Weekly Reads for 6/25/17

st dragon girl all
English reads:

St. Dragon Girl

Momoko is a girl who specializes in martial arts. Her childhood friend Ryuga specializes in sorcery. Together they protect Ryuga’s cousin from spirits.
(you don’t know how many times this bit was repeated in almost every chapter of this 8 volume series -__-)

From reading the side bars, St. Dragon Girl originally appeared episodically in various magazine issues before it became regularly serialized – thus why the continuous reminder of who Momoko and Ryuga were.

Nothing much to say. It was an ok read. Sometimes Momoko or Ryuga would get hellah annoying (Momoko with her insecurity, Ryuga with his blunt/playboy attitude) but it was never enough I had to put the manga down and burn it haha

I liked that other characters got some screen time instead of focusing solo on the leads. Was a nice change of pace :J

Overall, wasn’t a bad read. Something to read if you’re bored. Momoka kicking butt was pretty cool (you don’t see too many female leads training in martial arts too much) but she did at times fall pray to the “oh no I suddenly find myself unable to fight back oh what ever shall I do?” cliche where Ryuga would fly in, throw a talisman, and look cool doing it.

Sucks we’ll never get the sequel that follows Momoko’s child.



Japanese reads:


Chiaki-senpai no Iutoori (千秋センパイの言うとおり) by Mizuki Sora

I was super hesitant about buying this manga. Whenever I see “senpai”, I think “little stuck up bitch.” The cover didn’t help either in lessening that thought. But, like all my purchases, I said fuck it and threw the tank in my cart :P
And I’m glad I did! Turns out Chiaki was a mini-Howl (from Howl’s Moving Castle), my favorite character of all time. Which meant I had a blast with the manga. Main girl Anna was totally Sophie and I loved her comebacks/reactions to Chiaki’s flamboyancy xD
No summary here cuz there’s no plot really so no bother in trying to write one haha.
Chiaki-senpai no Iutoori was a fun light read. If you ever wanted to see Howl’s Moving Castle, school edition, then this is the manga you’ve been wishing for :p


Akai Ito Kudasai (Red String Please) #1-2 by Satsuki Shiroro

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Wagamama Hime to Boku no Koi (The Love between Me and My Selfish Princess) – the premise was supposed to be a comedy but I didn’t like the leads, especially the male lead. He was too much of a skidmark for my taste :/ But I threw caution to the wind when I threw Akai Ito Kudasai into my cart because…well, if we’re being honest, I didn’t realize the two were made by the same manga-ka xD
I’m not sure if it’s because time has passed since Wagamama or what, but I actually enjoyed Akai Ito Kudasai!
The story is a simple one. You have the popular girl who is slow as paint drying on a wall and you have the nerd who’d rather live in the world of numbers than believe in intangibles like love. This is their love story.
Main girl Arisa has looks and popularity but she’s never had a real boyfriend. Why? Because hands. Yes, she can’t love a boy whose hands don’t make her feel safe and protected. Like the boy she used to hang out with back in daycare…
One day, she bumps into Mr. “Even naked no one would notice him and totally not going to be the boy from her past” Kyousuke and somehow as the two are tumbling down those dreaded shojo stairs, they end up holding hands. And for Arisa, that’s all it takes for her to start pursuing the dork.
The story worked out because Arisa was so slow when Kyousuke was being a pessimist, and Kyousuke himself manned up at the right moments. Thinking back on it, if it weren’t for Kyousuke’s friend spurring jealous in the bananafish, I don’t think Arisa and Kyousuke would have gotten together.  Kyousuke was such a little shit in the second tank :/
Overall, Akai Ito Kudasai wasn’t a bad read. I liked Arisa the best. She was simple but she was pure in her devotion. Kyousuke, on the other hand, needed to go to a massage parlor to relax that boy – he was so high strung haha

