Final Sylph (in print) summary

Meant to post this last week but it was either that or be late for my plane so…hur, a week later, here we go :J


Alrighty, as I type here, regretting the cookie I just ingested (it was a gift for helping someone out but I did not realize the thing was 600 calories, 40 g of sugar, and 10 pounds of earthly sins) and trying to silence my body’s screams with purifying water (I’d go for a 10 mile walk but I slept on my leg wrong and it’s been gimping all day .__.), I figured I’d update with…the last volume of Sylph! Yes, folks you read this  right! Somehow, I was able to get my hands on the last issue despite it being sold out on The Sylph gods recognized my religious devotion to them all these years and have rewarded me with their last tome (in print) by changing my destiny.

See, I had originally planned on watching Leap! at a certain time this past Saturday but missed it due to my train being out of service for the weekend. While I waited for the next showing, I decided to piss around looking at stores. Let me just say, the Disney store was just pure molestation. Never seen people so thirsty for Mickey before. Ran real quick out of that store before the cum started to fly. Was going to hit the LINE store next but there was some kind of event happening and the only route around it was through the mascots – who I wasn’t in the mood to fend off (where the Disney store had Mickey covered in fresh cum, the mascot of Mickey waiting to get grab you for a photo is covered in months old cum as well as new jizz…just no). So instead, my next stop was Kino. I’ve slowly come to accept that security will follow me no matter what and I just go to this store now just to say fuck you to them lol.

I went to the bottom floor to look at children’s books in Japanese (my new medium for practicing Japanese) but decided to stop by the mags for shits and giggles. Maybe I was hoping for a Lala DX to entertain me (who knows) but I definitely wasn’t expecting what I saw squished between some Desserts and Lalas: Sylph! The last issue of Sylph at that!

My gawd did I launch for that tank fast. Think I knocked someone clean in the air from the force of my velocity ^^;

Needless to say, good day (* w *). Even the old man who kicked me out of my seat during the movies didn’t get me down (completely open theater yet he bee lined straight for me, but that’s another story). Old bag of dried up bones doesn’t know what goodness Sylph is, prob why he’s cold and salty on the inside.

Anyway, thanks to fate, I’m able to present to you all the last issue of Sylph (in print)!


The first page is a message from Sylph thanking everyone for their continued support all these years. Sylph would have never made it this far without their loyal readers *wipes tears* While the print version is coming to an end, Sylph will live on in the digital world!

The next page is an advertisement for pixiv Sylph. I’ve got the site already bookmarked and even though I’m horrible when it comes to digital medium, I plan on staying loyal to my Sylph regardless! >:3

Our final color page is just advertising Sylph manga coming out in July. You got the Daddy Issues manga volume #7, Tsuki wa Sasete ne #2, and that one manga with the whiny guy behind bars lol
Next, the chapters!

  • Dramatic Irony #8: omfg everyone is trash and I love it. I read this manga just to see who can crawl lower on the scale of human scum. It’s great seeing everyone try so hard to be garbage. I’m actually thinking of choosing this series for my next Tid-Bits post, if only to show how entertainingly bad it is xD
  • Tsuki wa Sasete ne #11: Yeah, I have no idea what this series is even about. I’ve been skipping it because that’s just how I am. Since this was the last Sylph, I decided to give this a read and still no idea what’s going on. The only thing I can tell is the guy the main girl is dating is an older man? I thought they were the same age but she tells him as he’s molesting her that she’s afraid people will see them and arrest him because she’s a minor and he should know better. Me: *concern*
  • Fortissimo #final chapter: *skips*
  • Fortissimo – dance in the castle – #final chapter: *skips, does a somersault in the air, and skips some more*
  • Shinigami ni Totsugu Hi #specialchapter: HOLY FUCK THAT LADY ATE A RAT WHOLE. FEET, DICK, AND ASS. D8 WUT!?
  • Kimi ga Shinanai Hi no Gohan #9: I’m envious of people who can cook. But then I see this month’s receipt took over 2 hours for the cooking time – not counting the prep – and I think, you know, that’s cool *puts tv dinner in the microwave*
  • Katakoi Miboujin #10: omfg it’s back :D I need to get tank #1 so I can fully immerse in the insanity. When I first read this, I thought it was stupid and I’m still of that mindset even now ~ The only reason I’m interested is because, like with Dramatic Irony, I’m just here to see how stupid we can go. Chapter #10 did not disappoint. You don’t want to forget the guy you married for like 3 minutes and are afraid he’ll be lost under the unhealthy love growing for his dick brother so you’re returning back to your abusive mom…ok.
  • Saku-chan to Nozomi-kun #6: slow burning drama…I’m waiting to see if this is going to be tame or bat shit crazy. Most likely tame :p
  • Kono Koi ni Mirai wa Nai #9: to prepare myself for when tank #2 one day drops, I’m going to read the book “The Devil in the Flesh” – if only because the book seemed to be the theme for the chapter and I want to know everything so I can make my crazy theories about how the story will play out. Not something I’d normally read but then again, I’m an uncultured goof :p
  • Kamitsuki #34: 1.) damn this is still going? 2.) how many times can long hair chick get cray over glasses chick? Like, at this point, just make them get married so we can focus back on the main guy and the cute little spirit critters.
  • Korabo Mijikashi Tsudoeyo Otome #final: I didn’t really follow this series too closely, but when I did, I was entertained. I liked the parrot head guy. The fact he looked like Donald Duck on an acid trip yet had the voice of an angel with large testicles and bulging biceps was just awesome to picture. Fair thy well. May our paths cross again.
  • Home Honey Hunt #finalchapter: When you have a bunch of bishies fighting to be your dad, and then they’re fighting to get in your pants…no.

The last pages, normally reserved for previews for the next issue, are instead filled with messages from past and current manga-ka who have worked with Sylph. Beautiful ; w ;

And with that, this closes my summaries for the print edition of Sylph. I plan on continuing with updates for pixiv Sylph, but don’t expect my posts to come out too quick. I mean, look at how long it took to get this one out lol

2 thoughts on “Final Sylph (in print) summary

  1. Man, it’s like the end of an era when a series ends. Sort of like when ShojoBeat ended.

    The best Shojo in my heart will always be Ouran High Host Club. All these other shojos with their abusive male leads…it’s like shit in a different wrapping paper.

    “How stupid can we go”: I want to see a heroine make all the right decisions and still everything’s fucked up.

    Like the heroine’s all “We’re done.You cheated on me.”

    And main dude’s like “Well I had to cheat on you because my half-brother said if I didn’t, he would have revealed that I was the one who killed your pare—parrots.”

    “My parrots are dead?”

    “Shit–excuse me. Brb.” —ten minutes later— (crying hysterically) “I ran over your baby brother!”

    Donald duck on acid trip with an angelic testosterone-filled voice: I tried to google. Found nothing. I can only imagine him going: “Sora, come into the light.” Mufasa style.


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