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9 thoughts on “Projects

  1. I LOVE manga, I can never get enough of it. But I do think that I have read [and still reading] the 3 best Manga books that’s out there. But I’m so sad ’cause the one auther has something else to do while the other 2 come out in Febuary and March. :( *tear*
    The books are:
    1. Nightschool
    2. Black Bird [japanese version]
    3. Rasetsu [japanese version]
    There’s also Yurara but I haven’t read that yet….


    • Manga is awesome (the only bad thing about manga is when you read a series you bought and don’t like :,< my munnies…)

      Oh, I've heard of Nightschool! Heard the ending was sort of a cop out though. I'm still tempted to read it x3 Because I like her other work, DRAMACON x3 Great humor!
      I heard she's now working on an adaptation of a James Patterson book (Witch and Wizard?).

      Black Bird is a series I want to get into in the future. Looks sexy ;D

      I recently read another series by the manga-ka of Rasetsu – Night of the Beast. I really enjoyed it :3 I'm looking forward to reading other series by her <3

      Thanks for the recommendations :D


  2. Well, I have read Dramacon and it was awelsome! Now I am reading Skip Beat and I find it great! Another I found nice was Kaichu Wa Maid Sama. Usui Takumi is handsome like hell!


    • Glad to see another DRAMACON fan :D

      I love love love Skip Beat though I’m behind ^^;

      Maid-sama looks good too :D I waiting for it to end before checking it out though ~ I usually do that for shojo, just because I want to read it all NOW instead of waiting for the next chapter xDDD


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    • Yes, the other day I got a crazy amount of hits for Shinigami-Hime no Saikon. I was freaking out because if it’s one thing my blog doesn’t get, it’s a crazy amount of hits xD

      Good luck with the series 8D Hope you enjoy it! (and that many fans are created because of your scans!).
      I’m so behind…I’ve got the second volume of the manga in my cart but I haven’t gotten around to ordering it yet xD Doh!


      • Lol oh dear you’re behind! The third manga comes out next month on the 15th I believe! I already have the last two chapters of volume 1 cleaned and ready for typesetting and Icarus is working on translations and scanning in volume 2 for me. XD She also got the B-Log Comic and was going crazy over how good the plot got. It had chapters from volume 3 in it.


        • I got volume #2! Yay! I’ll probably get volume #3 next month :)
          I read B’s Log Comic too! Hey, small world! And, yes, things were went crazy in the recent chapter xD
          Unfortunately since I missed a good middle chunk of the story, I was sort of lost. But I did enjoy the romance ;D


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