NikoIchi Margaret 5 & 6 (2018)

arisagawaJust when I thought I had finally caught up, issues #7 & 8 get released lol. I’m almost there though! But hey, I’ll finally get some more Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet (no new chapters were present in either issue #5 or #6 (。•́︿•̀。)) before I swap over to another magazine to play catch up :p With issues 5 & 6 we do though get 3 new series! Yesh! Slowly I’ll be able to have some series to follow in NikoIchi Margaret haha. Right now I’m just really skimming with Short Cake Cake, Anagura Amélie, and now Seifuku no Ojou-sama for the lols.


NikoIchi Margaret #5 and #6 2018 table of contents and cover pages:

Cover Pages Part I/Part II/Part III/Part IV

Ai ga Shinu no wa Kimi no Sei by by Tekkotsu Saro and Toumori Miyoshi chp 1 & 2 (new!)
Yagami-kun wa Kyou mo Ijiwaru. by Aikawa Saki chp 32 & 33
Boku ni Hana no Melancholy by Komori Mikko chp 52 & 53
Sorairo Lemon to Mayoi Neko by Satonaka Mika chp 8 & 9
Futsuu no Koiko-chan by Nanaji Nagamu chp 45 & 46
Anagura Amélie by Satou Zakuri chp 40 & 41
Short Cake Cake by Morishita Suu chp 48 & 49
Analog Drop by Aida Natsumi chp 6
Kami-sama no Ekohiiki by Komura Ayumi chp 21 & 22
Seifuku no Ojou-sama by Hanamatsu Ayaka chapter 2 & 3
Yagami-kun wa Kyou mo Ijiwaru. by Aikawa Saki chp 33
Motosaya by Hoshino Mizuki chp 12 (final)
Shunkan Gradation by Hiro Chihiro chp 16 & 17
Mei-chan no Shitsuji DX by Miyagi Riko chp 70 &71
Kareshi-sama ni wa Ara ga Enai by Suga Chinatsu chp 7 & 8
Naki Kare by Hoshii Umi (oneshot)
Jewelry – Hane to Kotori no Subarashiki Hibi by Iwa Chika chp 11 & 12
Batsuichi JK by Adachihara Hikari and Onoyu Rie chp 1 (new series)
Jinguuji no Misokagoto by Suda Kanon chp 1 (new!)
Kimi wa Kowareta Ouji-kun by Yukimori Sakura chp 7

New Series:


Ai ga Shinu no wa Kimi no Sei (You’re the Reason Love Died) *new series* – wtf did I just read? I should have known when the main girl was crushing clocks and throwing body builders around with her one arm that shiz was gonna be weird. But did not expect friggin body parts getting sliced in half and what I’m assuming is either a case of split personality or maybe body takeover to happen. Wow, this is going to be weirdly interesting haha


Batsuichi JK (The Divorced High Schooler) – wtf lol. Only in shojo would you have crazy ass random stories like a chick marrying when she was in middle school, divorcing her husband because he cheated on her, and her adopting his child from a prior marriage all because he skipped down. But don’t let the past stop you main girl. You go and get your next man…too bad your stepdaughter keeps cockblocking lol. But maybe the pedo er…kind to the young main guy will be the love you’ve been waiting for…psssft lol seriously wtf haha


Jinguuji no Misokagoto- omg, this looks like one of those series you read not for the plot or characters, but to see just how fucking dramatic we can go. Literally this is going to be rich people fighting each other with an angry poor girl thrown into the mix to stir shit up. Oh, I’m getting my popcorn ready for this mess!

Sylph Screams (Basically where I just fan out about titles that I’m following/shit that caught my eye):

Seifuku no Ojou-sama – was ready for some crazy shit but nope. Looks like other than putting a collar on the boy, we ain’t going to step over no other boundaries. The two chapters were dedicated to the main girl and boy get closer and the boy’s previous mistress coming in and causing some shojo anxiety.

Next issue:


A new series from Shiiba Nana called Haru wa Mijikashi Koiseyo Danshi (Spring is Short, Find Love, Boys).

As always, if you have a series you’d prefer I summarize more properly (instead of me screaming at the top of my lungs incoherently), let me know :J

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