Spring Chill


Hello all ~

Been awhile since I did a normal post, not magazine related. Figure I’d let you all know I’m alive ~

Life has been going. The seasons are changing ~ Winter is leaving, waving at Spring on its way out. I’ll miss Winter a bit. I’m a fan of the cold rather than the heat (so long as I’ve got layers and a place to warm up after running around in the snow) and I’m nervous that this summer will be a hot one :( I’m not looking forward to smelling myself and other people…or having sweat stains under my pits.

But summer means summer vacation I guess ~ !
(My old man was right. Enjoy it while you can because there ain’t none of that when you start working (unless you’re a teacher)).

I’ve officially started my training for my new promotion! My training buddies and I are all nervous because this is a big step. We’re going from little lab rats to lab rats who can now interpret results, write about our findings, and now have to public speak :I Besides our training in interpreting results, we’ll also have challenges to demonstrate our ability to speak in front of peers and strangers alike. For our peers, we have to show our technical knowledge verbally (yeah we have to memorize over 100 something questions and hope we can blurt the right answer on command! No papers for us to write notes on!!!). For strangers, we have to speak to a group and answer questions, but speak in layman’s terms since the strangers are not scientists. We’ll be cross-examined too and that’s the scariest bit! Who knows what we’ll be asked and how we’ll be engaged. Some folk will try to intimidate us or mock us but we have to try and keep our cool…and if we can’t pass, we get demoted :______: (pray for me!)

Looking back, I’ve definitely improved in my ability to speak to strangers. I’ve still got progress to make but each step I take is a step closer to the goal of getting comfortable with public speaking. I’m thinking of joining one of those toastmaster things so fingers crossed!
Also, I guess I’ll need to invest in some adult diapers since I’ll be shitting myself a bit when it’s my turn to present :/ not sure if my rectal muscles will hold out or not…

Going to less poopy topics, I got a bit of my amazon.jp order as well as some buys from Kinokuniya ~ I was worried about my amazon.jp stuff because usually they ship stuff off a day or two after I’ve placed my order. This took nearly a week and a half just to ship out and it’s only half of what I got (yeah I went a little crazy this time :P)


Comic It vol 2
Ane Lala April 2015
Sore wa Iromeku Fukyouwaon vol #1
Ningyo Desu ga Daite Kudasai! #1
Mouken to Sensei
Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji #1
Worldend: Debugger #1
Konjiki no Moji Tsukai – Yuusha Yonin ni Makikomareta Unique Cheat #1
Ou no Emono wa Muku na Hanayome
Koisuru Harinezumi #1
Hibi Chouchou #10
Rokka Melt #4

Anime wise, I finally finished Yuki Yuna is a Hero. It wasn’t bad. The fighting scenes were awesome and it definitely hit some emotional spots. The pacing is what threw me though. It was action for 5 episodes, then 2 episodes of jack shit happening (except seeing girl’s hang out with one another), and then stuff happened again to the end. Had those two middle episodes been fixed, I’d have probably rated the series higher. Doesn’t touch Madoka (that is the ultimate fucked up magaical girl series) but it’s coasting for second place ~
I’m now watching Day Break Illusion since myanimelist suggested it. I heard it’s a poor man’s Madoka but we’ll see :J

Movie wise…I watched Home! Was adorable. Took me a day to figure out why Tip’s nickname was as it is when her name was Gratuity. All thanks to friend B. When she mentioned the name and the nickname randomly, the pieces came together in my head. For some reason, I turned to another friend and we both wore an expression that screamed “ohhhhh I get it now!” We gave each other thumbs up as our other friend shook her head in disbelief. Hee :P
The animation for Home was amazing. From the bubbles to the spring in Tip’s curls, it’s amazing how animation has changed!

Lastly book-wise, I’m reading a free book for the kindle called “Ghost Files” ~ It’s a young adult book about a chick who sees dead people. For a free book, it’s entertaining. My friends and I are reading it as part of our book club ~

I leave you all with this song I found on itunes ~ love the fusion of rock and traditional :D

Hope you all are doing well!

PS. I may randomly bring back “wtf search terms” in these update posts. I haven’t been posting a lot in the past year so I haven’t been getting many hits but gems like “penish into pusay” and “balls play girl testicle” along with wtf ones like “killer vegetables manga” and “with a dictionary and no skirt” still find me…

2 thoughts on “Spring Chill

  1. YES, PROMOTION! Congrats! :) I’ve never been to a Toastmasters meeting but I’ve heard good things about it. You’re a great person so I can’t imagine anyone not liking you and even if they didn’t fuck ’em.

    You’ll get the hang of public speaking. I used to record myself doing presentations to 1) get comfortable to the sound of my voice and 2) to identify the wonky parts. But practicing with a friend is good too.


    • Hello my friend :D *hugs!*
      How have you been??
      Hope the rains haven’t been affecting you too much D:

      I haven’t gone to Toastmasters yet. Each time I tried to arrange to go, either they said no or they changed the schedule (like damn, what an uppity college group D:). I found another one to join but I got there too late to a meeting to join. Plus there was a big man blocking the door and I didn’t want to mess with the bouncer man :P

      Public speaking in general is just hard haha
      But the more one does it, the “better” it gets. Not easier. Just…”better” (always have the air quotes :P)


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