Ane Lala vol 2, Part III

Been awhile since my last read with Ane Lala. Shoots, I think we’re almost coming up to a year :U Oops…. Ah well, it was a stressful year. I was on probation with work since I was new. Any screw up would equal termination. Yadda yadda.

I was debating on weather I should blah about Ane Lala anymore or not. I figured after all this time, no one would care lols. But then I thought, well, I have the magazines, so why not. I’m only a year behind ~

And that is how we got to where we are now :P

I’m starting with the last bit first because the last bit has a chapter of “Marriage in the Sticks” and those who read my posts on vol #1 know how much I loved the last chapter of “Marriage in the Sticks ~”


Inaka no Kekkon (Marriage in the Sticks) story 2

I was right ~ we’re following another couple :D In this round, we’re dealing with fireworks. Like, boom sparkle ohhhhhh ~ those kinds :3 The main girl is part of a family that deals in firework…manufacturing? When she was younger, she had gotten lost in the wilderness of the sticks but it was thanks to her father’s fireworks that she was able to gather her courage and find her way home. Since then, she’s wanted to become a firework builder too (sorry I don’t know the correct term for someone who makes fireworks ^^;). However, she’s still got a long way to go. Currently, the one in charge of the family business is her father. Father and daughter have a love-hate relationship. They’re always bickering with one another but you know they love each other. Another thing to add is that dad is trying to marry his daughter off to his bishi assistant but the daughter is against it. Twist is, the daughter and the bishi assistant are secretly dating (yeah wtf where did that come from lol). However, the reason she is against dad marrying her to the assistant is because she wants the assistant to be the one to ask for her hand in marriage. Kind of dulls the romance when dad is the one who got on his knee to propose for your boyfriend lol

IMG_0003The main drama in the story happens when dad goes to the doctor’s to get a persistent cough of his checked out. There, he learns he has lung cancer (wtf shojo! Gawd damn you don’t play!). It’s recommended he stop his work and get himself treatment. However, dad refuses. His work is his life. The main girl tries to convince him that no, your life probably has more value than that. However, the two end up bickering and instead a deal is struck – if dad wins, he gets to continue his work, throwing up blood be damned, and the main girl has to marry the assistant. If the main girl wins, dad goes to the hospital. And for shits and giggles, the assistant is added into the bet. What does he get if he wins? Well, he’s not because dad is going to win so meh (lol I love the dad!). The game is on ~

x3 gahhhh another good chapter ~ It took two reads for me to fully appreciate the characters. The magic was found in their interactions with one another and since read #1 was just a quick scan (pre-dictionary busting), I wasn’t able to enjoy the story fully until read #2. I really like the father-daughter focus. The two have their flaws but they balance each other. Plus you gotta crack a smile when they’re fighting haha. It was nice to see the girl find her drive so to speak from their wager. Seeing her father work hard inspires her to do the same. Before she was just putting around with no real passion in her. However, now, we can see she’ll do great things as long as she doesn’t lose her spark :3

Those looking for romance may be disappointed as the father-daughter battle took control of the story. However, having the romance in the backseat wasn’t too bad. Interspersed throughout the chapter are some cute scenes to help your heart go “kyunnn ~ “ Plus, we have babies at the end so *thumbs up*


Samishii Hito (Lonely People) chapter 2

Our last look into Samishii Hito was a little fucked up (what with random ladies asking people who offer them umbrellas to babysit their brothers as they themselves go off to marry rich people so said brothers can enjoy life Mozarting their dicks off) but hey, maybe the manga-ka just needed to get that bit out of her system. Now things will be normal right? Right?


Here are some lines from the first two pages. The main girl is a child of like 8 maybe. She’s having fun hiding from her mother who is searching for her.

“Rinko? Where are you?” *finds her hiding in the closet*
”Here you are.”

“Hee hee!”
”Did I scare you mom?”

“Very much”

“If I wasn’t here, would you be lonely?”

“If you weren’t here, mommy…”
”…would be so lonely she’d die.”

(◉◞౪◟◉ )

Oooooooookay then.