honey come honey 1

Honey Come Honey #1 by Shiraishi Yuki

A blind buy at Kino. The cover is what did it in for me. I love the cliché of “scary on the outside, but sweet on the inside.” It’s not healthy but stfu >__> I’m so glad I got Honey Come Honey. It’s so fucking cute! Which shocked me since this is a Sho-Comi title. I’m so used to Sho-Comi = boys pushing girls against walls, and rubbing their hands up skirts/honking titty.
The premise here is you have a dude whose face causes children to fall over dead from fright. Rumors have spread about how he goes to children’s houses to make them orphans and then he burns down the orphanage said children are staying in. However, in actuality, he’s a giant fluff ball who likes to make little handmade crafts (I was so sad that he started making crafts because he was hoping it would win him some friends. However, people just called the police on him ;___;). The main girl is a big fan of his and doesn’t realize the scary man who sits in the desk behind her is actually the creator of her favorite buys. Their worlds intersect when the boy drops some of his little creations when going up to the roof to hide out. The girl scoops them up, rolling in happiness. She follows the crafts until they land her smack in front of our scary crafter.
She tries to run but he stops her. She tells him she’s going to break his face but he doesn’t try anything. He just tells her thank you for buying his product – in her hair is a pin that she bought from his site. Realizing who he is and that he’s not a murderer, the girl becomes fast friends with him.
When people see this, they think she’s being forced into a friendship with Kumogaya (his name). Some guys looking for some pussy try to mess with Kumogaya but get their asses thrashed by the main girl – turns out she’s not only cute, but she can pack a punch (she explains she had to learn. She couldn’t keep getting kidnapped and assaulted forever. Kumogaya: wait what?).
The story slowly goes from friendship to love x3

jashin no hanayome 1

Jashin no Hanayome (Bride of Loki) #1 by Fuyuori Touma

Damn, I was not expecting this title to be that sexy or bloody. I mean, I should have expected it (the sexy part), seeing how this is a “Cheese” manga. But after Honey Come Honey defied expectations of boob honks and crotch rubbings, I was thinking maybe things changed.
All the titty suckling and groping.
The violence was amazingly graphic. Been awhile since I’ve seen a guy’s hands blasted clean off in a shojo.
Plot: Hiiro is a young hero, level 1. She’s traveling the world, trying to help people and defeat the evil Loki. Only problem is, Loki hasn’t done shit since she went off into the world! Instead, she’s reduced to doing side quests like fixing people’s roofs or gathering ingredients to make ends meet.
At her side is her trusty owl who transforms into her holy sword and a young boy she picked up at some point in her travels.
The story is mostly comedy until Loki sends a beast to destroy a village that Hiiro just happens to be lodging at. She kicks its ass and levels up. At a higher level, more quests are available. One that brings her to investigate a sex trafficking ring. Turns out they just wanted to add her to the collection but hah, heroes aren’t heroes just for their looks! She kicks some good ass until the thugs use the little boy (I’m not even going to try and write his name lol) as a hostage. As the thugs start messing with her, she tells them to do their worse: they may defile her body but never her heart.
At this, the little boy turns into a man. Literally. He then stabs people with icicles and blows the ringleader’s hands clear off his arms.

Hiiro: D:/

See, this individual is actually the one she’s traveling to defeat: Loki. He tells us readers he’s been hiding in the shadows as the little boy to hang with her, but got angry when the thugs got her to say the things he’s been fantasizing and revealed himself. Yeah, you read that. Loki is a perv lol.
Hiiro and Loki battle but end up teleporting to Yggdrasil, where Loki is off to get some R&R and Hiiro…is just staring in confusion.
After meeting with Loki’s son, Jörmungandr, who I think is my favorite character in this series, and staring at the closet full of cosplay Loki had made for her (Hiiro: WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING???), Jörmungandr teleports her to Loki…who is currently naked and enjoying a dip in the hot springs.

