Sylph September Issue Info

From Sylph’s official website:

Up until now, I’ve been responsible for promotional items like leaflets and posters for Sylph. On each one I’d write “On Sale Every 22nd!”

I’ve loved manga ever since I was a kid. Even now as an editor at Sylph, I’ve still held on to my passion. Whenever manga magazines I follow are released, I get super excited. I hope it’s a similar feeling I transmitted to you readers each time I wrote “On Sale Every 22nd!” To all of you who’ve read that little phrase, if you could just remember “On Sale Every 22nd!” I’d be so touched.

Sylph is now ending its print publication with this August issue. Just thinking I won’t be writing “On Sale Every 22nd” anymore gets me a little down… But Sylph will continue to live on! And so will its comics! I’m readying up for the new challenges ahead of us!

With that, it’s time to set the stage for Pixiv Sylph! Officially available July 20th, Sylph’s popular titles as well as older titles will be hosted online via Pixiv. Additionally, starting in August with the September issue, new content will be released as well as a new app for reading ease.

To you who’ve read the comics and are now starting with Pixiv Sylph
To you who’ve read the print magazine and are staying with us
I hope Pixiv Sylph will provide much reading entertainment!

Every Thursday New Sylph Content!
Remember: Every Thursday New Sylph Content!

And with that, here’s is our final lineup:


Fortissimo – Dance in the castle –
Illustrated by Udajo
Written by  Harada Sayaka
Scripted by Kanse Atsuko

Home, Honey Home
Illustrated by Kumoya Yukio
Written by Ushio Ayane

Korabo Mijikashi Tsudoeyo Otome
Written by Kagami Eri
Collaboration from Animate Café

Continued Splendid Serializations:

Namako – Dramatic Irony
Enoki Rika – Tsuki wa Sasete ne
Morihashi Bingo, Koko Suwaru – Kono Koi ni Mirai wa Nai
Tsubaki Kaori – Shinigami ni Totsugu Hi
KUJIRA – Saku-chan to Nozomi-kun
Omiomi – Kimi ga Shinanai Hi no Gohan
Ayumura Yuki – Katakoi Miboujin
Maeda Tomo – Kamitsuki

Finally got around to translating the last blog post on Sylph’s website about the print edition dying :( I’m so sad tho! I went on vacation and was going to order my issue from when I got back. But now the final issue is OOP! WTF!? Where were you people before?? D:

Now I’m going to have to scramble to find an issue. Nooooo!

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