprisingly, my chamomile made it through winter! One little bright green stalk, with little blurbs of white flowers greeted me when I looked the other day. I liked how the plant looked like a middle finger – screw you I ain’t dying!
My lavender too held on which was really weird. I assumed that one would have been the first to roll over and succumb to winter’s cold embrace. And then there’s the mint, but mint is my spirit plant – they don’t know when to give up. Plant them in water or hack them down, they’ll just shoot right back up and grin at you.

This year I learned to buy my pots and soil from the 99 cent store down the street. Home Depot’s pots were hellah expensive. Plus it’s a long walk for me to carry them all home (how I do miss having a car ;___; darn city life). The 99 cent store pots were dirt cheap (probably all the BPA), the size I needed, and the easy to transport back to my apartment. The dirt too was a good size that I can drag behind me on my little cart.

I’ll take pictures later but right now I have chives and lemon balm growing in one long pot thing, and cilantro growing in another long pot thing. Another pot has chamomile seeds I dumped for lols. A final pot has apple seeds that were growing from an apple I had been eating for lunch. I almost had a little apple tree growing at work but someone smashed it (hopefully on accident!) so it died horribly ;___;

I just bought some oregano and thyme the other day that I’ll shove in another long pot, and two things of parsley for the other pot. I’m debating if I’ll get basil again because basil is such a weak bitch :/ One thing changes and it’s on the floor, crying for mommy. My coworker who suddenly started to grow things too had some left-over basil seeds and gave me a few. I’ll probably grow them at work since they’re there and I have some empty pots there I can use but we’ll see if I get some for my garden. I love basil but it gets old patting it on the back and telling it things will get better just because a cloud came and blocked the sun for 3 minutes…

I want to get rosemary too because I love the smell but rosemary can also be a little turd…plus I’m still mourning my poor rosemary that died at work. It had almost died once but came back fighting. Then work turned the heaters on one day without telling us and I came back to find his dried up corpse, face affixed in disbelief and horror.
(the ledge my little rosemary was on was right next to the heater)


And I think that’s enough of me talking about plants :p I’ll leave off here with that and update later with something less dorky haha xD


I’m going to have two Tid-Bits posts following shortly after this one (I recently got a Sylph manga and I’m interested in finding out the mystery behind the allure of one’s character dick. Everyone wants it and I want to know why) and then it’s to comments before heading out and smelling that stank!

Take care :3

Backlog Attack Part III Remix: Day 4

Aishite Nai, Kamo.
 (I Hate Him…I Think) by Hanano Risa

Gah. This tank D:/
Ema is convinced Towa hates her. He called her ugly when they were 6 and that was that. Since he hates her, she hates him. Logically, right? But actually, Ema still has a crush on Towavfrom when they were little. He’d be a little turd to her but then also be real sweet which made her fall for him (ok…). But he hates her so they’ll never get together. Stupid useless feels.
To further complicate things, Towa actually really likes Ema (which is obvious to everyone but Ema cuz she’s dumb as shit) but is convinced she doesn’t like him. So he keeps his feelings to himself.
Then you have this random thing where they are in an arranged marriage because why not.
And that’s pretty much it.

Honestly, even as a one-short this premise would still be painful. Ema’s logic didn’t make any sense. Towa called her ugly so she’s trash in his eyes. Girl. It’s been 9 years. Get over it. Ema herself was an annoying character. She rivaled S.A.’s Hikari in being dense. At least Hikari was amusing in the beginning (when the grandpa arc started, that’s when things started to taper). Ema just came off as a stupid cunt. I mean, the man fucking kissed you, woman, because you couldn’t understand you were the one he liked. Towa even said, “this is how I feel about you.”

Her: how can you go around kissing me like that when you have someone you already like >:(

Him: ???

Me: ????

The whole thing with the “he likes someone” misunderstanding (is that even what that was?) started when some little bitch dude almost outed Ema and Towa as fiancées (Ema wants that to be a secret so her life isn’t ruined or whatever dramatic explanation she has in her head). Ema was freaking out, monologuing about how her life was going to be ruined if people learned the truth. Towa saw this and diverted the conversation by saying he had someone he likes so STFU people. Ema takes this and creates a whole tv series about it and it just got more grating the further her stupid delusions and cunt attitude got.

Honestly, I felt bad for Towa. Sorry shojo forced you to pursue this fool, man

In the end, didn’t enjoy nothing. The art was ok but not enough to forgive the mess inside… :(

Backlog Attack Part III Remix: Day 3

S・A ─場外乱闘─
S.A – Ringside Battle (Jougai Rantou) by Minami Maki

Despite my interest in S.A. faltering towards the end of the series (Kei, you are a very patient man. Also, Towa, sir? You can eat dick), I still bought this tank cuz why not? I liked S.A for the side characters. Their stories were fun to follow when Hikari’s rock head was too much to take.

