A new comedy in Sylph (well by the time people read this, it’ll already have been like months since its first release lol). DADADADAN! follows 3 boys who have problems with girls: one boy turns white with fright when near a girl, one boy hates them with a passion and would rather they all be exterminated from the face of the earth, and the third boy has no interest in 3-D girls (2-D girls is where it is at yo). Thus it’s only natural, as a comedy, girls would migrate to them and cause these boys all kinds of crazy shit.

Join our unusual heroes as they battle against the enemy, the holders of the double X chromosomes ~!

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chapter 1
Ch-Ch-Ch-Chapter 2
Ch-Ch-Ch-Chapter 3

5 thoughts on “DADADADAN!

    • xD Lol, yeah they’re boys. Two of them are kind of manly but not really. The third one is always mistaken for a girl. Not sure why only him and not the others *shrugs* ┐(‘~`;)┌
      The best thing to do is go into this manga and focus solely on the slapstick comedy ~ You’ll laugh (or at least I hope you’ll laugh xD). Chungky likes it so that’s something! xD


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