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12 thoughts on “Ongoing

  1. Would you also do summaries or translations for “ペンギンとストロベリー/Penguin and Strawberry”? I don’t know which magazine it’ll be published in, but it’s the latest series of Momoiro Peko and also from ASCII Media Works.


    • I know Penguin and Strawberry! It’s currently being serialized in Comic Sylph. It’s really cute x3 (plus I have a soft spot for penguins so this manga made my day)
      I don’t mind doing summaries of it in the future.
      It can be my project after Stray Love Hearts 83


    • I’m not sure what’s going on with P&S. It hasn’t been featured in Sylph for awhile (and I know for a fact it isn’t complete). I’m going to hold off on summarizing this until Sylph updates the status of this title :3
      I hope you don’t mind!


    • I order my Comic Sylph from
      (shipping sucks though D8 – there’s only the 2 day shipping option and that cost $$$) used to carry some Comic Sylph volumes but they stopped
      (though sometimes they randomly have a volume)

      Hope that helped :3
      (I’m hoping that since Comic Sylph is now turning monthly, it’ll be more available)


  2. oh thank you for the summary..i love reading the SLH..
    can i ask something, hope you could also make a blog for pureblood+boyfriend.. :)


    • Glad you like the summaries ^^

      There’s nothing wrong with asking. However, I stick restrictively to Comic Sylph titles when I do my summaries (because that’s the magazine I subscribe to).
      However, I believe Omari’s Sister has been keeping up with the recent chapters (think they’ve released like…4 chapters?). Hope that helps :D

      If there’s a Comic Sylph title you’re interested in me summarizing, let me know and I’ll consider it :D


  3. Hello, I would like to contact you, will have some mail? for send message <3 please!!! i would like retranslate into spanish a manga <3


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