Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess)

A new series in Sylph, starting from the March 2011 Issue. Shounen Oujo is kind of like The Prince and the Pauper, only the Prince is actually a Princess, and the Pauper is a boy – expect much gender bending. Another weirdness of Shounen Oujo is the fact women are the dominant gender in this society. The Queen of the land set forth a degree that only women can be employed as workers. Thus since women are the ones who bring home the bacon, they’re the ones with rights and power. Men, on the other hand, are basically the bitches of these women – ideally they stay at home and watch the kids. However, some women abuse their powers and thus abuse the men. The only ones exempt from this unusual practice are the poor – for both males and females have no money (so no poor man is going to take that kind of crap from a poor woman).

However, one has to watch out for slave traders, who make a business capturing young boys and selling them off to women who want them.

The story follows two orphans – Albert and Theo. After going into the city to celebrate the Queen’s birthday, both find themselves captured by slave traders and bought…by their country’s princess! Even more shocking is the resemblance both the princess and Albert have with one another! What is going to happen to these two?

“From this day forth, you are to take my place as princess!”

The manga-ka of Shounen Oujo is best known for drawing the manga adaptation of Uta no Prince-sama.


In a country where women rule supreme lives a poor but happy boy named Albert. One day, he and his friend visit the big city only to be abducted by slave traders, and later purchased by a noblewoman’s servant. If this wasn’t crazy enough, it turns out Albert looks exactly like the noblewoman who purchased him. But she’s no ordinary aristocrat. She’s a princess! And he’s to act as her double from today on!?

A Rococo themed Masquerade story awaits you ~

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6/7


女尊男卑の国の貧しい村に育ったアルベルトが、突然自分と瓜二つの王女の身代わりをすることになって早2年。アルは驚愕の陰謀と抗えない運命に直面する! 雪広うたこが描くロココ調大河ロマン、待望の第2巻。

Albert lives in a country where female supremacy is the norm.  As a simple poor villager, he didn’t think politics would have anything to do with him. However, that all changed two years ago when he assumed the role of his country’s princess, who he bore an uncanny likeness to. Now Albert is forced into a destiny he can’t oppose…and to bear witness to a shocking plot to overthrow the Queendom! Drawn by the hands of Yukihiro Utako, the long awaited second volume of this Rococo themed, romanticism inspired tale is finally here!

Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14

Volume #3

Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19

Status: Hiatus – waiting for chapter 20 to be released
Last updated: 05/25/13

42 thoughts on “Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess)

    • I only know this manga-ka from Uta no Prince-sama ~ I didn’t realize she had other manga 8D (I’m so Sylph focused I tend to not pay attention to other stuff out there xD)
      And not a problem ~
      I hope Boy Princess continues to be a fun ride x3


    • Haha, I never really got into Uta because at the time, it had all these big Japanese terms related to music & it scared me too much xD Maybe I should look at it again, though after seeing the ending, I need to make sure I don’t ship anyone ~
      I like Boy Princess ~
      It’s definitely wtf in terms of males being the bitches and the women being on top but I love the humor presented too ~ Gii vs Albert = hilarity :3


      • You know, I’m way lamer than that, and I solely rely on scanlations, in order to avoid those big terms & a headache. :’D Guess I’ll just wait for the anime, and see if it’s worth following or not.

        Boy Princess does sound pretty cool, though! My inner feminist says I should pick it up already, since I would most likely adore it quite much. :D


      • I actually use scanalations for practice xD Esp with series that have big words or talk about stuff that make me go o3o
        I’m going to wait for a few more episodes before I start watching ~ (if I ever get off my lazy butt to do so. I’m horrible with anime. I plan to watch them then years pass by before I do watch them xD When I post about the anime, people are all, omg, I remember that anime from X years ago! Wow, you’re slow!)