Him: :D HEY HEY *wiggles his dick back and forth*

After some pervy things, he tells her about his great plan: Ragnarok. The world will plunge into a freezing damnation but then things will start again anew. And he’ll have Hiiro around to produce alllllllll the babies needed :D

“Once you fall in love with me, this world will end”

Naturally Hiiro is like, fuck no, kicks him in the balls (him: WE NEED THAT FOR THE BABIES!), and thus the curtains open on this strange tale of gods and love ~

After finishing Jashin no Hanayome  #1, first thing I thought was this definitely is the type of manga one of my friends would love. She enjoys greatly these kinds of pervy leads and being a god helps. For me, I’m more interested in the hints that Loki drops about knowing Hiiro in a previous lifetime. You know I’m all about that reincarnation love romance x3
Currently there are 3 volumes out with a 4th dropping soon. I’ve got #2 and #3 from a recent visit to Kino so I’ll be sure to let you all know how they are when I get to them :J

kurosaki 1

Kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni Nante Naranai #1 by Makino

Last up for today, a blind buy from today’s Book Off run. I was so shocked to see a newer Kodansha title in the shojo section, I grabbed it before mom and her kid could crowd on me (they were very persistent, all the while I was super conscious of if I smelled from the heat and was trying REALLY hard to keep distance with them. WHY DON’T YOU AC YOUR STORE BETTER, MAN?? THANK GOODNESS FOR DEODORANT!).

Plot: main girl Yuu changed her Plain Jane image when she got to high school in hopes of leading the school life dream. Since she’s now pretty, she needs a pretty man to accessorize. Her eyes (along with everyone else’s) are set on the White Prince. Life would be awesome if he was in the same class as her. However, instead of him, she gets his bestie – the Dark Demon. Scary and rumored to have killed before, no one likes the Dark Demon. Their lives should never have intersected beyond the classes they shared together but…you know shojo: you gotta have a cliché to push these two together.  In this case, dad gets a job relocation and Yuu ends up living in the school dorms – the same the Dark Demon lives and is co-supervisor of.

Yuu ends up standing up against the Dark Demon when he almost makes one of their dormmates wet himself (the kid threw his gum on the ground – only it landed in the Dark Demon’s hair. I don’t blame the Dark Demon for brandishing a broom in a threatening manner while screaming that littering is a crime. I’d be pissed too!). This results in her falling into the Dark Demon’s focus.

From the cover, I could tell Kurosaki (the Dark Demon) was going to be one of those “little bitch” leads that you either want to strangle or root for as you strangle him haha. Thus far he hasn’t really annoyed me. He’s just an ass with a kind side that you need an electron microscope to see. His friend, the White Prince, I have a feeling is going to be one of those “you bastard” love rivals. Something about him bugs him. He’s too niko niko. There’s gotta be some pent up ass in him somewhere under that smile. Yuu herself is nothing much to talk about. I like that towards the end she works on trying to get Kukrosaki to be more friendly with his classmates to increase his friend count :J (also her comment about possible BL between the White Prince and the Dark Demon got a chuckle out of me).

Overall, not a bad read. I’ll be continuing to see what happens with these two.
Also to see if the White Prince is going to turn out to be a bastard haha

Until next week!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Reads for 6/25/17

    • Haha, I’m glad you enjoyed! The fangirling is strong in these fingers as they type :p

      I think it’s tricky to purchase kindle books from amazon.jp
      I know the site will get bitchy if you don’t have a billing address in Japan. Some people have gotten around this restriction by using something like a random Japanese Pizza Hut as the address but you run the risk of amazon.jp spying on your location at some point and thinking, wait a minute. I order from that Pizza Hut AHHHH KUSO GAIJINS! and they delete your account, losing all your purchases :(

      Thus I’ve never ordered digitally from them
      I have ordered digitally from BookWalker’s Japanese site and they don’t have NO FUCKS to give. You want to throw money at them? They will be on their hands and knees to pick up every dollar bill thrown their way. Love BookWalker ~
      I order from them via my itunes account. I downloaded the app and when I make purchases, Apple handles the conversion :J
      I’ll check to see if BookWalker has Chiaki on their site. They’re usually pretty good with shojo titles ~

      [UPDATE] They do have the title!


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