Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Tank 1 Bonus


Bonus novella: A Heart in Love

Whoops! Almost forgot to post this baby too. Included in the first tank of “There is No Future for This Love” is a novella concerning how two characters as different as Masaki and Yuuji ever crossed paths into the broship/unrequited love that exists in the current manga.

As expected their worlds had nothing in common except for that fact their last names were alphabetical to the other. Masaki would be first, Yuuji next.


Yuuji thought Masaki was a tool to put bluntly. Always laughing it up or yawning away like a big bear. For the most part, Yuuji just ignored him. Yuuji himself was quite a grumpy cactus in his youth. Even more so than we saw in chapter 1 when interacting with some of his schoolmates (those girls who wanted his ass). Yuuji keeps to himself at his desk and reads.

One particular day, due to their sitting arrangements, the title of Yuuji’s book catches Masaki’s eye.

Masaki: that book

Yuuji: oh fuck no. The village idiot is talking to me.

But Yuuji is surprised when Masaki not only knows the author, he knows his literature. The two have a friendly banter over which author they both like it better until Masaki gets called away.

From there, friendship blossoms (though for Yuuji, something more).


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