Betsuma Margaret 12.2017

kimini todoke

Well damn, it’s been a while! *blows dust away*

Sorry for disappearing everyone. Lots of stuff and not a lot of stuff happened haha ~ Just me being me :p

Anyway, in my usual random fashion, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and here is a random shojo mag post :p

Betsuma Margaret 12.2017


Part I
Part II
Betsuma Sister IV


Kimi no Todoke (final chapter)
Territory M no Jyuunin
Watashi no!
Akane Shoten no Kaji Tenchou (new series)
Suteki na Kareshi
Te wo Tsunagou yo
Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare
Koi wo Shiranai Bokutachi wa
Bitter Prince (final chapter)
Risouteki Boyfriend
Classmate no Shouzou 3 (oneshot)
Bye Bye Liberty
Fushigi no Kuni no Arisagawa-san
Watashi to Wonderland
Uchuu no Hate no Mannaka no

Blahhhhhhsssss (me just making random comments and fangirling/raging :p):

Kimi no Todoke – it’s finally over, wow. I’ve been meaning to pick up the books released by VIZ but I’ve been lazy haha. Will have to grab them maybe during the next VIZ sale RS has :p But no shockers here. Happy endings for all (or at least that’s what it looked like to me. I don’t know nothing about nothing with Kimi ni Todoke).

Akane Shoten no Kaji Tenchou – love me any series that has books ~ The plot is a girl named Saki starts working at a bookstore. She’s your typical “gonna give it my all!” protagonist. Which meshes well with the “I AIN’T GOT TIME FOR NOTHING BUT BOOKS AND THAT INCLUDES WIPING AFTER A POO” male lead. Nothing much going on right now outside Saki trying to hold her feelings in about her dad losing his job and her being unable to go to the school she wanted to attend with her friend. The power of books helps her realize holding it in isn’t healthy, whether it’s emotions or excrement. By the end of chapter 1, she’s starting to fall for the book boy.

Suteki na Kareshi – super cute. Like, I need to read this!

Territory M no Jyuunin – yo, everyone be looking the same. I can’t tell which girl is what girl and forget it for the boys. I think there are like 6 different people in this manga but they were all the same person in my eye! Couldn’t use the hair to distinguish each person because when a wind blew through, Boy A’s hair looked like Girl C’s hair.

Koi wo Shiranai Bokutachi wa – gahhhhhhhhhhh Fujimura. Girl, you know the boy has a girlfriend. Why you after him? Even after Eiji is like, ho you just got off a bad relationship. Don’t be so thirsty for the first boy to show you kindness. He’s already got someone riding him.

Her: I like him. I don’t need your permission.





I knew Fujimura was going to be annoying to me when we first met her and she was buying all sorts of stuff to try and please her shitty boyfriend (me: girl you can do so much better. Did he save you when you were about to die on some shojo stairs? What is your attraction to him? Her: he was really good looking so I fell for him. Me: …that was it? Just his nose placement is worth this type of treatment!?). Not even a day after breaking up with her boyfriend (cheating mofo that he is), she’s chasing after Naohiko, who already has a girlfriend. Gahhhhhhhhh!

Also, I want to know what Eiji’s anguish is. Was it cuz his BFF and female BFF are dating and he was/is in love with the female BFF??? The way he acts, it’s more like he was a witness to a murder and it broke him.

I love this delish drama <3

Fushigi no Kuni no Arisugawa-san – x3 I finished book one so I’m still behind but these two are just so cute <3 Not liking the faceless person who turned and watched our main couple walk by. Love triangle…I can just smell it.

Uchuu no Hate no Mannaka no – ahhhhhh, Mirai confessed! Well, indirectly, then tried to play it off as something else but in the end was like, fuck this BOY I WANT YOUR PENIS! Rin says he’s not sure how he feels for her – he’s been a starboy for so long he never thought about human love. He tells her he doesn’t hate her *thumbs up* and wants Mirai to still come to the star club or whatever it’s called. Mirai: baby steps but that works.

At the very last page, Shiramine is like, I kinda like Mirai too. Better watch out Rin, I might take her from ya 8D


side eye

Bitter Prince – it’s done. Don’t know anything about this series. She got together with the boy who had black hair, if anyone was curious.

Next issue:

Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare takes the cover. Looks like Bye Bye Liberty is ending and a new series Engrishly called “YOU MY BABY” is starting. I know the author from her first series Darling Blue. I didn’t particularly like Darling Blue but it had potential and it was her first series so here’s to hoping YOU MY BABY kept the fun elements of Darling Blue and left the male angst of Darling Blue at the door. From what I can tell, the theme is polar opposites. The girl is tomboyish and short. The boy is taller and I guess too niko niko with her, which grates on her nerves.


As always, if you want me to do a summary or something more than just dfkjalkdk;qwrhoajkj, let me know ~ I can’t guarantee I’ll do a good job, especially if it’s a series I don’t follow too religiously haha

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