The End of Sylph…Kinda


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The Final Issue of Otome Monthly Magazine Sylph Goes on Sale; 3 Titles Finish, Others Move to New Web Magazine

The September Issue of Monthly Sylph (KADOKAWA) went on sale July 22. This issue marks the magazine’s final release, with the cover donning the message “THANKS!”.

Korabo Mijikashi Tsudoeyo Otome (Written by Kagami Eri with collaboration from Animate Café), Fortissimo (Written by Harada Sayaka, Scripted by Kanse Atsuko, Illustrated by Udajo), and Home, Honey Home (Written by Ushio Ayane, Illustrated by Kumoya Yukio) concluded in the September Issue. All other continuing serializations will move to Sylph’s new online magazine: Pixiv Sylph. On the magazine’s final pages were messages from the staff commenting on the publication’s final release.

Sylph first started publication on December 2006. Originally on a quarterly release schedule, Sylph was later released bimonthly until 2010 when the magazine went to a monthly publication. With its slogan “Heart Racing Otome Comics”, the magazine focused on the manga adaptations of Otome games and original stories aimed at female readers. While the print version of the magazine has ended, the magazine will live on in digital format.

Pixiv Sylph Lineup:

Choujin – Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga
Namako – Dramatic Irony
Enoki Rika – Tsuki wa Sasete ne
Izawa Meguru, Tagura Tohru – Koji Koi
Morihashi Bingo, Koko Suwaru – Kono Koi ni Mirai wa Nai
Tsubaki Kaori – Shinigami ni Totsugu Hi
KUJIRA – Saku-chan to Nozomi-kun
Omiomi – Kimi ga Shinanai Hi no Gohan
Ayumura Yuki – Katakoi Miboujin
Maeda Tomo – Kamitsuki
Hanata Rin, Hidou Ren – Starmyu (Revival Serialization)
Pepu – Shiro Ari (Revival Serialization)
Shimada Chie – Jigoku no Enra (Revival Serialization)
Kagami Eri, collaboration from Animate Café – Korabo Mijikashi Tsudoeyo Otome (Revival Serialization)

I had a feeling this was going to happen sooner or later ;___; The lack of usual monthly freebies was the indicator. Before Sylph used to have some good freebies: pins, keychains, CDs, pencil boards, etc. But I’d say the last 2 years showed a huge decline for Sylph. Like, you’d be lucky to see a free poster. Then this past year, each issue had been getting smaller and smaller. We’re talking two issues today equaled 1 issue from 2010. Even tho I saw the trend, I was hoping it was just me…

Man, I have mixed feelings because Sylph was the magazine I started this website with. It’s the magazine that got me to practice learning Japanese and stick with it all these years. While I started to taper off when I got a full time job (damn crazy new management!), I did still enjoy what I was reading (even if I wasn’t able to blog about it). I guess it’s nice I’ll have room since I’m not collecting the physical volumes anymore (Don’t judge me just because I have every volume since 2006…)…but that thrill of getting the mag everyone month just won’t be the same.

But hey, I’m happy Sylph is continuing via a digital medium! Don’t know how I’d feel if all the titles I was reading just died. Like, come on, I’m invested in Kono Koi Ni Mirai wa Nai. Also the corn that is Dramatic Irony. Futsutsuka na Oyako de wa Arimasu ga I’m shocked is still around. Guess the fact the manga likes to straddle the line of father/lover which is tantalizing for readers? I left 3 volumes in. It weirded me out they kept touching each other but then quickly said it was for parental/child reasons o__o; ok. Did you get that officer? Koji Koi I need the first tank because this looks like it’s going to be some good stupid shit. Same with Shinigami ni Totsugu Hi on the tank, but just because I’m too lazy to bust out my older Sylphs to find out what’s going on :p


There’s another article on Sylph’s website I’ll get to one day translating. Maybe today or maybe on Friday, pending on my productivity level (if I get things done before I fly out tomorrow or not :P). I’m off to shower and buy manga (20% OFF Kino members. I recently got back to Kino after learning doesn’t sell bulk used manga anymore :( I just move real slow so as to not scare the security guards into jumping me…). Was gonna respond to comments and post about my reads but that drive kinda died when I saw the article ^^; Le Sigh. Be safe peeps!

2 thoughts on “The End of Sylph…Kinda

  1. It saddens me too even though I discovered Sylph a year ago or more (thanks to you) :\ To me , I prefer physical copies more than digital but oh well.

    The cover of the last issue is amusing though. Why did they pick kissing scenes and then faces of sad characters spread around randomly to put on the cover? Guess it’s their way of showing love.


    • I feel digital is the future ;___; I like physical too – it’s easier on my eyes and I love holding the item in my hands. Also, it’s just satisfying looking at the book or magazine on my shelf (who cares if I have no shelf room :p details).

      The cover page was definitely different haha xD I guess rather than have one person draw the cover, Sylph decided let’s put random scenes from all our titles on the cover. But the editor was like “just make sure the pictures are either of people macking or crying. I want the message of “Love Dies, People Cry””

      I’m happy you read Sylph too :D
      Let’s continue to enjoy Sylph in it’s digital medium! :)


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