Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 4


Chapter 4: The Butterfly and the Tiger

Remember when Yuuji said he wanted some makeup in chapter 3? Welp, Boy is a man who follows through on his plans. We start the chapter at a department store where Yuuji is looking around the cosmetics section, overwhelmed by all the colors and items for purchase. Before he can grab the nearest lip gloss and run for it, one of the sales ladies comes up and asks if he needs him. With three chapters worth of continuous lying under his belt, Yuuji shoves his fear into his gull bladder and smoothly says he’s here to buy a present for his little sister but has no idea what he’s looking at because he’s a man and men don’t know these things and nothing suspicious here. He throws in a smile and some shojo sparkles to dazzle the sales lady into thinking this is not suspect and not to question when asked about his sister’s description, she’s told the sister looks exactly like Yuuji, complexion, facial structure, and all.

Lady: the sparkles have blinded me to your lies. This way sir. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

(I’m greatly amused how Yuuji thinks: pssft, please. Sister? Bitch I’m totally lying. I just need some help telling the difference between blush and eye shadow ( ‾ʖ̫‾). Like Yuuji, it’s ok. We get it.)


While he’s enjoying what he’s being shown, a youth notices Yuuji and his happy smile. Before he can think too much of it, his…date? bitches at him to stop staring off. As the youth is dragged away, he gives Yuuji one last look.

“Could he be…the same as me?”


Safe at home, Yuuji is ready to use all the cosmetics he bought for “his sister” (Yuuji: ha ha damn that was a good one, Yuuji my boy!). His first attempt: lipstick. Status: failure. Yuuji is shocked when he tries to put the lipstick on and ends up marking up half his cheek (Yuuji: hmm, I guess just because it says lipstick doesn’t mean it won’t color other things than lips.)


(PS. I love Yuuji’s sad attempt at using barrettes to keep the hair out of his face. Because I have the book, the pages flipped to another scene of him and his bangs in both scenes are the same xD bro, you use the barrettes to move the hair off of your face, not accent it!)

While his attempts have a mixture of success and failure, Yuuji is having fun regardless.

He ends the night in his dress, lying on his couch. In his head, he thinks of his current male form as a cocoon. One day, when he’s ready to be the butterfly he’s always wanted to be, he’ll burst out of his skin with plush kissable lips and a nice rack.
Or at least that’s what he dreams of.


The next day shows Ayumi and Yuuji talking. She tells Yuuji she’s not going to the club today. When asked why, she’s pretty much like “I’ve seen things, Yuuji. Things that will change me into someone you’re not going to like. This is totally not foreshadowing.”

She rolls away. In the background, we see the youth from the beginning of the chapter. He’s very shocked by what he’s seeing. Guess he wasn’t expecting Yuuji to have a social life?

Laying low, he follows Yuuji to the clubroom. Reading the clubroom’s name, the lad is confused if Yuuji is with this club voluntarily or not. I guess he wasn’t expecting Yuuji to like writing either lol.

He shoves his eye between the crack in the door and frame to get a good look inside, not realizing someone was coming up from behind him…


Yuuji: more women can only mean they’re here for one thing

Inside the club, Yuuji stares at a girl. Apparently, he doesn’t know her so it’s not going to be a repeat of chapter 2. Etsuko explains the girl is a new prospective club member :D OMG, Masaki’s infamous dick hasn’t scared off all people!
The girl explains when she read the short story “The Blazing Forest”, it was such a moving piece. She wanted to meet the author of the novella.

(hmm, damn. ANOTHER person here for Masaki’s D??)

The door opens behind them, in entering the sound of a high-pitched squealing and Masaki holding a squirming youth in a head lock.

Everyone: oh hey Masaki (like this is completely normal)

Him: I FOUND A PERVERT! YOU AFTER MAH DICK BOY? *to the youth* WELL GET IN LINE. THERE’S A WAITING LIST *grabs his own junk and jiggles it before everyone*

The boy, in between gasped breaths, explains he’s not a pervert. He was just, ah, too nervous to go into the room, and that’s why he was staring in, ass up, ear out, at the door. To wait for the right moment to go in…yes….no other ulterior motives…


Yuuji: you’re such a fucking freak. ε- ( ̄、 ̄

Yuuji turns his attention to the boy on the floor. Is he really interested in joining the club? Or is he just here for Masaki’s D too?

