Tid-Bits: Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet Chapter 56


Requested from NikoIchi Margaret #3 & #4 is a summary of Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet chapter 56. It’s been awhile since I last did a Tid-Bits – so nostalgic haha! Hopefully I’m not too rusty from my lack of regular blogging all these years :p Enjoy!

The chapter starts with Fumi and Sensei alone in the hotel room (Gorou peacing since his mischief in bringing them back together has succeeded and he is no longer needed lol). Both are awkward turtles, since 1) they’re sort of in the middle of a lover’s quarrel, 2) Sensei was running around like a dumbass on every floor of the hotel to find the room Fumi and Gorou were chillin’ in (so he’s probably embarrassed as fuck about that scene he made haha), and 3) Fumi was expecting some bandaids, not Sensei (so she’s probably not mentally prepared for this situation).


And can I just stop and ask – wtf Sensei. Why are you wearing your Converses at a formal gathering? Like, at this point, why didn’t you just give up totally and wear flip flops :/

As Fumi is thinking (what the actual fuck is happening right now???), Sensei decides to balls it and go first. He calls out to Fumi who pretty much screams I AIN’T GOING TO JAIL.

Sensei: huh? No that would be me since you’re underage I mean, that’s not the point.

He rags on Fumi, demanding to know wtf why was she all tee hee with Gorou. What’s her angle?

Fumi: (´・ω・`) ????

Sensei: First off, why are you even here? This isn’t your scene.

Fumi: (´・ω・`)_╭∩╮

Sensei: (凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

Before the two can really start roasting each other, someone from the hotel just comes in and nonchalantly says she’s got some bandaids and Neosporin that were requested (like I don’t get paid enough to care about your fight. Take these and let me go back to my break.).

Sensei: Bandaids? Is it cuz I’m about to let down some sick burns?

Fumi: omg stfu

Fumi rushes over to thank the lady and retrieve the items. That’s when Sensei notices the ruptured blisters oozing all over Fumi’s feet. For the sake of plot and limited pages for this chapter, he suddenly comes to the realization that when Fumi went into Gorou’s arms and they walked away together, it wasn’t because they were going up to the hotel room to get jiggy with it. It was because Fumi’s feet were all banged up from wearing shoes she wasn’t used to.



After the lady leaves, Sensei takes the bandaids and tells Fumi he’ll put them on. Fumi is like, no I can do it but Sensei is so adamant about putting those bandaids on Fumi gives and let’s him do his thing. They sit on the bed, Fumi with her legs over Sensei’s and mentally wishing to die.


Sensei being Sensei, is all, you stupid for wearing shoes you’ve not broken in. Fumi stares at him as he slathers antibiotic on her like one would slather butter on a potato and decides it’s time to shojo speech (also, how is he putting those bandaids on Fumi’s feet like that? From the shot, either she should be laying on her stomach or Sensei lit snapped her leg to put that bandaid on lol):

“It’s because…I wanted to see you no matter what. Even if we were in the middle of a fight, or in disagreement with each other, or I’m hurt over something you did, no matter what, I’d still want to see you. The person who warms the depths of my heart is you and only you, Sensei. I want to believe that it’s not just me that feels this way. That we won’t break apart over someone so small and stupid…”

“What I’m trying to say is…I’ll always love you for the rest of my life.”

After dropping that bombshell, Fumi runs out of shojo courage and starts to blabble and talk about something else. However, she’s stopped dead in her tracks when Sensei gently places his head on her shoulder.


Fumi: !!!!!! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) adsfal;kdfjasklfjaklsjfkasjf !!!!!

Sensei tells Fumi he was worried she had gotten over him. Like, step off old man – don’t you have your own funeral to attend. But it turns out he was the one in the wrong. He apologizes for not trusting their bond.

“Just please…I want you back…”


Fumi brings Sensei’s face back up from her shoulder and gently cups his cheek (face not ass cheek lol). As he stares back at her, slightly blushy, Fumi jokes to herself that he’s like big puppy.

“Don’t worry. I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

The fight over and the tension gone, Fumi chuckles out loud, telling Sensei she got to see a lot of sides to him today. Sensei gets tsun tsun and is like excuse? She tells him it’s because he’s not always honest with his feelings like he is now.

Sensei: well excuse me for being a little bitch :/

Fumi: hee hee please work on that

Sensei: (凸ಠ益ಠ)凸


Sensei, being the adult he is, headbutts Fumi to shut her up (gently tho lol). As Fumi tells him wtf, she looks up to see Sensei looking down at her…BEFORE GOING IN FOR THE KISS!!



Sensei: “Now we’re even”

Fumi: ( ┐΄✹ਊ✹)┐


Shocked by the kiss, Fumi jumps up and starts screaming about making some tv and watching some coffee. She’s so jumbled she’s pretty much trying to climb into the toilet.


Fumi: *stops just before closing the lid of the toilet on top of herself*

Sensei tells her they can do whatever later.

“Right now, I just want you by my side a little longer.”


He assures her he’s not going to do anything. He doesn’t want to go on the sexual offender list lol. Per dramatic shojo fashion, Sensei pulls his hair free of his hair band and let’s his locks run free (and rather than looking like shit like most people do when they have their hair pulled back in a pony tail for a long period of time, he just looks like he’s ready to lay on a rock bare chested dick out to pose for the camera. Some people have all the luck :/).

Her loins tingling at the sound of his come hither voice, Fumi complies and finds herself cuddling next to Sensei.


Fumi: this chapter just made this whole series go from 0 to 100 (also, I hope my dress doesn’t wrinkle <- lol wth Fumi there are more pressing issues here than your clothes)

Sensei calls out to Fumi who squeaks out a “WELCOME TO BURGER KING HOWCAN I TAKE YOUR ORDER?”

“I love you.”



Fumi starts to tear up at his words. She’s been waiting for them for 10 fucking volumes! I would too!

[His scent. The rumblings of his kind voice from his throat. This stupid fight. My blisters. Our first kiss. My calm that only comes when I’m by your side. My happiness that only exists when you’re with me.]


AHHHHHHHH that was a good chapter :3 So much good stuff happening <3 Hope you all enjoyed the ride! Until next time ~

6 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet Chapter 56

  1. Oooooh ! ! Yes ! ! !

    You know what, Sensei ain’t a virgin, though. Well, that isn’t surprising.

    And please, please, since you’re at it, can you summarize the latest chapter of Kurosaki-kun? * looks at you with pathetic, begging eyes. ”

    I remember reading your hilarious summaries a loooong time ago. Even this summary of Lonely Planet is soooo funny. ( with the get real side comments,he he he )


    • Sure, no problem! I’m right now working on catching up with the last of my Niko Margarets before I swap over to BetsuFure so if you could just remind me when I release the BetsuFure posts, I’ll make sure to work on those Kurosaki summaries :J

      Glad you enjoyed! I had lots of fun writing this x3

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi. Thank you for the freakin hillarious summary!!! Haha. My sides hurt throughout the whole post. I loved it. Looking forward to more! All the best :)


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