NikoIchi Margaret 3 & 4 (2018)

kiraikoihanashiWow, I got this post out quicker than I expected. Guess it helps the mag was half the normal size (which would explain why it was half the price!). I’ll actually have stuff to say in this post than the prior because we have a new serialization! And dude, lolllllll the new series in this mag. OMG, yo 50 Shades of Gray has finally permeated NikoIchi Margaret.

Only it’s not the female lead crawling on all four!


NikoIchi Margaret #3 and #4 2018 table of contents and cover pages:

Cover Pages Part I/Part II/ Part III

Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Yamamori Mika chp 56
Sorairo Lemon to Mayoi Neko by Satonaka Mika chp 7
Short Cake Cake by Morishita Suu chp 47
Anagura Amélie by Satou Zakuri chp 39
Mei-chan no Shitsuji DX by Miyagi Riko chp 69
Futsuu no Koiko-chan by Nanaji Nagamu chp 44
Boku ni Hana no Melancholy by Komori Mikko chp 51
Motosaya by Hoshino Mizuki chp 11
Kami-sama no Ekohiiki by Komura Ayumi chp 20
Sekai de Ichiban Kakkowarui Koi by Tagaki Inao (oneshot)
Yagami-kun wa Kyou mo Ijiwaru. by Aikawa Saki chp 31
Seifuku no Ojou-sama by Hanamatsu Ayaka chapter 1 (new!)
Shunkan Gradation by Hiro Chihiro chp 15
Step Pure Step by Azuki Matsuna (oneshot)
Analog Drop by Aida Natsumi chp 5
Hatsumikushi by Sumikawa Aki (one shot)
Kimi wa Kowareta Ouji-kun by Yukimori Sakura chp 6
Kareshi-sama ni wa Ara ga Enai by Suga Chinatsu chp 6
Jewelry – Hane to Kotori no Subarashiki Hibi by Iwa Chika chp 10
Fuji-senpai ni Koi Shita by Mizuhara Kanna (oneshot)

Sylph Screams (Basically where I just fan out about titles that I’m following/shit that caught my eye)



Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet by Yamamori Mika chp 56: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yayyyyyyyyy. Ah, what a delish chapter. Sensei finally realized he was being a dum dum and got his shit together. Dat kiss <3



Seifuku no Ojou-sama by Hanamatsu Ayaka chapter 1 (new!): oh, my, fucking, word…what did I just read? Yooooooooooooo! Are you sure you’re in the right magazine, son? ShoComi is right over there!
This is pretty much 50 Shades of Gray, except it isn’t the main girl who is the M – as you can see from the pictures haha. Story starts with the meek main girl in love with the main guy Futaba even though he treats her like poopie. After confessing her love to him which was squashed before she can even finish and crying all day at school, the main girl comforts herself by looking at her Futaba File (pretty much filled with a bunch of photos the main girl took of him during the months of her infatuation with him) on her way home. But that’s when she hears the sounds of shouting. Rubbernecking, she walks over and sees Futaba arguing with an older lady. The older woman slaps the shit out of him and tells him to stfu, which instead of making him angry, actually just gets his dick hard.

Main girl: OMFG *lifts up iPhone and starts recording*

The main girl confronts Futaba the next day and he’s like, aw shit evidence! He tries to bully the main girl into destroying the video but instead her love breaks her (also maybe the thought of deleting anything Futaba related might have played a part) and she instead goes full dominant on him – which is what daddy wants!

After Futaba tries one last time to end things, the main girl makes him get on the ground like a dog and feeds him. She tells him she’ll treat him like shit and he’ll like it.

Futaba: yay :D

And that’s chapter 1 of Seifuku no Ojou-sama lolllllll. I’m looking forward to this insanity haha!

Next issue:


A new series from the duo that made Nanoka no Kare called Ai ga Shinu no wa Kimi no Sei (It’s Your Fault Love Dies)

As always, if you have a series you’d prefer I summarize more properly (instead of me screaming at the top of my lungs incoherently), let me know :J

11 thoughts on “NikoIchi Margaret 3 & 4 (2018)

  1. What happens in Boku ni Melancholy something at Chapter 51 ? This is a depressing manga, so I’d like to know what happens…. If it’s a bit okay, ten I won’t drop this manga. The first few chapters really upset me.


    • (understand I don’t really read Boku ni Hana no Melancholy so take my summary with a grain of salt haha)

      With chapter 54, it’s a flashback between the main dude and his half brother. Main dude’s mom dies and dad is like, meh send him over to my other wife. Half bro (who is older) is like, I am 12 years old I am too old for this man’s bullshit.
      Main dude comes and doesn’t say much (I think he’s like 6 or something FYI). All he has on him is some school books his mom wrote his name on and a little homemade lunch baggie.
      I don’t know if the half bro lives in the sticks or whatever but people keep probing about the main dude. Who dat kid? Mom tried to lie and make it sound like they’re taking care of the main dude while his parents are working overseas but the gossiping hens know dat not right. Half bro explains to us the neighbors are jealous of the half bro’s family bc they own a hospital and the dad is a doctor – there are people who hate us, who want to be us, who wish to wear our skin. So he’s used to the annoyance of probing adults.
      Main dude must be keen on this too as he refuses to say anything and half bro is like a normal middle schooler and everything can suck his nuts.