The boy stares at Yuuji to the point of uncomfortable (Yuuji: OMG DID I LEAVE THE LIPSTICK ON ITS NOT MINE. I BOUGHT A WHORE AND IT’S HERS DON’T’ JUDGE ME). Eventually the boy stands up and introduces himself: He’s blah blah but goes by the nickname Tora (or Tiger).


lol dat ass shot tho; and their faces in that last panel haha

Etsuko: let’s welcome our new club members by getting plastered! Like the true college students we are :)

And drinking they go. Masaki is the first one to drown 5 beers within the hour and is trying to get Tora to follow suit. However, the newbie doesn’t want to be a filthy drunk like Masaki to which Masaki scoffs, telling Tora he’s nothing like the animal he’s nicknamed after. More a PUSSY THAN A TIGER! SHOOT ONE BACK, PUSSY!


The new girl (Yuka) stares at Masaki with a (╥_╥) face. She can’t believe the author of that masterpiece was this fool in front of her. Etsuko hmms and says if you pay attention, you can see the writer show up in him and in his actions.

Yuka: I see him chokeholding Tora and forcing vodka down his throat

Etsuki: you gotta look realllllllllll hard ^^

We jump to Yuuji trying to call Ayumi but she’s still ૮( ꒦ິ⍣꒦ີ)ა over learning her crush has been getting snatch from Etsuko. I’m surprised to note that Yuuji was using a pay phone instead of a cell phone. I figured our bocchan would be able to afford a cell phone (I mean, I see 8 year olds running around with phones) but maybe the reason he blew all his birthday money on a dress is because his family is cheap?

Yuuji returns to tell the crew he couldn’t get ahold of Ayumi. Etsuko says it’s too bad but really, were she to show up now…*eyes Masaki and Tora, both regretting their decision to fill their veins with bourbon and sin* I think the party is almost over haha (^v^)


Yuuji looks over at a boozed up Masaki and smiles at him, not noticing Tora peeking at him from the other side of Masaki.

Tora: gotcha! >:3

Yuuji: wat?

Tora: I MEAN, I JUST PEED IN MY PANTS! (☆^ー^☆) (nice one, Tora. Good deflect)

Eventually, after more alcohol and bar food have entered their bodies, the crew get ready to split up. After seeing Masaki in his state earlier, Yuuji asks if the other man needs assistance walking home. Masaki brushes off Yuuji’s concern – this isn’t his first time staggering home under the influence. He’s had only 9 beers and 4 Fireballs. Not enough to get naked on the walk home.

Yuuji: wait what? *interested*

Mr. “I was born with high blood pressure” comes out, dragging out a drunk Tora. Despite being the club president, he takes no responsibility for his members and hurls Tora’s dead weight at Yuuji. Apparently Tora lives near Yuuji, thus Yuuji will be the body dragger for the lad. Masaki lols and tells Yuuji to be a good senpai and take care of Tora.

Yuuji: who’s fault is it the guy is literally crying tears of Heineken? (  ̄д ̄;)ノ

Tora: … *totally faking being drunk and is proud of himself*


Being the good boy that he is, Yuuji takes Tora to his apartment. He brings the lad in and unceremoniously drops the bag of meat on his entryway floor. Yuuji tells Tora he’s going to get him some water and that’s when Tora springs to life. He grabs Yuuji by the wrist.

“At last! It’s just the two of us, senpai!”

Yuuji: wait weren’t you just passed out drunk?

Yuuji gets freaked out by Tora’s smile and tries to break free of his grasp.


“The second I saw you looking at him, I knew. You’re just like me.”

Tora pins Yuuji to his door.

“Senpai, you like men, don’t you?”

Yuuji: D:



Oh shit Yuuji! Man down! D:

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