Feb. 2018 Reads

sukinosenpaiLesson learned from this post: make sure when I’m done reading, to maybe write up a little something then and there instead of waiting 2 months later. Cuz in those 2 months, I’m like, uhhhhhh welp, what stuck with me 2 months later was this…lolz.

I’m hoping to do my manga reads for every month I’m reading; again to encourage me to read towards my goal of 200 tanks of shojo in a year (I passed the 1/4th point recently!) and just to show what I’ve been reading. After all, I love seeing what others are reading ~ (because that’s how I find things for my wishlist on amazon.jp haha)

Japanese Manga


Aoba-kun ni Kikitai-koto (1-6) by Tooyama Ema

Honestly, I’m more in this for the side characters and Mayo than I am for the titular character Aoba lol. Especially since Aoba’s secret was greatly dragged out (3 volumes, son. Then 6 volumes to finally pinpoint the source!) and Aoba himself was super annoying for me with his prickly attitude and jealousy (tho he’s gotten better in the later volumes now that he’s stopped being a douche and sees Mayo as someone who genuinely wants to help him). As I mentioned, Mayo’s growth was the highlight for me. She started out as a shy quiet person no one noticed yet each time she stuck up for her teammates, she became stronger and more confident in herself. And she was able to make good friends! You go Mayo!


Kimi to Miru Sekai by Yanai Wakana

A collection of shojo shorts. It’s interesting in that a majority of them end with the continuation being up to the reader. Do they get together? Does she make it with her dream? What happened after she said that to him? Etc. My fav of the shorts was the one where the girl dreamed of being a fashion designer but is greatly doubting herself since everyone else in her field seems chocolate covered fudge filled sprinkles on top awesome. I like that the dad is pretty much like, Just Do It! And after a lot of shojo tears and trips down memory lane, the main girl realizes yeah, Just Do It! I liked the message because it’s easy to be discouraged, especially when you start comparing yourself to others in your field. Sometimes it takes a shojo to make you realize, who the fuck cares about them, just do you :J

my dear guardy

Dear My Guardy by Ayase Umi

A used bookstore find. Took me a while to remember where I had seen this manga-ka before – she’s the manga-ka of Vivid Cherry. I recall not really liking Vivid Cherry too much, either because of the dude or the girl. Think it may have been the girl. Meh it’s been too long haha ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Anyway, another collection of shorts. My favorite was the cry baby one. Just because of the fluff. The titular Dear My Guardy was fun too. The comedy between the leads was amusing. If you think of them as siblings, I think it makes the short more enjoyable :J

suteki na kareshi 1

Suteki na Kareshi (1) by Kawahara Kazune

I’ve given up waiting for ShojoBeat to maybe license this. Plus my Japanese is getting slightly stronger with each tank of manga I read so I decided to take the plunge and see how Suteki na Kareshi was. After all, I really enjoyed High School Debut!
I was not disappointed. Like High School Debut, it’s filled with good comedy and the leads are fun (though I won’t lie. Due to how the main guy’s face is, he sometimes gives off creeper vibes haha. To the point where I’m thinking, damn, in any other shojo, I’d think he was the bad guy with that rape face he got going).
The ending of this tank was weird with the main dude’s friends popping up and then it’s like, oh no she used to date him but now she’s dating me hee hee.


Aoi Sensei wa Shishunki (1-2) by Rindo Momo (complete)

I love how I don’t pay attention to what I buy. Just saw the cover and threw the tank into my cart, not paying attention this was a teacher-student relationship (a genre I’m not a big fan of). Thankfully their relationship was pretty chaste. Even sensei knew not to touch minors haha!
I like the little tid-bits of animal behavior dropped throughout the series. Animal Behavior was one of my favorite classes in college :J Plus I just love animals in general ~


Honey Come Honey (1-3) by Shiraishi Yuki

#1 and #2 were re-reads. I love how fluff this series is haha. I have no idea how long the manga-ka plans to go but hey, as long as we stay fluffy and not annoying stupid, I’m down :J
The first half of #3 was super fluff sliding slightly into the ShoComi territory of pervy but it was reeled back surprisingly lol. The second half for me was annoying due to appearance of a possible love rival but that died real quick haha


Futodoki Ouji to Koisuru Houseki (1) by Nishiomi Kyouko

Lol I had forgotten about this series. I bought it years ago and was like, meh I’ll look at it when it’s completed. Welp, turns out it’s completed at 2 volumes so time to read haha.
Apparently this is a sort of spin-off to her other work, Torawarehime wa Hakushaku no Ude no Naka. The loser of that series’ love triangle got a second chance to get his balls tickled in Futodoki Ouji to Koisuru Houseki haha.
This first tank read like a Disney story to the point where I thought people would start bursting out into song but alas no. A nice little fluff piece. We’ll see how the story concludes in the next tank. Wonder if any cameo appearances will happen? (guess I won’t know since I haven’t read Torawarehime wa Hakushaku no Ude no Naka :P)


Lucky La Kiss (1) by Satoru

A high school shojo with an interesting twist: luck swapping via lip sucking. I really enjoyed this first tank despite how silly the premise was. I’m sad the series ends in the next tank tho :(


Ijiwaru Killer Tune (1-2) by Kirishima Rira

I believe this is a spin-off to another series by this manga-ka, Sekai no Hajikko to Anzu Jam. Since I’ve never read Sekai no Hajikko to Anzu Jam, I didn’t know if anyone made a camero from that series tho lol. The spin-off was interesting but I felt like it was cut short. There was so much tension being built but then it was like someone let go of an inflated balloon and all the air ran out. All the tension was resolved or just ignored and we slide right to the end haha. I mean, no complaints but it just felt weird.