      Eventually the half brother starts to open up to the main dude, especially when a bully picks on the main dude and he kicks their sorry ass. The bully tears the main dude’s little lunch baggie and tells him to go back to the city with his slut mom. The half bro feels bad and patches the bag up. Main dude doesn’t say anything at first to which the half bro is like, this little fucker. But during kendo practice, main dude shows up and sucker punches a tube of pudding into the half bro’s stomach (half bro: WAS THAT NECESSARY!?). When trying to leave, the main dude trips and then his stomach growls. Half bro offers some pork buns and the two bond. The half bro asks how the main dude is and the main dude is like, these bitches all up in here trying to rub me like tissue paper on my ass (half bro: yo you talk?!). Half bro tells the main dude he gotta make friends not enemies. Then the main dude asks if the half bro hates him. Surprised, the half bro thinks, damn, this poor kid. My dad didn’t want him. He ain’t got no other family. His mom is dead. And now you have these shits here trying to probe him for gossip or telling him to gtfo out of Dodge. Half bro thinks that at first he didn’t want the main dude over but now…

      “I don’t hate you”

      The chapter ends with the half bro seeing a lunch baggie with an Ikea tag and is like, wtf is this? Mom explains she bought a new lunch baggie for the main dude since the one he has is shit, like some 12 year old stitched it up (half bro: go fuck yourself ma.). The half bro then realizes something: the main dude doesn’t have anything of his mother’s, save that one lunch baggie. No pictures. No mementos. Lit that baggie was all the main dude had and half dude’s mom just chucked it like it was covered in anal excretions (mom: what? Main dude said it was ok so it’s ok)
      The half bro walks into the main dude’s room and finds the boy hugging his school bag, the lunch baggie his mother made him no longer attached. The half bro pats the main dude on the head and the chapter ends.


    • Oh well this is an easy chapter to summarize. Basically the main dude and main chick go on a date. Main chick says she wants to be a nurse. Main dude is like, that’s cool. And the chapter ends with them resting on the grass in some park.

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      • Espera un Segundo….. is that really the past of the main dude? I think the problematic past as far as romance goes is that he had a girlfiend he can’t forget… and she comes back, and tries to get him back, and while already in a relationship with the main dudette, he sleeps with the ex. Or am I talking about a different story ?

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        • Not sure?
          From what I remember of this story, this girl and guy were friends as kids but then he moved bc of family reasons. The girl grows up and one day while walking home sees a bunch of thugs beating the shit out of each other. She accidentally takes a picture of everyone and one of the thugs grabs her phone and she chases after him (bc as a teenager now and days, a phone is worth more than one’s life). He grabs her and they both hide from the cops. The main girl is like, YO THAT’S MY PHONE AND ARE YOU MY BESTIE FROM BACK IN THE DAY??
          Him: no
          Her: em you sure? You’re good looking so that must mean you have importance in this manga. *suspicious but too shojo to follow through*

          Before she can leave, the thugs come back and are like, ok let’s continue where we left off. The girl jumps in the way of a baseball bat flying for the main guy and gets a concussion and blacks out. Main dude takes her back to his place and throws his jacket on her since apparently that’s the best medical aid he can administer lol. When the main girl wakes up she’s like hello? and walks in to find main dude grinding on some lady.

          Main girl: well gotdayum. Couldn’t you have gone elsewhere??

          The main girl leaves and is all fuck this bitch.

          After lots of stuff, the main girl is like, I can’t leave this guy alone. I redact my statement. I need to take care of him since he just lets his wounds fester from all the fights he gets in and fucks women as he bleeds all over them. Also we’re gonna pretend he didn’t attempt to rape me at one point and only stopped due to blood loss.

          I can’t remember what happens since I didn’t pay attention to the story but I believe a chick pops up but I’m not sure the relationship she had with the main dude and if they grinded on each other. I just remembered she hurled on the main dude lol

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          • Yep, that’s the one. Geez.

            It’s not common to have the main guys in a shoujo cheat on their girlfriends. Cappuccino is one of those that really upset me….. good thing the girlfriend broke up with him , permanently.

            problem with me is , I have a second guy syndrome, lol. For some reason, I seem to always prefer the other guy who likes the main girl. And I always feel bad coz I know who’s she gonna end up with. Ugh ! Have you read Ao Haru Ride ?

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