Sylph, May 2014


Made this post like 2 months ago ah well (also, yes, I was lazy and took pictures instead of scanning :P):

Color pages:


Old news but Durarara will be getting a new anime season. No real details on what to expect. Most of the color pages dedicated to Durarara were just whoring out Durarara wares lol. Next up was some information on the new BROTHERS CONFLICT artbook and special mini magazine thing that costs like $45 (I saw it at Kino once. Instantly put it back because $45 nope!).
A new novel (“visual story”) with illustrations from BROTHERS CONFLICT Udajyo will be starting in the July Issue of Sylph (so two after this one). The only information we have is the title, Fortissimo, and a girl crying with the tagline “why won’t senpai he notice me?” Sylph has a teaser site up so expect details in the future ~
Old news again but in case you haven’t heard, Norn9 is getting an anime. I can only pray the story is told better than the manga adaptation in Sylph. Also talked about it said manga which is coming out this month and if you’re that much of a Norn9 fan, there’s the Norn9 Anthology with comics and stories from all sorts of peeps making its appearance soon ~
Never one to die, Uta no Prince-sama gets some color to mention its newest title, Uta no Prince-sama All Star After Secret for the PSP, release date to be decided. Of course Sylph pimps out its many Uta no Prince-sama Anthologies coming out soon for those who just can’t get enough of our no not homo for each other bishounen singers.
The last few pages gloss over the new Kamigami no Asobi anime, Dear Girl Stories 2 the Movie, and Sylph manga releases. With that done, onwards to the comics ~



In Durarara ~ 3way standoff – alley – someone is impersonating Celty and people ain’t happy. Next is Futsutsu Kana Oyako de wa Arimasu ga, where Kaoru’s fiancée is doing everything she can to break up the family/love/I have no idea what their relationship is any more ^^; An unexpected visitor comes to recruit Kagachi in Kami-sama wa Ikiru no ga Tsurai  but Kagachi say suck my nuts. Main girl Haru finds out the visitor, while he acts like he has the bigger slong in town, is actually an airhead softie. His valet threatens to kill them all if she tells anyone (her: wtf!?). When Kagachi senses Haru is hiding something from him, he goes a bit cray cray, thinking she’s now got the hots for the visitor because he’s all levels of insecure (dang, he changed a bit from the oneshot of this oh so long ago). The chapter ends with him about to go nom nom on her neck. Arcana Famiglia has one more chapter to go. The big tournament for Mondo’s position as head of the family has begun. Rather than end with Felicita fighting Mondo (like in the anime), instead she’s going against Luca in the final round. This better have a Felicita x Luca ending because that’s just a waste of good dick there :P Kouji and Yuusuke have a fight in Hiso Hiso ~ Silent Whisper. Guess the girl Yuusuke likes is off to one of those miai’s (arranged wedding things) and Kouji tells his bro to be a man and kiss the girl. Yuusuke says suck it and the two get pissy at each other. However, the two reconcile but Kouji is a bit down in the dumps about stuff unrelated to this.

*deep breathe*


In Shiro Ari, Snow White gets taken away by the Red King, much to Alice’s chagrin. The gang decides to retreat for the time being due to increasing numbers on the enemy’s side. The 3 dwarves are not happy campers when they learn from Alice their princess has been taken captive and proceed to beat the shit out of Alice and a nearby chair. Hatter, after taking care of Dormouse, runs to Alice’s aid while berating the March Hare for thinking sending Alice of all people to tell the dwarves about Snow White’s kidnapping was a good idea xD However, when both enter the dwarves room, they find the boys fighting over who likes Snow White more. I actually burst out laughing here because of Alice’s pose. It looks like he’s trying to hold in some pee while he’s making his confession xD Alice then proceeds to ask who the f is this Mirror dude and just what does he want out of everything? Once Alice becomes the King, Snow leaves. But why bring Snow here? Who is benefitting from this? Rather than answer his pretty important questions, everyone just leaves so Alice can have some time alone to calm his raging nips. Chapter ends with Alice curled in the fetal position on the floor…no joke.

Hakase ga…yeah stuff happens. Let’s just leave it at that. Hanazono no Egoist, grandma meets the boys and likes what she sees ;D She’s happy the main girl is finally dislodging that stick up her ass and partying like it’s 1949. A mysterious bishi pops up in the end who we all know is going to be a cockblock. In Fujoshissu, just more silly fluff between the girls and their boyfriends.


The May issue of Sylph has 2 oneshots – Hatsukoi Returns and Salon Diana. I hope Salon Diana gets picked up for a continuation. It’s got a nice feel to it. Think Hell Girl, except not as dark and gloomy. Characters get their nails done and depending on the peep, they’ll get a certain accessory added to their nail. This accessory has powers that act in such a way for the character to get a life lesson out of it. I like it when people can learn to change in a good way :J

Everything else in Sylph were random previews from either the Kamigami no Asobi anthology, the Uta no Prince anthology, or the SSL Hakuouki anthology.


Next issue:

Shiro Ari gets the cover this round ~ Arcana Famiglia will end in the next issue. Also, still no Shounen Oujo. Uta and Prince-sama just won’t give it up folks :(

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