Zeele Sacrifice

Title: 聖魂サクリファイス (Zeele Sacrifice, Seikon Sacrifice)
Author: 天河藍 (Tenka Ai)


IMG_0009Summary of Zeele Sacrifice volume #1:

交 通事故で両親を亡くし、幼馴染の千景に支えながら、祖父と二人で慎ましやかに暮らしていた唯子。しかしある日、黒い装束に白い髪、そして紅い眼を持つ恐ろ しくも美しい男が唯子の前に突然現れ、こう告げる…。「見つけたぞ。お前は俺の贄だ…」 廻り始めた唯小の運命に抗う術はあるのか!? 天河藍が贈る待望 の現代運命物語第1巻

After losing her parents in a car crash, Yuiko is able to live a modest life with her grandfather thanks to her childhood friend Chikage’s support. But one day, appearing before Yuiko, is a man clothed in black with white hair – his red eyes hold something frightening yet alluring. He tells her “I’ve find you. My sacrifice…”

Is there a way for Yuiko to fight against her newfound destiny!?

Tenkawa Ai’s long awaited modern-day Destiny Story in its first compiled volume!!

***NOTE: This first volume only has direct translations. The second volume has summaries – including a summary of volume #1 :) *


cover2Summary on the back of #2:

運命のスーパーナチュラルLOVEストーリー 鬼が私を求める。 美しき凶悪な鬼と優しき紳士な幼なじみの、”私”を巡る争いが今、始まる!!普通だが平 穏な生活を送る主人公・唯子の前に突如現れた鬼の長・ディアム。彼は唯子の身体の中に眠る強大なエネルギーである「ソーマ」を、身体ごと奪いに来たとい う。だがその「ソーマ」は唯子の散っている魂を集めなければ発動しないばかりか、唯子自身の命もないと告げられ・・・!?一時的に利害が一致した鬼達と唯 子を守る藤原家とで、他の人間の中に入り込んだ唯子の「魂の欠片」集めを開始。そんな中、凶暴でしかないと思っていたディアムと唯子の関係に変化が生じ る。そして予想だにしない更なる鬼の出現が・・・!?天河藍が贈る運命LOVEストーリー第2巻!!

A supernatural love story about destiny.
There are Oni after me.
An alluring yet frighting Oni and my childhood friend – a kind young man – have started fighting over “me!”
The protagonist, Yuiko, has lived a relatively calm life until, all of a sudden, the chief of Onis, Diamu, appears before her. Within Yuiko sleeps an object of great power called the Sohma. Diamu has come to steal that object. Only thing is, the Sohma won’t work until the pieces of Yuiko’s soul are found. If they don’t collect those pieces in time, Yuiko won’t have a future! Spurred by a common goal, the Oni and Yuiko’s protectors, the Fujiwara family, have joined forces to find those humans who hold “shards of her soul.” Interactions between Yuiko and the once thought of monster Diamu have caused a change in the two. The future is uncertain and more encounters are sure to come! Tenka Ai’s delivers more of her destiny love story in this second volume.


Summary on the back of volume #3:


The alluring yet cruel Oni Diamu is faced with the ultimate decision – to devour Yuiko, the girl who he feels an unexplainable attraction to, and extend his lifespan; or to not eat her and perish as a result. Tenkawa Ai’s must read story of destiny and love comes to an end with this volume.

Last updated: November 2, 2014
Status: Complete

3 thoughts on “Zeele Sacrifice

  1. First of all, I love you xD I cannot express how glad I am to be able to read a summary of this manga which I can’t find anywhere. May I ask why chapter 17 doesn’t have a link though?


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