        If you’re pro girl power and like to see guys get bitch slapped, you’ll like this manga xD I was like, o__O; boy you going to let that whore slap you like that!? when I first started reading. Then I learned about the system and felt real bad for the guys…no one should be bitched slapped unless in the bedroom because they like it that way…


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  6. Hello! Long Time No See! Do You Remember Me?
    It’s been a long time, since I’ve peeped in blogs and stuff like that :)))
    Thanks Again For The Summaries!
    Any News? :))


    • 8D Marim! It’s been forever! I haven’t seen you since the days of SLH! *hugs* How have you been? Hope life has been treating you well and that school is doing good ~

      I see Sylph has caught your eye again! Are you a Shounen Oujo fan too? :3

      Shounen Oujo news? Well, the Dec issue was just released a few days ago and it had a new chapter of Shounen Oujo 8D After 5 months and a nasty cliffhanger, we finally get to see Albert in his cross-dressing adventures again!!

      Glad to see you again x3


  7. Thank You! I’m doing fine :) Everything’s is fine here~ *Hugs Back*
    Ah… about news I meant your life. (P.S. heard about your Iphone *sniff* )
    Yep! I’m fan of Shounen Oujo, it’s interesting story!

    Me too! Was stuck reading manga and stuff like that, like Otaku, haven’t been in community sites for a long time.


    • Ah! My phone is okay. I got the new iPhone 5 so all is good :3 (thankfully my contract with my phone provider was coming up so I got the phone at a discount x3)
      Life wise…I’m currently job hunting ^^; This economy isn’t the best right now but I’m not going to give up!

      I’m surprised by how popular Shounen Oujo is! Whenever a chapter updates, my Shounen Oujo posts get flooded with views xD
      But love for Shounen Oujo means love for Comic Sylph which is good for everyone 8D


  8. Your reviews on the chapters are made of pure win, simple as that, and damn I love the series~~

    By the way, what otome game does the mangaka or has the mangaka worked on aside from UtaPri? Or was that otome game UtaPri All Stars? …I knew the art style was familiar but I didn’t notice how exactly…

    Also, question. What exactly does Yukihiro Utako do for UtaPri aside from the manga?She is the character sprite and CG artist and artist of most official art, right? (Chinatsu Kurahana only did the original character design and some official art, or am I wrong? Trying to find out who did what exactly ever I stumbled across the names /DDD)


    • Thank you 8D *hugs*

      If I remember right, I believe the game is called いっしょにごはん (Isshou ni Gohan). She drew the art for not only the PSP game but also the manga.

      I’m not sure about Yukihiro Utako outside of manga. The only reason I knew about the psp game was because a reader told me about it when I commented on the erratic release schedule of Shounen Oujo. You may want to ask those blogs that specialize in otome games like breadmasterlee about your question. I think she’ll be able to help you more.

      Hope that helped!


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      • Haha, no problem. Thanks for letting me know though :) I’ve got the manga on pre-order ~ SevenSeas is releasing an English version of the title! *yay*

        Thus far there haven’t been any new chapters of Shounen Oujo (I just got the Oct issue and nothing Shounen Oujo can be found :<). We probably won't get another chapter until her adaptation of Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love 2000% (also in Sylph) is done and over with ~


  11. its already up to 22 right now, i’ve already read it raw and of course i dont understand japanese, so i just look at the pictures anyway :P


  12. New chapters r out on Comic-it :D 2 of them i think and a new one is commig out may the 14th i believe. Well may something xD, would really like more translated its such a good story! It would be amazing if u could :D


    • Hello there!

      Unfortunately I won’t be able to get to them until August/September due to RL getting real D:
      I plan on summarizing them along with another series called Shiro Ari but not until things calm down.

      Sorry for the wait! Thanks for being patient with me :)


  13. Umm, threre are new chapters so I wish that you’ll continue making you’re spoilers, (even if they’re not spoilers anymore) they’re really fun to read…so please keep up the good work *hug*


    • Unfortunately, I’ve decided to drop the series. With Shounen Oujo no longer in Sylph and Hachimitsu kicking ass translating the chapters, I’d rather work on other things than compete ~ I’m happy Shounen Oujo is getting lots of love and it was a fun title to work on :3
      Thank you for showing interest in my silly summaries ^^ I hope if you do stick with me for future projects, you’ll find them just as enjoyable as well!

      Thank you!


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