Spoilers – Endings


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2 thoughts on “Spoilers – Endings

  1. Hi!
    Just stumbled upon your blog/site and i absolutely love the way how you express your thoughts in the summaries XD (i’m a sucker for sarcasm OTZ)

    I’ll drop you a recommendation by the same Mangaka (Shouoto Aya-sensei)
    Barajou no Kiss (<3)

    I have yet to read S.L.H yet but Kuga is definitely the one i like <3
    So perhaps you may like Mutsuki like me XD


    • Hello there :)
      Thank you for visiting my humble little blog :3 I’m glad what you’ve seen has entertained you thus far xD

      Funny you should mention that! I actually have the first volume of Barajou no Kiss on my shelf back home but I never got around to reading it xD Darn school got busy & I got lazy haha! I do plan on reading the series someday though! 8D

      SLH is definitely…interesting xD The story was going good until the end. Then…it just got all jumbled. But at least the main girl gets with someone in the end (even if it’s not the guy I was rooting for ;___; my poor ship…).

      Thanks for the recommendation and the comment 8D

      PS. A possible Kuga fan? 8D YESH! We need more Kuga fans <3 He needs all the love he can get ;D


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