S.A – Ringside Battle is a collection of random ass shorts focusing either on various couples or this random chocolate Kei’s dad brings home as a souvenir that I’m quite sure is laced with a strange combination of Godiva and LSD.  The first short follows Hikari as she promises to help a fellow student out – her sister is getting married but a creeper keeps ruining the party. Hikari is about the same height as the sister so it’s decided she’ll impersonate the sister and punch creepy’s lights out when he makes an appearance. Naturally Kei isn’t happy because 1.) creeper and 2.) Hikari in a wedding dress without him as the groom lol. But this is Kei so of course he Kei’s himself into the groom position.
The second story is between Finn and Ryuu. I guess the two still aren’t a couple ^^; Slow bloomers. We meet Ryuu’s sister finally – of course she’s cray and loves to torment her little brother and has ninja servants take pictures of him all day every day, dick out and all probably. She decides to use Finn to tease Ryuu, by telling Finn Ryuu likes to be treated like shit. Finn of course believes this and poor Ryuu is just left sitting in the corner going D:/ Thankfully sister feels bad and then the truth of her brother love is revealed, making everything ok (Finn, be more concerned…).
Story three focuses on Yahiro and Megumi. Yahiro is still being stubborn on his feels while Megumi is buying out billboards and commercials proclaiming her love for him. Was a cute chapter. Fun seeing jealous Yahiro and MUHAHAHAH WELCOME TO LOVE BITCH Kei xD
The last short before the chocolate high chapters is the shortest and it focuses on Akira and Tadashi. White Day is coming up and Tadashi doesn’t know what to get Akira. When he asks the guys of S.A., they’re like, well, if it were my girlfriend, I’d get her a Gucci watch, fucking diamonds, or, in Kei’s case, a private island located in the tropics. Naturally Tadashi doesn’t think that’s something that would fly with Akira and spends all 10 pages pondering what to get her. He ends up getting her flowers and she blushes hard (not before smacking the shit out of him tho bc that’s how their relationship runs haha).
The chocolate episodes include gender swap and reverting back to a child. The child one was my favorite because of the censoring xD

All and all, it was fun to visit S.A. again now that there was no grandpa drama or love interest coming in to shit in the pot. Was strange there was no Sakura and Jun chapter…but then again, they were barely shown in the original series so I guess they kept to tradition in only being present in the background haha

Update Part II

Continuing from the last post:

Since I don’t have much time anymore (thanks new technology and management), I’ll be blogging even less than I already have haha (*small tear trickles down side of face*). Will mostly be staying with things like “mags I read for the month” or something small and basic. One day when I move from here and get a more stable job with a better commute (over 2 hours of my day is spent commuting, despite the fact my work place is 5 miles from my apartment – NYC woes), I’ll be able  to resurrect Spoils into something resembling what it used to be – summaries from Sylph (mah baby!), real mag posts, and what not – but until then, don’t expect much from this poor little blog ^^

I guess next week I’ll throw in a post about what mags I read in Feb. Maybe might do a manga one for March in addition to a mag one but right now I need to survive my meetings with lawyers and presenting to a crowd of over 100 people before I think of the future. Why did I pick this field again? :,D

And that’s that. Hope you all are well and safe! This winter has a been a crazy one weather wise here. It’s like the weather doesn’t know if it wants to be winter or summer hur.

Pray that the defense doesn’t rip me a new one and throw me in jail or something hahaha…oh gawd.

Peace ;___;

First Post of 2017

Wow it has been awhile!!

Shit got real cray the last time I posted, oh so many months ago. I didn’t even get to celebrate my blog’s anniversary haha. Strangely enough, WordPress didn’t send the usual “Year of Blogging” email or as I see it, “Why Are You Even Still Blogging” email, so no stats to report. I could go through my old stuff but nahhhhh :p

This represents my life right now haha

Let’s see, what has happened since I last posted? Real life:

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Backlog Attack Part III: Day 11


Kirameki Box

After finishing Hajimete Kareshi ga, Dekimashita., I went to BookOff and guess who I found??? What were the chances of finding this author’s first book?? My BookOff is random in its selection. To actually have some more “recent” titles, especially Margaret for some reason, was a surprise!

Like Hajimete Kareshi ga, Dekimashita., the tank is a compilation of 6 shorts. I enjoyed the tank greatly. I was surprised to see there was a short that was connected to the elementary schoolboy and his mother that we saw in Hajimete Kareshi ga, Dekimashita.. In Kirameki Box, we follow the father and daughter’s relationship. The father is a laidback guy who used to watch movies with his daughter whenever the mother left with the son to visit her own mother. That was their thing. But the mother would find out and yell at him. The daughter felt bad and stopped going to the movies with her dad. They start to grow distant until the daughter gets stressed trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. The dad lols and takes the daughter to the movies. He tells her just to take life one step at a time – she’ll figure out what she needs to do. And not to sweat mom. He always gets yelled at. Not putting the seat down. Having stinky poop. Ehhhh. It was sweet seeing the two grow closer as a family. A nice warm feeling ;__; You don’t see too many stories with the parents playing an active role in the child’s life. Most of them are either working or dead thanks to shojo cars…

Overall I enjoyed the tank. I really enjoy this manga-ka’s work. I look forward to reading more from her :)

Winter is slowly creeping in

Hello everyone!

Hope the week has been treating everyone kindly ~
I saw my Backlog Attack posts I scheduled long ago started up. Totally forgot about them actually. Hur. Unfortunately, the last one will publish today. With me going back to care for my dad after his surgery, coming back home only to find strep and the common cold waiting for me with wide arms (a longgggggg painful recovery…that mindless video games helped me get through), and now studying the new technologies we’ll be using at work (my test is scheduled this week. It’s a verbal test where I’ll have to shit things out on the fly eep!), I unfortunately didn’t have time to really read as much as I had been hoping :(

Thus I’ll be rescheduling the rest of what I had for February so hopefully nothing crazy like November happens and I pass my test with minimal ulcer appearances…


My binder with all my powerpoints and readings for my test on Friday. Lala DX is there to act as a comparison :o

The temperature has been falling fast here. Supposedly today we might get snow which is a surprise! But I’m thinking it’s going to be too “warm” for snow so it’ll probably just be sleet. I plan on staying inside for that. I’ve got beef stew (or something that was supposed to beef stew) brewing on the stove and a binder full of powerpoints and readings to study by Friday @___@

I’ll end with a picture of my amazon.jp order ~ Amazon.jp only shipped half of it. I guess it’s going to hold the other half hostage until Emerald is released? ^^;