Suki ni Naranai yo, Senpai (1-4) by Hatsuhara (complete)

I thought Suki ni Naranai yo, Senpai was going to be a crazy ride with all the tension built about the main dude’s love for the teacher lady and everyone being like ohhhhhhh, but then it’s like the manga-ka realized she only had so many chapters left and instead we just by-passed that car wreck to gently pull into the parking lot that is the ending haha. A light read tho I wasn’t too much of a fan of the main guy. He took the approach of solving his heartbreak with unprotected sex and it’s like, dude, you’re the reason herpes keeps giving… :/


Theo by Aono Nachi

I loved the art but the story was sort of random. It was like a small glimpse into the life of a demigod thing? and some weird human dude who I am concerned what he has been doing for his idontknow 18 years of life to be like, is fucking my human x creature boss thing normal? Damn if only I had friends or people I can talk with to confirm if this is kosher or not :/

English manga:

  • .hack//4koma – amusing. Love how Kite was portrayed as a happy stabby psycho haha
  • .hack//Alcor – Since I don’t know anything about .hack//GU, I didn’t know what was happening haha.
  • .hack//Link – yup. No idea what’s going on. All I know is lots of cameos and forced upskirt shots. To the point of confusion on what .hack had become O__o; also this had no ending? It just stopped?
  • Limit – yoooooo, this was a crazy shojo! But the ending was sort of random. If no one is pressing charges, how are you going to prison???
  • Heroman – don’t know what made me read this. Not sure what I was expecting. It was stupid entertaining tho?
  • Good Luck – wtf. Literally just wtf because this story was all over the place. We hit ever shojo cliche and more. To the point where we got boy bands and I’m like ????

9 thoughts on “Feb. 2018 Reads

    • It’s a fun dorky series :) And the two leads are super cute ~
      I’m sad because I really think the series got axed :( (but I like the f you ending the manga-ka made. Made me think there was going to be a sequel – but alas no ;__;)

      Liked by 1 person

          • Her love interest is almost half her age and she’s in high school. They tried to make it ok by having him be a spoiled man-child who, I will give them this, isn’t a complete ass. I think that in fantasy manga, it’s easier to accept the love interest being so much older (as ironic as it is) but with contemporary, modern day manga, I get so uncomfortable with the age difference. Hana has the upper hand in the romance but every panel just shows how young she is compared to him and I can’t rofl


            • Em, this is why I’m generally not comfortable with student-teacher relationships D: Like, the student is just a kid and the teacher is older and should now better but dat ass. I don’t know. Something about a middle aged man/woman lusting over school kids just don’t feel right (especially since it’s a crime in RL) so I understand your dilemma. For me, if you’re in the age range of “your seed could have created me to your seed could have fathered my father” then I’m just scrunching my face as I’m reading and praying the ride is a quick one.

              Darn, I was hoping Takane and Hana was going to be like Mikami-sensei no Aishikata – one of the few student-teacher shojos that doesn’t eek me out because it’s more stupid comedy than romance – like one time, the teacher made a body pillow of himself for the girl to have sleep next to her whenever they’re apart (she’s like, ew wtf also why you acting like we have that kind of relationship while he’s like, no need to thank me, my cherry ~) and he promptly gets jealous of the body pillow for sleeping next to her hahahaha It’s so stupid I forget their age difference. Especially since they were childhood friends to a certain extent.

              Thanks for the heads up about Takane and Hana! I’ll just grit my teeth and pray the ride isn’t too painful haha

              Liked by 2 people

              • Omg yes finally someone who feels the exact same way about this!! And student teacher ugh.

                Takane & Hana is more on the comedic side in the first volume like Mikami sensei from what you said about it, but the romance was already budding in the first volume so I can’t help but just cringe.

                I hope you find more enjoyment in it than I did haha

                Liked by 2 people

                • Nah the creepy is real. I’m always a bit sad when I buy a manga and it turns out to be a teacher x student romance.
                  Me: FUCK! I WAS BLINDED BY THE COVER AND DIDN’T READ THE SYNOPSIS *clenches teeth and prepares for the uncomfortable ride that is the manga’s plot*

                  Thank you my friend for the heads up. I’ll see how I handle it when I get to it haha. Right now I’m reading “So Cute It Hurts” – I didn’t realize how fluffy this title was! I was avoiding it because I thought it was going to be unnecessarily smutty and it’s like, they all look 8 no.

                  Liked by 2 people

                  • Rofl omg I feel you SO much *cries*
                    Lol Shojo beat cleverly left out the ages for the synopsis in Takane & Hana. Worked on me :P

                    Good luck!! Oh lol that series does eventually delve into smut :/ You may really enjoy Honey So Sweet or Kiss Me At the Stroke of Midnight actually :)

                    Liked by 1 person

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