After that weirdness, we start the story off normal. Rinko/Kinoshita receives a thick package in the mail (lol thick package). It’s from Ryou’s sister. This bit serves as a reminder of what happened in the first chapter. Sis left to get married so bro can play that piano. Rinko agreed to take care of the brother while sis is away making the maid make her husband a sandwich. Included in the package is a bunch of money and a biography pretty much on Ryou – his life, his habits, what he likes, what he doesn’t like, his dick size over the years, etc. Everything. Not sure why the sister felt need to give out this information but I guess it follows her erratic thinking pattern ^^;

Rinko arrives at Ryou’s place but he’s sleeping on the floor. She makes him some fancy food from the sister’s ALL ABOUT RYOU book since her job now is to take care of Ryou (despite the fact the kid is almost 18, come on now). Ryou wakes up at some point and stumbles over. Rather than be a good boy, he upends the table so the food falls on the floor, tells the main girl to get, and moonwalks back into his cave. Rather than get angry, the main girl just nods her head and continues on, like this incident was a rabbit she hit on the road of life. It stirred the car up but it didn’t stop the ride.

Pretty much this is the whole chapter. I thought things were going to get a bit better for Ryou. After seeing all the sacrifices his sister made so he could continue his dream, he’d be more passionate at that piano but nope. For a good 94% of this chapter, he just mopes around, whiney like a little b hole. We learn that when Ryou gets depressed, he stops eating to  the point of hospitalization. This freaks Rinko out and she does everything in her power to help get him to eat because no one wants to go to the hospital. However, he’s being a b hole and won’t. Like, fuck Ryou, learn to wipe your own asshole for once :/

Interspersed are moments where Rinko is wrestling with her own problems. Her mother doesn’t want Rinko to work where she is currently. It’s keeping Rinko away from mom and mom can’t have that shit. Nope. The father and daughter are gone. All that’s left are Rinko and mommy-kins. However, Rinko is conflicted by what she should do – abandon ship with Ryou or explain to mom she has a life too and it doesn’t revolve around the two of them.

In the last few pages we learn the reason Ryou was being a bitch is because his sister is gone and so is his reason to play/live. Rinko tries to convince Ryou that his sister wants him to be a pianist since he loves the piano right? Ryou: …no. Me: ╰(ಠ益ಠ)╯ Ryou’s mom appears and waves a bento box in front of Ryou’s face. His teachers called her because he hasn’t been showing up to school so I guess she knew the drill with his starving tantrums too? She pretty much tells Ryou to stop being dumb and take over the family business. He doesn’t have to stop playing the piano. He can play Itsy-Bitsy Spider all he wants in his free time. When Ryou tries to tell his mom he wants to be a pianist (wtf NOW you all of a sudden got the drive to play again), his mom tells him she didn’t give birth to him just so he waste his life playing a dumb instrument. At this point, Rinko gets some badass points and throws the ALL ABOUT RYOU book at mom. She tells mom she sucks and mom peaces (ok…). Rinko tells Ryou to shove everything his mom just said up his ass and to believe in Rinko because she’ll do whatever she can to help (I love the note I wrote here: “even though you haven’t [believed in me] this entire chap you little bitch” xD). Ryou understands and he asks for some food.

Rinko: bitch make your own sandwich ?:(

The last page is of Rinko telling her mom that she won’t quit her job. It’s something she wants to do. Rinko is shaking over this but she’s determined. Mom gets up and walks away with these words:

“You don’t care if I die.”


You and me both, Rinko…

This is one of those stories I just read for the random left turns up one way traffic roads. I have no idea where we’re going or if we’re even going in the right direction. Are we turning into oncoming traffic or off a cliff? Let’s hope for this crazy ride to continue. I always love having one crazy story in a mag I’m reading because it brings variety to the table xD


Sora no Oto (Sounds of the Sky) chapter 2

After the wild life of crazy moms and fireworks, we end part III with something normal: Sora no Oto. You gott love Sora no Oto. The beauty in its story is that there’s nothing remarkable happening. It’s a gentle ride with no turbulence or geese jamming into the jets. Heck, part of you probably won’t even remember what happened during the ride other than it wasn’t bad.

aThe main characters Suzu and Nao are doing better as roommates. They’re calling each other by their first names and calling out greetings when leaving or returning. The two possible love rivals don’t really do much in terms of cockblocking, though we get a little more backstory on them. The dude rival is a friend of Suzu’s. He used to be rich and really good at the violin but then his family’s business went sour and they had to run for it. When Koutarou (the dude) goes back to see his old rich friends, they moon him and chase him away with their butts. A depressed Koutarou meets with Suzu who still acts the same to Koutarou. Both do some star gazing and bond over that. The girl rival is someone Suzu met at one of those “social gathering” things. She likes animals but keeps it a secret. The end.

And…that’s about it. Nothing much going on.

I think of all the reads in Ane Lala thus far, this is the easiest. I barely broke out my dictionary at all :J FYI if you’re a budding Japanese student looking for some Ane Lala to read ~

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